You dont get something for nothing 8/9; Of masquerade & crushed velvet.

Author: Azzy
Email: az.ombie[at]
AN: This story should be finished soon. I actually had planned to end it sooner, Damn my little Caeru muse! I don’t know why, but the way I portrait Caeru, he feels somewhat familiar with Rosiel. Maybe its in reality the scorned bichie looney that I like.. *Ponders* That could very well be. I really wish I had the nerve to write Ai No Kusabi fan fiction. Iason would definably fall under that category too. *Smiles.* Oh well I got sidetracked by bishies (not the worst that could happen, is it?)
WIP: chapter 8/?’
Fandom: Wraeththu
Spoilers; book 1 & 2.
Betaed by; Morgana, all leftover strangeness is entirely my fault!
Rating: None.
Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine, sad but true.
Summary: Vaysh has the answer to his problems, and Pellaz has a moment of kindness.
Warnings: none
Pairings: Vaysh/Caeru. (Vaysh/Pellaz and Velaxis/Caeru)

Chapter 8 – of masquerade & crushed velvet.

Vaysh couldn’t really remember how he had managed to leave the Tigrina’s rooms, but the plea continued to echo in his mind. Over and over again. Even if months went by, he knew that Rue had changed the name of the game. And the next time he called upon the beautiful Tigrina he had better be ready for it. Even now, as he lay in the Tigron’s bed, awake wondering about Caeru. Turning his head he looked at Pellaz sleeping peacefully with a little smile on his lips. He didn’t quite know why he was this emotional, but at this moment he would give everything to trade places with the Tigrina. That was not a Wraeththu trade. Aruna was designed so jealousy should not occur, and you should not be able to feel, as if you owned your partner. Aruna should be as natural as breathing, something every har needed, but what Caeru had said haunted Vaysh. They were not human. The human race had destroyed themselves, being possessive.

Pellaz stirred on the bed and slowly opened his eyes. “Good morning.” He yawned, stretched and while he did all that, he resembled a large, predatorily cat.

Vaysh smiled and snuggled up to the Tigron. “Pell,” he whispered. “Wouldn’t it be fun to have a party?”

Blinking confused, Pellaz wrapped an arm around Vaysh, turning a little so he could look at the red-haired har. “A party? Why?”

“Does a party need a reason?” Vaysh asked innocently.

“No, not really.” Pellaz chuckled. “I thought you hated gatherings.” When Vaysh didn’t answer, Pellaz gently reached up and tucked some hair behind the other har’s ear. “What kind of party did you have in mind then?”

“A masquerade,” Vaysh said, smiling brilliantly.

“A masquerade?” Pellaz repeated. “Sounds like fun.” The Tigron smiled to himself. Looking at Vaysh, Pellaz didn’t quite understand what had brought this on, but having a masquerade was a small prize to have his friend flash such a radiant smile.

Rue almost couldn’t believe his ears when he was told that he was invited to a masquerade. “Are you sure, Vel?” he asked, pouring them some more coffee. “Why the hell would Pellaz have a masquerade?”

“Really Rue, does everything have to have a meaning? Maybe the Tigron just wanted a party.” Vel rolled his eyes at his friend’s ignorance. “And honestly darling, a party will be a lovely distraction from this positively boring month.”

Chuckling softly, Caeru nodded.

“And you darling, you have to outshine them all,” Velaxis said in a serious dark voice. “Knock them off them feet.”

“Don’t start that, Vel.” Rue sighed. “I have to show up. I have to smile, have a drink or two and let the Tigron get on with his business. As in leave in the middle of a dance.”

“Do you really have to sound so bitter, Rue?” Vel shook his head slightly. “You don’t seem to understand the prospects of a masquerade.”

“Oh, dear Ag! Must you be so vulgar? Vel, everything I do is not a part of a greater plan to land the Tigron in my bed,” Caeru sneered, getting annoyed with Vel, who saw conspiracies and plots everywhere, half of them he would have to have birthed himself.

“Well because it is,” Vel stated. “Don’t play innocent with me Caeru.”

Sighing, Rue stood from the small table on his balcony where they sat having their breakfast. “Fine! If you want sparkle, you better give me spectacular.”

“Consider it done,” Vel said with a victorious smirk.

Later that week Rue was summoned to the Tigron’s chambers. It was never good news when he was sent for. Opening the door slowly he walked into the sunlit room, finding Pellaz writing a letter. “Pellaz? You sent for me,” he said leaning up against an armoire.

Pellaz looked up and smiled at Caeru. It was such a shame that rotten things came in pretty packages he thought to himself this afternoon in the orange sunray, Rue looked positively delicate. “Yes,” he said. “I want you to take Ashmael to the masquerade,” he said bluntly.

Caeru looked mortified. “Ashmael?”

“Yes, I want you to keep him happy and far away from Vaysh,” Pellaz said, and when the Tigrina didn’t look like he understood, he continued with a slightly annoyed voice. “Vaysh asked for a masquerade and I promised him such a party. I will not have Ash ruin it for him.”

“Are you pimping me out to members of the Hegemony?” Rue whispered in utter disbelief.

Pellaz frowned. “Just do as your told,” he said. “Take your vile little friend Velaxis with you and for the sake of Aghama, do try and look like you’re enjoying yourself.”

Caeru opened his mouth to object but no sound came out. This was unbelievable! Clenching his fists, he ground his teeth and smiled a strained smile. “But of course, Tigron Pellaz-har-Aralis,” he hissed. With that he turned to leave the room, when he heard Pellaz call him back. Stopping in front of the door, Rue sighed. What had he done now? It could not really be much more humiliating than it was already. Turning around he saw the Tigron come out from the great double doors with a mysterious smile on his lips.

Walking all the way to where Caeru stood, Pellaz leaned in and whispered, “Rue,” in the other har’s perfectly shaped ear, and with a smile he noted the sharp intake of breath from Caeru. “I didn’t say you were dismissed,” he continued, seductively brushing his lips against the top of Rue’s ear.

Caeru just stood there, not sure of what to do. He could feel his body reacting to the soft blows of air in his ear and the Tigron’s seductive whispering. Biting his lip, he wrung his hands and waited for Pellaz to finish his taunting. This har in front of him was nothing like the one he had met back then in Ferelithia. This dark, powerful, and bitter har was nothing like the Pellaz he had made a pearl with. This Pellaz he didn’t even know! It seemed like the title of Tigron had taken his soul.

“You are trembling my dear Tigrina,” Pellaz breathed hearing Caeru’s breath speed up as he spoke.

“Am I?” Caeru whimpered. Pellaz knew exactly what effect he had, and why Rue was trembling, and Rue loathed himself for being this see through. Feeling Pellaz grab his chin Rue closed his eyes and felt the closeness of his Tigron as they shared breath.

Pellaz broke off and smiled. To Rue the smile could stop time it self. To him it was the most radiant smile ever. Somewhere in the back of his mind he told himself to stop being such a romantic sod. But he felt his own smile widen in return and he reached up and caressed Pellaz’ soft cheek.
“Caeru, will you perform at the masquerade?” Pellaz said softly.

Caeru was a little suspicious and raised a brow. Perform?” he asked, not removing his hand from Pellaz’ cheek.

“I was just thinking…” Pellaz said with a little boyish smile. “That you might want to sing in front of a crowd.”

Rue was speechless for a moment, until he removed his hand from Pellaz’ cheek and looked away from his chesnari’s brown eyes, “Is that what I get in return for keeping Ashmael busy?”

“No, Caeru… it was…” Pellaz was at first hurt that Rue would think so lowly of him, but then he got annoyed that Caeru would even suspect that he had an hidden agenda when he offered him a gift. “Never mind Caeru,” he just said in a dull tone and stepped back from his Tigrina. “You are excused.”

Rue nodded, angry to the point of tears, and not sure if he hated himself for having destroyed the moment, or if he was angry with Pellaz for thinking him this stupid. “My performances have changed slightly since Ferelithia,” he whispered just loud enough so he was sure that Pellaz would hear. And then he turned and opened the door and left before he said or did something he would regret.



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