Mary in the mirror – 12/28

Title: Paranoia
Genre: supernatura/horror/drama/romance
Characters: Chickpea, Seth, Kane, Gideon, Cyan, Shadow.
Prompt: 50 – paranoia
Word Count: ?
Rating: R
Summary: Oh my… Chickpea should properly have listened to the old story’s warning.
Warnings: supernatural stuff, adult content, language.
AN: Okay! NOW is time to place your bet, if you want to make one. You can do so here. You can also vote from OTV or InSim. I will write all the bets down, and come next chapter and one of these kids die. we will see how good i was at smoke and mirrors. 😉 – Thanks to goodbye_sun for her sims, and this is written for simfic50.

Extra AN: Sorry you guys at simstorytellers, if you miss the bet. but i have to keep the once a week posting rule. And y’all know what i mean when i say ‘alone time’ i just didn’t have another word for it without being vulgar. *winks*

SeventhSisters rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Saturday night.

Kane had tried to make excuses for Cyan and her friends all the way home in the car, but Chickpea had only nodded, not spoken. secretly hoping he would just keep driving, driving all the way to Veronaville where she could catch a train home to Simcity. Kane had gotten out of the car when they had reached the house and followed her to the door. Asking her three times if she was ok. She had dismissed him politely, she was sure he properly meant well, but he had been no better than the others, he had taken her there! he could have warned her! But he didn’t. She watched Kane leave and drive off in to the night.

Closing the door she suddenly felt that cold feeling again, the one she had felt in Kane and Cyan’s mothers bedroom. “Get off it!” She mumbled to herself as she walked out into the kitchen and turned on the radio just to have some noise.

Changing into her pyjamas, Chickpea couldn’t help but rerun this evening events over and over. Remember had actually seemed frightened, but then again, you couldn’t know how much of an actor that minx was. She heard a loud crash, spinning around she looked out into the hallway. “Prism?” she called, but as she walked out into the hall she saw the cat sleeping on Moon’s bed. “Hmmm must have been a raccoon” She told herself, walking back into her room.

When she was about the close the door to her room, the radio screeched real loud and then died. Slamming her door, chickpea could feel her heart hammer in her chest. It was just her mind playing games with her, right? Seeing something out of the corner of her eye, Chickpea screamed and jumped back, but soon realised that it was her own mirror image. “You stupid idiot” she softly laughed at her own image.

The light suddenly flickered and went out, Chickpeas eyes went wide in the dark. What if the story Remember had told was true? what if bony arms would strech out of the mirror, trapping her inside for being foolish enough to invoke Bloody Mary? Chickpea herd her own breath speed up. Grabbing the door handle to run from her room, she as just as afraid to see what was behind the door, maybe something terrible lurked in the shadows of the hall. Or maybe she was already in the mirror? maybe she was trapped in a different dimension? just like that movie?

Flinging the door open, half expecting hell on the other side, Chickpea saw everything was completely normal and relaxed some. Standing in the hall for a while she wondered if she should call her dad, but since he was out eating with Diva, he wouldn’t be too happy about it, of course he would come straight home, no questions asked. She knew that! Deep in the bottom of hear heart she knew that Moon would always come to her aid. He was her dad! “Guess its just me and you kitty” She said with a slightly shaking voice, crawling up into Moon’s bed, next to the kitten. She would just lay here and wait for Moon to come home, it couldn’t be too long before he’d be here, right? Relaxing she made a mental note that she remembered that her parents bed used to smell like this when she was little. Burying her head in Moon’s pillow she thought it smelled of home, and safety.

Suddenly Prism meowed loud, hissing at the hallway, before sprinting off. The radio started to play again, skipping in and out of channel. And Chickpea was no longer sure it was her own mind, and she was no longer sure this bed as as safe as it had promised her.

 Whispering Willows.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Saturday night.

Unlocking the door Gabriel was surprised not to find Whisper on the other side, doing her little doggy dance of joy. “Hey girl” He called as he turned on the lights. He heard the dog whine, but she didn’t come to greet him. Was something wrong? “Are you hurt?” Gabriel asked, finally finding the dog on her pillow. Whisper growled and whined in one confused sound. Gabriel took a step closer, but then the dog bared her teeth at him. Stepping back, he widened his eyes in surprise, she had never growled at him before, never!

But then suddenly Whisper got up from her pillow, Gabriel half expecting her to attack, but the dog just looked goofy and barked merrily. brushing past him towards the front door. Gabriel was really confused at first, maybe she was in pain? He should tell his mom when she got home from her date, maybe they should take Whisper down to the vet first thing monday morning.  Whisper barked again.

“Whats wrong girl?” Gabriel grinned, walking after her, “Wanna go out?” But the dog didn’t follow him to the front door, instead she turned around in the kitchen, staring at Gabriel’s room’s door, barking again. “Chill, Lassie” Gabriel laughed. “It’s just mr. Mumble” Gabriel tried to pet Whisper on her head, but then she growled again, and he quickly withdrew his hands. What the hell was wrong? could she have gotten rabies of a raccoon or a fox or something?  Whisper started walking towards him with her teeth bared, Gabriel backing up, only to find himself with his back against the door. he fumbled with the doorknob behind his back, stumbling backwards into his room, slamming the door in Whispers face. “What the fuck?” he gasped.

Getting to his feet, Gabriel turned on the lights on his desk, idly watching his computer monitor. something was wrong, something was not as it used to be..  then he realised it! Mr. Mumble was gone. there were no Womrat in the cage! He bend down and looked under his bed, and turned looking under his desk, but still there were no Mumble. “Where are you, you stupid rodent?” Gabriel whispered to himself. 

Gabriel screamed like a girl when he herd Whisper snarl on the other side of the door. scratching the wood with her paw, maybe she tried to open the door? Gabriel knew she could do it, she had done it several times to come sleep in his bed with it was really cold in the winter. Quickly Gabriel grabbed his chair, pulling it up under the door knob.

His mom would be home soon, right? Gabriel looked at his alarm clock, 0:34, where were she? The dog stopped scratching the door, and Gabriel figured it had found something else to do. Oh no? maybe he was here, but what about his mom when she got home? “Whisper?” Gabriel called tapping the door lightly. for a moment he wondered if he should open the door,  but then another thing caught his eye. His computer monitor flickered, he reached over to turn it off, but no matter how many times he pushed the ‘operate’ button it didn’t stop. And then a loud loud of shattering glass, it had to be a window! “Fuck!” Gabriel mumbled to himself, tossing the chair across the room, opening the door. only to find Whisper standing on the other side, looking at him.

Church road.
Murky Mile/Crystal springs
Saturday night.

Seth had gotten home to a dark house, either his mom and Simon slept or they left. He walked into Adrian’s bedroom and found his younger brother sound asleep. He gently sat down at the far end of the bed, watching the kid for a moment. hoping that he would never grow to learn the other side of his dad. Hoping that Adrian would have a perfect childhood. Or as perfect as it came in this household.

Walking out into the bathroom, Seth didn’t bother to look and see if his mom and Simon was in, his guess was that they had gone. He needed a bath, he had stress and sexual tension up to his ears. With a little smile he thought of this afternoon in Martha’s diner, those 20 minutes had left him so frustrated that he had almost let Florian fix him. almost.

Lost in his own thoughts, he didn’t really register the sound at first. but then it came again and this time louder and clearer, a gurgling sound. “Seth” it called. “Seth”

Seth stepped backwards, away from the sink. “what the fuck?” he gasped. but the calling came again, but more muddy, like someone drowning. She shook his head as to settle his thoughts.

After that the sink was silent, and Seth blamed his own wired mind, he was stressed, yes that was what it was, stress! nothing a long bath and some alone time couldn’t fix. Sinking down into the hot water Seth sighed. He should not have gone to Forever, he should just have gone with Kane, or even directly to the cabin with the food. He should not have met up with Florian and Lola. Seth closed his eyes enjoying the hot water. Lord knew he loved Kane, yes he did, he loved that fucker. but he would never understand how trapped and frustrated Seth felt here. He remembered one time when they had been walking at Icarus mountain, they had lain down in the grass and looked up at the sky, Kane had said something with such innocence that Seth had felt his heart skip a beat, he had made him vow to never leave him behind. Seth was not sure that Kane’s urge for freedom was as real as his own, but none the less he had made a promise, and as soon as Florian had that car for him, he would put it all to the test.

He sat up in the tub again, no use falling asleep in the water, he had been lucky more than once, taking tub baths when totally wasted. it was more luck that anything that he hadnt drowned yet. His thoughts drifted back to Kane, and he relaxed back into the water,
Suddenly Kane woke from his soft bliss with the lightbulb suddenly shining like a electrical sun, he opened his eyes, but had to shield them from the light. “What the…” he mumbled.

“SETH!” A female voice roared. “SETH SINGER, SINGER SINGER”

Seth flew up from the tub so fast he slipped on the side and slammed his knee down in the tiled floor, he could feel the burn, and knew it had to bleed. Seth scrambled to his feet, what the hell had Florian put in that spliff? Seth’s heart hammered, and he slipped once more and fell ungracefully on his ass with a yelp, as the light suddenly blinked once and then died. He was not that stoned, was he? Was he sleeping? was he dreaming?

Seth slowly got to his feet once more. No he hurt like hell, and he could see the dark droplets of blood on the white tiles. this was real!

“Seeeeth” The female voice called, this time strangely seducing, alluring.

He stepped closer to the origin of the voice, only to find the sink. He had to get out of here, it had to be some sort of flashback! a bad trip! “No!” he he whispered high pitched. “This ain’t true, this ain’t happening, man”

The drain gurgled in reply.

‘The Hunters Joy’ (The old cabin)
Murky Mile/Crystal springs.
Saturday night.

Shadow had waited, alone in the cabin. The voices had gotten more and more vivid, and more and more malicious. And he had reached a point where he had to admit to himself that he could not stay here and keep his sanity. Maybe he had already lost it? maybe all this happening within the last couple of days were but figments of his imagination? laughter, footsteps, slamming doors. stuff put where he had not put it. but this had to be the worst. Now the voices had started screaming, screaming as were they in pain, women, children, men and something else, something dark.

“Get out!” a deep woman voice chanted over and over. “Get out!”

Shadow shook his head, trying to locate the voice, but it was all over and nowhere. “I can’t” Shadow whimpered.

“Get out”

“shut up” Shadow cried, tears leaking from his eyes, why he didn’t know. he wiped it away with the back of his hand “shutupshutupshutup” he screamed.


“who’s little boy are you?” a voice suddenly whispered in his ear, so close and real that Shadow could almost feel the hotness of a breath.

“No!” Shadow cried softly, this time it was his own tears of despair rolling down his cheeks. “NO!” He suddenly bolted out the cabin, aimlessly like a frightened animal running from a hunter. he just had to get out, had to make the voices stop.

Murky Mile Rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Saturday night.

Kane had gotten back from Chickpea’s. He felt so sorry for her, but she had not wanted to listen to his excuses. he couldn’t blame her tho, he would properly have felt the same way. This day had been awful, and all he wanted now was really just a shower and to sleep. “KANE!” Cyan yelled from their mom’s bedroom.

“Yes?” Kane yelled back, tossing his sweater again.

Cyan emerged from their parents bedroom with a puzzled expression. “Yo, did mom leave the air conditioner on or something?”

“What?” Kane laughed, “Why the hell would she do that? its the middle of winter”

“I know man” Cyan snarled, “Its just that while i was waiting for you to get back from Remembers i was watching telly, and i felt this ice cold draft, right? and it came from here” She pointed into the still candle lit room. “And i went there to close a window, but it was already closed. and well.. its just odd that’s all”

“Yea, well close the door, and let mom deal with it tomorrow when she gets home” Kane said, making his way to the bathroom.

This day had started out great, seeing Seth at Martha’s had been super, smiling to himself he remembered their time in the bathroom. But after that it had just went downhill, and fast! Why had Seth gone to Forever? Why had he met up with Florian that sleazebag and his airhead girlfriend? Kane sighed. He would just have to ask him the next time they met, not that he knew when that would be, if the pass was cleared then Seth would be gone Monday. So he had to go see him tomorrow.

He should call Remember too, her radio in the car seemed to be defect. On his way from Chickpea’s to Remembers, the radio had suddenly turned on, he had shut it off, but it had turned on again. and he had repeated that so many times that in the end he had pulled the entire application from the dash. Kane chuckled to himself, it had freaked him out, he had to admit that. Driving on the road through the forest at the foot at mount Icarus, he hated that place! Ever since he had been a kid he had shied from there like were it the plague.

The radio had kept turning on, on this freaky channel with a lot of white noise and a preacher or something.

That radio was properly just broken, maybe the on/off switch didn’t really work? It had been kinda spooky none the less. Maybe he had just had a beer too much, he shouldn’t really be driving at all, maybe it had been that damn forest road, and maybe it had been bath weather and mount Icarus blocking the radio signals?

Kane turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. he had heard it, he knew he had heard it! he could try and tell himself that it was a funky radio, or his mind being warped out because of stress and beer. but he had heard it.


The dude in the radio had screamed it over and over, nothing else.

The phone started ringing as Kane was about to step out of the bathroom, and so he tossed on his clothes and ran for it. “Yea?” He breathed, half expecting that hollow man’s voice yell repent at the other end. “Remember?” He said, peaking in to their bedroom he found Cyan was sleeping. “She’s sleeping” he said.

White noise started too drown out Remember’s words. “Remember?” Seth asked, he heard a metallic version of Remember’s voice at the other end. “Remember? i can’t hear you” the white noise grew in volume, and suddenly a roaring hollow man’s voice mingled with some undertone of what sounded like a beast yelled “REPENT!” into Kane’s ear. “Sinner! Repent!” a woman repeated.

“Remember?” Kane whispered, “Remember? Remember?” But the line just gave him white noise.

What sounded like a child’s scream had Kane drop the phone as were it a deadly snake. He pulled the cord from the wall, staring at it, half expecting it to become alive, or ring again.



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