Dreams made of glass 13/52

Title: Ends
Genre: drama/romance
Characters: Izzy, Sebastian, Nando, Seth & Ferris.
Prompt: 02
Rating: R
Type: series
Summary: Last minute drama before our heroes return to the mountain xD
Warnings: adult situations, language
AN: The mentioning of Gabriel is not the Gabe from MiM, but Gabriel from elecy’s story ‘Love the Bermuda’ Whom she borrowed me to abuse. I always loved using other people’s sims, it makes my game so much more fun. This is written for simfic50. And thank you guys for all the sweet fb i got! it means a lot!

Don’t want to think about it
Don’t want to talk about it
I’m just so sick about it
Can’t believe it’s ending this way
Just so confused about it
Feeling the blues about it
I just can’t do without ya
Tell me is this fair?

Is this the way it’s really going down?
Is this how we say goodbye?

What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around

-Justin Timberlake

“Bastian? Baby?” Izzy whispered, nuzzling Sebastian’s neck. “Are you awake”?

“No” Bastian mumbled.

“Cheat!” Izzy chuckled.

Bastian turned his head and looked up at Izzy. “Can’t you just stay?”

Izzy looked away and shook his head, “I can’t, i promised Seth i would come with him”

Sebastian sighed, and slowly untangled himself from Izzy. “Better get some breakfast then” he mumbled, not looking at Izzy either.

Izzy nodded, and moved off the bed. this felt all wrong somehow, he dealt with Bastian’s anger much better than his politeness.

When they got downstairs they found Nando had already made breakfast and was whistling to himself as he put the coffee on the table. “Hey guys” He smiled. “Slept well?

“Suppose so” Bastian said, walking over to a chair and sitting down. For a long moment no one said anything until Bastian broke the silence. “Where the hell were you last night?

Izzy smiled “You got home awfully late” his smile widened as he saw Nando actually blushed weakly. “That cute huh?” Izzy snickered.

Nando smiled and felt the blush spread. “Yeah he was that cute”

“So you got his number?” Izzy asked batting his eyelashes innocently, but sporting a dirty grin.

“I got his number alright” Nando laughed.

“Gonna see him again tonight then?” Bastian asked, munching on his toast.

“No” Nando said, running a idle finger around the edge of his plate “Cause he is going on a roadtrip for some time”

“What?” Bastian spurted, whipping his head around studying Nando with sheer horror.

The room was in total silence, Izzy was too stunned to speak. Bastian finally asked what Izzy thought. “You went out with Seth?”

Nando laughed merrily “No, man! he’s just a kid”

“Terrence?” Izzy whispered, “You had a date with Terry?”

Nando looked down at her plate and nodded weakly. “I did” he said softly.

“What the hell for?” Bastian yelled, outraged. “Why the hell did you have to pick the biggest looser miles around?”

“Bastian!” Izzy sneered.

“Because i happen to like him, okay?” Nando spat, slamming his fist in the table, looking first at Bastian, then at Izzy with a pleading look. “You understand, don’t you?”

“He is just so kind and thoughtful” Nando said dreamily. “Considerate and understanding”

“And hung i suppose” Bastian added drily.

“I wouldn’t know” Nando retorted, arching a perfect eyebrow in disgust over his brother.

Izzy stared down into his food intensely, naïvely hoping that this discussion would pass soon, and without getting him involved.

“You can always ask Izzy-darling that, can’t you?” Bastian growled, pushing his plate away from him in anger.

“That was uncalled for Sebastian” Izzy muttered.

“Really?” Sebastian asked acidly. “Do you really think i am just okay with you going away on a ‘roadtrip'” He used his fingers as quotation signs to empathise his words. “With that ex lover of yours”

“I don’t recall having to ask for your permission” Izzy spat angrily.

“And i would appreciate it if you would just shut up about things you know nothing of Bastian” Izzy said calmer than before. “Terry is not my old boyfriend, or lover, so just quit it!”

“That’s what Terrence told me too” Nando said in defence of Izzy.

“Right!” Izzy added with a nod, “Have you ever thought it might be the truth? i wish you wouldn’t just assume i was lying to you”

Bastian looked at Izzy and Nando with a pissed off expression, like a child that was being scolded for something he thinks he has the right to do.

Izzy sighed and then turned to Nando. “So, are you going out again when we come back?” he asked, trying to will his voice back to a normal tone.

Nando nodded, “He promised me he would take me dancing when you guys come back”

Izzy smiled fatherly “I’m sure he is good for that promise. Are you?”

Nando pouted in mock offence “Of course i am”

“What are you thinking Nando?” Bastian suddenly cut in, “You are not going to date him again, once is bad enough, young man!”

“Hey! You can’t tell me what to do!” Nando finally shouted. “It doesn’t matter who i date, you never like anyone, do you?”

“Is it my fault you pick all those losers and freeloaders?” Bastian argued, pointing at Nando with his index finger, like a parent would.

“Screw you” Nando hissed, standing up sudden, and storming upstairs slamming the door to his room.

“Nice” Izzy frowned. “You handled that just fucking perfect, didn’t you? You are such a fucking idiot sometimes”

“And this comes from the master of asshattery” Bastian bit back.


Izzy spent the best of the next hour trying to make Nando stop smashing stuff in his room, not that he blamed him his anger, it was true after all, no matter who Nando fell in love with, or just had a fling with, Bastian would put it down, blaming Nando’s raging libido, Izzy could tell it was not about that at all, and as he looked at Nando frantically trying to cover up his crying with new make up, Izzy was truly grateful he had never been born like this, his own sexuality had been complicated enough as it was, he didn’t need padded bras and makeup to complicate things further.

Finally Izzy walked into his own bedroom to get ready to leave. it had felt strange to leave his hair down, and to wear jeans, be he knew how people was on the mountain, that he had gotten a posh city dialect could be enough so he would not be able to buy anything in a grocery store. He didn’t need to look like one of the village people too. some places on that mountain he was sure it could get you killed. So he thought it best not to flaunt it.

Maybe Bastian was right, maybe this really was an awful idea, and he had to admit that he really didn’t want to deal with Isabel or Lis, not to mention his own mother. But Seth had asked him to, and how could he deny his son such a simple favour? it was not like he had ever done anything for Seth as it was, the least he could do was to help him close that chapter of his life that had been Murky Mile, so he could start a new. Besides Izzy weren’t sure if Seth was the only one who needed closure, maybe they all did somehow.

But as he walked downstairs he suddenly felt like an intruder, funny really since he had walked these stairs so many times, Bastian had bought this house for them fifteen years ago. Every day he had walked these stairs, and suddenly now they felt alien, or maybe it was him who changed?

“So” Izzy said, puzzled that Nando and Bastian stood by the door waiting for him, and yet Bastian would not look directly at him. “Bastian, look at me, pretty please?” Izzy begged, but Bastian just turned completely away. “Don’t do this, baby please” Izzy repeated and stepped closer, reaching out for his lover.

“I’m not your baby” Bastian mumbled, shrugging Izzy’s hand off.

“Of course you are” Izzy said with a little smile.

Bastian finally turned around and looked at Izzy, hoping that he would keep from crying until Izzy left, everything else would just be too embarrassing. “I am not your fucking baby, okay?” he yelled.

“Bastian..” Izzy sighed.

“If you walk out that door it’s over, do you understand that? I can’t keep taking this crap from you! You are always the one to tell me that i have to show more feelings, letting people in. Why the fuck can’t you see what is right in front of you? I don’t know how many times i have told you not to go, and yet you leave” Bastian stomped his foot in frustration. “You are a brilliant actor, i have to give you that! You are able to make the world believe you are content and happy, and yet you are still a stupid kid, totally enslaved to his libido, nothing more, nothing less! If i had given it to you this morning, would you have stayed, huh?”

“How fucking dare you?” Izzy yelled, “Do you have any idea how ridiculous you are right now? Do you really think i stayed with you for all these years cause you’re a good lay? Do you really think i am that shallow?” Izzy pushed Bastian’s right shoulder, “Did you really think you could lock me up in your golden cage and make me sing? did you? You really are a fucking idiot Sebastian! Which part of ‘i have to do this for my son’ is it you don’t understand? Terrence is only coming along cause Seth wants him to”

“Pretty fucking convenient, innit?” Bastian huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I don’t need this shit!” Izzy hissed and turned on his heels, nodding to Nando as he exited the front door, slamming it hard behind him.


“What the fuck did you need to do that for?” Nando screamed at Bastian as soon as Izzy had slammed the door. “That was some pretty stupid shit right there Sebastian!”

“Really?” Bastian growled. “says who? You? you, who can’t invite someone to your bed unless they did at least five years in prison”

“Fuck you! If you need me i will be at Gabriel’s” Nando sneered, before he too turned on his heels and slammed the front door, all most tripping over his feet as he fled down the stairs to the street.

Sebastian flung the door open and yelled “Fine! you run too! fucking traitors, all of you!”

Nando ignored him trying to flee with some dignity.


Later in the afternoon Izzy and Seth was waiting in a parking lot in the other end of town. Terrence had gone into the discount supermarket to buy them some food for the trip. “Are you okay Izzy?” Seth asked, looking at his dad, worried.

“Not really” Izzy sighed, “But don’t worry about that, you better worry about that three day drive to Murky Mile”

Seth nodded, looking out over the parking lot to see if he could spot Terrence. Instread his eyes caught something completely different. “What the hell is he doing here?” He whispered to himself.

“Excuse me?” Izzy asked, shaking himself from his own dark thoughts for a moment, looking at his son who looked troubled over something.

“I just saw someone i know” Seth said, “Hang on, i will be right back” And with that he sprinted across the parking lot towards the street where he had seen Ferris.

“Hey Pumpkin!” Seth yelled while running to catch up with the boy. Ferris stopped but didn’t see from where the sound came, it was not until he saw someone flailing their arms yelling “Ferris! Stop!”

A huge grin formed on Ferris’ mouth. “Seth!”

Finally Seth caught up, gasping for breath. “Ferris! where have you been?” he asked, “When you didn’t come by i came looking for you but you were gone, and your friend told me to leave you alone, so i figured you just didn’t want to tell me to piss off yourself”

“Friend? what friend?” Ferris asked curious.

“That Asian boy, what’s his name?” Seth asked, still holding his side because of the side sting he got from running.

“Setsuna” Ferris laughed softly. “He is so full of it! he keeps telling everyone who is bothered to listen that he is not like the rest of us, that he don’t need to do this, blah blah” Ferris shook his head amused. “He is just a worthless piece of shit like the rest of us”

Seth reached out and tucked some hair behind Ferris’ ear. “I don’t think you’re worthless” he smiled. “But Ferris listen, i have something to tell you, so i am actually glad i caught you”

“I have to go out of town for a while, and.. are you going to be okay? i mean, you can always borrow my place to crash if you want to, both you and that other kid with the green eyes” Seth said with a loving smile.

“Early” Ferris whispered and then shook his head again, but this time he was not amused. “Don’t offer us that, i can’t promise you that half your stuff would be there when you get back”

“SETH WE’RE LEAVING!” Izzy yelled from further down the street.

Seth looked over his shoulder and waved, “My dad” he said with a shrug, “Okay i have to be quick” Seth added, and leaned in and kissed Ferris who was totally caught off guard. “please be alright until i come back” Seth mumbled, hugging Ferris tight.

“I.. I.. will” Ferris stuttered.

Seth let go of Ferris and just looked at him, hearing Izzy call again, he sighed. “See you later Alligator” He grinned and turned to walk back to the parking lot. turning to look at the stunned Ferris he laughed softly “You’re supposed to say After a while Crocodile”

“I was?” Ferris asked, feeling stupid.

Seth just nodded, turned and left, he needed to just walk away, or he would bring Ferris, he found it hard to leave him here on the street, but here he was waking back to Izzy and Terrence to begin their journey.



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