Dreams made of glass 5/52

Title: Honour
Genre: drama/romance
Characters: Seth, Ferris
Prompt: 33
Rating: M
Type: series
Summary: Seth finds that he can still carry a conversation, and Ferris learns that friends tell the truth.
Warnings: language, adult situations.
AN: I know the happy hooker does not exist in the real world, and i thought long and hard before writing this chapter, worrying that i might stereotype Ferris too much, so i based that background story on a person i knew once. But this is just a Sims2 story and everything don’t have to be lifelike or even make sense. its just supposed to entertain. which i hope it does. This is made for simfic50. (wooot 15 promts to go!)

You’ll be loved, you’ll be loved
Like you never have known
The memories of me
Will seem more like bad dreams
Just a series of blurs
Like I never occurred
Someday you will be loved

I know your heart belongs to someone you’ve yet to meet
Someday you will be loved

-Death cab for cutie

Instead of taking the bus, Seth had walked from the his meeting with Terry, trying to make his head make sense. It had been everything he had wished and hoped for, then why was he still so confused? Terry had believed him, right? Maybe it was because he had never gotten around to tell Terry what actually really had happened in that cabin, maybe it was good thing really, since it sounded crazy, even to Seth, and he knew what he had seen.

“Hey!” A voice said behind him. “Hey stop!”

His mind lost in the past, he thought he recognized the voice and turned around with a smile, expecting to look straight into dark brown eyes, just with a hint of navy blue.

But instead he was met by a pair of bright blue eyes, “Oh Hey” He sighed as he realised it was just Pumpkin.

“Are you alright?” Ferris asked, looking worried, “You don’t look alright, man”

“I’m fine” Seth said with a strained smile, “I just.. I guess i’m just tired, thanks for asking”

“Uhm, Marcus, about that night at your place.. I’m sorry” Ferris said with a sweet smile.

“You’re sorry?” Seth sighed, shaking his head in disgrace over himself. “I am the one who’s sorry” He looked up at Pumpkin, “I had no right to say those things, i guess i was just in a real bad mood or something”

“Hey, man. I woke you in the middle of the night, its okay to be cranky at 2am” Ferris grinned nervously.

“Not that cranky” Seth said, “Look, I am really, really sorry, kid”

“It’s okay, Marcus. I’m sorry as well” Ferris said softly, biting a nail, looking at something behind Seth’s shoulder.

“The bus ain’t coming yet” Seth said, sticking his hands in his pants pockets. “If you need bus fare.. then”

“No, its fine” Pumpkin said, returning  his gaze to Seth, “You were right, you know” he whispered, not really wanting to hear the words himself. “When you said that.. ”

“Oh” Seth mouthed, and turned around, seeing a dark blue car holding still on the other side of the street. “Look, if i was interrupting or something, then.. you know where i live, you can always swing by for coffee”

Pumpkin lit up in a smile “You could buy me coffee now” He said happily, “I ain’t got no where i have to be, and.. honestly i am freezing my ass off”

“Been here long?” Seth asked cautiously, not sure what to say and trying not to offend the boy either.

“Yeah” Ferris said, looking down at the pavement.

“We can just go into the bus station cafe, that way you don’t have to walk all the way back here.. or..” Seth said, scracthing the palm of his hand, realising how it sounded, but he was just trying to be considerate, and didn’t know how to.

“Sure” Ferris said, he couldn’t help but to be a little disappointed, he had hoped that Marcus would offer him his sofa, he didn’t really want to end up at the shelter, and he didn’t really want to wait for more cars to stop either. All he wanted was a bath and a bed. “after you” he smirked and gestured towards the glass doors to the cafe.

Seth couldn’t help but to notice another dark figure walking over to the car on the other side, Ferris turned his head to see what it was Seth was looking at, “It’s Aaron, hells he needed the job too” Ferris shrugged and nodded to Seth to walk inside the cafe.

Settled with some coffee in the warm of the bus station cafe, Seth looked up at the board above the grill bar. “What do you want?” he asked.

“Just coffee, please” Ferris said politely.

“Come on, what do you want? are you hungry or something?” Seth argued, “You can pick anything you like, it’s on me” He smiled at the  boy next to him.

“Really?” Pumpkin asked surprised. “You’re the best, man!”

Waiting for the burger that Pumpkin had ordered with extra of everything, Seth just sat in silence and turned his coffee cup between his hands, it didn’t look clean. “Marcus?” Ferris suddenly said softly.

Seth turned and looked at the boy next to him. “It was halfway right what you said that day” He said raising his own coffee cup to take a sip of the hot liquid. “When you said that people like me don’t have friends”

“Pumpkin..” Seth said feeling terribly embarrassed he had ever blown up in Pumpkin’s face like he had. “I was just being an asshole, I didn’t mean it, of course you..”

“No i don’t” Pumpkin said, “I don’t have a friend, not a real one at least” Pumpkin shrugged, “Occupational hazard i suppose”

“I don’t either” Seth said, placing a hand on Pumpkin’s shoulder. “The people i knew and called my friends are all dead” he smiled sadly. “Maybe that is why i am such a grumpy old sod?”

“Hey take that outside, Pumpkin” The grill bar attendant yelled.

“Yes sir!” Pumpkin growled and shrugged his shoulder so Seth’s hand fell down.

“Oh i’m sorry” Seth mumbled, withdrawing his hand.

“Don’t worry about it, It’s my own fault” Pumpkin looked at Seth and smiled strained, “Some people use the toilets here for.. eh.. business, and i might have been one of those.. at some point.. so yeah..”

Seth smiled at the memories of Martha’s diner and Kane, making out in secret, yet feeling the thrill of a possibility of being caught. Kane had always been scared shitless someone would walk in and find him with his pants around his ankles. No one ever had tho. This was different tho, Seth couldn’t even imagine it, nothing had ever been further from him than to sell himself to whoever bothered to pay. He couldn’t even hug someone unless he liked them a lot.

The coffee was gone, so was the refill, the burger was eaten and it was time to go. Ferris had followed Seth outside on the street again. “You’re a life saviour” Ferris said with a smile, reaching up and kissing Seth’s cheek.

Stepping back in sheer surprise, Seth looked at Pumpkin with annoyance written all over his face. “What the hell was that for?” he managed to press out.

“Sorry” Ferris whispered, “I didn’t mean to offend you.. I just … i mean.. thank you, thank you a lot!” When Seth still looked angered, Ferris stepped closer again “I didn’t do that to offend you, really! it was just to show my gratitude, i promise”

All kind of harsh answers was just on the tip of his tongue, but instead he looked away from the clear blue eyes in front of him, and rubbed his own shoulder nervously. “I just don’t like being touched” Seth said with a disappearing voice.

“Me neither, actually” Ferris said truthfully.

“Funny business you’re into then” Seth said, it sounded harsh, but he meant it friendly.

“Yeah” Ferris said, looking at Seth with gratitude and admiration. “I guess its all i know how to do”

Seth straightened up, and looked at Ferris puzzled. “Can i ask you something personal?”

“Sure” Ferris said, raking a hand through his hair.Thinking he knew what was to come, people always asked him all sorts of stupid questions when they wanted to pretend to get to know him before they got what they paid for.

“Why?” Seth asked softly.

Ferris looked up at Seth, of all those questions, no one had ever asked him that one. “It beats flipping burgers” He said with a grin, when Seth didn’t laugh too, Ferris’ laughter stifled, and he took a deep breath. “Truthfully?”

Seth nodded.

“I ran away, with my sister. we split when she found herself this man she stayed with, maybe she went back home, i don’t know” Ferris shrugged. “I was just hanging out in parks and stuff, eating out of trash cans, until someone suggested i should go here, and told me that i could eat for two days for whacking some bloke off”

Seth swallowed loudly. “Why didn’t you just go home?”

Ferris laughed coldly. “No way, my mom would beat the crap out of me and send me right back out here. And all those projects for kids like me, they are even worse than this. Nah, ain’t gonna happen!”

“My step dad used to beat me all the time, when i was a kid” Seth said, not really sure why the hell he told this kid that. it was not like he really wanted to know all this, or tell him anything about himself, was it?

Ferris smiled sadly, “Did you run or stick it out?”

“I ehm.. I ran” Seth whispered, knowing it was not really true, but it had at least been his intention.

“Did he send you to the loony bin then?” Ferris asked.


“The house you live in, all of that estate is owned by Crystal Towers, I had more than one date there” Ferris admitted, “So i just assumed you had to have been at Crystal Towers”

Seth crossed his arms over his chest, feeling slightly uncomfortable. “He didn’t send me there, but i’m sure he would have if he thought he could get away with it” Seth’s expression hardened “I’m sure that fucker would have left me to have a lobotomy if he could”

“Harsh times, man” Ferris mumbled. “I’m sorry you had to deal with that”

“Don’t be” Seth said, smiling lovingly at the kid. “It’s a long time ago, and i’m still here, and didn’t have my frontal lope drilled either” he laughed gently. “And you have  your own shit to deal with”

“Can I ask you something personal too?” Ferris asked, looking up at Seth with eyes wide open.

“I suppose so” Seth grumbled.

“Why did he beat you up, like that?”

“Oh” Seth breathed. pinching the bridge of his nose. “The truth?” he whispered. “The truth is that i fell in love with another boy”

Ferris smiled “Did he like you too?”

“That he did” Seth said with a melancholy smile.

“Then at least you had someone” Ferris stated with a sad smile.

Seth nodded, “Look Pumpkin, I really should go. I have work tomorrow, and eh, do you need anything?”

“I understand” Ferris said, trying to keep the disappointment out of his voice. “It’s okay, you don’t have to give me money or nothing, you already paid for the food and all, and that was more than enough”

“Are you sure?” Seth asked slightly worried. He didn’t really like the thought of leaving this kid behind, but it was Pumpkins own choise to do what he did, and Seth figured he would respect that. “Okay then. Goodnight Pumpkin”

“Goodnight Marcus” Pumpkin said with nod, watching as Seth started to walk down the curb, away from the bus central.

“Wait!” Ferris suddenly called, stopping Seth dead halt. “Wait!”

“What?” Seth asked, looking at the kid, who fought for breath after a short run.

“Could, could you spare some coins, i just realised that i had run out of fags” He looked up at Seth smiling halfhearted, “It’s really boring to wait here without any cigarettes”

“Sure” Seth answered, roaming through his pockets for change. Planting some in Pumpkins outstretched palm.

Ferris stared down at the coins in his hand. “Fe-Ferris” He mumbled, looking up at Seth slowly, “My name is Ferris” He said, “I know its a stupid name and all, and no one is called that and all.. but i am” Ferris put the coins in his pocket and stared off into the horizon. “Pumpkin, that’s just for…” He gestured back at the bus station cafe. “This”

“Ferris” Seth said, tasting the name. “I like it”

“Really?” Ferris said, feeling oddly relieved, “When i was small they always teased me with my mom being from a circus and stuff”

Seth laughed, “What’s your sisters name? Carousel?”

Ferris giggled “Tallulah, actually”

Seth smiled amused. “My name is Seth” He said, thinking the kid deserved the truth for some strange reason. he had not liked lying to Ferris at all. “Marcus is my middle name actually”

“Seth, eh?” Ferris said, stretching out his hand again, but this time to shake Seth’s. “Pleased to meet you Seth”

Seth took his hand, “Likewise Ferris” He laughed.

“Does this make us friends?” Ferris suddenly asked, so innocently that Seth felt a sudden urge to hug him.

“I guess it does” Seth said with a motherly smile.

“Then… You asked me if i needed something else, right?” Ferris mumbled nervously.

“I did” Seth said, watching as the younger boy squirmed.

“What i really want is somewhere to sleep for the night, and a bath” Ferris said boldly, holding his breath while waiting for Seth to answer.

“Why didn’t you just say so?” Seth said amused. “You could come with me, if you wanted to that is… i promise you that i am not trying on anything, you know…”

“Awesome!” Ferris exhaled visibly relieved, “Hey man, i’m almost 19” Ferris smiled goofy.

Seth just laughed softly, it had been a really long time since he had carried a conversation with anyone for that long and had fun while he did. “Come on then, lets go”



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