Twilight time.

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Author: azzy
Warnings: suicide, child abuse, depressing issues, confusing images, fanfiction, really silly plot.
rating: M
characters: Fortune & Ulysses.
AN: This is a present for enchanted_black, just because I felt like it. This is a silly little fan story for Bioshock, and a lengthier explanation follows under the cut, so you can read it without ever having played the game. Oh and if you haven’t played, this story contains spoilers.
For simhaven’s April challenge ‘Casualties’.

I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the seven living creatures say in a voice like thunder, Come! I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.

Basic info you need to know is; This takes place in the city of Rapture, in a alternative 1950ies universe. The city of Rapture is located undersea, and this is why the images are mouldy (so sue me), A civil war tore the thriving city apart, and this story takes place in the middle of that.

Other stuff you need to know is: Religion was forbidden, but if you had money you could get stuff from the surface, such as religious images and items. Rapture is a strictly scientific city. The reason I planted religious images in Ulysses office was a way to show that he was not happy, that he needed something more, and would go to great lengths to get it.

Other than that, this plotline has nothing whatsover to do with Bioshock.

One more thing: I decided against photoshopping blood on the images, I felt they were messy enough as it was, and, I for some reason deleted my guns, so Fortune will talk about his gun, but none is shown on the pictures, sorry man.


//Heavenly shades of night are falling, it’s twilight time
Out of the mist your voice is calling, ’tis twilight time
When purple-colored curtains mark the end of day
I’ll hear you, my dear, at twilight time//
-The Platters.

(Listen to it)

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“Dead end again.” Fortune huffed, he eyed the hole in the wall, wondering if he would fit there, getting over to the other side of the bars, he was sure there was loot to be found there. He stroked his pocket affectionately, checking if his gun was still there. A sound made him look up. A surveillance camera, and he was not supposed to be here at all. quickly he scanned the surroundings for an escape route and saw a hatch in the floor. Not thinking twice, he just jumped down there and shut the hatch behind him before he was within the camera’s eye.

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The room was dark, and smelled of death and decay. Fortune wrinkled his nose, “Maybe there is something worth something down here, and my trip all the way out here was worth something anyway.” He mumbled to himself. Fortune squinted his eyes to see if there was a light switch in this window less place.

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When he found it, he wish he hadn’t. In front of a huge mural with what Fortune could only think was some sorts of wise men, or angels, sat a decaying corpse, still ever faithful in his chair. Fortune squinted his eyes, not wanting to lift the corpses head, he recognized this man from somewhere. Fortune sighed.

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“You weren’t killed by spleisers.” Fortune said, studying the dead man. besides the man being dead, it didn’t seem like anything really dramatic had happened here, everything was still I neat order on his desk.

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Fortune eyed the tape recorder, wondering if he could get something for it. Curiosity won out and he pressed the rewind button, letting the tape rewind itself with a loud screeching sound. At least it still worked, Fortune thought to himself. His finger hovering over the play button for a moment, he pressed it, expecting to hear whatever music this person had listened to before he died.

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*Jonathan..* a voice sighed, and a long silence followed. *Jonathan, it’s crazy out there, everything is upside down, everything is wrong, and it is my fault, it is your fault.. it is… this damn place..*

Fortune almost hit the stop button, but instead he stood rooted to the spot, listening to the dead man’s last thoughts.

*You told me that coming here would be a wise career choice, that Rapture needed paediatricians, even with a record like mine. I believed you, and when you packed up your life to come here, so did I. But Jonathan, I didn’t come here to.. to.. I came here because of you. It is as simple and pathetic as that.*  

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*I followed you, hoping, and praying that you would some day feel for me, like I did for you. Maybe you would fall in love with me as well, over time. But you seemed more interested in social gatherings, flirting with that singer.* The voice took a deep breath. *I don’t know when Fountaine found out that I was a paediatrician, but he came to me one night, and proposed that I helped him run the orphanage he wanted to build here. And I was too drunk to care, I just wanted to do something else than sit here and wait for you. pretending to be your friend, listening to your stories about those skanks. Pretending is the hardest thing I ever had to do.*

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*Working took away my black shroud of loneliness for a while, and I told myself that maybe, just maybe, I could be happy like this. I chose not to question my orders.. You were right Jonathan, even if I told you you were a liar, I did some terribly questionable things, I sent those girls to the lab if I deemed them fit enough to undergo the procedure of harbouring ADAM, God help me, I did.. I sent those girls there.. And they trusted me, the nice doctor who always had a piece of candy for them if they didn’t cry. All in all I am just a coward Jonathan,  I just hate it when they cry.*

Fortune clined his head, looking at the dead man.. Of course! It was Ulysses Lutz! He had seen him in newspapers with Fountaine and Tannenbaum as they opened the prestigious orphanage.

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The voice was silent for a while, and then whimpered. *I didn’t keep me awake, knowing what I did, it gave me no moral scruples at the time. I just wanted to kill time you see, hoping that you would some day return my affection. Instead you withdrew, and the more you distanced yourself, the more I chased you, desperately trying to find an excuse to be in your presence. When you finally sought me out, it was because Kiki had gotten pregnant, and you wanted me to look after her, and your baby inside her, you said you’d be honoured.* The voice chuckled mirthlessly. *I killed your baby, before it was born. I couldn’t stand knowing that you shared your passion with her. You properly wouldn’t believe me, but my heart went out to you that day, I wanted to hold you, to comfort you, kiss you and tell you everything would be alright.*

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The voice coughed rattling, and what sounded like spitting. *That was when it dawned on me, I did nothing but destroy where I should have built, and lie where I should have told the truth, seemed like my blackened heart consumed everything around me, and everyone unlucky enough to be in my company. Like tendrils of hate and venom..  That was not what I wanted, that is not who I am. I just wanted you to love me, that’s all. I wonder if the souls of all the innocent people who’s life I destroyed out of ignorance and spite will come back to haunt me some day. Lord knows I deserve it.*

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*I wish.. I wish you would just once had let me know what it would have been like to be yours, that my heart just once would have known peace. But I know how in my hour of death, that this would never have happened, you would never have loved me, you might have loved me like a friend, or a brother, but my sins are mine, I loved you like you loved Kiki. And I always have.* A sound that sounded mostly like the man vomiting close to the microphone, and screams in the background. *Everything is crazy outside, it is the Armageddon my beloved Jonathan, I am sure of it. I wonder where you are, I wonder if you are even alive.* Deep laboured breath. *The poetic justice of this is not lost on me. I set out to search a new frontier with you at my side, instead I turned it into my personal purgatory… It all ends here, everything ends here, this is the final hour my love.* 

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A short pause, with laboured breath and whimpering. *God, it hurts* the voice moaned clearly in agony. *Jonathan.. I..* A series of terrible sounds that Fortune could only conclude was Ulysses Lutz dying in scrutinizing pain. He quickly turned off the tape recorder, and the sudden silence was overwhelming.

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Fortune stepped back, staring at Ulysses, and then turning around to leave, with his nineteen years in existence, he didn’t really understand the pain he head heard in the man’s voice, but he had understood the message. If man were to prevail even down here, he had to rely as much on his heart as on his intellect. Even if the city itself seemed to be bereft of a soul. And that was why Fortune left Ulysses’ home without as much as the tape recorder, he was to be that man, he was no machine, and he was not a coward. Surely that had to count for something, even in hell. 


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