Tigers waiting to be tamed.

Okay so i FINALLY got my act together and sat down to make the rather extensive playlist. I hoped it might kick my muse, and it did actually poke it, i just need to give it some thought. So i am not really done with the playlist, It’s only halfway done, and some characters are missing and what not, I will look at it tomorrow because i am too tired to think now, and i will of course also add stuff as it comes along. I will link to this post from the links bar or the welcome post so it’s easier to find if anyone should need it.

Now, i chose to link to the videos with the best sound, and preferably the lyrics too, lyrics are like 90% of a song for me, so they would mean a whole lot for the character.

Kane Williams: Snow Patrol – Hands open // Shut your eyes // Run //

Seth Singer: Coldplay – In my place // Korn –  Got the life // Reclaim my place // Dead bodies everywhere // Alone I break // Freak on a leash // Falling away from me // Deftones – No ordinary love // NIN – Into the void // The Becoming // The big come down //Placebo – For what it’s worth // Marilyn Manson – Angel with the scabbed wings //

Terrence “Terry” Williams: Deep Purple – Fireball // Black Sabbath – N.I.B // Paranoid // Jethro Tull – Cry you a song // Tanita Tikaram – Twisting my sobriety // Patsy Cline – Crazy //

Farit “Ferris” Fazakas: Fever Ray – Keep the streets empty for me // Seven // When I grow up // I’m not done // Now is the only time I know // Monster Magnet – Unbroken // Dead Christmas // Black Balloon // Venus in furs // Lamb of God – Laid to rest // Now you got something to die for // James Morrison & Nelly Furtado – Broken strings //

Israel “Izzy” Singer: ABBA – Gimme Gimme Gimme // Lay all your love on me // Honey honey //Madonna – Let it will be // Future lovers // Voices (remix) // The Presets – Anywhere // Tim Christensen – Whispering at the top of my lungs // Madison Avenue – Don’t call me baby //

Sebastian Deadwood: Imogen Heap –The moment I said it // Have you got in you //

Fernando “Nando” Deadwood: Madonna – Sorry // She’s not me (remix) // Hung up // The Presets – Kicking and screaming // If I know you //

Early-Angel Cortez: The Knife – Pass this on // Silent shout // Marble house // Sting – Book of my life // Fragile // Fever Ray – If I had a heart // Monster Magnet – All friends and kingdome come // Dopes to infinity // The Presets – This boys in love //

Ramon Cortez: Ane Brun – To let myself go // NIN – Why do you get all the love in the world //

Rainer Fazakas: Warsaw village band – Cóżeś ty kasiu Robiła // Biski // Goran Bregovic – Ederlezi // Bubamara // Kalasnikov // Mesechina //

Constantine Chazov: Lisa Miskovsky – Driving one of your cars // James Morrison – Is anybody home //

David “Dallas” Barker: Yoav – Club thing (remix) // Benni Benassi Vs Public Enemy – Bring the noise //

Lucas Barker: Sting – Shape of my heart // Christian Walz – Wonderchild // Ane Brun – My lover will go //

Callum “Cal” Van Maes: Benni Benassi Vs Sean Paul – Satisfation (remix) // Sean Paul – Get busy (remix) // NIN – Starfuckers // Lady Ga Ga – Just dance // Imogen Heap – Clear the area //

Sailor Sparrow Jr: Nick Cave – Henry Lee // Pusifier – Momma said // Marilyn Manson – Cake and sodomy // Johnny Cash – Jackson (movie remake) // Cardigans – Favourite game //
Caleb Starling: Coldplay – Lost? // In my place // Lacuna Coil – Swamped // Within Temptation – Forsaken // Tiamat – Cain //


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