Dreams made of glass 12/52

Title: Sunrise
Genre: drama / romance
Characters: Seth, Terrence, Nando
Prompt: 31
Rating: PG
Type: series
Summary: Terry finally asks Nando out.
Warnings: adult situations, language
AN: I realise the ‘sunrise’ thing is tricky, because it does not show form the text. But the party going to Murky Mile is leaving the next morning, so by ‘sunrise’ I mean that Terry and Nando’s date has to end at dawn. This is written for you girls atsimfic50.

A performance deserving of standing ovations
And who would have thought it’d be the two of us
So don’t wake me if I’m dreaming
‘Cause I’m in the mood come on and give it up

You’ve got me feeling hella good
So let’s just keep on dancing
You hold me like you should
So I’m gonna keep on dancing

-No Doubt

He had spent days trying to decide if he should call Nans or not, he really wanted to, but on the same time he felt like he was intruding somewhere he did not belong, he was not a part of Izzy’s life any more. Seth had nagged him to tell him what was wrong, Terry had refused at first, but eventually caved in and told Seth the truth. Seth had delivered Nando’s number and told Terry that there was no time like the present.

So Terry had called. Nando had sounded confused but glad, and had agreed to meet him later at a cafe for a coffee. Terry couldn’t help but to feel like a teenager, he couldn’t remember when he had last called someone for a date. properly never, but there was a first time for everything.

As Terry left, Seth was laying in his bed, starring off into the wall. He really should call Ferris, or go see if he could find him. But what Setsuna had said kept haunting him. Maybe he was right when he had told him that if he didn’t leave Ferris alone, he would be what kept him in that limbo. What if he weren’t doing it right? What if his desire to be with Ferris was actually holding the kid back? What if he was the reason that he was still stuck? Could that be true?

Maybe he just needed to end this trip to Murky Mile, and he would come collect Ferris and take him off somewhere far, far away from this decay. Maybe he just needed to let go? or maybe he needed Kane to tell him it was alright?

In the morning they would leave, and Seth hoped he would get the answers he so desperately needed.


Terrence had been close to leaving, he had been fifteen minutes early, and watching at the clock Nando was twenty minutes late. Maybe he wasn’t gonna show at all? And just as Terrence had told himself that Nando was a no-show, he heard a cough followed by a timid “Hey”

He looked up, staring right at this man in front of him, it took him a long moment to recognize Nando without the dress and make-up. “Hey there” Terrence smiled “I was beginning to think you wouldn’t come”

“Sorry” Nando said, smiling nervously, “But I had to walk” he didn’t really want to get into the details, that Izzy had taken the car, and Sebastian had left in anger too.

“What did you do to your hair?” Nando grinned stepping closer to Terry, looking worried.

“I cut off the ponytail” Terrence said with a slight blush, “I just wanted to.. eh.. look less.. you know, for you”

“You cut off your ponytail for me?” Nando gasped, then giggled. “That is… just so sweet, and stupid”

Terrence looked away embarrassed, “I properly shouldn’t have done that”

“I…” Nando snickered “I think you look great both with and without the ponytail”

Terrence arched a brow, “And so this is what you look like in civil?”

Nando laughed nervously. “Honestly” he croaked, “I did this for you, I figured you might feel awkward, so..”

“You look pretty in a dress” Terrence smiled widely, “But your are just as beautiful in jeans”

Nando blushed, “There you go again, flirting”

Terrence smiled warmly. “Guess I am, but who could resist flirting with you”

“you’d be amazed” Nando answered drily.

“So are things alright at home?” Terrence asked while they waited for their coffee, “Sebastian seemed pretty upset the other day”

“Are you serious?” Nando asked, rolling his eyes. “It’s like living in a freaking civil war, I feel like I am twelve and my parents are fighting”

“That bad, huh” Terrence sighed. “I hope its not something I did”

Nando shook his head, “It isn’t, its just Sebastian freaking out, the worst part is that I actually understand them both

“Sebastian is like a gardener that don’t know how to tend his garden, he really wants to, but he is doing it wrong, and the plants die between his fingers” Nando said with a sad expression. “And Izzy is a flower that needs tending” Nando laughed softly at his own bad metaphors. “The bottom line is that Bastian is upset that Izzy got it elsewhere”

“Who wouldn’t” Terrence said, remembering how much it had hurt that Lis had done the same.

“Sebastian is.. ” Nando sighed, “He is not the most caring guy in the world, or at least he really suck at showing it, he always has to be in control of everything and everyone, I guess that Izzy just needed to feel alive or something”

“Our parents died when Bastian was twenty, and I was sixteen, leaving him in total charge of me and the trust fond that was left to us” Nando said with a small voice. “Our mom was an actress, and was pretty loaded, so Sebastian had to both deal with everyone telling him how to invest the money, and what to do with me. Must have been hard going from just being a kid to being rich, adult and a parent to someone who didn’t want to be parented”

Terrence nodded, he opened his mouth to ask something, and Nando snickered. “Govinda Deadwood”

Terry’s eyes widened “Really?”

Nando nodded, “Yup, Bastian’s dad was some sound crew member to one of her films, he never met him, I don’t even know if she ever told him his name. My dad is the guy from the pretzel cart or something, she never wanted to talk about it, she just told me I was better off not knowing”

“Anyway” Nando said his smile back on his face “Bastian sent me off to boarding school, some stupid ass posh place abroad, guess I was out if his hair then..” Nando looked from Terrence to the counter, studying the pattern intensely. “He does that to everyone, he acts like he owns them”

“Hey, Na.. eh”

“Nando” Nando grinned mirthlessly. “Fernando Deadwood” He reached out his hand to Terrence.

Terrence laughed softly. “Terrence Abraham Williams, at your service” taking Nando’s hand shaking it gently.


Laying in the grass of the park, Terrence stared off into the sky, while Nando was looking at Terrence in the dark. “Are you and Izzy really just old friends?” he finally whispered.

“Not really” Terrence admitted. “But it was kinda complicated, besides its over twenty years ago”

“Sebastian is sure you’re his old boyfriend” Nando whispered.

“I was never his boyfriend” Terrence laughed mirthlessly, turning his head and looked directly into Nando’s grey eyes. “Is that a good or a bad thing?” he asked softly.

“Good I suppose” Nando breathed.

Suddenly Nando untangled himself, sitting up. “Look Terry, I really should be getting home” he raked a hand through his hair.

“What? why?” Terrence asked unable to keep the disappointment from his voice.

“Just… eh.. I really shouldn’t.. we, eh….” Nando mumbled, getting to his feet.

Terrence sat up straight with a sigh. “What did I do?” he murmured, “Was it something I did or said?”

“No not at all” Nando said, lending Terry a hand to stay, Terry didn’t take it, and got to his feet by his own.

“I’m sorry Nando, I just thought that you might.. you know, like me a little since you agreed to go on a date and all” Terrence said with a mumble. “I’m really sorry if I read all those signals wrong” Terry laughed bitterly, “I can just hear my ex-wife say ‘who the fuck do you think you are, Terry?’ Maybe she was right. You are way out of my league, I knew that to begin with, but I just had to try, I hope you’re not upset or nothing”

Nando just watched Terrence as he spoke, he didn’t answer, he just reached out and caressed Terrence tenderly. “Shut up” He said with a smile. “I never said I didn’t like you, that way”  he smiled weakly.

“But..” Terrence was truly confused.

“I am just, careful. I am tired of being the one left and hurting” Nando said honestly, placing his hand on Terrence’s shoulder.  

“We could do this now” Nando whispered, “We could go rent a hotel room and get all this sexual tension out of the way, but then that would be it, wouldn’t it? I would just have showed you what a desperate, needy skank I was”

Terrence sucked in his breath, just thinking about Nando in a hotel room sent a shiver down his spine, but he understood what it was he meant. “What if I was just as needy and desperate?” He asked.

“Then we would really be a sad, sad couple, wouldn’t we?” Nando giggled, smiling insecurely.

Terry sighed, “Suppose so” Placing a hand on Nando’s hip, he looked directly into those deep grey eyes and whispered “What if I promise to take you dancing when I return from the mountain? would you like that?”

“Would I?” Nando lit up in a wide grin. “You better!”

“That’s a deal then, The second I set foot back in the city, I will call you up, and you pick your best dancing dress and meet me” Terry smiled.

“Are you sure you’d want me in a dress?” Nando asked, biting his lip nervously.

“I would want you any way you choose to” Terry said and winked. It took a second for Terry to register Nando’s lips against his, Nando’s soft lips and gently hands was in stark contrast to what had been Terry’s life for so long, and inside himself he knew he could not just let this man run off with his heart. this time he would do it right, this time he wanted more, this time around he was ready to call it by name and stick by it.



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