The Breath Control Game.

Title: The Breath Control Game
Author: Az (
Parring: Fëanor/Finrod (Silmarillon based)
Rating: N17
Warnings: Angst, Kink, and incest I think
Disclaimer: Don’t owe them, don’t sue me

Authors note: Alright, this have been fun, fun, fun – I had to do some read
up on this specific kink I chose, and if any of you should be curious you
can read more here
Thanks to EIC, and LIC for giving me this opportunity to write some
twisted stuff. And thanks to my friend Peter for helping me choose fetish,
and parring 😀 – Thanks to Miriel for betaing this fic 🙂 Hugs woman! –
This fic won as overall best EIC fetish fic, at the *what’s your fetish? *
Fic contest on EIC and LIC – that is so freaking cool
Last but not least – do not try this at home elflings!
As always – I live for FB *yay*


The Breath Control Game.

”I can’t” the younger elf said shocked, ”I am sorry, but I just cant”

“oh” Fëanor sighed “I just thought we agreed on being honest” the Noldo
blushed and fingered the embroidery on his tunic’s sleeve. The blonde elf
large blue eyes looked like they would pop out of their sockets, “I know
Fëanor, But I just did not expect something like this”

Fëanor sighed once more “could you at least not look so shocked Finrod, it
is not like this was easy to tell you in the first place” Finrod blinked and
smiled a strained smile “I know, my sweet – But you have to respect that I
have a hard time understanding, what it is you want”

“how can that be hard? – I think I told you quite clear, and from the
expression on your face, you understood my words just fine” the older elf

Finrod looked down at the floor “I did, you are right – I just n-never..” his
voice trailed off and left the room in a aquard silence.

After some painful silent moments, Fëanor finally opened his mouth “my
heart, my sweet. Would you at least *try* ?” the younger elf shook his
head in dismay.. “perhaps, I will have to think Fëanor, can you grant me
The dark-haired elf nodded slowly “if there is no other way – then, take
your time” he looked up on his younger fair-haired lover “as long as you
will return”.
Finrod took hold of the other elfs hand, and gently caressed it, to soothe
his upset lover “I promise, my light. I promise” he whispered, and smiled
upon seeing the frown on the older elf disappear some.

Finrod let go of Fëanor’s hand and stood up. He looked out of the window,
and watched the sea “I think we are going to have a storm soon, the waves
are big and powerful, even the seagulls seek shelter” the blond said in a
dreamy voice. “then let us hope all ships are at bay” Fëanor answered and
looked away. Finrod tore his gaze from the foaming sea, back to his lover
on the bed. “I will be back later tonight, and then I will have an answer for
you, my spirit” he said softly, and greeted his uncle and lover with placing
his hand over his heart lowering his head. And Fëanor returned his
gesture. “until later, my heart” he whispered, and bit his lip.

Finrod left the room, and the sound of the door slamming behind him,
echoed in his ears for minutes to come. He slumped down against the wall
in the corridor, and wept. He could only hope that no elf would venture
this way. And why should they, this was a wing reserved for family.
If only he had someone he could turn to, someone to calm his worries. For
he bedded his own uncle – this was unheard of. So they kept it a secret,
well aware of the punishment that would follow.

Finrod felt the walls caving in on him. He had to get out, had to inhale the
fresh air, even if this meant he had to run past others on his way, and face
the worried looks from them.

Luckily he did not meet others than servants on his way out, and once
reaching the outside he took a deep breath of the chilly air. He walked
over the court yard and continued to the rocky beach, and sat down.
Looking at the roaring sea.

Could he do this? – how could Fëanor even ask this from him?. He shook
his head and frowned. The young elf felt his frame shake like a leaf in the
wind, from the aggressive winds blowing here.
He should go inside, it would be common sense. But he could not face his
uncle right now, he sighed and looked at the horizon where he saw
lightening hit the water, they looked like little yellow tendrils from the
sky, and not the least dangerous. At least not as dangerous as the games
Fëanor asked of him.. why could the elder elf not understand that it
frightened him?! That he wanted to kiss him, taste him, feel him. Not harm
him, and further more, not endanger him.
Fëanor himself had tried to comfort him, telling him that he had it all
under control


This was a dangerous matter. A very fine line to walk, what if it went
wrong?, what if…
Finrod’s chain of thoughts was disrupted as he felt a hand on his shoulder
“you should come with me inside penneth” he heard Fëanor’s voice say

“no, not yet” he said and shrugged off Fëanor’s hand

“please my sweet, it is dangerous to stay out here” the elder elf said and
grabbed Finrod’s arm and hoisted him to his feet. Finrod kept his gaze
locked on the ground, and kept silent, as he knew that arguing with his
uncle was a futile mission.
So he followed Fëanor inside.

Once in his rooms, Fëanor locked the door and turned towards Finrod
“why my beloved?, why do you take this simple request so heavy on your
heart?” the elder elf said softly and smiled sadly.

Finrod sat down on his bed and hid his face in his hands “I cannot do this
– I love you, believe me – but I cannot grant you this” he said and shook
his head slowly in utter despair.

Fëanor sighed and moved over to the younger elf and sat down, wrapping
a arm protectively around him. “I promise you no harm will come from it,
please penneth – think it over”

Suddenly anger took over Finrod, and he jerked up and looked defiant at
his uncle “ I have a name Fëanor – I am *not* your little one, I am Finrod!
– and I wont play your little perverted and twisted game”

Fëanor frowned, torn between getting angry and being utterly surprised
“hush now child, you are not yourself” he whispered and caressed
Finrod’s cheek.

“d-don’t..” Finrod started, hating himself for stuttering, would he really
ever be able to deny his lover something?, was he just playing mind games
with himself?!

The elder elf smiled at the young ones hesitation, and let his hand run
down to the nape of Finrod’s neck, before leaning in and kissing his lover
gently “Finrod” he whispered “I love you”

Finrod could have kicked his lover, pounded on him till he was senseless,
but he just let out a ragged breath, leaning into the touch of Fëanor. He
heard a click, and opened his eyes fully alert, but when he saw Fëanor’s
belt coming off, he relaxed.

“trust me” Fëanor said softly and closed the belt again, without locking it,
so it resembled a noose. Then he smiled reassuring and kissed Finrod
before pulling the belt over his head, letting it rest loosely around his
throat. “come” he whispered to the scared elf. And guided his lover down
between his legs.

Finrod sat on his knees, looking up at the elder elf towering over him, and
swallowed hard, before gently beginning to unlace Fëanor’s leggings. He
looked up again, seeing Fëanor lean backwards resting both his hands on
the madras. Before he returned his attention to his lovers erect member.
He kissed the tip, and nibbled on it – he usually found much reward in
pleasuring his lover like this, but today it would be different, today it
repulsed him. He looked up once more to see Fëanor laying flat on his
back on the bed with closed eyes, apparently enjoying his ministrations.
So he decided to continue. Letting his tongue swirl over the hot flesh, and
when he took the elder elfs entire length in his mouth, he gently pushed a
finger inside the tight heat of his lover as well, searching for the little spot
in there, that would make the other elf writher in lust.

He heard a strained moan, and felt Fëanor thrust against him. And when a
hand came down and grabbed his hair, he was prepared, and when Fëanor
began to thrust rapidly into his mouth, he added a second and third finger
inside his lover. But just as he tasted the pre-ejaculate the hand slumped
down, letting go of his hair, and all he heard was fast little sharp breaths

/he’s chocking/

But then he remembered all to clear, that this was what his lover wanted,
he *wanted* it this way, it gave him pleasure he said, so Finrod tried to
ignore the shallow breaths, and continue his business, bringing his lover to
the edge.
And when he climaxed, Finrod almost choked, as he had no warning.
There had been non of the sweet moans, non of the reassuring words.


Nothing but the ragged shallow breathing, and now he had heard Fëanor
gasp, to go silent. Finrod let his lovers slumping member slide out of his
mouth, and wiped his tears away, tears that had come from straining
himself, not to gag.
He then slowly rose to his feet, looking down at his lover, when his heart
skipped a beat..


the dark-haired elf lay still, with his eyes turned up, so only the white
show, his lips was pale, and his form seemed lifeless “Aii – what have I
done?!?!” the young elf whispered and quickly crawled up on the bed.
Frantically trying to remove the belt from his lovers throat “sweet
Elbereth, no, no, no – I should never have agreed”
the belt was difficult to get off, as Finrod’s panic escalated, his fingers
wouldn’t comply.
“Please, please breathe my love” he heard his own pained voice whisper,
and he tasted the saltiness of his own tears as they silently ran over his
lips.. “please breathe”

he finally managed to take off the belt, and when he heard Fëanor breathe
shallow but steady, Finrod began to sob. The other elf was out cold, but
alive “this was too close, too close” he whispered

Finrod rested his head on Fëanor’s chest, listening to the steady breathing..
“Please don’t ever make me do this again” he begged – well knowing that
there would be a next time.

Finrod sat up and gently removed the belt entirely, before getting off the
bed. He walked out to the balcony, standing there feeling the heavy rain
soaking him, before he threw the belt, as far as he could out into the sea.

Hating this game, wishing he could say stop – say no.

– the end-


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