Wonderchild. 1/4 (pt II)

Part 2 of chapter 1, of Wonderchild.

Music: The Damned – Love song // Rolling Stones – Mona (I need you baby) // KISS – I made made for loving you // Christian Walz – Wonderchild //

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“Good morning Ethan.” Lucas mumbled, deeply concentrated on his video game. “I didn’t hear you come in last night.”

Ethan chuckled. “I was having after hours drinks with Cal.” He turned and looked at Lucas for a moment with a little smile, “He was very upset about something, and giddy at the same time, very un-Cal like.”

“MMhhmm. I made coffee, if you want some.” Lucas answered careful to sound casual. He wasn’t sure what Dave had told his room-mate.

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When the phone rang, David got up from his newspaper with a sigh. “Barker.” He said with a tired tone. “Come again?”

“Who is it?” Ethan asked from the kitchen.

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“Look Cal. I like you, and I like my job. But I love my brother, and I don’t want to be the one to comfort him when you are done with your little social experiment.” David sneered. “What do I mean? I mean look at Ade, he follows you around like a fucking lap dog, it’s sickening to watch, and you never gets off your arse to either tell him to stick around or fuck off.” David nodded as he listened to Cal in the other end. “I realise that he is dense, and honestly then I don’t care how many fairies you screw over. That is your problem, in your own time. You are still my friend Cal. But I can’t let you dick around Lucas, it’s as simple as that.”

“Why are you being such a bitch about it?” Ethan asked from the kitchen. “They are adults, man.”

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“Listen Cal, it’s not like that. And you know it! His long time boyfriend just dumped him, I hardly think he needs someone who doesn’t know the words commitment and honesty without looking it up in Webster’s to help him forget.”

“Oi! That is my call!” Lucas suddenly yelled from the sofa. He got up and ran over to David, snatching the phone from his brother. “Who are you to tell me what I want?” Lucas sneered, pushing his baffled brother out of the way with his shoulder.

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“Callum?” He asked softly down the phone. “Are you still there?”

“Yes.” Callum answered. “I’m sorry I had to call your brother, but you never gave me your number.”

“I wasn’t aware that you wanted it.” Lucas said, “I would have slipped you a napkin otherwise.” He snickered at his own wit.

“I was thinking, if you want to, I would like to have brunch later. With you that is.” Callum said, a smile evident in his tone. “I mean, you, me, brunch.”

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“I’d love to.” Lucas said a little too quickly, earning him a head shake from David, and a snicker from Ethan.

“Brilliant! Meet me at the little bakery behind the cafe where I met you yesterday, you can find it, right?” Callum asked.

“Sure, it’s across from the station.” Lucas said with a nod.

“Yes.” Callum said, “Does three o’ clock sound right?”

“Indeed. Three it is.” Lucas smiled.

“See you there.” Callum said.


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“So?” Ethan grinned from the kitchen, “What’s up Romeo?”

“I have a date.” Lucas cheered as he hung up the phone. “Oh my lord, I have a date. I should have brought some better clothes, I have to admit I had not thought I would be going on a date with anyone.”

“You can borrow some of mine. knock yourself out.” Ethan said, concentrating on his pancakes.

“Thanks.” Lucas said, rolling his eyes, he didn’t have the heart to tell Ethan that he wasn’t aiming for the local pimp look.

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“Are you daft?” David yelled angrily. “Didn’t you hear me, when I told you that he was hands off?”

“What’s the harm in brunch?” Lucas asked.

“Yeah well, what’s the harm in a snog here, a shag there, and a million STD’s everywhere. It’s never that simple with Cal, I have seen him do this so many times you wouldn’t believe it.”

“Bitch please.” Lucas snapped his fingers and frowned. “Would you relax? I am having brunch, not a sixty-niner in the square fountain.”

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“I know.. but..” David mumbled in a meek tone.

“I am actually adult Dave.” Lucas said, relaxing again himself. “I am not your little Lu-lu either. I can handle myself, and I can handle myself when it comes to the likes of Callum too.” Lucas shrugged, “And for what it’s worth, had I given him a blowjob in the bathroom yesterday, it had been because I bloody felt like giving him one, okay?”

“You go girl!” Ethan laughed from the kitchen flipping his pancakes.

David frowned but smiled, “Would you two stop going all queer on me? Damn.”

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“I’m sorry Lucas, I guess I just still see you as my baby brother.” David said with a smile, holding his brother tight. “I know you can handle yourself, and I didn’t mean that you couldn’t. I just don’t want to see you hurt, that’s all.”

“I am properly setting myself up for heartache, I know.” Lucas answered softly. “But it’s my headache, not yours.”


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“Guys?” Lucas coughed softly, to announce his presence. “I’m leaving.”

“That’s right, your big date!” Ethan said clasping his hands together with excitement.

Lucas turned around on the floor, “Is this alright? It’s the best I had.”

“You’re fine.” David said, “I don’t think he care if you wore a fig leaf or a ball gown.”

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“Just take care okay?” Ethan said, tucking some wayward strands of hair behind Lucas’ ear. “Want some condoms? I have some you can have.”

“I’m fine thank you, I am just having brunch, remember?” Lucas laughed.

“Whatever.” Ethan sighed, Planting some condom packages in Lucas’ hand, holding it for a little while to drive his point home. “Just in case, okay?”

“Okay.” Lucas mumbled, feeling fairly uneasy about this whole date thing being something that suddenly involved them all.


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The moment Lucas placed a hand on his shoulder Callum sighed happily. “You came.”

“I said I would.” Lucas said, quickly removing his hand, sitting down on the chair at the table.

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“Why did you leave yesterday?” Callum asked, picking the bottom of his sweater.

“Because.. eh..” Lucas smiled a little timidly. “Honestly it was mostly because you left the bathroom like that, and then Dave ripped me a new one, telling me to leave.” Lucas laughed nervously. “I think he’s afraid to loose his job.”

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“Oh.” Callum said and his smile widened. “I left like that because I didn’t want to get you in trouble with Dallas.” Callum leaned in over the table and looked Lucas directly into his eyes. “Looks like I failed, huh?”

“Yeah.” Lucas smiled. “He’s just really protective and anal. You should have seen the shit he dragged whomever I had any interest in through. He’s just like that.”

“Does that mean… I mean.. Damn I am bad at this, aren’t I?” Callum laughed nervously.

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Lucas scratched some paint chips off the table, thinking for a moment. “I heard you were quite the party girl. So I’m sure you got your routine down.”

Callum blushed fiercely. “It’s not like that.” He argued hotly.

“You have quite the reputation.” Lucas said, “Not that I care.”

“Is that what you think I am? a obnoxious little rich kid with nothing better to do than being a slut?” Callum asked, his voice so meek that Lucas felt terrible that he had said what he had before.

“No.” Lucas admitted. “I think they see what they want to see.”

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“Exactly.” Callum agreed, still with a tiny voice. “Flirting is a part of being social when you run a business like mine. But there is a difference between sweet talking, and handing drinks out, to giving it up to every pretty man I see.”

“Surely that happens.” Lucas said, not sure why he had asked that, because he didn’t really want the answer.

“It does.” Callum admitted. “But I never, ever invited anyone here for brunch before. That’s a first.” Callum smiled, “I like you a lot Lucas Barker.”

A deep rumble split the everyday sounds of the city, seconds later a light split the sky, and then came the rain.

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“Come on, we’re getting soaked.” Callum chuckled, reaching for Lucas’ hand again.

“Where to?” Lucas asked, letting Callum lead him through the alley out on the main street.

“My place.” He stated.

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Callum locked the door and gestured out in the room. “Welcome to my casa.” He said with a giggle. “If you need the bathroom, I share with my neighbour out on the hall. She’s pretty cool tho, so you can take a shower too if you want to.”

“I’m fine.” Lucas said, laughing as his voice shivered as much as his body from the cold rain.

“This is really weird.” Callum admitted. “I think the only one I ever had over to my place is Ade, and I had known him for ages before I let him in. And you.. I have known you for hours, and still here we are.”

“Guess you trust me.” Lucas answered, feeling terribly shy and self concious.

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“You should get out of your wet clothes before you catch something.” Callum said, blushing weakly as he pulled his own soaked sweater over his head.

Lucas nodded in agreement and started to get out of his own soaked garments. “So Callum, do you have any siblings?” He asked, just because the silence was getting to him, and reminded him of that he stood in his briefs alone with a very, very pretty young man. If he got an erection now he would be mortified, so he had to talk about something else than the obvious.

“Nope.” Callum  answered from the other end of the room, “I’m a only child.”


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“Seems like I lost the bet after all.” Callum said softly, looking at Lucas who was lying on his bed, with a smile. “Ethan and I betted that I would have you out of your clothes within two hours.”

“That bastard.” Lucas laughed, “Now I understand why he was so keen on giving me those damn condoms.”

“You have condoms?” Callum asked, “That’s good to know.” He smiled lopsided.

“So you didn’t think you’d get me out of my clothes and on your bed?” Lucas asked curiously.

“No, actually not.” Callum admitted. “I’m good, but I’m not that good.” He shrugged, “Besides, you’re too smart to fall for my pick-up lines.” He laughed. “I’m just kidding. I actually would like to get to know you, like for real. And besides, you are a super kisser.” He blushed a little again, “Had me all hot and bothered all night.”

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“Really?” Lucas laughed softly. “Ethan said you were giddy and upset.”

“Yeah.. I guess I was.” Callum admitted. “When are you leaving?” his voice trailed off to nothing.

“I’m leaving soon, in about a week.” Lucas said, suddenly feeling a little guilty for going along with this, so sure that his own feelings were all that he had to look out for.

Callum laughed bitterly. “That’s what I mean.” He turned his head and looked down at his own feet. “Yeah, i have this great track record, if they aren’t straight, they are leaving.. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said all that crap.” 

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“No.. eh.. I’m just not used to talk feelings.” Lucas said, rolling over on his stomach. “Truth is that I like you a lot too. And I wish that I didn’t have to return home in a week.”

“If you give me your number, I can call you when you go home.” Callum said nodding to himself.

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Lucas popped up on his elbow, staring at Callum. “Yeah.” He said, patting the bed in front of him. “Why are you sitting all the way over there?”

Callum crawled off the chair, and came over to the bed, pulling Lucas to his knees as well, so they faced each other. “You don’t believe all the rumours about me, do you?” He whispered, long fingers slowly trailing down Lucas’ chest and abdomen for a destination further south.

“No.” Lucas purred, wrapping his arms around Callum’s waist. “If I didn, I wouldn’t be here.”

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“That’s good to know.” Callum whispered. “Real good to know.” As Lucas closed his eyes in bliss from Callum’s caresses, Callum smiled wicked, “Can I call you Lu-lu too?”

“Baby, keep doing that, and you can call me anything you want.” Lucas purred back.



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