Weapon of Choice.

Title: Weapon of Choice
Author: Az
Email: Az.ombie[at]gmail.com
Homepage: http://www.nad-no-ennas.net
Pairing: Amrod/Amras/Celeborn
Rating: NC-17
Beta: Half elf Lost, She of the naughty punctuation.
Disclaimer: don’t own them, don’t sue me.
Summary: its the day of the midsummer feast. And someone caught the
twins’ eyes, and so they decided to give that special someone,
some alternative dancing lessons, and show him what midsummer is all
Warning: Threesome. Light bondage, AU
Author’s Note: This is written for the annual 3 some challenge at the
library of Moria board. And also for the wicked elf month, on the same
board – Thanks to Misswilde & Eremir for picking out colours for me.
~ Winner of best PWP of the LOM board 3some challenge.


Listen to the sound of my voice
you can check it on out, it’s the weapon of choice yeah
don’t be shocked by tone of my voice (aah…)
It’s the new weapon, the weapon of choice yeah

you can blow wit’ this
or you can blow wit’ that

Or you can blow wit’ us

Fatboy Slim

Weapon of Choice

Amrod smiled at Amras as they snuck up behind a bush, almost falling
onto of each other to peekout through the branches. “Ouch,” Amrod
whined when his twin yanked his hair, slipping against him.

“Shhh,” Amras hushed him, “look, there he is.”

Amrod nodded and pulled some branches apart, looking at the blond elf
who was standing in a opening in the woods, decorating a maypole,
singing to himself, untangling the brightly colouredribbons. “Do you
remember what we rehearsed?” he whispered to his brother.

Amras nodded and looked up at his brother, “Are you sure? I mean, that
you want to do this?”

“Don’t be such a sissy,” Amrod grinned back “what is the worst that
can happen? I mean it’s notas if we do something he won’t like” he
winked at his twin and Amras seemed to relax at this.

“You are right, as always gwador” the redhead whispered and smiled

“All right, ready?”

“As ready as ready can be.”

“Let’s go!”

The twins snuck out from behind their bush and gave each other a
knowing look before they straightened themselves, and strode over
towards the decorated maypole and the blond elf who was trying to sort
out the ribbons that the wind had tangled. They slid in on each side
of the blond elf, like shadows. Amras leaned against the pole and
smiled sweetly, “Greetings fair Celeborn,” he whispered.

“Yes, greetings on this fine day,” Amrod said from behind. Celeborn
spun around to see whom the voice belonged.

“Greetings,” Celeborn said and smiled nervously at the twins. He did
not know them, but their rumours had run before them on their journey
here, and he knew what was whispered about these two elves: rascals,
predators, and seducers. “What brings you here?” he said looking from
one twin to the other, confused how alike they were and yet so

“The festival of course,” Amrod said leaning close to whisper in the
blond’s ear “we came to play leapfrog”.

“Sounds merry” Celeborn answered, trying to keep his upcoming blush to
himself; their rumour had not even done them justice, even at a
midsummer festival they were able to sound devious.

“Merry indeed,” Amras cooed “say, fair Celeborn. Are you looking
forward to the night’s festivities?” he asked in a mock innocent tone.

Celeborn blushed but nodded. “I reckon it will be a beautiful fest.”

“Lots of food,” the raven-haired twin breathed in Celeborn’s ear,
“drinks and music, aye?”

“Yes” the young blond whispered, closing his eyes trying to will the
fain shudder that went through his body as the other elf’s breath
tickled his ear.

“What my brother is trying to express so eloquently is,” Amras said
and moved closer to Celeborn’s other side, sandwiching him between the
twins, “will you dance with us?”

“Dance?” Celeborn gasped, almost relieved, he would have thought it
would have been something far more wicked coming out of the mouth of
the Noldor.

“Yes dance,” whispered Amrod, before he trailed his tongue up
Celeborn’s ear.

“You are very fair indeed Celeborn. It is only natural we would wish
to dance with you,” Amras whispered with a wicked grin.

Celeborn’s breath shuddered as well and he bit his lip, not knowing
what to do with this situation. A part of him just wanted to be left
alone to go on with his chores, but never before had someone spoken
such honey-coated words to him, and the twin’s voices alone were a
promise of pleasure. “A-aye…I..” he breathed.

“Good” Amrod whispered, as he worked his way down brushing, his lips
lightly against the blonds jawbone and neck, inhaling the sweet layer
of sweat that had started to form on Celeborn’s skin.This is going
rather well, he thought to himself.

Snickering to himself, Amras lifted Celeborn’s head with two long
fingers and turned it to face him, “Pray tell, fair Celeborn, are you
an experienced dancer?” he asked softly, feeling himself becoming
aroused against the blond’s leg and watching his brother’s attention
to the young blond’s neck.

“No,” Celeborn breathed, trying his hardest to look the red-haired elf
in his slanted green eyes.

Amras smiled as he watched Amrod slowly opening the clasps on
Celeborn’s tunic, pulling the fabric down so he could continue his wet
trail out onto his shoulder.

Amrod ran his thumb over Celeborn’s lower lip, before he leaned in and
kissed those full lips on the youth, smiling into the kiss as he felt
Celeborn’s lips tremble slightly under his. Amrod ran his tongue over
the soft lower lip, trying to make the young elf part his lips and
grant him access.

Amras noticed his brother’s trouble, and with a swift move, snaked a
hand inside Celeborn’s tunic, finding a little hard nipple that he
first just ran his fingertips over and then suddenly pinched gently.

Celeborn whimpered. Amrod took advantage of this, and deepened the
kiss, exploring the young elf’s mouth.

“Play a game with us,” Amras whispered as he licked his way back to
Celeborn’s earlobe.

Amrod pulled from the kiss and smiled at Celeborn who was utterly
flustered, “Yes, play with us,”he murmured.

Amras began to pull Celeborn’s open tunic off. Leading the elf closer
to the maypole, he reachedup and grabbed a green-coloured silken band
and with a quick move pulled it off the decoration. He held some of it
out between his hands and made sure that Celeborn noticed. “It’s a fun
game,”he said with a sensual smile.

Amrod leaned in and kissed the stunned Celeborn’s cheek whispering, “I
promise you will find it just as merry as we do,” he smiled against
the smooth skin as he turned Celeborn so that his back was against the
maypole, “raise your arms for me, fair Celeborn.”

And he did. Why, he didn’t even know, it was as if his body had taken
over, and he himself was just a spectator.

Amras reached up, grabbed a pink ribbon that hung from the maypole,
and gently started to tie it around Celeborn’s wrists.

“Relax, my sweet,” Amrod whispered as he ran his hand down over
Celeborn’s exposed chest “just say the word and we will stop playing.”

For some reason, this excited Celeborn more than he had thought, to
know he could make them stopsimply by saying so. This had to mean that
he truly desired to play their game. And although the ribbon had been
tied around his wrists, keeping him in place, worried him somewhat,
the delirious feeling of Amras’ lips and hands travelling down his
chest took it away, and he found his heart beat for a different

Amrod turned Celeborn’s head once more and started to softly kiss the
slightly bruised lips of the youth before he deepened the kiss again,
keeping Celeborn’s mind occupied from what he knew Amras was going to

Amras dropped to his knees, and with eager fingers begun to undo the
blond’s leggings. When he felt Celeborn squirm upon feeling the light
wind on his skin, knowing he was fully exposed, Amrasquickly started
to caress the future elf lord’s half-hard member, stroking and licking
until it stood slick and proud. “Good,” he purred as he slowly took
Celeborn’s length inside his mouth.

Amrod felt the young elf moan into their kiss, and reached down to
entangle his hand in Amras’ hair while his other hand remained on
Celeborn’s cheek. Pulling from his kiss, Amrod smiled as he saw the
blond’s half hooded eyes, shining with lust. “You like our little
game, don’t you?” he whispered.

Amras let go of Celeborn’s erection and slowly stood up, caressing the
blond as he did. Once on his feet he turned his head to Amrod and with
a lazy move licked his brother on his lower lip. The raven-haired
Noldor was more than happy to open his mouth to his lover, and soon
they were kissing passionately. Amras purred into the kiss, and Amrod
wrapped an arm around both Celeborn and Amras, pulling them all
closer, so he could turn his head and guide their kiss to

Never had Celeborn thought he could feel something like this; both
twins’ tongues tried to curl around his, and when he felt a soft hand
wrap itself around his erection he heard himself let out a whimper,
and one of them chuckled, “Untie him brother.”

Amrod, he thought though his eyes were closed, reached up and untied
his hands from the pink ribbon. Slowly Celeborn let his arms fall
down, only to have them guided around someone’s shoulders.

“Oh I know what he likes brother,” Amrod chuckled from behind the
blond. Amras looked at his brother and smiled as Amrod reached down to
the ground and picked up the broad piece of green silk, whispering
softly, “Stand still fair lover,” before he placed the fabric across
Celeborn’seyes “you like that don’t you?”

Not able to nod or do anything else, Celeborn could only wonder how
the Noldor twin had figured out what he had dreamed about in the
secrecy of his own chambers. As he felt the cool silk come in contact
with his skin, he let out a shuddering moan, much to Amras’ amusement,
who leaned in closer and licked the blond’s neck.

“Come lay down,” he murmured against the soft skin, looking up at his
brother who had just finished tying the knot on the green ribbon. And
together they guided the blond down to the ground.

Celeborn’s breathing picked up pace, and he bit his lip, feeling the
twins’ hands run over his skin, brushing a nipple, hearing them
chuckling softly and purring as Celeborn reckoned their lips met. For
some reason, the sounds had much more effect on his arousal than their
hands. The mere thought of those two beautiful mirror images, but for
the colour of their hair, went right to his groin.

Amrod looked at Amras and nodded to him, giving him permission, and
then they kissed each other once more leaning over the blond’s chest.
Amras suddenly ended the kiss and slipped down towards Celeborn’s
twitching erection.

The sensation of Amras’ lips was intense and surprising to the
blindfolded youth, as his member was engulfed by a warm heat, which
could only be a mouth. His hips jerked and a little mewling moan
escaped him.

The raven-haired elf whispered for him to just relax and enjoy it,
before he dived down to lick Celeborn’s one nipple. He watched his
twin closely as the other bobbed his head, bringing the blond closer
to his climax. Opening his pants he reached down and with a soft touch
of his fingertips caressed his own length, just sucking on the nipple,
watching his brother pleasure the youth.

Amras stopped and let Celeborn’s engorged member slip from his lips.
He looked up at Amrod and slowly stood up, stripping down to his naked
skin, standing there in the summer midday sun.

“You should see this,” Amrod whispered as he nibbled his way up to
Celeborn’s lips “he is ready for you now,” the elder twin smiled, “are
you ready for him?”

Not having any voice Celeborn just closed his mouth and purred.

Amras stepped in over the elf on his back and squatted down, taking a
hold of Celeborn’s slick member, guiding it to his own guardian
muscle. Amrod leaned up and kissed his brother intensivelyas he slowly
pinned himself on the blond’s erection, shivering from the delightful
feeling of pleasure and pain in one.

Amrod stood up, with a leg on each side of Celeborn’s torso, letting
his erection bob free, and rest against Amras’ cheek. He grabbed a
fistful of the red hair and guided his twin’s mouth towards his need,
and when Amras closed his lips around it, the elder twin closed his
eyes, drifting off, only feeling this delirious lust twirl around

Celeborn was deprived of this sight, but he felt Amras inner muscles
keep him in a tight hold, as one of the twins used him to bring
himself to pleasure. The youth’s breathing got louder, and his hips
began to thrust against the moves of the other one riding him, wanting
to feel more,beginning to feel a slight tickling in his hands and

Amrod sped up, taking a firm hold on Amras’ hair; he started to thrust
into his brother’s sweet mouth, watching Amras reach down to pleasure
himself as he wrapped one hand around his own erection, pumping it to
the rhythm of his lovemaking with Celeborn. Amras was the one in
control.He had complete control over everyone’s climax.

Amras looked up at his brother, with his eyes darkened from lust.
Amrod groaned and bit his lip,trying not to thrust harder into his
brother. And then, then Amras reached his climax, and Celeborn and
Amrod tumbled over the edge with him.

Amrod ejaculated in his brother’s mouth, and quickly let go of his
grip, stepping away and flopping down on the grass next to Celeborn,
afraid that he would choke Amras, and afraid that his legs would not
carry him. And as Amras collapsed on top of Celeborn, Amrod reached a
lazy arm over and pulled off the blindfold.

Still holding his eyes closed, the blond tried to catch his breath and
smiled to none, just for the sake of feeling good.

“Celeborn?” Amrod panted shallowly into the blond’s ear.

Celeborn opened his eyes slowly and turned his head to look at the
dark-haired twin “Yes?” he breathed.

“Will you still dance with us this eve?” he asked with a little
knowing smile.

Both Amras and Celeborn couldn’t help but snicker. “Yes I will dance
with you both at the feast,” the blond chuckled, “I will dance with
you after the feast too.”

Amrod was a bit surprised to hear this, but it was pleasant
nonetheless, “Really?”

“Yes” Celeborn whispered, smiling at the dark-haired twin.

Amras didn’t say anything but crawled up to lay down between his
lovers, instantly entangled in limbs from both.

“Did I ever tell you that you are a great judge of character, Amras?”
Amrod snickered.

“Yes, once or twice before,” the red-haired twin laughed softly and
rested his head against Celeborn’s shoulder. They closed their eyes,
just enjoying the sun warming their bodies, and the humming of nature,
revelling in just being there. In hours this place would be filled
with other elves making merry, dancing and singing, but for now this
was their spot and only theirs. And when Amrod snuggled closer,
closing his eyes drifting off into light sleep, Amras took a deep
breath and squeezed Celeborn’s hand that rested on his stomach.

“I like dancing with you,” he murmured, but Celeborn had already
fallen asleep as well, and Amras closed his eyes and listened to the
two other elves breathing, feeling cocooned and spent.

– The End-


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