Wonderchild 4/4; Lithiumson.

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Author: azzy
rating: M
FYI contains: other people’s lots, other people’s sims, sims with horrible hairdo, sims with purple eyes, a million references to Starbucks, bastards, liars, whiners, language, adult conversation, talk about sexy times.
WIP: 4/4
AN: This is the last chapter of Wonderchild, but that does not mean we have seen the last of Callum, actually then he transfers over to a new project, which will be revealed real soon, just keep tabs on my journal or slash4sims@lj. If you want to download Callum, Lucas and Harlen they can be found at babybulletproof@lj, just scroll through it all, there aren’t that many downloads, and Lucas is the same sim as Abel (so download Abel if you want Lucas). Lastly thank you for reading along. 🙂
This was written for simhaven & slash4sims.

AN II: If this chapter comes off as weak, and strange it has an explanation, see even if it’s the end of ‘Wonderchild’, it’s not the end of the storyline per se, it is just the end of Lucas and Callum, because the story took a different turn. It will make sense eventually, I promise! So that is why there’s no real end.

Cameo: Kruize by kittykat2010

Soundtrack: Karen – Sækken i katten. Medina – Joanna.

//How do you want it?
The bitch in the hunter,
Because it’s not her nature to be kept in cage.//


(I have to explain this a little, there is a Danish old saying that you bought the cat in the bag, that means you made a REALLY bad bargain, or was hustled. So Karen the singer here, she switched them, so directly translated she sings ‘the bag in the cat’, but sækken which means bag, is Danish slang for bitch, and katten which means cat, but in this context means ‘feline’ as in  playful/slick/brutal hunter, referring to the qualities of a cat.)

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“Callum?” A voice called, puzzled Callum stopped dead halt. Turning around he looked up at the top of the stairs. He squinted his eyes to see who it was, something was vaguely familiar but he couldn’t quite place it.

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With a deep sigh he walked up the stairs, a vague smile tugged in the corner of his lips as he realised who had called for him. “Hey Lucas.” He said as he climbed the last few steps.

“Wow, I didn’t think I would run into you here, of all places.” Lucas admitted.

“Likewise.” Callum said, flashing a confused smile at the other man.

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“Can I ask what…” Lucas asked, not knowing what to say now that he actually stood in front of Callum, in his thoughts he had told Callum off 7000 times, but now that he looked at the little haughty and amused smile of that obnoxiously gorgeous rich kid, he was speechless.

“Sure, I was sorting the ownership of my club.” Callum said, raising a brow, like Lucas really wanted to know why he was at city hall. “I held my end of my dad’s bargain, and he had to hold his.” When Lucas looks puzzled, Callum waved his wedding ring in front of his face.

“You got married?” Lucas asked surprised, in reality he knew, he had bought all magazines that had even the smallest article about Callum, much to Bilal’s annoyance.

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“Yeah..” Callum drawled. “But…” he licked his lips, shifting weight on his hip, “You tossed my number, right?”

“No.” Lucas said a little too quickly.. “I ehm.. I never got it.” There was no way in hell he was going to admit to Callum that he had called the number, only to be connected to the city Zoo, and not Callum.

Callum shrugged, “I know I gave you my number, man.” He shook his head amused and leaned in closer. “I have the afternoon off today, so we could maybe, go somewhere, you know..”

“I saw a Starbucks around the corner.” Lucas said with a strained smile. He knew what it was Callum meant, but no way was he going to be flattered by that deep sensual whisper ever again. “We could have a cup of coffee, and maybe.. uhm catch up, it’s been a while.”

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Callum straightened up, staring at Lucas, finding himself nodding. “S-sure, we could do that.” taken completely off balance.

“Great, come, I’m buying.” Lucas said merrily, smiling genuinely.

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“Hey!” Callum called after Lucas who practically sprinted into the coffee shop, “You never told me why you were at city hall.”

“I was getting a wedding permit.” Lucas answered calmly with a little smile.

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“Dang..” Callum mumbled to himself, but decided to let the matter slip, in reality he didn’t care who Lucas was going to marry, in some strange way, underneath it all, he felt a slight sting of jealousy. Wondering what it would have been like to actually go through the mockery of a ceremony, with someone he actually wanted to be with, like really wanted to be with. He quickly dismissed the thought, because of all the men he had known there was none but Harlen who had ever even slightly interested him, and lets face it, Harlen was not mister right in any way, and Callum most definitely could not imagine spending the rest of his life with that looser. But he sure knew how to party.

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“okay..” Callum sighed, staring at the menu which was thicker than the old testament. “I would like a..”

“Cal?” the clerk said softly.

Callum looked up from the menu to the clerk with the feeling of impending doom. “Yeah?”

A long awkward moment of silence followed, until the clerk sighed, “You don’t remember me, do you?”

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“No.. Sorry.” Callum admitted, caught in this very awkward situation, feeling Lucas’ eyes burning on his back.

“Adam.” The clerk sighed, “From Elizabeth’s closet”

“Oh. Sure!” Callum said with a fake smile, not having the slightest idea what Elizabeth’s closet was, he reckoned it was either a club or a band. “So I would like a..”

Adam leaned in over the desk for a moment, whispering. “You should go have a STD check up, dude.” And then he straightened up again, smiling professionally at Callum and Lucas. “Your order?”

“Eh..” Callum blinked rapidly trying to comprehend what the hell that bloke had just said to him.

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“I would like a Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha, with no-fat milk and sprinkles” Lucas said, saving the situation.

“Is that even a drink, man?” Callum asked amused.

“Shut up!” Lucas huffed, feigning hurt.

Both Lucas and Adam looked at Callum, waiting for his order. “Eh.. Coffee, black. Normal, no girly shit?” Callum said blushing slightly, realising how rare it was that he ordered coffee.

“What beans?” Adam asked, “We have..”

Callum waved a hand to shut up Adam. “Dude! I just want coffee, not a pop quiz.”

Adam nodded, his lips a thin line, but none the less started on their order.

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“Married huh?” Callum asked, “So who’s the lucky fella?”

“Bilal.” Lucas said, fiddling with his cup. “He’s an awesome guy, really.”

“I’m sure he is.” Callum nodded.

“So…” Callum mumbled, “Your or his surname?” He faked interest and a smile, but he didn’t care, he just wanted this to end.

Lucas laughed softly, “Dear God, I am keeping mine, I can’t even pronounce his.”

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Lucas took a deep breath, “Look Callum, you don’t have to fake interest in my love life.” 

“I wasn’t.” Callum argued vaguely, knowing that Lucas was right. “I was trying to congratulate you.”

“I waited for you to call in months.. So.. Maybe this was a bad idea..” Lucas’ voice trailed off.

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“I’m sorry..” Callum said, scratching his cheek absent-minded. “It wasn’t personal.” he offered lamely.

“It’s okay.” Lucas whispered, “I just thought that.. you know, we ‘had’ something, that we connected.” He looked away, “I’m being an idiot, it’s just.. I thought you should know.”

“And what am I supposed to do with that information?” Callum asked frustrated, “Look Lucas, I liked you, I really did. But that was kinda it.” He looked down into his cup. “I didn’t think you’d.. Eh..”

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“I would what? Think you were actually sincere? You just said what I wanted to hear, didn’t you?” Lucas huffed, “I feel like such an idiot, buying into your bullshit.” He shook his head, “Maybe I should feel flattered that you actually remember my name, unlike that poor guy who made the coffee.” he spat.

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Callum just stared at Lucas in sheer disbelief. “I never fucking lied to you, it’s not like I led you on or something, I never said it was going to be you and me or anything like that.”

Lucas closed his eyes for a moment, thinking over his reply. “No but you didn’t exactly tell me we ‘weren’t’ going to.. to..”

“That was understood from the beginning” Callum rolled his eyes at the stupidity. “Look Lucas, you had fun right? We had great sex, so what’s with the whiny face?”

“I should have listened to Dave, he told me that you were nothing but hot air, he told me you’d land me and discard me. You know what I told him? That I was sure it was different with me, because you had done all these romantic things, like taking me out to have coffee on your favourite cafe, and we talked for hours in your apartment that night. Guess the joke’s on me.” Lucas sneered, in a strange hurt, melancholy tone.

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Callum’s eyes widened. “My favourite cafe? What the hell are you talking about? It was just a cafe, man.” He shrugged, “All is fair in revenge and seduction.”

“See? nothing but bullshit from first to last.” Lucas growled. “But you know what? Some day you will meet someone who does the same to you, you are not the only predator hunting this city.” Lucas stated.

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Callum took his cup and downed the luke warm coffee. “Thanks for the drink.” He said coldly. “I’m glad you’re doing well for yourself. I hope that dude Bibli..something, is everything you want him to be.”

“What..” Lucas asked confused, “What’s wrong?”

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“Nothing.” Callum said calmly, flashing Lucas another fake smile. “Thank you for the advice Dr. Phil. And tell your brother I owe him a pay check from May, he will get it in his mail soon.” Callum got up from his chair, ignoring Lucas’ stuttered protests.

“I didn’t mean it like that! It just came out wrong.” Lucas said, “You don’t have to go.”

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“Welcome to the club.” Callum hissed. “Good luck with it.” He waved half assed to his back where he knew Lucas would be seated. He didn’t need this crap, he had never let Lucas on, and he had no patience what so ever for his analytic approach to their relationship, Jesus fucking Christ, he had just fucked an employee’s brother, it was nothing more, nothing less. It was not his fault that Lucas had misunderstood their relationship. Admitted he had sweet talked Lucas into bed more than once, still, that was all it was. And all it was ever going to be.

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