You dont get something for nothing 9/9; Of entertaining & borrowed feathers.

Author: Azzy
Email: az.ombie[at]
AN: I just realised how far I had strayed from the original storyline. Oh man I’m sorry, Vaysh and Rue are just REALLY hard to hook up. Ok sorry for the lame ass ending, but Rue and Vaysh were just acting up big time, both wanting to be with other hara. Darn it! I really tried because I promised that pairing, and this shall be the last freaking time I try that! The next time I write a Wraeththu fic, I know exactly whom to pair (discovered it in this fic).
WIP: chapter 9/9
Fandom: Wraeththu
Spoilers; book 1 & 2.
Betaed by; Morgana
Rating: R
Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine, sad but true.
Summary: the masquerade goes on, and Rue finds he has more to learn about Vaysh than he thought.
Warnings: fade to black sex … sorry.
Pairings: Vaysh/Caeru. (Vaysh/Pellaz Velaxis/Caeru)

Chapter 9 – of entertaining & borrowed feathers.

Caeru and Velaxis had arrived with Ashmael to attend the masquerade. Rue had grinned as he had seen Vel’s jaw drop, seeing Ashmael all dressed up in a suit of purple crushed velvet and feathers in his hair, Rue felt a strange sting in his heart as he noticed that Ashmael eyed Velaxis with the same unashamed interest.

Caeru had gotten himself a drink, and was standing listening to somehar important jabber about how hard it had been to get a decent costume in so little time, and what on earth had possessed the Tigron to throw a masquerade of all things. Rue had been close to answer ‘decadence’, but he didn’t. Pellaz appeared to be just as bored as he was and Caeru decided to go sit next to him. He made his way through the crowd.

Sitting down next to Pellaz, Caeru smiled, knowing that maybe not everyhar, but definitely Pellaz would recognize him even if he wore a shimmering silver mask that covered half of his face. “Hello there stranger,” he said with a smile.

Pellaz shot him a genuine grin and toasted with him “to masks and glamour”.

Puzzled by this he just toasted with his Tigron. None of them really spoke, not because they couldn’t come up with something to say, but nothing seemed appropriate. Suddenly Caeru saw a har standing before him and when that har held out a hand to him, he looked up. The har was wearing a black robe and his hair had a million black strings woven in it. Rue instantly recognized the blue pearls. Narrowing his eyes he looked at the other har’s eyes behind the white and pink of the mask. They were amused, large, and grey. Taking the har’s hand he stood up, finding himself hauled onto the dance floor and encircled by a pair of strong arms. Still puzzled, he studied the grey eyes again. “Vaysh?” he whispered.

The other har whispered from behind his mask, “You like these colours, do you not, my Tigrina… The moon and darkness.”

Completely dumbfounded Caeru suddenly realized who this har was. “Swift?” he whispered with disbelief.

“Maybe, maybe not,” the har said. “It doesn’t matter. It’s a masquerade. Try to have fun, Tigrina.”

Rue gave up trying to figure out who it was that had asked him to dance. Neither Swift nor Vaysh made sense. As the song ended, they stopped, and he looked over towards Pellaz who was now back to being his normal self, being surrounded by hara, some important, some just awestruck. “Thank you for the dance,” Rue said as he let go of his mysterious dance partner. The other har left, just as quickly as he had arrived, and for a second rue wondered if he had imagined the whole thing.

He had a couple of drinks and decided that he should leave; he did not feel like inviting anyone to his bed, he wanted to be alone tonight. Admitted, this had been a wonderful party, but now hara started to get drunk, and more expressive. He didn’t feel drunk enough to participate in what in his eyes would turn into the next best thing to an orgy of the ancient Greece. Being able to hide behind a mask and borrowed feathers really gave somehar some nerve, fuelled by alcohol of course. Downing his drink he snapped his fingers and one of his attendants came to his side, as the Tigrina, feeling alone in the middle of a party, made his decision to leave.

As someone took his hand, he turned around furiously, thinking it was the attendant getting frisky, but noted that the har with the white and pink mask was standing there again.

“Leaving?” he asked.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I am,” Rue said with a frown. “It was fun to dance, but I would appreciate it if you let go of my hand,” he said acidly. He was tired both in body and mind and just wanted to be alone.

Taking a step closer, the masked har crooked his head. “Stay,” he said softly.

The Tigrina blinked and stepped back, something he rarely did. “No I don’t think so,” he said sharply, trying to hide the fact that the other har intrigued him.

Taking the Tigrina’s other hand too, the mysterious har said, “You gave me something I needed, when I needed it. Let me return the favour, my beautiful.”

Rue’s tone nearly reached the hysterical, even if he didn’t move his hands from the other har’s grip, and surely that had not gone by unnoticed. “So are you implying that you know what I need?”

The har nodded. “I do, my Tigrina.”

Caeru could feel his safety line slowly slipping and felt like the other har read his mind, most eerily. The mysterious har stepped closer and whispered, “Let us pretend that you are Caeru before you shadowed your heart. Take a chance and come with me.”

Biting his lip, Rue wanted badly to dismiss the other har. Looking over the har’s shoulder, he saw Pellaz sharing breath with somehar in snow white satin. “No,” Caeru whispered. “Let go of my person and leave me alone.” He looked back at the mysterious har that slumped his shoulders and all his courage seemed to seep out of him. “Good night.”

Watching the Tigrina and his attendant leave the party, the masked har turned and walked back into the crowd.


Finally back in his rooms, the Tigrina rid himself of the dress and his heavy jewellery. Arching his back, he somewhat regretted that he had left, but for some reason he had just felt like staying. These past days it had felt like there was an approaching thunderstorm in the air. The tension was almost electric and he did not understand what it meant. He just knew it was not for him. After pushing back the chair he stood from his vanity and walked back into his bedroom. He found a cigarette on a coffee table. Lighting it he walked to the window, suddenly feeling sad that he did not have a balcony in his room. He heard the door open and thought it would be one of his attendants. “I said I wanted to be left alone,” he said out loud in the room. But when he still felt the presence in the room, he turned, and frowned as he saw the har in the white and pink mask.

“You,” he said calmly.

The masked har stepped further into the room and slowly removed his mask. Looking up at the surprised Tigrina, Vaysh smiled nervously. “I had all of Phaonica dress up for you,” he said with a vague whisper.

Rue smiled widely. “You dressed up for me?”

Vaysh nodded, all his earlier friskiness had seemed to leave him. “Yes, and Pellaz too, even if he doesn’t know it,” he said softly, daring a quick look at Caeru.

The Tigrina, whom until now had thought himself caught in his golden cage, stepped up to the red-haired har, and wrapped his arms around him. “That is the kindest thing anyhar ever did for me,” he whispered, realising that even a trapped bird could learn to fly. Not saying a thing, Rue looked into Vaysh’s eyes which instead of cold, looked playful and warm. Taking the red-haired har’s face in his hands, Rue tilted his head, kissing Vaysh gently on his lips and lost himself in Vaysh’s essence. As they shared breath, Caeru felt a side of Vaysh he did not know existed, a playful, sensual har. And for a moment he wondered what the beautiful red-haired har had been like years ago, before his soul had been frozen and fractured.

Vaysh ended sharing breath, and looked at Caeru who looked absolutely irresistible in his obvious need. Every fibre in his body burned as Rue leaned in and gently bit his earlobe, whispering, “Be my fire.”

With a shuddering breath Vaysh ran a finger down along Caeru’s spine, feeling the muscles flex under his touch. He wanted to whisper an answer to the little plea, but all that came across his lips was, “Rue…”

“Burn me from within,” Caeru whispered hotly, pushing the purple crushed velvet shirt down Vaysh’s shoulders. Suddenly Vaysh grabbed him hard and turned him, facing the wall, and with a hard pull got rid of the sarong Rue had wrapped around him after returning to his room. Caeru could feel his heart beat so hard it felt like it was making its way out of his ribs, he had never expected this from the other har, He had thought Vaysh to be a very intimidated lover, but found this whole new side he had not even expected existed in Vaysh, and as he felt a hand spread his legs, and the red-haired har’s ouana-lim nudge his inner thigh, he decided he liked it a lot.


Waking the next day, he instinctively crept closer to the other body in his bed, smiling as someone ran a finger tip down his nose bridge. Opening his eyes slowly, he looked directly up into a pair of amused grey eyes. “Good morning,” Vaysh said softly.

Blinking the last sleep out of his eyes, Rue stretched and yawned before settling down up against Vaysh once more, running his fingers in lazy circles on the red-haired har’s stomach. “You stayed,” he whispered.

“Was I not supposed to?” Vaysh said, suddenly unsure if he had taken it for granted when he had fallen asleep in the Tigrina’s bed.

Caeru snickered and kissed the soft pale skin right under Vaysh’s nipple. “It was a pleasant surprise,” the Tigrina purred. “I had not expected you to.”

“I know, it is only aruna,” Vaysh said with slight bitterness in his voice.

“Exactly,” Rue answered, ignoring Vaysh’s tone and running his hand down between Vaysh’s slightly parted legs instead. “I don’t own you, and you don’t own me,” he whispered huskily. “Is that such a bad thing?”

Vaysh closed his eyes and bit his lip as Rue’s touches became bolder. “No, I suppose not,” he purred. And right there and then, Vaysh decided that maybe this effect Rue had on him was not all bad. Caeru lived in the present, feeling, breathing and loving in the now, where as Vaysh knew he spent too much time thinking about the past, and wishing things undone. Both of them were bitter souls, but together this was somehow neutralised and became nothing. Together they made magic: the magic of understanding and confirming each other’s need for closeness.

The end.


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