Dreams made of Glass 4/52

Title: Sight
Genre: Drama/romance
Characters: Seth, Terrence
Prompt: 40
Rating: M
Type: series
Summary: Seth finally finds his courage to visit Terrence.
Warnings: language, sexual implications, adult situations
AN: oh this was a fun chapter to do!! Man it was good to see Seth with some hair. and i changed the skin on Terry to give him tattoos, but i am not sure i like that skintone.. hmmm.. maybe it will grow on me? – Made for simfic50.

If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one
Drying in the colour of the evening sun
Tomorrow’s rain will wash the stains away
But something in our minds will always stay
Perhaps this final act was meant
To clinch a lifetime’s argument
That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could
For all those born beneath an angry star
Lest we forget how fragile we are


It had taken Seth 3 moths to work up the courage to walk through the big glass doors to the SimCity maximum security prison. He knew that Terrence had to be here, when he had finished being sad, mad and lost, that Isabel had told him her son was dead, Seth had found some strange resolution in he died with Kane in that cabin, just has he was supposed to, if there had been a God. Maybe he really did die there, a part of him had, a part he would never be able to recover. He could not change the fact that Kane was dead, but he could find Terry, and if nothing else, thank him for ridding the world of Simon.

“Excuse me Sir” the front door clerk said, drawing Seth’s attention.

Seth smiled friendly, “Hello there, I am here to visit Terrence Williams” he said, wondering how the hell he should get access.

The clerk typed something in on her computer and looked up again, “I’m sorry Sir, there is nothing in the schedule for Mr Williams, you must have the wrong day.”

“No ma’am” Seth said, desperately trying to come up with some excuse. “You see i am not from around here, and..” He stepped closer to the clerk, still smiling friendly, “I took a really long bus ride to see him”

“Oh” The clerk said, eyeing Seth, “So are you his son, or?”

“No, ma’am” Seth said, shaking his head sadly.

“Well, mister.. eh”

“Singer” Seth said.

“Only family are allowed” She said smiling a cold, professional smile.

Seth closed his eyes for a second, thinking fast. “I would have been, but.. we never had the chance to” He blushed demurely, to empathise his words.

“Very well, Mr singer, what is your full name?” The clerk sighed.

“Marcus Blackwell Singer” Seth answered flashing her a jovial grin. pointing on the screen he added “I’m 28”

“You look younger” the clerk stated, and Seth just shrugged. “I get that a lot”

“Your relation to Mr Williams?”

“Eh..” Seth took a deep breath, and sat down on the corner of the clerks desk, he lowered his voice to sound confidential. “I am his boyfriend”

The clerk looked straight at him, and Seth winked at her, “Always the pretty ones” she sighed, and typed in ‘romantic relationship’ “You can go through that door back there, and to your left, down the stairs, and someone will help you from there, Mr. Singer.”

“you’re a doll” Seth said, sliding down from her desk, and walking back to the door, waiting for the buzz, he walked through and downstairs.

Downstairs stood a prison guard waiting. At first Seth was a little surprised to see him wear a bulletproof west, but thinking of it, he figured that they might need that here. “Mr. Singer?” The guard said, looking Seth up and down.

“That’s me” He said smiling at the guard, as he had smiled at the clerk.

“Please lock your belongings in here” the guard opened a cabinet, “empty your pockets, too”

Seth did as he was told, and the guard searched him outside his clothes in a slobby quick search. “Do you have any weapons, drugs, cellphone with a camera, or a camera on you as it is now?”

“No Sir” Seth said.

“For your information, you will find condoms on the bed in there” The guard said flatly.

“Come again?” Seth said, unable to hide his surprise.

“Condoms” the guard repeated. When Seth just looked at him, the guard smiled amused, “You wouldn’t want to catch whatever he got while here, do you?”

“Oh, no.. no of course not!” Seth grinned stupidly, squirming a little uncomfortable, by the whole subject. the thought of him actually doing that with Terrence was beyond gross, be he couldn’t let the guard know that at all. “I don’t know what i was thinking there for a moment.. apparently i wasn’t” He grinned embarrassed.   

The guard looked Seth directly in his eyes. “How old are you, son?”

“28, Sir” Seth said.

“Alright” The guard said, buzzing the door open. “You have 30 minutes” he said. closing the door behind Seth again, leaving him in the visiting cell. “Oh and if you want out before your 30 minutes are up, just push the green button on the panel to your right”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir” Seth nodded. His heart hammered away, finally! he was here, now what was he going to say to Terry?

Seeing Terrence sitting still on a chair, not looking in his direction, but straight at the window above the bed, Seth took another deep breath before he walked with long, determined strides over to the other chair opposite Terrence. And for the first time in eight years Seth looked into the eyes of Kane’s dad. The man who had treated him so kind when he was a kid, and the only one who had ever spoken up for him, but allso the man who was now in prison for shooting Simon.

Terrence’s eyes widened as he saw Seth, but he said nothing. “Terrence” Seth said, “It’s me, Seth” he smiled nervously, “Remember me?”

“I remember you fine” Terrence finally whispered hoarsely. “Kane’s friend, Izzy’s son”

“Yes sir” Seth said, nodding sadly. “I was Kane’s friend”

“You look just like your dad” Terrence mused, smiling sadly. “you grew up to be a handsome young man, there Seth”

“Thank you, Terrence” Seth mumbled, sitting too stiffly and rigid in his chair.. “Terrence? I eh.. I.. I hope you know that i didn’t.. i mean” He looked up at Terry while wringing his hands under the table. “I would never have hurt Kane, or Cyan.. or any of the others! I just wanted to get the hell out of there with Kane”

Terrence looked away from Seth, blinking to will his tears away, it had hit him like a freight train that his children had lost their lives, alone, scared, helpless, and he had not been there, he had been completely unaware of the danger. That was something he would never forgive himself, and neither would Listen. “I know you wouldn’t hurt him, Seth, you loved him, didn’t you?”

“I did, Sir” Seth whispered.

“Wh-what happened?” Terrence finally asked.

“I had gotten a hold of the car i had promised, and Florian, a kid from Crooked Creek was driving me to pick up Kane. Florian had told Kane to hide out in the cabin till we came, see i had to get out of the house without Simon noticing, and it took me ages before i could pretend to take a bath so i could jump out the bathroom window” Seth took a shaking, deep breath, “There was a part of the forest road on church road that have scared me for as long as i remember, i always thought i saw shadows between the trees, and heard whispers that was not just the wind in the trees. And the car broke down right there, just went completely dead, the light, the motor, everything! like in some bad slasher movie, man” Seth looked down at his hands in his lap, “Florian said he would stay by the car, but I was really scared, and said i would run and fetch Kane. I started to run up the path through the forest, you know that dirt path from the road to the cabin. Maybe no one had used it for a long time or something, and i didn’t have a flash light, but i got lost, how do you get lost on a straight dirt path?” Seth laughed softly and mirthlessly.

The guard suddenly banged the door, “Having fun, guys?” he laughed.

Terrence raised a brow, and Seth smiled apologising, “I told them i was your boyfriend” he whispered.

“What?” Terrence replied, stunned.

“Never mind, just take my hand, hurry” Seth reached over the table and laced his fingers with Terry’s.

“Just what ‘did‘ you tell them?” Terrence whispered as he leaned over the table.

“That my name was Marcus and that i had taken a long bus ride to see you, my boyfriend. Oh yea and that i was 28” Seth said, leaning in too, seeing the guard step away from the door again, through the corner of his eye.

Terrence let go of Seth and burst out laughing, a merry and heartfelt laughter. “Clever..”

Seth grinned too, embarrassed “Yea well, i had to think on my feet there” he mumbled.

“I saw in the news that you was taken away” Terrence suddenly said, his face darkening, “I suppose you are a free man now, huh”

“I am” Seth said. “I live down on Byzantine road, 17A. If you should need it, you know.. mi casa su casa” he smiled. He bit a nail absent-minded “you saw that on the news, huh?”

“I did, they had re-runs all the time in the beginning” Terrence said softly, “The clip of you being guided from the police van to the mental asylum, kicking and screaming.. it was horrible to watch, made me sick, every time i saw it… You poor child”

“You shot Simon” Seth mumbled, “Thank you” He looked away again, and down on the table surface. he didn’t need to say more, they both knew what he meant.

“I did” Terrence said, “For what its worth, i’m really sorry your brother was there”   

“So, I have a parole hearing coming up soon, in a months time, if they decide i have repented my deed or whatever, i suppose they’ll let me out, and i will come visit” Terrence said nodding, “If that don’t make you uncomfortable or nothing”

“Who me?” Seth asked surprised. “I came here to ask for your understanding, and if not that, then forgiveness for what happened to Kane. I didn’t slaughter him like they said i did, but i didn’t save him either… I.. I froze, Terry, please forgive me, and anything i can do for you, is just not enough”

“Seth..” Terrence said, his eyes misting again, “I don’t know what to say.. I… you’re a good kid, and truth is that i have nowhere to go, i can’t return to Murky Mile, not after all this”

“No i suppose you can’t, neither can I. Nor do i really want to” Seth agreed with a nod. “Then what about Mrs Williams, and the baby?” he asked, scratching his neck nervously, not sure if that was too much to ask.

“She divorced me right after, and i haven’t gotten any papers claiming child support, so i take it the kid isnt mine” Terrence shrugged, “I think a part of me really wanted that baby to be mine, and a part of me knew it weren’t” Now it was Terrence’s turn to look away. “I doesn’t matter any more, i wont ever see that kid, and my children are dead and buried. forever stranded in a place where i can’t go”

“Don’t say that” Seth exclaimed, “They are always right here” he laid a hand on his heart, and nodded to Terrence, who nodded too, biting down on his own hand not to cry.

“Your 30 minutes are up ladies” The guard yelled outside.

“Yes sir, just give us a moment” Terrence yelled back.

“Make it quick, Williams” The guard yelled, and rustled with his keys outside.

Both Terrence and Seth got up, and instinctively wrapped their arms around each other. “Have you found your dad?” Terrence suddenly whispered.

“No” Seth whispered back, holding Terrence tight, half because he knew that they had to make the guard believe that his story was true, and half just because it felt good, it felt like an indirect line to be forgiven by Kane too. “I haven’t tried, i think.. i don’t know, Terrence, what if he don’t like me? or i am interrupting his life?”

“Don’t be scared kid, he would be proud and happy.”  Terrence whispered, smiling “He will love you instantly, no doubt about it”

“Only if you come with me” Seth said, pulling slightly back from the embrace, looking Terrence straight into his eyes.

“No” Terrence said, “Gods, you sound just like Kane, but i won’t, i can’t..”


“No!” Terrence said louder. and then smiled, “I just don’t want him to know what a fucking idiot i am, okay? let him stay in his memories of he and i being friends, and..”

“Ladies, time’s up!” The guard said, beeping the door open. “Kiss your girlfriend goodbye Williams, its time to go back to your luxury cabin with mini bar and free soap”

“He has a gallery down on the drive, i saw him in the telly” Terrence whispered. and then let go of Seth, allowing the Guard to follow him to another door that was buzzed open, and a second guard took over. he didn’t turn once to look at Seth as he left.

The guard watched Seth as he retrieved his stuff from the cabinet. “Do you have a job, Mr. Singer?” he asked.

“Eh, yes. Why?” Seth said, turning on his cellphone, he had bought after his other phone had died violently and sudden.

“Then can i ask what someone like you, are doing with someone like him? You really should forget that trash, and move on” The guard said, looking at Seth almost fatherly.

“I just happen to dig old, convicts” Seth said with a dirty grin. Actually then he was really annoyed that the guard would even say something like that, but he just had to play his role until he was out of here. “I get a kick out of orange jumpsuits and bad shaves”

The guard just looked at him and shook his head, leading him up the stairs to the clerks office, and from there Seth walked out under the night sky.



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