Dreams made of Glass 6/52

Title: Greed
Genre: drama
Characters: Nando, Seth, Izzy
Prompt: 21
Rating: pg
Type: series
Summary: Izzy hears something he never thought he would hear, and Seth gets a surprise too.
Warnings: language, adult situations
AN: I know its kinda short this chapter, but what i had wanted to be one chapter, became two, and then ended up as three to not be ridiculously long. I did a download thread for this sequel, only two sims up now, but i will add more as we go along. This is written for simfic50.

Karma police, I’ve given all I can, its not enough
I’ve given all I can, but we’re still on the payroll
This is what you get, this is what you get
This is what you get, when you mess with us
And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
Yeah for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself


Nurse Rayne had warned him, the last thing she had told him when she had visited yesterday was to not go look for his father. Seth had laughed her off, but nurse Rayne was genuinely worried, he had told her he had gone and visited Terrence in prison, and even if Rayne could see the point in him needing to speak with his dead friend’s dad, she had hoped that this forgiveness had given Seth some sort of calm. it hadn’t, she had learned that Pumpkin had been seen with Seth, and at Seth’s door several times from his neighbours whom she also visited. This too worried her greatly for some reason. Slowly Seth had trashed his own apartment, and Rayne didn’t really want to bring it up with him. she was not sure he even realised this himself. Instead she had asked him if he took his medication. he had said he did.. Rayne was not so sure.

Here he was, the only gallery on the drive, Terrence had said it would be here Izzy worked. Seth stood still and just watched the place for a long time, trying to will his feet to walk to the entrance, but they wouldn’t. He had meant what he had said to Terrence, what if he interrupted Izzy? What if he had a perfect life, and the last thing he needed was someone like him? and what if he just didn’t care? Seth had never gotten as much as a postcard from him, not that he was upset about that, for all he knew it could have been Isabel who had snatched his mail, maybe Izzy had really wanted to be there? Maybe he really had tried?

And just what were he to say? ‘hey daddy’? what do you say to someone who you have never seen in his life, all he had was the photo that Terrence had once given him. Seth closed his eyes, feeling light-headed. Maybe it would be alright? Maybe Izzy was waiting for him to show up some day, maybe he had in fact given up on trying to contact him? Maybe Izzy missed him as much as he had missed him?

Inhaling deeply to ground himself, Seth walked up the path and opened the doors to the gallery.

Feeling really out of place there, Seth looked around. He couldn’t even afford to feed the fish tank he was sure. Seeing a woman walk out of the back room, or what Seth assumed was the office, he walked over to her before she reached her destination, which was clearly the ladder to the repose. “Miss?” He said, stepping in front of her. Getting her attention Seth smiled friendly. “Eh, i was looking for Izzy”

“oh” The woman said with a low deep voice, that had Seth raise a brow. “He was just on the phone” The woman shrugged, “I can get him for you” She smiled. “Who can i say it is?”

“My name is Seth” Seth said, “And…”

The door slammed to the office, and both Seth and the woman turned, “Oh there he is” She chirped. “Oi Izzy-dear, there’s someone to see you” She called while snapping her fingers with a loud sound.

Izzy changed his direction to where Nando was standing with a young man. Nando walked off, leaving Izzy with the stranger. “Yes?” He said with a polite smile. “Can i help you?”

“I..I..” Seth stammered, his voice caught, his heart beating to hard he was sure that someone would hear it. “My name is Se-Seth” he managed to croak out.

Izzy just looked at the stranger with a bored expression. “Alright” He said, patiently waiting for this person to state their business.

“Terrence told me to find you here.. and..” Seth mumbled, feeling like he said all the wrong things, but he just got so incredibly nervous standing face to face with the man he had waited to bring him the last piece of the puzzle, the piece that would make his life make sense.

“Okay” Izzy said, “I’m sorry, but i don’t really understand what it is you want exactly” Izzy sighed, “Are you sure you are even in the right place, sir?”

“Yes, i am in the right place” Seth whispered. “Terrence, don’t you remember him?”

“I have known some people named that, sure..” Izzy said looking over at Nando who stood by the fish tank, and sent him a look to kill.

“Murky Mile” Seth finally said, smiling as some recognition lit in Izzy’s eyes. “Terrence Williams”

“Oooooh.. Him” Izzy grinned, “Yes i remember him, I went to school with him.. ‘he’ told you to find me here?” Izzy was puzzled. How would Terry even know where he was? and why the hell would Terry send some snotty kid his way? why hadn’t he just come by himself? Given he could still be pissed off at him for last, then again it was ages ago he had spoken to Terry last.

“He did” Seth said, waiting for Izzy to say something, waiting for a hint of recognition, but he saw none in the amber eyes, only confusion.

“So how is Terry these days? Alright i trust?” Izzy asked, not really knowing what the hell to say. But he had to admit his coruosity was peaked.

“He’s in prison” Seth answered truthfully, “He shot and killed Simon”

“What?” Izzy frowned, “Terry killed Simon? Simon Blackwell?”

“Yes, the one and only” Seth said acidly.

“Oh” Izzy mouthed. “I’m sorry to hear that”

“You shouldn’t be, he was an asshole” Seth said flatly.

“Now that you mention it, yes he was. I am sorry to hear that Terry ended up like that, last i heard from him he had a wife and two kids” Izzy said, crossing his arms over his chest. “Tell him to come visit for coffee some day if he ever gets out of there”

“I will” Seth said, “Actually he told me that he had a parole hearing soon, must be one of these days”

“Now.. eh.. Seth, did you come down here to chat about my old school mates? or do you actually have something you need from me?” Izzy asked clearly irritated. “Because i am a busy man, kid”

“Isabel” Seth said, “I wanted to talk to you about Isabel”

Izzy blinked confused.. “Oh, her” he said with an venomous tone, “What the hell do you want to talk to me about her for? I am afraid i can’t really tell you much” Izzy frowned “Ask your friend Terrence, i’m sure he knows her better than i do”

“She is my mother” Seth finally said, looking from Izzy’s annoyed face and down to the floor. “And she told me that… that you were my father”

“Come again?” Izzy whispered, inhaling sharply.

Seth grabbed Izzy’s jacket, looking him directly into his eyes. “I am your son” He said softly, in contradiction to the desperate grasp he had in Izzy’s clothes.

“Look kid” Izzy growled, “I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about, but i sure as hell don’t have any children”

Seth blinked rapidly as to understand what was really going on. “But.. she said..”

“Isabel was always full of bullshit, i’m sorry kid. But I don’t know why she would tell you something like that” Izzy peeled Seth off him and stepped back from the visibly shaken young man. “I’m terribly sorry, Seth. But you got it all wrong” Izzy smiled a little sad smile. “There is no way i can be your dad, i am really, really sorry”

Tears welled up in Seth’s eyes, and no matter how he tried to will them away they escaped, dripping soundlessly on the floor. “We-weren’t you dating her?” Seth breathed shakily, looking Izzy who looked somewhere in between sad and indifferent.

“That was ages ago” Izzy said softly. “Look, don’t torment yourself like that, don’t think more of it, okay?”

“Don’t, don’t think more of it?” Seth stammered, “That’s… that’s just… I believed that your postcards and presents for me, had just gone lost in mail, i believed that you thought of me, hoped that you missed me.. I.. Simon, he…” Seth took a deep breath, “Don’t tell me not think more of it, i have been dreaming about meeting you for twenty years, Izzy” He wiped his eyes in his sleeve. “I had imagined a lot of things, but this.. I had never thought it would be like this”

Izzy raked a hand through his hair and let out a sigh. “As i said, i am really sorry.”

“You are not even listening!” Seth cried. “Whatever! If this is how you want it, then fine” Forget it!” Izzy opened his mouth to answer, but Seth cut him off. “I am the one who’s sorry, i am sorry i came here! Nurse Rayne was right! I should never have come here!”

As Seth turned to leave the gallery, Nando stepped in front of him. “Listen, kiddo” He said, “Don’t cry”

Seth shook his head and wiped his eyes again. “Please” He breathed, “I need to get out of here”

Nando leaned in and whispered. “I will talk with him, leave your number with me and…”

“You believe me?” Seth asked barely audible.

“Have you looked in a mirror lately?” Nando said softly with a smile, “I don’t think Scrooge over there have” He handed Seth a pen and rolled up his sleeve of his dress, stretching out his arm, letting Seth write down his number on his skin. Seth handed back the pen and Nando rolled his sleeve down again. “See you around kid” He said with a smile.

“Thanks.. eh” Seth mumbled.

“You can call me Nans” Nando said. Seth nodded slowly and with that he turned on his heels and sprinted out of the gallery. His chest hurt, and he found it hard to breathe. He should, he needed to talk with Dr. Roth badly. Maybe it had been a bad idea to let him out, maybe he had been happier inside the asylum? Collapsing moaning on a staircase two blocks from the gallery, Seth rested his head on the wall and cried, he wept for all his lost childhood dreams.

Nando went in search of Izzy and found him in a far corner of the gallery, checking up on something. He noticed the pen shook slightly in his hand. “Izzy” Nando said softly, “Look at me”

Izzy looked at Nando and smiled a tiny guarded smile “Nans..” he mumbled. “Poor kid, huh?”

“Did you have to hurt him like that?” Nando asked.

“I did him a favour” Izzy said, looking anywhere but on Nando.

“Just think about it, okay?” Nando whispered gently. “What if he is right?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Nans” Izzy grinned half heartedly “I don’t know what that kid wanted, but he should maybe check the social benefits office before asking me for whatever he wanted”

“You think he wanted money?” Nando rolled his eyes.

“What else would be possibly want from me?” Izzy asked, again not looking at his friend.


AN2: i promise to make this up to Seth!!


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