Wonderchild 1/4.

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Author: azzy
Characters: Lucas, Callum, Dallas, Ethan & Adriel.
Rating: M+
FYI! Contains: unnatural hair color, impossibly blue eyes, tattooed sim, crappy decor, sim with curls, sexual tension, room-mates of different ethnicities, horrible wallpaper, dude looks like a pimp, empty nightclub, questionable intentions, french kissing in the bathroom, nakedness with no bits showing, completely unrealistic plotline, ugly Hawaii shirt, badly photoskinned clothes, male in socks and open shoes/fashion victim, man in glasses, man with a less than masculine hairdo, confused attraction, brothers, freckles, straight sims, bishounen, lame dialogue, gay sims, bare chests/bare feet, horrible grammar, maxis content, non maxis content, no vampires, no lumberjacks, and no smustling, one atrocious tablecloth, Oh yeah and a sim with his ears pierced.. that should be about it.  – No pixels was harmed in the process.
AN: For once I come bringing a silly little love story, written for simhaven’s February challenge. I had to break it over for the sheer amount of images and text, so you will find the link to part 2 in the bottom.

Music to get in the mood: U2 – I will follow // Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – I love Rock ‘n Roll // The Doors – Hello I love you // Sting – The shape of my heart //

Disco music: Benni Benassi Vs Shaun Paul – Satisfaction //

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“You should call mum.” Lucas finally said, ending his brother David’s never ending story about his girlfriend, and his work. “She worries you know.”

David sighed deeply. “I will.” He lied with a smile, and turned to his younger brother. “So how was your trip? I forgot to ask because I was so hungry.”

“Long.” Lucas grinned “I would have been bored to tears without my laptop.”

David nodded in agreement. “How are things with Trent?” He smiled disarming. “It’s not like you tell me anything.”

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“Phone lines work both ways, Dave.” Lucas mumbled annoyed.

“I told you; My name is Dallas now, Not Dave.” David huffed. “So, about Trent, spill it!”

“Sounds like a hustler.” Lucas shook his head in disaprovement. “And Trent? Well if you must know, then he dumped me for the gym teacher.”

“Fo’ real?” David gasped. “Wow, man.”

“Yeah, I know.” Lucas sighed, “So could we ‘not’ talk about Trent?”

David nodded, picking his food.

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“Ade! Don’t! Leave him the hell alone.” Callum called, with a sigh as he saw his words had no effect.

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David looked up and his smile faltered. “Adriel.” He said with a slight acknowledging nod.

“I just got a phone call from Angelique, she is at our mums, do you care to elaborate on that one Don Juan?” Adriel growled. “I would like to know why my sister is sitting at my mums crying her little heart out.”

“Well.” David said, squirming a little in his seat, looking from Adriel, to Callum to Lucas, and back to Adriel. “We had a fight, that’s all.”

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“Oh really, could that fight be about that chick with the huge rack, what’s her name?” Adriel hissed.

“Tina.” Callum added in the background with a tiny voice.

“Tina, yes, thank you Cal.” Adriel said, staring angrily down at David.

“It was about Tina. Yes.” David said calmly. “But I never fucked her, so I don’t understand why Angie threw a fit like that. I swear man, nothing never happened.”

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“Who’s your gorgeous friend?” Callum suddenly asked. “I don’t think I saw him before.”

Adriel sighed and stared at Callum. shocked that he would even ask who four eyes at the table were, but then again, Callum had always been weird. He had properly spent too much time alone in his parents mansion.

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“His name is Lucas, and he is my baby brother.” David said, getting up from his chair. “Come on Lucas, we should get going. You had a long trip and..”

“I didn’t know you had a brother.” Callum said with a sweet smile. “Enchanté Lucas.” He bowed deeply, grinning. “My name is Callum, I am a friend of Dallas’.”

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“Dear God.” Adriel sighed. “Could you stop making a complete idiot out of yourself soon? We need to get down to the club and check up on the new shipment of stuff.”

“You’re right.” Callum said, not taking his eyes off Lucas, who blushed slightly under the foreign gaze.

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“I have an idea,” Callum said, taking a step towards Lucas, smiling. “Why don’t you and Dallas come too?”

“Uhm. Where to?” Lucas asked with a disappearing tiny voice, not quite understanding why someone like this guy would even speak to him.

Callum’s smile widened. “To your brothers work, he needs to come in for work today anyway.” Callum shrugged, “No time like the present, sweetie.”

Lucas’ eyes widened, and his timid smile grew to an embarrassed grin. “But isn’t he wasting his college degree somewhere making cocktails for some obnoxious rich kid?” Lucas looked at his wrist watch, “Besides its only one in the afternoon, he doesn’t have to go to work until after nine.” 

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Callum laughed out loud, and once his laugher died down, a broad smirk rooted itself on his face. “My name is actually Callum Van Maes, my dad owns half this city, and I own that club.” He said softly. “I am that obnoxious rich kid that your brother works for.”

“Oh God.. I’m so sorry!” Lucas gasped, “I didn’t know.. I mean, you didn’t seem anything like what Dave told me.. uhm I mean..” He bit his lip and blushed. “Shit.”

Callum grinned and grabbed Lucas’ hand. “Come on, I can give you the grand tour before there are any guests.”

“Uhm..” Lucas looked over Callum’s shoulder at Adriel and David who stood and just stared with their mouths ajar. “I think I would like that..” Lucas managed to whisper with a weak smile.

“Awesome!” Callum cheered, dragging Lucas off with a firm hold on his hand.

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Adriel sighed and followed Callum and Lucas as they crossed the street, Callum’s laughter echoing off the tall buildings. “At least he seems to be enjoying himself with his new project.” Adirel whispered bitterly to David.

“Yes.” David sighed.

“Your brother, he shouldn’t happen to be..”




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“So what do you think of the club?” David asked as Lucas returned from the promised grand tour. “What are you drinking? Maybe you think I am wasting my education, but I make a damn fine drink.”

“You better.” Lucas said, and then smiled. “A Cosmopolitan.”

“Gods, that’s such a chick drink.” David grinned. “Are you sure you didn’t loose your penis somewhere along the road?”

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“Just make me my damn drink.” Lucas laughed. “He seems nice, Callum I mean.” He shrugged, “Doesn’t seem like the asshole you told me about over the phone.”

“Don’t let him charm you, that’s all I say.” David said with a shrug. He was terribly torn between saying something to his brother, and then letting this unreal scenario die down by itself, Callum would be tired of Lucas pretty fast, Lucas was an accountant for fucks sake, and Callum he was… yeah, Callum.

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“Can I borrow your keys?” Lucas asked his brother. “I can find my own way to your flat fine.”

“Sure.” David said unhooking his key chain. “Just make sure you wake when I buzz the door phone.”

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“Leaving already?” Callum asked. “Won’t you at least let me buy you a drink?”

“Eh..” Lucas looked thoughtful for a moment. “Sure.” He then said with a little smile. “Dave! One more.”

“DALLAS!” David corrected his brother by yelling in his face. “Jeesh.. But sure, And you Cal? the regular?”

Callum nodded.

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“How many guests do you normally have on a weekend evening?” Lucas asked.

“Don’t know, man.” Callum said with a shrug.

Lucas frowned, “How many are allowed in here according to the fire department?”

“Dude.. No clue.” Callum answered, raking a hand through his hair.

“What do you know?” Lucas asked, sipping his drink. “Do you even know what your entry fee is?”

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“How should I know, like a fiver or something.” Callum sighed, looking puzzled up at David.

“He’s an accountant.” David said with an apologetic shrug.

“Ah.” Callum said with a grin. “Want a job?” He said with a little smile turning to Lucas.

“I have one, thank you.” Lucas huffed. “And you should know these things, you should make sure the accountant you have is doing their job, for now you can depend on your daddy to cover your losses, but it won’t be like that forever, and wouldn’t you want to be able to keep your business?” Lucas sighed. “Suppose rich kids like you don’t bother with education, you get to play all day, or something.”

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“Look as much as I appreciate that you worry about my business as you put it. Then I can assure you that I did go to school, I might not be as clever as you, or as gifted with numbers.” Callum took a sip of his gin, “I went to Le Rosey, and yes, for your information, I graduated too.”

“Le Rosey?” Lucas mumbled, “Impressive.”

Callum shrugged, “Not really, just shows my dad is loaded, and fucking posh, that’s all.” He smiled sweetly. “Besides my uncle is my accountant, I am pretty sure he knows what he’s doing, so I don’t have to worry my pretty little head with stuff like income and expenses.”


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“Oi Lucas!” Callum called as he stepped out in the bathroom where Lucas had gone before he was going back to David’s apartment. “I’m sorry I was an asshole in there.”

Lucas turned off the faucet, and wiped his hands in his shirt, before turning to Callum. “No, I’m sorry, I was busting your balls over stuff I was pretty sure you knew nothing about. So if nothing else I was guilty of being biased.”

“Why shouldn’t you?” Callum admitted. “You’re the clever one after all.”

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“I’m sure you know other stuff, like what every single drink you have on your menu is.” Lucas said, not sure if that was even an apology even if he had meant it to be one.

Callum giggled in the empty room. “I do, I actually use a lot of time to keep up on trends to make sure the club has the newest shit, what people want you know. Right now its gummy bear shots, if you didn’t know it”

“Exactly, that is what I meant.” Lucas said with a little smile.

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“So..” Callum looked down at his boots. “Can I, eh, can I buy you another drink or something? Or do you want to leave right now?” He smiled timidly. “I haven’t laughed this much in ages, not for real at least.”

Lucas wrung his hands nervously, he really should leave, but Callum just looked so damn cute like this. He wasn’t really kidding himself, what would the odds be that a beautiful man like this would be interested in him like ‘that’? When Trent had left he had told him he was about as exiting as watching paint dry, and maybe that was true. But then why would a exuberant persona like Callum who could most likely get anyone he set his mind to, man or woman,  ask him to stay?

“If you can guess what I am drinking.” Lucas said with a little grin.

Callum was just about to answer when the light went out with a pop. “The breakers, sometimes they freak out.” He said in the darkness.

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“Oh.” Lucas nodded.

“You were drinking a a Cosmopolitan.” Callum said in the dark, putting a hand on Lucas’ shoulder.

Lucas laughed, “I was, your powers of observation lacks nothing.”

“It’s an old trick.” Callum admitted in a near whisper. “To keep an eye out for what the hottest boy in the bar is drinking, in case you get a change to give them a drink.” Lucas felt his head reel. Too much information in one. When he didn’t answer, Callum whispered nervously. “Lucas? Are you alright?”

“I’m, I’m fine..” Lucas stuttered. “I just didn’t realise you were gay.” He hated himself for how it sounded, and he wished he could see Callum’s expression in the dark.

“Oh.” Callum sucked in his breath. “I’m sorry.. Oh Crap.. I thought you knew, I thought Dallas had told you..” Callum’s voice trailed off to silence. “I’m really sorry.” He laughed nervously, “Wow, awkward huh?”

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Instead of saying anything, Lucas just reached out in the dark, resting a light hand on Callum’s waist. He took a deep sigh and then said, “I came here because my mother had bugged me in ages to go check up on Dave, but I also came here because my boyfriend for three years dumped me for a gym teacher. I guess I just needed a change of air or something.” He smiled in the darkness when he felt Callum’s other hand rest on his side. “I would still like that Cosmopolitan though, if that is alright.”

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“You can have all the prissy drinks your little heart desire, on me.” Callum whispered, pulling Lucas tight in the dark till they were chest against chest, he could feel Lucas’ breath on his lips. “I really, really want to kiss you.” He whispered huskily.

Lucas wanted to object, to say something about Trent or Dave or anything, but his mind couldn’t come up with one single reason why he shouldn’t kiss those lips he could almost taste in front of him.  Actually he had to admit that it exited him a whole lot, it was like a naughty fantasy, to make out with a stranger in a dark room. Come to think about it, this was properly something that would only happen to him once in a lifetime, so he might as well give it all he had, at least he got to keep the memory, right? 

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The door to the club opened slowly and David came into the bathroom. He squinted his eyes in the darkness, “Lucas?” He asked in the dark, “I thought you left already.”

“No.. No.. I’m still here, Dave.” Lucas cleared his throat, touching his lips with a stupid grin.

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“Are you by the door, Dallas?” Callum asked carefree. “If you are, could you make a sound so I can find you, and the door?”

“Sure. Cal.” David sighed. It didn’t help him from being startled with Callum bumped into him in the dark on his way to the door.

“Thanks man.” Callum grinned. “See you around Lucas.” He called over his shoulder, into the dark.

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“Yeah, see you around.” Lucas echoed much less carefree. What had he done? he had played right into Callum’s plan. How stupid of him. He could just hear Dave say ‘for a clever kid, you’re pretty fucking stupid’. He told himself he had just been caught up in the moment and that it didn’t mean anything. Still he felt awfully stupid standing alone in the dark in the mens room.

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“What the fuck were you thinking?” David ranted with a hushed tone. “Are you fucking mental?”


“Were you just having sex with Cal out here or what?” David stomped his foot in frustration, and raked his hands through his hair. “Man, you’re easier than I thought.”

“We didn’t.. I mean, we just kissed. And it just seemed like the natural thing..”  Lucas whispered.

“Natural? Natural to Cal alright! This is what he does, and this is why I didn’t like him around you. He preys on everything around him, You were just unmarked territory, and he had to know if he could have you if he wanted to. Which he obviously could.” David ranted.. “Did you do more? did you like suck him off or something?”

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“Jesus.. David! No! We just.. It was just a kiss.” A very good kiss, he thought to himself.

“Go home Lucas.. I love you, but I also love my job. And you will get me fired if you keep this up.” David said, more relaxed than before.

“No, I don’t think he’d fire you because I kissed him.” Lucas mumbled.

“You have no idea what he is really like.” David said softly. “Please, Lu-Lu, just go home.”

“Don’t call me that.” Lucas huffed, brushing angrily past David in the dark, exiting the bathroom, and then leaving the club, in long, angry strides.

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The heavy doors to the club opened, and Callum came rushing out in the night air. “Lucas?” He called. “LUCAS?!” No one reacted, and Callum kicked a small rock across the street in irritation, “Dammit!” He growled.

PART 2 –>


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