The seven deadly sins 6/7; Luxuria.

Fandom:Angel sanctuary
Word Count: 1.224
Rating:N17 for masturbation.
Disclaimer:All characters belong to Kaori Yuki, not me!
Author’s Notes:Still AU.. Lust is also perversion. writtem for 7_deadly_sins_. here you go aeneus 🙂 the smut!

“Excessive love of others, thereby detracting from the love due to God”
Dante Alighieri.


Returning to Rosiel, Raphael’s head reeled from the sheer crime he had committed, he had let that kid die to save his own hide, maybe he would have been able to save him, even if he had found no pulse, it had been wrong to leave him like this. And therefore entering Rosiel’s doors was as hard as it had been waking down in that cursed corridor to begin with.

Rosiel sat in his windowsill, looking very un-authoritarian wearing a long sleeping shirt and leggings, “Ah Raphael-sama” he said looking as the angel, as the doors behind Raphael slammed shut with a loud bang, giving Raphael the feeling of being utterly trapped, like a fly in a web, he could say what he wanted, struggle as he wished, but Rosiel had him where he wanted him, and he knew it! Looking a little shocked Rosiel jumped down from the windowsill, and walked towards Raphael “you look terrible, my friend” he said sweetly “did the monsters rough you up?”

“No Rosiel-sama” Raphael said bowing his head to his superior. “But I am afraid that Zaphekiel-sama’s little pet was hurt badly” the words nearly died on his lips as he spoke. But he knew that Rosiel would find out fast enough, someone would rat, and this way maybe he would be in much less trouble, but then again, Rosiel was almost impossible to figure out.

“Raziel?” Rosiel said calmly

“Yes my lord” Raphael whispered “I am afraid he snuck after me and the ghouls got to him before I could help him”

“Zaphekiel will be really upset” Rosiel said with a hint of a laugh in his voice.

Raphael whimpered, feeling hurt, tired and most of all sorry for himself.

“And you’re asking me to cover this incident for you?” Rosiel said, but before Raphael could answer he continued “you do not want to see Zaphekiel mad, just take my word for it”

Raphael nodded weakly, when would he ever be permitted to sit down, his legs were trembling under him from emotional drain, and fatigue, not to mention the blood loss.

“I would call the doctor to come bandage that would of yours” Rosiel smirked “but the doctor seems to be unavailable at the moment” The lord of the heavens stepped up to Raphael and ran his un-gloved fingers across the wound in the shoulder “maybe I should play doctor instead” he whispered seductively “then you would owe me your life and allegiance, trustworthy help is hard to come by”

“Yes, Rosiel-sama, I would be most honoured to let you attend my wound” Raphael said, he did not mean it, and he was so frightened he could hardly get those words over his lips, he did not owe Rosiel anything at all, he was a dangerous one to owe something, most of all your trust and life. No doubt he would call upon it some day, and that that would be Raphael’s last.

Rosiel smiled as he raised Raphael’s head with two fingers, forcing him to look him directly into his eyes. “Good, you are cleverer than I gave you credit for Raphael” he said with a little sexy pout. “Come then, you should not stand when you are in this much pain”

Raphael followed Rosiel over to the lush red sofa, where he laid down; closing his eyes as he felt his lords hand push aside whatever was left of his once white shirt. “Ooo it looks bad, must be shot at a close range” he raised a delicate eyebrow and looked suspiciously at Raphael “one might think you would have inflicted this on yourself, the last time I heard, Ghouls did not carry handguns, and Raziel that poor sod, is way too short to shoot you in the shoulder like this unless you were laying on the ground already”

Raphael didn’t answer, he did not have to, and Rosiel seemed to have figured it all out nicely by himself. Right now Raphael was just happy that he had not opted to lie from the beginning, for the odds were that Rosiel already knew everything that had transpired in the cellar.

But just as he had promised, Rosiel cleaned the wound gently with a damp cloth and bandaged it neatly, running his fingers over Raphael’s nipple it hardened under the unexpected touch, and Raphael could almost feel Rosiel’s smirk psychically, even if his eyes were closed. Experimentally Rosiel did it again, and this time his reward was a little sharp intake of breath.

“You like this don’t you?” Rosiel whispered

But Raphael didn’t answer, he just knitted his eyebrows in frustration as the exploring fingers met his navel, and from there stopped by his waistband. He knew his erection had to be visible, and for a second he damned himself for his own libido. “For-forgive me, Rosiel-sa-sama” he stuttered as he made a futile attempt to get up form the sofa. But laid down again as the slender hand cupped his erection through the fabric of his pants, and the breath got caught in his throat, he did not even dare to breath, knowing just how easy things could turn out to not be in his favour, truth be he was not even sure they were in his favour now.

“Open your pants, and show me” Rosiel whispered hoarsely.

At first Raphael had a hard time even recognizing Rosiel’s voice when it was like this, but never the less he did as he was told, and soon after his erection laid hard against his stomach.

“Touch yourself for me” Rosiel said.

Raphael knew it was a command, but it really didn’t sound like one, and he then curled his fingers around his member, and waited.

“Stroke yourself, and when you find your completion, you will tell me what is on your mind in that very second, you will scream it loud for all to hear” Rosiel said with a thick voice.

And so Raphael did, he began stroking, at first his mind wandered off, feeling awkward and spectated, he opened his eyes slightly, only to see Rosiel rub his own groin through the fabric of the nightshirt. Raphael quickly closed his eyes again, maybe this was Rosiel’s only means of letting out that sexual energy, he had to admit he had just assumed that Katan was his lover really, but maybe he weren’t, maybe he was his doll, maybe he could live this out through Katan, and in lack of him, tried to live it out through Raphael? – These thought quickly fled as his passion built, and the strokes became more heated and fast. Purring out loud as he arched his back slightly, letting his legs fall aside, giving Rosiel a better view, he felt deliriously naughty and it felt good! Better than he had ever thought, every stroke, every purr, mew and moan was for his voyeur, and that alone was enough to make white heat slowly build in the pits of his groin. Feeling the white harsh, warm light travel through every nerve of his body Raphael cried out “Katan!”


On another account i finished my monday_smut drabble, not much more than the min 300 words, but after all its NOT a fandom im used to, hey this “challenge” is a great wat to write shit i would never have written if i didn’t have the chance to just go wild in any fandom i choose like that – yea im pimpin my own challenge community, hells i started it with talullahred because we both wanted to write for it LOL.. OH yea! about challenges, i signed up for the secret santa, first year i did that 🙂 a change of the mistress might have helped, one never know.


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