Dreams made of glass 2/52

Title: Ghost
Genre: drama/Romance
Characters: Seth, Rayne, Ferris
Prompt: 49
Rating: none
Type: series
Summary: Is this really just coincidence? And is Seth really just batshit?
Warnings: none
AN: Made for simfic50.

It’s not a case of telling the truth
some lines just fit the situation
you call me a liar
you would anyway

It’s not a case of aiming to please
you know you’re always crying
it’s just your part
in the play for today

– The Cure

Waiting for Christian to return, Ferris found himself waiting on the doorstep, watching the cars drive by, wondering if Christian would even get in tonight. Something caught his eyes, something small and white on the curb. watching it for a while, he realised it was a small kitten, trying to climb up some steps three doors down from where he sat. Getting up Ferris walked over and picked the kitten up. “You live here huh?” he said, the kitten purred in response. “Let’s get you home” he petted the kitten and walked up the stairs the cat had tried to climb, assuming that it was its home. Ringing the doorbell.

Seth had not even known what the doorbell sounded like and had been confused at first. He had lived here for two months now, and no one had ever rung his door, actually he enjoyed being alone, so he was quite puzzled when he opened the door to find a kid with a kitten standing outside. “Yes?” he said, looking the duo over suspiciously.

“I think your kitten got out somehow” Ferris said smiling sweetly, “It’s a cute kitten you got here, Mister.”

“Kitten?” Seth asked, looking at the small white bundle in the boys hands. “I don’t..”

“It’s okay, man. i had a kitten as a kid too, it ran away all the time” Ferris said, handing the kitten over to Seth. “until it was struck by a car that is” Ferris laughed softly “Sorry, man. Bad comparison”

Seth took the kitten, and it instantly snuggled up to his chest. he looked from the kitten to Ferris. “Thank you.. Eh” he said, still really confused.

“Pumpkin” Ferris said, “My name is Pumpkin” he smiled sweetly again “I am crashing on a sofa three doors down, and well i just saw your cat, and figured you would want it back”

“Well then, thank you Pumpkin” Seth said, feeling the slight buzz of the kitten purring against him.

“Great! see you around, champ” Ferris said, running his hand over the kittens back once before he walked down the stairs from the porch to the streets.

“Marcus” Seth called after the boy, “My name is Marcus”

Ferris waved with his back to Seth on the porch, “See you later, Marcus”

“Sure” Seth said, not sure that Pumpkin even heard him.


“Sounds like you’re doing fine” Rayne said, “Have you gotten a job yet?”

Seth just looked out at the rain that fell from the sky, like a curtain of water.

“Seth?” Rayne asked, turning slightly in her seat to watch Seth by the window.

“Seth are you even listening to me?” Rayne raised her voice. “SETH!”

Seth turned from the window and finally looked at Rayne. “Yeah i’m listening” he sighed and finally sat down besides Rayne. “It’s just, everything is just so..”

“Different?” Rayne asked.

“Empty” Seth said, looking at the nurse.

“Maybe you should sign up for some evening classes or something, get to meet people again?” Rayne said, smiling motherly.

“I saw your kitten as i came in” Rayne said, “I never picked you for a pet person”

“Pumpkin gave it to me” Seth said smiling.

“Pumpkin?” Rayne asked, narrowing her eyes “I heard of that kid”

“you did?” Seth said, trying to sound like he had interest in what Rayne thought she knew.

“Yeah, he’s a hustler that mooches of another patient from C.T, who lives here” Rayne said darkly “You don’t want to get acquainted with him, Seth, believe me” 

“What?” Seth almost whispered.

“Sorry to burst your bubble, Seth, but that kid is bad news, and please just listen to me and let him be” Rayne said, squeezing Seth’s shoulder to emphasise her words.

“What do you mean?” Seth said frowning, “do you really think i would take advantage of a kid?”

Rayne shook her head, “No, more like the other way around” Rayne sighed, Seth was so naïve when it came to other people, she remembered how broken up he had been about the whole Adam thing years ago, while Adam never mentioned his transfer once. “Don’t get me wrong Seth, i just don’t want to see you get hurt, okay?”

“Nurse Rayne” Seth said, taking a deep breath, “The world thinks i killed eight of my friends in cold blood, and you’re warning me about a prostitute, get real”

“you’re not listening to what i say” Rayne said, her lips a thin line. “What i am saying is just, leave him be, okay?”

Seth chuckled, “You’re just assuming that i will see him again, dont you? why should he ring my doorbell a second time?”

“Okay, Seth. just remember what i said” Rayne said, not willing to word what she thought, she was afraid that Seth might see Pumpkin as someone to fill the void, never seeing seeing the danger lights go on.


Seth had seen Pumpkin sit in the estate garden from his kitchen window. Debating with himself if he should go and say something, or offer him a cup of coffee. the kitten suddenly got to the front door, miauing to get out. Seth watched the kitten and shook his head. “How subtle of you Kane” he said to himself, walking over to the door he squatted down and stroked the kitten.  “Want me to go out there, huh?” he whispered, “Nurse Rayne said no, and besides.. All i ever wanted i have right here” He smiled and stroke the kitten once more, the kitten bit his hand. “Ouch!” Maybe it was not coincidence that Pumpkin had brought Kane home, maybe Kane had picked him to bring him, maybe Kane tried to tell him something?

Standing to his feet Seth sighed, “Alright, lets go outside, but i am gonna blame you if he thinks im a total nutcase”

Walking out the door  and around the corner to the garden, Seth tried to figure out what to say, but nothing intelligent would come. “Hey Pumpkin” He said, watching as he boy turned in his seat, “I saw you from my kitchen window, and eh, yeah i never got to thank you for giving me back Kitty”

Ferris grinned, “It’s okay Marcus”

“So..” Seth said, not really knowing what the hell to say now. “Why are you sitting out here?”

“Christian locked me out again” Ferris said, shrugging. “He will be home later, i’m sure ”

“Oh” Seth said, watching the boy in front of him, he know nurse Rayne had said no, but none the less he heard himself say “You could come in and have a cup of coffee while you wait”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea” Ferris said, looking at Seth, smiling apologising.

“Okay” Seth said, trying not to sound disappointed. “Well, i could always bring some coffee out here, if youd like that” he nodded encouraging.

“I suppose that would be fine” Ferris said.

Seth smiled, “Hang on, im gonna go get it then” On his way back to his kitchen, he wondered why the hell he suddenly made an effort to make the kid stay, it was really stupid, he really should just leave it be. But that look in those blue eyes, it reminded him of something, it reminded him of himself.



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