Dreams made of Glass 7/52

Title: Deception
Genre: drama
Characters: Izzy, Nando, Bastian
Prompt: 42
Rating: M
Type: series
Summary: Izzy makes a phone call he never thought he would, and Bastian has his own shit to deal with.
Warnings: language, adult situations.
AN: I realise these chapters fall really close, but I did take the images for a little while ago, and just needs to add text, and since my muse is friendly these days, I suspect you will get another chapter tomorrow, but then there will be a little wait I suppose. I stopped posting this story in a lot of communities, actually to keep it from totally flooding your flist. if it still does, then let me know, and I will work something out. It is allso the reason that i keep the banner that small, to not totally own someone’s flist with huge ass images. Oh and.. yea things are looking a little up for Seth, finally, huh?  – This is written for simfic50.

But I never said I would stay to the end
so I leave you with babies and hoping for frequency
screaming like this in the hope of the secrecy
screaming me over and over and over
I leave you with photographs, pictures of trickery
stains on the carpet and stains on the scenery
songs about happiness murmured in dreams
when we both us knew how the ending would be…

-The Cure

Izzy couldn’t gather his head on his work for the rest of the day, what if Nando was right? How could he be? Nando didn’t know anything about his youth, he didn’t even know where Izzy was from. Nando sat in the car next to Izzy, not saying a word, just looking out on the buildings as they drove home. Which was fine, cause Izzy didn’t feel like talking either.

Parking the car they both walked inside in silence. Bastian was home already, and had decided to surprise his brother and lover with dinner, knowing they had to be hungry by now. Hearing the key in the door he turned around, only to see two sombre faces. “Wow, who died?” Bastian grinned.

“Ask Izzy-darling” Nando sing-song, mock merrily.

“Stop calling me that, Nando” Izzy growled annoyed.

“Pfft! Whatever” Nando tossed with his head. 

Bastian walked over to hug Izzy, “What’s wrong?” he asked trying to hold Izzy’s gaze.

“I just had a long, and very strange day, okay? it’s nothing.” Izzy sighed. “What’s for dinner?”

As they sat down to eat, the silence was so intense you could feel it. And in the end Bastian had had enough. “Alright! Enough!” He suddenly said out loud, “What the hell is going on?” He tossed his fork on his plate with a loud sound, looking from Nando to Izzy. “Anyone?”

“A guy came by the gallery today” Nando said, “Said he was Izzy’s son”

“What?” Bastian gasped, turning he looked directly at Izzy “So that is your idea of nothing?”

“It’s not like its true” Izzy said, “I don’t know why she told him that to begin with” he shrugged and put down his fork too.

“Who is ‘she‘? Someone you know?” Bastian asked, clearly puzzled.

“Yes, I know that kids mother” Izzy admitted, “I went to school with her” Both men was looking at him in silence, and the silence demanded a straight answer. “I am from a little village called Murky Mile, and when I was a kid I, kinda, sorta dated this girl”

“A mountain boy, huh? who would have guessed?” Nando laughed merrily, “I have a hard time imagining you in overalls getting jiggy with a girl”

“Nans..” Bastian said sharply, warning his brother.

“Okay so that chick just ‘happens’ to be that kids mammy, or what?” Nando said, totally ignoring his older brother.

“Yes” Izzy admitted, looking over at Bastian, “But she was not pregnant when I left that place, I swear!”

“Correction, You didn’t ‘know‘ she was pregnant” Nando said, “It’s not like it shows instantly”

“Nando!” Bastian barked, warning his brother a second time.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me that?” Bastian asked, trying to keep his disappointment out of his voice.

“Because..eh.. I don’t know” Izzy admitted in a whisper. “Maybe I thought you would think I was confused and..”

“Come on, Izzy” Bastian sighed annoyed, “Do you think that little of me really? I don’t care that you are from the mountain, or that you used to fuck girls, what I do care about is that you never told me! not in all of the twenty years we have known each other”

Izzy scratched his neck, looking away from Bastian and down on the floor. “I know.. And it might have been a secret once, but then in time I just kinda forgot about it, its not like I think about my teens every day” timidly looking up at Bastian’s annoyed face, Izzy mumbled “I’m sorry”

“So you humped that girl or what?” Nando asked suddenly.

“Nando, for the sake of everything, shut the fuck up already” Bastian growled.

“What?” Nando whined, “If he didn’t then there is no way that this guy could be his son, right?”

Bastian seemed to see the point and just turned to look at Izzy again. Izzy took a deep breath and nodded “I did.. she is actually the only woman I ever knew like that”

“See?” Nando cheered, “So its not like you can completely rule it out”

“Su-suppose not” Izzy finally sighed, hanging his head in defeat. “If it should be true, then..”

“Then you just told your own son he was crazy and to please fuck off” Nando cut in.

“Fernando! Enough!” Bastian yelled, slamming his fist down into the table. Nando glared angrily at him, but remained silent.

“It’s okay Bastian” Izzy said, smiling sadly, “He’s right”

“Madness!” Bastian muttered, shaking his head. “So now what?”

“I don’t know” Izzy admitted. “But I suppose I should try and find out the truth” He earned himself a venomously glare from Bastian, but he ignored it, “Bastian please, if that kid is mine, I have to know.. And, and.. I have to make things right”

“Call the mom” Nando stated.

“I don’t know her number you idiot!” Izzy hissed, “Besides she could have married seven times since, and I have no clue what her surname is”

“It’s a small village, right? Remember I saw it in the news at some point.. the name rings a bell for some reason” Nando muttered. “Anyway, don’t you still know some people there?”

“The deputy” Izzy said, “I know him, its been years, so I guess he is sheriff now”

“Go call him and get that woman’s number” Nando said with a motherly smile.

Izzy stood from his chair and ignored the way Bastian looked at him, walking up the stairs he felt mostly like walking in a minefield, no matter what he did not he would piss someone off, but he just had to know the truth, he didn’t reckon that Bastian understood that he had to know if that kid was indeed his.

Looking the sheriff’s number up, Izzy called the Sheriffs office in Murky Mile. Waiting for the other end to answer was the worst, his heart hammered away, and he felt his pulse rise. If that stupid cunt had lied to him, he would.. would, wring her neck!

“Murky Mile, Sheriff’s office” A deep voice said.

“Briar?” Izzy asked, hoping his voice didn’t tremble as much as he thought it did.

“Yes? who is this?” Orwell asked.

“It’s Izzy, remember me? we went to school together.. and” Izzy said urgently.

“I remember you Izzy” Briar cut him off, “What can I help you with?”

“Isabel” Izzy sighed, “I need to speak with her” he shifted the phone to the other hand and took a deep breath. “Do you have her number, I’m sorry to bother you, but I don’t know how else to find her”

A long pause in the other end, Briar finally sighed. “I have her number, tell that crazy bitch that its a shame what she did with your son”

Izzy sucked in his breath, “I will” he whispered, while scribbling down the number that Briar read out loud in the other end. “Thank you” He said afterwards.

“No problem” Briar said, “Take care, and take care of Seth too, he needs it”

“I..I..I will” Izzy stammered, looking down at the phone in his hand as Briar hung up. What was going on here? did everyone but him know this?

Dialling Isabel’s number he waited for ages until a deep man voice answered “Blackwell”

“Hello” Izzy said, trying to control his breathing. Finding it really surreal that he was even calling Isabel, he had never thought he had to speak with her ever again. “Can I talk to Isabel please?”

“Sure” The man in the other end said. “Who can I say it is?”

“Israel” he stated. “I’m an old school friend of hers”

“Okey-dokey” The man said merrily, and judging from the noise he put down the phone on a table and yelled ‘mama! phone’

Izzy closed his eyes and waited for Isabel to come to the phone.

“Hello?” a woman voice said in the other end. “Who is this?”

“Isabel” Izzy said, his voice breaking. “It’s me Izzy.. I”

“What the hell do you want?” Isabel cut him off harshly.

“I don’t even know how to phrase this Isabel, but this guy Seth showed up and told me something really interesting”

“He did, did he?” Isabel answered flatly. “Good for you”

“Isabel, for fucks sake!” Izzy sighed wearily. “Were you pregnant when I left town, or what?”

“I was” Isabel replied in a ice cold tone.

“Why the fuck didn’t you tell me, woman? what the hell is wrong with you?” Izzy yelled. “I can’t believe you’d keep something like that from me”

“What difference would it have made?” Isabel spat, “Would you have stayed? would you have married me? No you wouldn’t Izzy, you already left us, even if you were still present in the flesh”

Izzy took a deep breath, knowing that she might be right, “Still, you should have told me you were pregnant”

“And just how was I supposed to do that? you just left, telling no one where you went” Isabel stated, “Besides I know you did come here when Seth was about six years”

“That’s right” Izzy admitted, “My mama told me she suspected that your kid was mine”

“Then why didn’t you come visit us?” Isabel asked.

“I stopped for coffee before we were going to your place, and well, I met Terry and he told me that your kid was his”

“And you fucking believed him?” Isabel laughed mirthlessly. “How stupid can you get?”

“I guess I did” Izzy answered, “Or maybe I just really wanted to believe him” his voice became a whisper. Realising he had been a total fool for just taking Terry’s word for it. And just why the hell would he say something like that if it wasn’t true?

“Still it don’t change the fact that you could have told me, should have told me! I had every right to know, he is my son too…” Izzy heard his own voice raise a octave. “For fucks sake Isabel, how could you do that?”

“And submit him to your deranged lifestyle?” Isabel said acidly. “I don’t think so”

“Don’t start that with me” Izzy growled, clearly irritated. “You had no right to..”

“It’s past now, Israel” Isabel suddenly sighed.

“Right” Izzy whispered, “Wha-what is his name?” he asked, feeling really stupid that he had to ask what his own son’s name was.

“Seth Marcus Singer, born January fifth” Isabel muttered “Good luck with it all.. Goodbye Israel”

“What the..” Izzy asked, but the line was cut off as Isabel hung up. For the longest time Izzy just stood and watched the phone in disbelief, she had been the one who had never told him, yet why did he feel like the asshole?

Walking stiffly downstairs again, Bastian and Nando instantly stopped chatting when they saw Izzy’s expression. Izzy sat down and stared off into the air, not saying anything.

“So?” Bastian finally said, “Did you reach her?”

“I did” Izzy said flatly. Looking directly at Nando he added “It was true. That kid is my son”

“fabulous!” Nando cheered, “It was about time I wasn’t the only useless relative around here!”

“Wait up Nans” Bastian barked angrily. “Who said anything about ‘here’?” He turned to Izzy, “You told him to piss off, right? so the story ends there”

Izzy opened his mouth to say something, but closed it without a word. Nando frowned and tossed his napkin on the table angrily. “Of course it isn’t! It’s his son for fucks sake! How can you be that selfish, Sebastian?”

Both men glared angrily at each other, and then at Izzy who had yet to say something.

“I..” Izzy mumbled, still trying to let the feeling settle, to know he had a son. It just seemed so surreal. “I can’t just abandon him twice” He looked at Bastian with sad eyes, “I’m sorry baby, but..”

Bastian looked away angry, “At least have some paternity tests done or something” he said, staring intensely off into nothing.

“You don’t know Isabel” Izzy finally said, placing a gentle hand on Bastian’s thigh. “She is a lot of things, but a skank is not one of them, I was the one who slept around, not her”   

“Big surprise there” Bastian muttered, excusing himself from the table by just getting up and walking towards the stairs to the first floor.

“Sebastian!” Izzy called after his lover. “Don’t be like this!, I promise to get a paternity test done if that makes you happy”

“Goodnight” Bastian just growled and walked up the stairs with hard, angry steps.

Izzy sighed deeply, but smiled at Nando as he took his hand. “It’s okay Nans” He mumbled, “he still just wont let it go” shaking his head, he squeezed Nando’s hand.

“Screw him, he’s just miffed because you had a life before him.. you know he will come around soon” Nando said softly. “Do you mean that about your son? did you mean that you was gonna find him again?”

Izzy nodded, “I owe him, yeah and an apology doesn’t even begin to cover it, does it?”

Nando lit up in a wicked grin. “No sweetie-darling, you got that all wrong.. you owe ‘me‘, big time”

Izzy looked up at Nando and raised a brow, silently asking why. Nando let go of Izzy’s hand and rolled up his sleeve, “He gave me his number”



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