Date night.

I got this story from icysilverpill, she wrote me a story with Seth & Ferris, and i am just so blown. It’s the cutest ever. THANK YOU sweetness, i love it, and i hope you do a sequel!

Title: Date night
Author: icysilverpill
Beta: goodbye_sun
summary: Date nights was never easy.
Warning: not work safe per se.

It was date night. It was always on Wednesdays, the only night where neither of them had to work late into the night.

This Wednesday night was extra special as it was their third anniversary. After watching a movie at the local Cineplex, they decided to grab a bite to eat on the way home. Between his own medications and Ferris’s food allergies, dinner would have to be a bit plain, the best they could hope to celebrate with was sparkling grape juice and vegan Chinese take-out. Still, it went smoothly; nobody choked, and nobody dropped garlic laced food onto expensive shirts. All in all, it was a nice night that was gently drifting into a more sensual and intimate one.

Seth pulled open Ferris’s zippered top, slowly dragging the ribbed black material over slim shoulders and got to work on his torso. Mindful of previous sore spots and of the tripping hazard of unzipped pants, he kept his hand above the waistline. “Let’s move this into the bedroom, hmm?”

“You better believe it.”

Finally the last of their clothing came off, leaving them both bare. They shifted onto the bed competing to see who could get the other to succumb first. He won with Ferris immediately climbing on top, holding his face still as they kissed passionately.

They began a comfortable rhythm where each push stroked Seth’s sweet spot while he followed with his hips on every withdrawal. He almost had hit the point where the outside world would have to wait three minutes while his body went supernova, but it was just then that his cell phone gave an obnoxious chirp. And from the exact tone of said chirp, it was work calling. Both of them jerked, Ferris thrusting in a little harder than normal then stopped moving altogether. Seth moaned and then blindly tried to reach beside the bed to grab his pants. After a few false starts, he managed to grab them. Successfully extracting the orange cell phone, getting it open was another matter entirely. His left hand was still coated in just enough lubricant to make it so slippery as he dropped it twice.

All of this was done in the mindless panting frenzy, just to resume the sex they were supposed to be having. Finally, after the third attempt in the two minute stretch that followed the first ring, Ferris had had enough. He grabbed the cell phone, which had decided to start chirping again and hurled it at the open window.

“I’ll buy you another one. But right now, I want to fuck.” Ferris emphasized those last four words with several hard thrusts that sent Seth back into the spiral to orgasm, which followed seconds later.
As they both collapsed into a damp pile, Seth glanced at the window and started chuckling which a few seconds later became full blown laughter. He rolled over onto the pillow to muffle his laughing.

“Go to sleep, you.” Ferris swatted Seth in the arm as the laughter continued. Eventually they both settled down and then Seth began to dream.

He walked into what looked like an American retro diner. Lots of chrome and neon signs with tomato red walls and a checkerboard floor. He sat down into one of the padded booths seemingly waiting for someone.

“Hey cutie, come here often?”

Seth looked across the Formica table to see quite a specter, Kane as he might have been. “Kane? How?”

“You know I check in on you periodically. I’m really glad to you’re doing so well. Wanna dance?” The music in the background had shifted from upbeat danceable song to a slower softer one.

Just you know why,
Why you and I
Will bye and bye
Know true love ways.
Sometimes we’ll sigh and sometimes we’ll cry and
We’ll know why just you and I know true love ways.

Kane stood offering a hand down to Seth to help him get up from the booth. “Come on. All you have to do is stand and sway, no fancy footwork involved.”

He got up and they held hands and started to sway along with the music. Funny thing was that he and Kane were the only ones dancing, but it didn’t bother him since all he could think about how much he just he remembered. The warm flowery smell of the fabric softener on the shirt Kane wore, laced by the brand of aftershave that Seth bought him as a present one summer. He could feel his eyes tear up.

“Hey, hey. No tears now, I miss you too, but you’ve got a great guy who loves you to bits. I’ll be always watching. Well, not when you two are getting busy,” Kane chuckled and pressed a kiss to Seth’s forehead and then his hands tightened on Seth shoulders.

“Seth, babe you have to wake up right now!”

Seth’s eyes popped opening with Kane’s name was on his lips. He sat up and pressed a hand to bleary eyes. He looked over at the spot next him which was empty. “Ferris, where are you?”

“Fire! Grab whatever you want take with you now.” Ferris was bent over the door pressing a bath towel into gap between the door and the floor. Five seconds later the shrill wail of the fire alarm blared out from the hallway.

Seth stumbled over their dresser grabbing his hooded sweatshirt from the chair by the window. He turned looking back as Ferris bustled behind him carrying their few personal photographs in his arms.

Finally they made it down the metal stairs of the fire escape and walked to the front of the building. Massive spouts of flame were pouring from the fourth floor apartments. The windows were already blown out and the casements charred and blackened. The vinyl siding had already melted and was heading toward the roof.

Thankfully, it looked like all the neighbours he recognized were standing with them in the front. The firefighters had already arrived and were spraying the building with water which turned to ice as soon as it hit the air. The contrast of the icicles and the raging flames were a kind of sick beauty.
He looked away from the fire for a moment, finally feeling the freezing temperatures. Both he and Ferris were standing just in sweatshirts with only boxers and flip flops on.

“Let’s go sit in the car and see if I can get the heater going.”

Apparently, Ferris was on the same wavelength.

“Hey Singer, catch,” his downstairs neighbour shouted as he threw Seth’s orange cell phone at him. “It just about killed my geraniums but it looks alright.”

“Thanks man.” He immediately turned it on to gather whatever message was so important last night.

Message date 9:00 pm Wednesday
“Seth I need your help. Where is the shipment list for the new Griffen novels, I can’t find it.”

Message date 9:05 pm Wednesday
“Seth, pick up this an emergency.”

Message date 9:10 pm Wednesday
“Screw you man, see if I ever help you again.”

Message date 9:12 pm Wednesday
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean that. I’ll try and look again.”

Message date Wednesday 9:15 pm
“Never mind I found it. Sorry.

“Hey you got your phone back, so what was the big crisis last night?”

Seth shook his head, “False alarm, ahh that feels better.” Finally the heater had kicked in and started to warm Seth’s cold and slightly numb feet.

There was a knock at the car window. It was a relief aid worker, “You folks have somewhere to go tonight?” They both shook their heads no. “Well, here’s a voucher for four days at Motel 7 down the road. After that, your landlord will have to make further arrangements. Have a nice night.”

“Well, let’s get some coffee and breakfast, then go see this Motel 7. You’re driving of course.”

“I can only hope next year isn’t so eventful. Happy Anniversary.”

“Happy Anniversary.”

The End

Song “True Love Ways” by the late great Buddy Holly.


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