Dreams made of Glass 16/52

Title: Death
Genre: drama/romance
Characters: Early-Angel, Ferris, Consuela & Jarod
Prompt: 16
Rating: M+
Type: series
Summary: Early finds himself in a sticky situation, and to make matters worse his parents just showed up.
Warnings: language, adult situations.. Seriously guys!
AN: Okay so the kids grew, i decided to pretend they grow into adulthood on their 18’th birthday. I didn’t plan on letting Ferris stay a teen for the entire story. Thanks to shirahimesyo for the Setsuna sim. YAY for overactive muses! – This was done for the girls at simfic50.

And what costume shall the poor girl wear
To all tomorrows parties
For Thursdays child is Sundays clown
For whom none will go mourning

A blackened shroud, a hand-me-down gown
Of rags and silks, a costume
Fit for one who sits and cries
For all tomorrows parties

-The Velvet Underground

“Ferris” Setsuna growled and kicked the sofa. “Ferris wake the fuck up!”

Ferris opened his eyes half lidded, studying Setsuna who stood in front of him. “What?” He popped up on an elbow. “I am not that wasted, you don’t have to look at me like that”

“Right” Setsuna said shaking his head. “What the hell were you guys thinking?”

“It was my birthday” Ferris stated annoyed, “So we partied a little”

“Do you call that a little?” Setsuna hissed, “Then i rather not be around when you decide to party for real”

“Don’t patronize me, man” Ferris took a deep breath, “How the hell would i know he would overdo it like that, and fall face first on the curb”

“Did you even react?” Setsuna said, the venom dripping from his lips. “Or did you just party on, and eventually discovered that you’d lost Early?”

“Something like that” Ferris sighed irritated. “Why the fuck are you even on my case like that?” he sneered, “It’s not like you even bothered to know it was my birthday yesterday, did you? Do you even know how old i am?” He looked up at Setsuna with anger evident on his tired face. “No you don’t, because you don’t give a shit. Early knows, because he is my friend. So don’t give me all this suburbia bullshit about looking out for your mate. I simply assumed he had just found something to amuse himself with”

“And where was Crystal? Does she even know he is here?” Setsuna asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I don’t know where the fuck that skank was, maybe she was there, maybe she weren’t. I have to admit i had other stuff to do than look after her loveable person” Ferris flopped back in the sofa with a annoyed grunt. “No i didn’t call her parents, and i didn’t want to leave here to go find her, you are free to do so, but i doubt she will come”

“And why is that?” Setsuna asked.

“It’s a hospital dude” Ferris said drily, “we all hate them, they remind us of our mortality, and the risks we’re taking in this trade”

Setsuna shook his head, “You guys really should look more out for yourselves” 

“Is that a fact?” Ferris said, fetching a cigarette in his pocket, lighting it up, blowing blue smoke out in the room. He turned his head and looked at Setsuna. “If you think you are so squeaky clean, why don’t you pay the STD ward a visit? get yourself some tests done, you can afford it can’t you?”

Setsuna sighed. “Why do you have to be such an asshole, Ferris?”

“Because you woke me, because i cant smoke in this hospital” He pointed to the no smoking sign next the the Jesus painting. “Or maybe just because i can”

“I’m gonna find Crystal” Setsuna said. “If anything happens, call me from the payphone, okay?”

“Sure, buddy” Ferris slurred half asleep, almost dropping his cigarette on the floor.


Waking an hour later, he had burned a giant hole in his hoodie and the sofa. at least he felt more alive. Sitting up he rubbed his scalp. “Nothing like wasting your buzz on a hospital” He whispered to himself. Getting up he walked over to Early’s room and gently opened the door. “Hey man, are you awake?” he whispered.

“Yeah” Early said sadly.

Ferris walked to the bed, looking at his friend. “What’s wrong?”

“The doctor was here” Early said chuckling mirthlessly. “I told them you were my boyfriend, so they’d let you sleep it off”

“You didn’t tell them i’d never go out with a jerk like you, did you?” Ferris giggled in a lame attempt of a joke.

Early giggled too and shook his head vaguely. “They want to send me off to one of those detox things, cause im under 21, i think they called my parents too” he sighed. “That’s why im bummed out, that and that they totally robbed me of my high, i was feeling just fine, man. Why did they have to go fix something that weren’t broken?”

“You were looking in a pretty bad shape there Early” Ferris had to admit, “I was the one who brought you, so you can yell at me if you want, but you freaked me out”

“Don’t fucking scare me like that Early” Ferris said before Early had a chance to answer. “Why the fuck did you have to overdo it?”

“I didn’t overdo it” Early huffed, turning his head and looked out on the sky outside, it was pregnant with snow, he could tell from the colour of the clouds. “It must have been real strong or something”

Ferris shook his head “It weren’t” He folded out his arms and waved them, “Look, i am practically a party virgin, and i am still standing”

“Fine” Early finally sighed. “I might have overdone it, you hear, might

“I’m gonna go get some coffee” Ferris yawned. “Want some too?”

“You don’t have to stay for my sake” Early said, watching his friend as he walked towards the door.

“I got you into this mess to begin with, i am gonna get you out of it too” Ferris smiled sweetly, “Okay babe?”

Early laughed merrily. “Good luck, darling

As he walked out the door, two people sat in the sofa, a arms length apart, carefully not to touch the burn hole that Ferris had given the hideous pvc sofa. “Are you Ferris?” The woman asked with a heavy, what could be Portuguese, accent.

“I am” Ferris said, confused.

“The sister told us to find you, she said she would be around here” The man said. “You are Angel’s ..eh.. friend, right?”

For a moment Ferris must have looked confused, and then the woman helped him out. “Early”

“Oh” Ferris mouthed. “Yes, i am, Can i ask who..”

“I am his mama” The woman said. “My name is Consuela” She reached out her hand to shake Ferris’

He took it and shook it while smiling, “Good to meet you Mrs. Cortez”

“This is my husband, Angel’s papa” She said, The man smiled at Ferris and then he too stuck out his hand. “I’m Jarod, nice to meet you Ferris”

Ferris nodded and smiled his most friendly, rehearsed smile. “Good to meet you too, Mr. Cortez”

“Where is my Angel?” Consuela asked, smiling strained.

“Oh he’s right in there” Ferris pointed at the door, “Come with me” He said, and opened the door to Early’s room. “Hey your folks is out here” he said trying to sound merry for the sake of the Cortez’ “They really wanna see you, dude”

“Christ” Early groaned. And sat up in the bed.

“Angel?” Consuela said softly as she walked in the door. Seeing her only son on the bed with his back to her, she pitched her voice. “Angel, look at me, its mama”

Early finally turned around with a sigh, “Hey mama” He said, smiling a little apathetic.

“Oh baby” Consuela sighed, reaching out to touch Early’s ruined face with a trembling hand.

“It’s nothing mama, i just fell” Early offered.

“Are you gonna stay here this time?” Jarod suddenly asked, his voice carrying a different kind of authority than Consuela’s, it was not laced with guilt, but with demand. “Or are you going to run, like last, or the time before?”

Early didn’t answer, but looked down at the ground.

Jarod took a deep shuddering breath, and laid a hand on Early’s shoulder. “You’ve grown, Angel” He said with a fatherly smile. “The last time i saw you, you were this high” He touch his shoulder, “And look at you now, you’re a man”

Early looked from his dad to the figure walking past. “Hey Ferris, where you going?”

“Coffee, remember?” Ferris said with a polite smile.

“I’ll go with you” Jarod said, nodding to Consuela before he left the two of them alone in the room, and walked after Ferris.

“So Ferris” Jarod sighed, “For how long have you known my son?” He turned and looked at Ferris with a sceptic expression.

“From we were around 15” Ferris said calmly, “We met at the bus station” He added to answer Jarod’s next question before he even asked it.

“Where you.. eh..eh..” Jarod stammered, not sure how to put it. “Look, Angel don’t tell me anything about his love life, and.” He hung his head “I just wanted to know, i mean, its not like i would ever pass judgement on who he chooses to love, his mama might find it a little hard, so i just had to ask”

“Angel” Consuela said, her voice hard and sad. “Why wont you listen to your papa? The doctor said you were really sick, have you told that to your friend? does he know how sick you are baby?” She took his hand and rubbed it lovingly. “If you dont listen to your father, you might die, i don’t want you dead, Angel, you are my baby.. i was in labour for 27 hours with you” She smiled “You never did want to come out into life, did you?”

Early rolled his eyes. “Mama please, you make it sound like i am dying, i’m not, its just a little liver issue, it will be fine, i promise” He rose her hand and kissed it softly. “Mama, i love life, i really do”

“Then why do you insist on killing yourself, son?” She asked.

“Its complicated, mama” Early whispered.

“Mr. Cortez” Ferris said, “Your son is a great person, i know its true, i can only imagine how hard it must be for you to..”

“Ferris, can i ask you something?” Jarod said with a oddly thick voice.

“Sure” Ferris said, pouring some coffee for them both. “Just ask”

“Do you know why he won’t come home?” Jarod asked. “He never wanted to tell either me or his mama” He took his coffee and took a sip. “He is a only child, he is and was the centre of our lives, and then suddenly one day, he took all that away, now we just sit back with the feeling of having failed, and not even knowing why”

“Honestly, without having asked him myself” Ferris said, averting Jarod’s moist eyes. “Then i think he developed a habit long before he ran, i would think he ran because of his habit, not developed it on the street”

Jarod looked like someone had kicked him in the face. “Do you suggesting he did drugs in our apartment, and we didn’t know?”  

Ferris nodded. “I’m almost positive that is how it went down”

“But we gave him everything, we loved him, supported him, spent all our free time to make sure he was a happy boy, why on earth would he start to do drugs at the age of 14?” Jarod whispered, shaking his head in disbelief.

Ferris shrugged, “Maybe it was too much of a good thing? i don’t know Mr. Cortez, you would have to ask Early”

“If you would just come with us” Consuela said, her expression sad. “We wouldn’t ask anything of you, You could just..”

“No mama” Early said friendly, but firm.

“Why do you insist on torturing us like this?” she asked, tears evident in her voice. “We never know what you’re doing, if you are alright, or even if you are dead, we even had to have the sisters tell us you had a special friend”

Early groaned. “Please mama”

“Why wont you understand that we just want to know if you’re alright?” She reached up and caressed her son’s cheek and brushed some hair out of his eyes. “We miss you, Angel” She whispered. “You could even bring your friend”

“No! Listen to me for fucks sake, just for once in your life, mama!” Early yelled, “I am not coming home, so stop it!”

Jarod flung the door open as soon as he heard Early raise his voice. “What the hell is going on?” he sneered. “Are you disrespecting your mama again?”

“No papa” Early said, crossing his arms over his chest. “I just wish you would listen when i speak. I am not coming home, and i am not going to any stupid detox, and would you just stop it!” He stomped his foot angrily in the linoleum floor of the hospital room.

“Where is your crucifix?” Consuela asked, her voice gone from sad to angry. she pushed Early’s shirt aside to see if the chain was around his neck.

“I lost it” Early said, not looking at his mom, but at some point on the wall.

“Early-Angel, where is your crucifix?” she asked again, this time harsher.

“Alright” Early said, looking back at his mother, “I sold it”

Consuela slapped Early with a sharp sound that echoed off the walls in the room, making Ferris shrink further back into the shadow of the corridor. “Is nothing holy to you?” She cried. “You spit on God when you are so careless, and someday God might spit back on you”

Early rubbed his nose, “I’m sorry mama” He whined, “I was broke, and it was either that or.. yeah you don’t wanna know about the alternative, i’m sure”

“Why didn’t you come to me?” Consuela asked, her temper still flaring, “You could have asked me for the money, if you were that desperate, i would never have let you sell your crucifix”

“Consuela.. please” Jarod said smiling, from the side. “Leave the boy be”

“I am going to wait in the car” Consuela said, giving Early a look like she felt betrayed.

“Mama..” Early started, but Ferris grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“Let her leave, she’s upset” He smiled lovingly at Early, not forgetting the charade he had to keep up, just because Early had made them all believe they were lovers. “Maybe if you called her now and then, she wouldn’t get so upset”

“Listen to Ferris” Jarod said, “You don’t have to shut us out completely, just because we did not wish for you to have the life you chose. You are still our son, and we love you Angel. So please give us a little sign now and then. we would pay for a collect call if that was what you did, you know that”

Early wrapped his arms around his dad and held him tight. “I know papa” He whispered. “I should call, but i don’t know what to say, and i can’t deal with mama’s guilt trip, or her tears”

“She is just worried, she loves you, and she don’t want to have to bury her own son” Jarod whispered seriously.

“She won’t have to, i am made of strong stuff.” Early grinned “I’m her son, right?”

“I’m serious” Jarod said tenderly, still holding on to his only child. “Don’t play it off like that”

“You should get down to the car, im sure mama would like to go home” Early said, finally letting go of his dad. “She needs to call her auntie abroad or something.. curse and yell about what a useless sod of a son i am”

Jarod just looked at Early. “Take care, Angel. And please do let us know you are alive, once in a while”

“I promise” Early said, watching as his dad left the room.

Early stayed till dinnertime at the hospital, to gt the results back from his tests, otherwise they would realise he was gone too quickly. Ferris waited in the sofa, trying to cover up the burn mark as nurses walked by. Suddenly the door opened, and Early came out. “Hey where you going, man?”

“Lets go Ferris” Early just said.

“Wait man.. Where do you wanna go?” Ferris asked, He looked up and down Early who looked absolutely miserable. “Oh”

Early turned to leave again, and Ferris grabbed his arm. “Early..”

“I can’t, not like this” Early said, he looked directly into Ferris’ blue eyes “Please Ferris, would you.. eh.. help me out?”

Ferris smiled sadly, “I owe you one, remember? you shared with me when i returned from that cabin with those men” He said, taking Early’s hand in his. “Yes i would help you” He sighed “But i can’t buy you one now, i would have to take a turn first, do you think you can wait that long?”

Early nodded, and then buried Ferris in a tight hug. “You are a friend” He whispered. “If i wait in the old abandoned apartment, you know where, then you come with it, and i will make it up to you”

“Really?” Ferris shook his head, “Are you gonna share and give me a blowjob?” He grinned flatly.

“I could” Early said seriously. 

“Early for fucks sake” Ferris sighed, “You don’t need your sales speech, its me, Ferris here”

Early gave Ferris a loopsided grin. “What if it was a bad excuse for what i really wanted to do?”

“Then that changes everything” Ferris smiled. “Early? Can i ask you one thing?” He asked with a little puzzled grin on his face. “Why didn’t you tell your parents that we aren’t lovers? Why didn’t you just tell them about Crystal, and that it was just a story you made up for the sisters here”

“Its just easier that way” Early stated, “If they knew i had a girlfriend, the grandchildren nag would never stop”

Ferris shook his head, “You are fucking insane, man. What i wouldn’t give to have parents like yours, my mom don’t even remember when its my birthday i’m sure”



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