Mary in the mirror 1/28

// Chanting “Bloody Mary!” thirteen times in front of a candlelit mirror will summon a vengeful spirit.//

Title: Beginnings (original, huh?)
Genre: supernatural/drama
Characters: Kane, Gabriel, Cyan, Karen & Listen
Prompt: 01 – beginnings
Word Count: over the 200.
Rating: pg
Summary: done for simfic50
Warnings: language, adult themes
AN: Its sorts of a VIP, i figured i could see how many promts i can use on this story line, and then hopefully if the game and my imagination wants it, pick up the next urban legend. Damn Snoopes site wont let me copy and paste, so i will link you to the site instead :: Snoopes/legends of bloody Mary:: – thanks to goodbye_sun for letting me molest her Daniel. (Kane)

more Authors note: i battled allot with my game to make it work again, but even if i escape the BSOD, it still crashes – very often!! So i had to turn down the graphic options to medium, and just set it to high when i took a picture, and of course i forgot to do so half the times, and i have come to the conclusion that pretty sims on clear pictures just aint worth the hassle. future installations will me in medium graphics option. (as in not below the pictures you see here)

Murky Mile Rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Monday early afternoon.

“Is mom still at work?” Kane asked as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

“I think so” Cyan answered, “Dude, you should totally lay off the caffeine, its bad for your health and dyes your teeth”

“Whatever” Kane muttered, taking a sip of the hot liquid. “So what are you up to today?”

“Nothing really” Cyan said, shaking her head in annoyance of her brothers failure to heed her warning about the coffee. “Maybe going to Remembers”

“MmmHmm” Kane nodded.

“Kane?” Cyan said, turning around shooing her brother a gleefully smile.

“Yes?” Kane answered, knowing that this smile didn’t bode anything good, he knew that bitchy grin. And it meant that she wanted him to do something, something he would properly get in trouble for, and he really didn’t need to get suspended from school this year.

“Have you seen that new chick at school?” She said sweetly.

“Are you asking me if im blind?” Kane laughed bitterly. “It’s not like Murky Mile is a big city, its properly not even a town.. its a fucking village! and the girl has neon dreadlocks, so of course i saw her!”

Cyan snickered. “She’s a skank”

Kane shook his head amused “you don’t know that, man. Have you even.. uhm, like talked to her?”

“Durr As if!” Cyan exclaimed in horror! Kane smiled overbearingly over the brim of his cup, “But i saw her totally checking Gabriel out” Cyan added more acidly.

“So?” Kane said shrugging.

“SO?” Cyan sneered. “Gabriel is ‘my’ boyfriend, and im not gonna have some big city, punk ass, skank, checking him out!”

“Oh i see” Kane said clearly amused. “You’re threatened, not being the only girl here who owns a Chemical Romance tape”

“asshole!” Cyan snapped, and then suddenly turned back to smirking. “Kane? I thought.. are you going to see Gabriel today?”

Kane nodded, “Yea that was the plan”

“Could you perhaps, talk to him, see what he thinks of that little bitch?” Cyan asked sweetly, like a little child asking for extra serving of ice.

“why the fuck would i do that? Get over it Cyan, you’ve been dating Gabe for two years, i hardly think you should worry about that girl” Kane said, turning to walk away.

“Please?” Cyan continued, “pretty please?”

Kane rolled his eyes. “Alright, if it shuts you up”

Cyan smiled victoriously behind her brothers back, and said “thanks”

Kane: Gabe?
Gabriel: Kane, What ‘sup?
Kane: i wonderd if you were home by now.
Gabriel: Yea, kinda, my mom made me go walk Whisper in a minute.
Kane: Ak, ok. Where at?
Gabriel: the lake i suppose, why?
Kane: I’m gonna come meet you there, then.
Gabriel: why, man?
Kane: ’cause i really need to get out of this nuthouse.
Gabriel: Sure.. *laughs* See you there then.
Kane: yup.

Whispering Willows.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Monday late afternoon.

“Uhm, Gabe. Checked out that new chick?” Kane asked, beating himself for even asking! he was not his sisters errand boy, he tried to tell himself he didn’t ask for Cyan, but that he really wanted to know.

Gabriel laughed “Of course, are you crazy! she got like the hugest butt” Gabriel smiled dirty “and hooters” he grabbed a pair of invisible breasts in the air infront of him. Kane laughed too, he had noticed the same thing, and truth be he actually thought the new girl was kinda fit, for a city girl that is. “whats her name, man…” Gabriel mumbled, thinking.

“Chickpea” Kane said. He had remembered her name just fine, but had not told Cyan, that would have unleashed world war III.

“Oh yes” Gabriel said with a smile. “She seems like a nice girl”

“yes she does” Kane answered, thinking that he better tell Cyan that he had forgotten to ask Gabriel.

“Are you coming in?” Gabriel asked, as they reached his front door. “My mom was making some pancakes earlier, if you’re hungry”

“are you crazy? your mom makes wicked pancakes” Kane chuckled, tossing the stick to Whisper, following his friend inside in the warm.

“Hey there boys, what an appetite you have, was it a long walk?” Karen said with a smile, while serving the steaming hot food.

“yes” Gabriel mumbled with his mouth full of food.

“what are the pair of you up to tonight?” Karen said still smiling. The boys stuffed their faces still and didn’t answer. “Well im leaving soon” Karen said, looking at her wristwatch. “you didn’t forget i started working nights, did you Gabe?”

Gabriel nodded “May Medder” he mumbled with his mouth full. (pay better)

Karen shook her head “There is leftovers in the fridge, and Gabe, rmember to get to bed before midnight, if i find you playing World of Warcraft when i get home at 6 tomorrow morning, i will punish you this time” she said with a faintly sharper tone.

Gabriel nodded.

Whispering Willows.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Monday evening.

“Dude” Kane said, trying to keep focus of the monsters jumping at him on the computer monitor. “its cooler than shit that your mom works nights”

“Yea” Gabriel said slowly. In reality he had thought it sounded cool when Karen had said she got the nightshift at the hospital, but after a week home along every night, he was not as sure. Even with Whisper here, Gabriel had to admit to himself he was creped out late at night, Their house was out in the country side of Murky Mile, so there were no neighbours near by, the closest was a old lady with a million cats, But luckily they didn’t live more than 15 minutes from the village, by car that was. And Karen took the car to the hospital. Gabriel felt like a 10 year old kid, afraid to admit he wetted the bed. He was 16! there were nothing scary in the dark, nothing more scary than bats that is. “pretty cool”

“Hey Kane” Gabriel suddenly called from the bed. Making Kane jump in his seat from the sudden noise.

“Fuck man! game over!” Kane turned in his seat and looked at Gabriel “Next time, would you fucking warn me before yelling like that?”

Gabriel grinned. “Do you think Cyan would come keep me company all night?”

“pervert” Kane grinned.

“Arsh” Gabriel hissed, getting off the bed. “What about you? don’t you think its time you got a girlfriend or something? you haven’t touched down on any tail since Tammy whatshername from Plesantville”

“so?” Kane answered, annoyed over how whining his voice sounded. “Girls are a pain, if you want one, your problem, not mine!”

Gabriel stood up and walked over to Kane. “I do, and i did” he said with a snerk.

“Really?” Kane said, looking up at his friend, with big eyes? “you and Cyan?”

Gabriel laughed mirthless, “who else you idiot?”

“oh, yea..” Kane mumbled, and returned his focus to the game, “You totally did ‘it’ or what?”

“yea” Gabriel answered with a grin.

Kane just shook his head, he wasn’t really surprised, still it just felt really strange. kinda like his friend, and his sister were both floating further from him. Maybe that is just a part of growing up he told himself.

“So, what about that new chick?” Gabriel suddenly said, “don’t tell me you couldn’t tag her”

“as a matter of fact, no i wouldn’t” Kane said, trying to sound honest. When in fact he ‘had’ noticed, and maybe yes, maybe he did like what he saw. But he would be damned if he’d tall Gabe, who would turn and tell Cyan, who would then arrange the poor girls public execution.

“Liar” Gabriel grinned.

Murky Mile Rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Monday Night.

“where have you been?” Listen scolded, as Kane came home two hours past the curfew.

“At Gabe’s, i thought Cyan told you that” Kane argued back.

“She did, and she also told me you guys was just gonna walk his dog, not throw a all-nighter” Listen sneered. Kane looked at the floor and nodded. “you could have called” Listen said more calmly “I was afraid something had happened”

Like hell you were! Kane thought to himself, but just nodded again. Cyan came out from their room, and walked over to her brother. “What the hell were you thinking?” she said sweetly, “mom has been pacing the floor, just about to call the sheriff and all”

“Sorry mom” Kane said softly. “Gabe’s mom works nights now, and we lost track of time, playing computer”

Listen stood up from her seat and looked sternly at her son. “You’re grounded young man” she said, watching as all spark oozed out of Kane at the prospect of staying within these walls for a week.

“Yes Ma’am” Kane mumbled and walked silently after Cyan into their bedroom.

“So?” Cyan said “what did he say?”

“Who?, what?” Kane mumbled, staring off into the darkness outside the window.

“Gabe, about that skanky chick?”

“Oh” Kane said, fiddling his sleeve. “He said that i should ‘do’ her” A smile spread on Kane’s face as he heard Cyans sharp intake of air.

“Don’t you dare” Cyan hissed out between her teeth. “and besides” she continued in a softer voice “She were checking Gabe out, not you”

“Of course she was” Kane said with a sigh.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Cyan asked.

“Nothing, Cyan. Leave it alone, man. She’s no threat to you” Kane said softly.

“Let me be the judge of that” Cyan said harshly. “You know what?”


“I talked to Remember earlier, and i kinda told her about that bitch and Gabe” Cyan said, turning in her chair, looking at the computer again as her messenger made a loud ringing noise. “We should totally teach her, her place”

“What?” Kane said, turning to watch his sister type away on the keyboard to some faceless friend, far away.

“play a prank” Cyan grinned “something she’ll never forget”

Kane rolled his eyes “Do what you want, count me out. I’m already grounded” he mumbled and went off to bed.

“We’ll figure that out Kane” Cyan said softly, smiling to herself.


For a charcter list please go here:


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