This shit is bananas! – B.A.N.A.N.A.S I

Title: This shit is bananas! – B.A.N.A.N.A.S
Author: Azzy
Email: az.ombie[at]
AN: This story is made for MissKalloway’s birthday. – This is of course just a lame figment of my imagination, mind you I never ever bothered to play any of the games, I’m lame like that, and I am a terrible consol player! I just saw the movie with all the bishie puurties *winks* that just have to be enough! – Oh just for the record, I didn’t bother to set this in a sertain time or nothing, I don’t care really, its not even close to “canon” to begin with, this is PWP.. as in, just for the loverly pron.
WIP: 1/2
Fandom: FF7 – Advent children.
Betaed by;
Rating: N17
Disclaimer: Do I look like an Asian dude? Naah.. Didn’t think so, so.. They are not mine.
Summary: Reno and Cloud has a lovers fight.
Warnings: man humping man, cussing.
Pairings: Cloud/Reno

It’s inspired from //THIS// picture of Cloud and Reno… yum yum!

Few times I’ve been around that track
So it’s not just gonna happen like that!

Gwen Stefani – Hollaback girl.

This shit is bananas! – B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

Cloud had gotten the message on the phone, sighing as he heard Reno ask to meet him, ‘I got work for you’ he had said. But Cloud knew better, the blond closed the phone with a click and rested his forehead on his motorcycle, letting out an annoyed groan “I just know this is bad shit” he said to himself.

Struggling an inner war if he should start up his bike and go, or should he just ignore the call. But he couldn’t could he? If he had not wanted anybody to call, then he would have tossed that damn cell phone a long time ago.

Reno, what an annoying prick! Always showing up at the oddest times, always with a knowing smile, and an obnoxious remark. But that was exactly the same traits that made him irresistible. Reno… the obnoxious prick, the generous lover and the fierce fighter. Groaning again as his phone buzzed with a voicemail, Cloud tried to wipe the mental image of Reno naked, but failed miserably. Sitting up straight in the saddle again, he flipped open the phone and listened to the message, ‘Papa Peacock’s motel’ Reno’s voice said with a faint echo. Cloud couldn’t help but to smile, he knew exactly where that motel was, and he knew there was a terrible net there; this had to mean that Reno would already be there. How utterly arrogant!

Putting the cell phone away again, Cloud fired up his motorcycle, he had never really had any doubts, he had known he would go as soon as he got the message, he had just put up this little mental charade to fool himself into thinking he actually had some dignity.

Arriving at the motel, he walked into the reception, he smiled a little self-assured smile to the fat man behind the desk “Hello there” he said, watching as the fat man turned from his little TV to look at him, “ah, customers” the fat man said. Cloud looked at his shirt, it had a name tag that said ‘Sven’ not that the clerk looked like a ‘Sven’ to him, so this shirt would have to had belonged to Sven at some point or another. “What can I do for you?” ‘Sven’ said. “Uhm..” Cloud said, not sure how to say it, “I have a friend who already have a room, and..”

Sven cut him off with a flat tone, “you need to know what room”

Cloud nodded “yes please” biting a nail, Cloud tried to remember what stupid name Reno would have used, only to realise that Sven was looking at him, waiting for an answer “excuse me?” Cloud said with a disarming smile.

“I said, what is your friends name?, sweet’ums”

“Ah, yes” Cloud said, feeling his cheeks redden as he blushed “he don’t exactly sign in with his own name, so I don’t know.. Perhaps you could read some of the check inn’s from today?” he rested his elbows on the counter, smiling at Sven.

“Alright, for you spikey, anything” Sven sighed with annoyance, reaching out under the counter getting a stack of paper “let us see” he mumbled “we have a Terence, Oliver, Bert, Paul, Dennis..”

Cloud shook his head, “try the more.. uhm.. Unconventional names, please..”

Sven bit back a little laugh and ran his fat finger over the paper, “ah here, we got a 10inch Henry, and a deepthroat June” searching as he shook his head mumbling about perverts, he suddenly said “how about Big daddy R?”

“That would be my him” Cloud said with a sweet smile trying to hide his uncomfortable squirm, he knew very well what this motel was used for, it was in the middle of nowhere, far from prying eyes. “What room is he in?” Sven looked up at the key rack “14” he said “it used to be 13, but people are so damn superstitious that we had to have two of number 69, it seems to be everyone’s favourite number, and no one ever complained”

Cloud rolled his eyes “marvellous”, but before Sven could say more, Cloud was gone and the door to the reception shut behind him. Standing in the desert, he inhaled the dry air. ‘14’ he thought to himself ‘alright Reno, here I come’

He opened the door to room number 14, half expecting it to be empty, and Reno would have pulled a prank on him, but sure enough, Reno was there only wrapped in a towel, apparently just out of the bath.

“Cloud” he said, turning smiling to the dirty and angry blond in the door.

“Why did you make me come way out here, to be humiliated like that in the reception?” Cloud said, slamming the door behind him.

“Aw come on, that was fun!” Reno said chuckling “besides I didn’t make you come, you chose to come” the redhead sat down on the bed and looked up at Cloud “but I knew you would, when will you stop feeling guilty for having fun?”

“So you found it funny I had to ask what room number big daddy R had?” Cloud said crossing his arms over his chest, “I am not amused”

Reno reached out for Cloud “Cloud.. For fucks sake man, there is no reason to get mad, you’re here now, right?”

“I need a bath” Could said, moving out of Reno’s reach. “I just drove for an hour for this shit,” he mumbled, as he walked out into the bathroom and slammed the door behind him.

Standing in the shower, Cloud closed his eyes. The water was nice and cold, washing away dirt and grime from several days on the road. He could hear Reno turning on the television, and smiled. No matter how insane the situation was, Reno always made him smile. Running a hand through his hair to make sure that all the sand was out. Maybe that was just Reno’s way of dealing with things, making fun of it, goofing about. Turning the water off, Cloud stepped out of the shower. Reaching for a towel he suddenly grinned, no. Not today, today Reno would be in for something different, he too could play when he chose to.

Reno hardly noticed Cloud coming out of the bathroom, he knew him. Knew that he would come and lay down beside him, shy at first, reluctant to let himself have bodily contact, and then when Reno had spent enough time cuddling and sweet talking, they would kiss, and Cloud would slowly loosen up until he would loose himself, abandoning all restraints of his dutiful mind and carefully build mask he wore in public. Only Reno knew that this was not the fact, he had met the hot-blooded, sensual, carefree Cloud.

But when Cloud suddenly crawled in over him in the bed, wet from the shower, dripping water all over, Reno’s grin widened “you’re gonna make everything wet” he stated. Cloud nodded as he leaned in and licked Reno’s inner thigh like a big predatory cat. “Oh” was all Reno could muster, as he spread his legs further apart for more.

“Presumptuous, aren’t we?” Cloud said, running a hand up Reno’s other inner thigh. “Big daddy” he couldn’t even say that without cracking a giggle. “Well, the next time I will sign myself in as ‘naughty-boy R’” Reno said grinning as he sat up in the bed, meeting Cloud, wrapping his arm around the blond’s waist. “Do you think he knows?” Cloud whispered “the fat clerk?” Reno burst out laughing, “I would recon, I told him my blond bitch would come look for me” Cloud frowned “you did ‘what’?!”

“Told him my blond bitch would…”

Cloud pushed Reno away in an angrily. “Fuck you, man,” he barked.

“Hey it was all in good fun” Reno said puzzled by Clouds strange reaction.

Cloud got off the bed and wrapped his arms across his chest staring accusing at Reno “Bullshit Reno! You know that is not funny. I have had it with this crap, I am leaving.” He stated, walking off to the bedroom to gather his clothes.

Reno swiftly got out of bed and followed Cloud, “alright, I’m sorry, ok? Don’t get mad.. I just thought that..” Cloud didn’t listen he just gathered his clothes and pushed past Reno out from the bathroom and into the bedroom. “Hey, Cloud” Reno said, holding a hand out to the blond, Cloud stopped and looked at him, and Reno smiled a little shy smile, that apparently didn’t work, since Cloud frowned again. “Don’t leave”

“Why not?” Cloud said, “you better start apologizing now, and it better be good”

Reno didn’t smile, which was actually unsettling for Cloud, he couldn’t remember he had ever seen the Turk without a hint of a smile, this was a new side to Reno, a very serious one. “I said what I did because.. I..” stepping closer to Cloud, Reno took a deep breath “because I thought you would find it a little bit naughty and romantic, you know.. That we were, were, lovers and all”

Now it was Clouds turn to smile “Lovers?” he said “I thought we were fuck buddies, at most!”

Reno stepped even closer, so close he could pull Cloud close to him. Running his hands up the blond’s sides, he whispered “would it be so bad to be lovers?”

“It would be complicated” Cloud answered, resting his forehead on Reno’s, looking him straight into his eyes. “But if you would dress up as Sephiroth for me, I am sure we could arrange something” Cloud chuckled. Reno looked absolutely mortified at first, but then he exploded with laughter.

Cloud raised an eyebrow, “what?.. Here I am telling you my sexual fantasies, and you just laugh” he wasn’t able to hold his pokerface for much longer, and suddenly he too started to laugh.

“Sephiroth, he would prolly kill you and fuck your dead body for fun” Reno said, his voice dropping to a whisper “where as I, I would prefer to fuck it while you’re still breathing” he ground his pelvis against Cloud, and they both sucked in their breath as their groins met. “Just because I am a all around nice guy” Reno purred, capturing Clouds lips they engaged in a long frantic kiss, letting all of their frustration and sexual tension out, through this one touch. As the kiss ended, Cloud breathed heavily and looked at Reno’s whose eyes were darkened from lust.

“This is for you calling me a blond bitch,” Cloud whispered hotly, and with a quick move he pinned Reno against the wall with his front against the wall. Whatever had brought this on, he didn’t know? But Reno decided he liked it, and arched his back as he felt fingers spreading his buttocks, rubbing against his anus. Cloud still had his arm across Reno’s shoulders, pressing him against the wall, “you want me to fuck you?” he purred.

“Yes” Reno whispered, biting his lip as one of clouds fingers pressed inside him.

“Right here, against the wall?” Cloud whispered, as he pushed the finger further in.

“Yes, oh gods yes”

Cloud added a finger more, relaxing the muscle, moaning softly as he watched Reno’s wanton display, when the redhead wrapped a hand around his own erection and slowly stroke it. Removing his arm from Reno’s shoulders, he rested the hand against the wall, grabbing a hold of his lovers hip with his other hand, he watched Reno closely as he started to push inside.

Reno moaned softly as Cloud stroke the bundle of nerves inside him that made stars erupt behind his eyelids. If he had known Cloud would be such a talented lover, he would have had a fight with him months ago, just to have this absolutely deliriously good make up sex.

Cloud leaned in and bit Reno’s earlobe, “mmm Reno” he purred, making a point with three rapid thrusts, Reno whimpered, and pressed himself against Cloud to somehow make the thrusts go deeper, and Cloud rewarded him, straightening up so he could angle his thrusts differently, he drove himself deeper and faster than before, he set a pace that would have them both undone quickly but he couldn’t help himself, it just felt too good, in his frantic clouded mind he imagined Reno suckling his fingers, wrapping his tongue around them before returning them to his hard erection. This image proved too much, and Cloud lost himself in a haze, spilling his seed inside his lover.

They both slid to the floor, spent and panting. “Oh my fucking god” Reno chuckled. “I should piss you off more often”

“And I should gag you the next time” Cloud said with a sated smile on his lips “you are pretty vocal”

“Oh the flattery” Reno stated dryly

Cloud rolled unto his side, wrapping an arm around Reno’s chest “come on, lover. Let us get over to the bed, we will be sore in the morning if we sleep here”

A big genuine smile flashed Reno’s face, “speak for yourself, I will be sore no matter what, haven’t you ever heard of lube?” When Cloud didn’t answer, he just rested his head on Reno’s shoulder. Reno turned his head, kissing Cloud on his forehead “alright lover, lets get a move on to the bed”



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