Mary in the Mirror 10/28

Title: Strangers
Genre: Supernatural/drama
Characters: Seth, Kane, Lola, Martha & Florian.
Prompt: 25 – strangers
Word Count: a lot.
Rating: G
Summary: Kane and Seth have ´some alone time.
AN: You do not have to place a bet yet, i will let you know when its time! But you’re welcome to do so if you think you know who’s the first to die. please go here and read and/or comment on the death-bet. And thanks for all the super FB, You rock! btw this is half the chapter planned, but im so busy these days, that i figured half a chapter was better than nothing. That explains the strange end of this part, and means that the death bet is moved to chapter 12, not 11.. sorry! written for simfic50, and thanks to goodbye_sun for her sims.

ADD AN: This chapter overlaps the previous, so this is the same Saturday as in chapter 9.

Martha’s Diner
Murky Mile/Crystal lake
Saturday afternoon.


He had gotten away without Isabel noticing. Once he had gained his freedom he had no idea what to do with it, walking the 1 hour walk down to the village he had looked over his shoulder, hiding every time a car swooshed by. If Simon found him here he would be in serious trouble. He should go to the cabin, but first he needed some coffee and some food. plus he needed some groceries for Shadow and Eben. he fisted his hands in his pockets, feeling the notes in his palm. He had nicked half of what his mom had had in her purse. Not real smart he knew that. But it was not like she was going to give him some money even if he had said his friends needed food. So he had walked down to the diner, using Martha’s payphone to call Florian, he had thought about calling Kane, but he hadn’t, he knew Kane would be worried sick if he knew what he had done, and he didn’t need worry.

Martha had given him some coffee and a piece of strawberry pie on the house. He had still been eating when Florian and Lola turned up.

After telling Florian what was going on, the diner was in absolute silence for a minute or two.  Florian cleared his throat. “You can always come stay at my place, my mom don’t mind”

“Dude, your mom is never home, she commutes 5 out of  7 weekdays” Seth laughed.


Florian snickered, but quickly sobered up, “Look Seth, i mean it” He said, putting down his fork, looking intensely at his friend.

Seth sighed, “You know i can’t”

Florian frowned “And why not? you prefer having the shit kicked out, and for what? some some friends that aren’t your friends, and some guy who faints of shame if you use the f’word?”

“That’s bullshit” Seth said, annoyed. “Shadow is my friend, man. And Kane isn’t a fucking prude”

“Really?” Florian said with an amused smile. “Then tell me who helps your sorry ass out every time your in deep shit?”

“You” Seth answered unwillingly, running his fingertip around the rim of his coffee mug.


“Flo, man. Kane would be furious” Seth said following his finger, round, and round with his eyes, instead of looking up at Florian.

“Does he know?” Florian said lowering his voice.

Seth shook his head. “He suspects, and that is enough” When Florian snorted. Seth grabbed his arm, squeezing “It’s not like he don’t know what i am, and you don’t exactly go quiet either, I think he can do the math”


Florian looked offended, “Hey man, bi-sexuality is the natural state of homosapiens. its a fact!”

Seth rolled his eyes. “that’s totally beside the point Flo”

Florian looked over at Lola and they exchanged a knowing gaze. “Alright” Florian said, padding Seth’s thigh. “Too bad, i we had hoped you’d come, but what do you need then?”

“A car” Seth said.

Florian’s eyes widened. “That’s not exactly a small request! i had expected something like 500 simolians”

“Can you make it happen?” Seth asked innocently.

“Maybe” Florian said, picking his cake apart with the fork. “My neighbour got this old crap car, i’m sure i could buy that off her for like 800 or something. But you gotta give me time”

“Don’t have time” Seth said, looking grave.

Florian knew that look, and just shook his head. “Okay Seth, call me tomorrow and i will see what i can do. And ‘yes’ its a piss poor plan to nick that car”

Kane had left the girls at the house, he had been on his way to walk down to the village, but had been called back by Remember who borrowed him her car. So Kane had driven down to the village in Remember’s red pick-up, while driving he day dreamed about having his own car! how great would that be? if he were free to just drive anywhere he pleased? For now he had to ride his bike everywhere, and had to wait till summer to get a vacation job somewhere. Maybe he should apply at the Hotel like all the girls? they paid pretty well, and the more Kane got adjusted in front of the wheel of the pick-up, the more appealing his plan seemed. But the Hotel didn’t apply for locals outside the holidays. So he had to be content with riding his bike for a while yet. He had thought about doing as he had said he would, but then he recalled it was Saturday which meant Strawberry pie day at Martha’s, it was not as good as the cherry cheese cake, but it was alright! And then he decided to make a detour to the diner, for after all! he was driving weren’t he?

As he entered Martha’s, the first thing he saw was Lola sitting by a table, by herself. “Lola” he said with a smile “What brings you here?” Truth was he was very surprised to see her here. She lived in Crooked Creek, which was the next village, he knew that Martha did brilliant pies but this was ridiculous.

Lola just grinned as she stood up hugging Kane, “Seth called, so we came” She said shrugging.

“Oh” Kane said, smiling back. Of course! These were Seth’s friends, he knew that. But still? why would he call for them, when he had him?

“Florian and i planned to go drink beers at the Forever memorial, wanna come?” Lola said.

Kane shook his head, “I am just on an errand here, I have to get back soon”

“Alright” Lola said, tossing her head to the left, “they are over there” She said, sitting down again.

Kane looked in the direction she had pointed, and saw Seth sitting chatting with Florian, Then he looked back down at Lola but she seemed lost scribbling in a little notebook.


“Hey” Kane said with a meek voice “Florian, Seth” He nodded at them both. “Funny seeing you guys here” Kane cringed inwardly, how lame was that? but he knew that Florian and Seth used to be best friends, for some years ago they’d hang out every day. having their own little clique estranging themselves more and more from the rest of the small community school between their villages.

Florian nodded but otherwise didn’t move a muscle.

“Kane!” Seth sing-song. Getting up from his seat. “What are you doing here? aren’t you guys having a party or something today?

“Cyan is having a party, not me” Kane stated with a childish pout. Suddenly Kane seemed to think hard. “Hey aren’t you grounded ?”

Seth looked at Florian, who still just picked apart his cake. And then on Kane. “Come on” Seth said with a low, urgent voice.  Dragging Kane off to the men’s room. Florian looked at them as they snuck off, shaking his head. apparently finding the pair of them amusing.


“Kane” Seth said as he closed the door, locking it. “I knew you would worry, and i didn’t want to worry you, so.. uhm”

“So you called Florian” Kane said, looking at the nose of his boots.

“I did” Seth said. “But he’s just gonna help me out with something, okay?” Seth ran his hand gently over Kane’s cheek.

Kane closed his eyes, savouring the feeling. “I’m not stupid you know” He finally whispered. When Seth didn’t answer, Kane sighed deeply “Is that why he hates me?”

“He don’t hate you” Seth said, “He just thinks you’re a prude and stuck up.”


“I’m not” Kane huffed, offended.

“I know that” Seth said with a smile, “He just don’t know you, like i do” Slowly Seth snuck a hand up under Kane’s sweater. “And lets keep it that way”

“Were you guys.. uhm..” Kane whispered.

“Forget about him, would you?” Seth whispered back, kissing his way down Kane’s neck.

“The fuck i will” Kane suddenly exploded! “I think i have the right to know!” He pushed Seth away from him, staring angrily at the other boys baffled expression.

“My, my.. Are you jealous Kane?” Seth said sweetly, flashing a brilliant smile.

“No.. yes.. no..” Seth growled a guttural noise, and stomped his foot in the floor in frustration. “Yes! yes i am fucking jealous. Now were you doing him or what?”

“More like the other way around” Seth said, smiling wickedly, seeing Kane pale..”You wanted to know, remember?”


Kane had not really expected that answer, and failed to respond. He just stood there and looked at Seth, all words he might have said died on his lips. “Babe” Seth said, wrapping his arms around Kane’s waist. “I should’nt have said that” he admitted. “Please would you just trust me, huh?”

Kane nodded, feeling ridiculously close to crying for some reason.

Seth smiled smugly. pulling Kane in for a kiss.


Gently pushing Kane up against the sink, fiddling with Kane’s jeans button. “Wh..Wait” Kane mumbled against Seth’s lips, trying to free himself.

“Shhh” Seth hushed, “Be quirt or they will hear us” He unzipped Kane’s pants with a grin, sliding to his knees, pulling the other boy’s jeans off in a languid move.


Emerging from the bathroom fifteen minutes later, Florian snickered seeing Seth looking awfully smug, and Kane looked complete disarranged and flustered. “Yo Seth” Florian said, nodding to his friend. “So what’s the plan?”

“i don’t know” Seth said, looking at  Kane with some expression that Kane couldn’t decipher. “What are the plans?” he asked Kane, looking directly at him.

“Uhm, I promised to pick up some stuff for Cyan, and then pick up Chickpea” Kane said, “I have Remember’s car”

“Alright” Seth said, turning his head looking at Florian, making an ‘im gonna call you’ gesture, Florian nodded. “Let’s go handsome” Seth grinned.

Kane looked up at Martha for a second, she looked like a stoneface like always, but he was ‘sure’ that she knew what was going on, Martha heard everything. “Good seeing you Kane” Florian said, looking up at Kane.

“You too” Kane said politely, but never the less the look in Florian’s eyes made him wrap an arm around Seth’s shoulders, halfway pulling him out of the diner.

SeventhSisters rd.
Murky Mile/Crystal Springs.
Saturday late afternoon.


Getting out of the pick-up in front of Chickpea’s house, Seth sighed. “Want me to wait out here while you fetch you date?”

“No!” Kane said, surprised. “Why the hell would i want that?”

“You know, just in case” Seth said, leaning against the car door.

“In case of what? I told you, its not me she thinks is fit, its Gabe” Kane felt his frustration rise. “I just did what Cyan made me, alright?”

“Okay” Seth said, but judging from his expression didn’t believe a word.


Seth walked behind Kane, sulking. “Hey when we’re done here, can you drop me off at the cemetery?”

“Forever Memorial?” Kane said trying to keep his voice steady.

“Durr Kane, its like the only cemetery around here, ain’t it?” Seth said, grinning.

“S’pose so” Kane said, “Sure i can drop you off” He shot Seth a questionable look, and then turned to ring the doorbell.


Kane smiled politely at Chickpea as she opened the door. “This is my friend Seth” He said pointing at Seth.

“I know who he is” Chickpea said, “Hey Seth, i heard about you” She said holding her hand out to greet him.

“I hope it was good.” Seth grinned, “And i have heard of you too”

both boys followed Chickpea inside the house, and while Kane scooped up the kitten, fawning over it. Seth stood in the door to the kitchen, scratching his palm idly, watching Kane and Chickpea close.



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