Star of the sea 13/16; Things will never be the same again.

Author: azzy
Email: az.ombie[at]
Title: Star of the sea (Heartland)
AN: last chapter of ‘Heartland’ and now things get really crazy! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And guess what?! Its time for the Mpreg thing – wooot!
WIP: 13/17
Fandom: LotR/Silm
Betaed by: Lisbet
Rating: R
Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine, sad but true.
Summary: Ecthelion gets some interesting news.
Warnings: Mpreg.
Pairings: Ecthelion/Erestor (implied – Glorfindel/Erestor Glorfindel/Haldir) (for ‘Heartland’)

I thought that we would just be friends
Things will never be the same again
It’s just beginning its not the end
Things will never be the same again
It’s not a secret anymore
Now we’ve opened up the door
Starting tonight and from now on
We’ll never, never be the same again.

Mel C – Never be the same again.

Chapter 13 – Things will never be the same again.

Standing in front of Elrond’s door, Ecthelion still battled with himself. He could just keep this a secret. After all, Erestor would never have known if he had not told him. His lie was still undetected. Erestor had told him over and over again that Elrond would not be too upset, and he was sure that he would not go to such lengths as to ask him to leave the last homely house. Ecthelion was not so sure. He had been sure of himself before, and had been terribly wrong! But now he had decided to trust Erestor, for if their love should even stand a chance, Ecthelion felt that the charade should end. He had never heard of something good being build on a foundation of lies and untruths.

Standing undecided in his own thoughts, Ecthelion was startled as the heavy oak door suddenly opened and Erestor bumped into him on his way out in the corridor. “Erestor!” he croaked as he stumbled backwards to find his ground.

“Hello there, handsome,” Erestor said with a big smile and a vague blush. And much to Ecthelion’s surprise, he kissed him on the cheek. “Elrond is in if you came to see him.”

“I… I…” Ecthelion stuttered, not really sure what he was supposed to think about this, but he knew his heart was beating like mad.

“Is something wrong?” Erestor said, suddenly looking worried.

“No, no,” Ecthelion said, shaking his head. “You just… I don’t know… we… uhm,” he rambled, seeing Erestor growing more worried and very confused. Ecthelion gathered all his courage and kissed the advisor.

As the kiss ended, Erestor grinned and leaned in to whisper something, when they both heard Elrond clear his throat behind them. Looking up they saw Elrond standing in the doorframe, grinning like a fool. “Did you come to see me or Erestor?” he chuckled.

“You,” Ecthelion said, blushing crimson. “My lord.”

“Well come on inside, dear Ithildin,” Elrond said, stepping away from the door frame. “I am sure you can see Erestor later.”

Erestor laughed whole-heartedly, and kissed Ecthelion on his cheek before walking off, leaving a baffled Ecthelion facing lord Elrond.


Ecthelion had sat down and slowly explained it all to Elrond; the otherwise calm ruler of Imladris had been in tears at the end of Ecthelion’s tale. And for long moments neither spoke. Then Ecthelion broke the silence. “Are you angry with me, my lord?”

Elrond frowned, confused. “Angry? Why would I be angry with you?” he said softly.

Ecthelion pulled the eye patch off and carefully folded it on Elrond’s desk, looking up at his lord cross-eyed from the sudden change of vision. “I tricked you.” Ecthelion looked at the eye patch as were he hypnotised. “I never meant to lie, but I hope you understand that I couldn’t live with Glorfindel’s loathing all over again.” Looking up at Elrond again, Ecthelion’s eyes widened in apparent fear. “But I will have to face him, won’t I? By Eru! What was I thinking? I can’t stay in Rivendell after all! He will… he will… “

“Calm yourself, Ecthelion,” Elrond said, tasting the other elf’s name as were it a strange dish. “Glorfindel won’t do anything. I am sure he has learned from his mistake as well, and is ready to let bygones be bygones.” Smiling at the nervous elf, Elrond tried to reach out and offer him a soothing hand, but Ecthelion pulled his hands close. “You really shouldn’t worry so much, but for what it is worth, I do understand your decision to become Ithildin, and I too would take Celeborn and Lady Galadriel’s advice without thinking twice.”

Nodding, Ecthelion smiled weakly. Maybe everything would solve itself anyway.

“You should drink some water, my friend. You look terribly pale,” Elrond said, standing to fetch a glass of cold water for Ecthelion. As Ecthelion took the glass, Elrond felt his forehead. “You are burning up,” he murmured, looking troubled. “It cannot be!”

“What?” Ecthelion said sounding anxious. He didn’t like the tone in Elrond’s voice. He sounded almost scared.

“A fever,” Elrond said, feeling Ecthelion’s forehead and neck. “You are running a fever, it is simply not possible!” Removing his hands from Ecthelion’s hot skin he pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing heavily while trying to understand what was happening. “Would you mind telling me how long you have felt like this, and when were you going to let me know?”

The slightly scolding tone made Ecthelion feel ashamed. Truth was that he had felt strange for quite some time, but he had felt that there was no use burdening lord Elrond with his petty trouble. “I don’t exactly know,” he said with a vague voice.

Elrond detected his lie on the spot and shook his head. “Come, let me try and figure out what is ailing you.”

Ashamed of his own crude lie, Ecthelion stood up and followed Elrond into a little room next to the office. Lying down on the cot, he closed his eyes and let Elrond roll him around on his stomach, poking him in the kidneys. Elrond asked, “Does this hurt?” Ecthelion shook his head, and Elrond continued to put pressure on different places on his back, before he was rolled unto his back and the poking continued on his chest and throat. But nothing seemed wrong. Elrond looked puzzled until he pushed the spot where he knew humans would sometimes suffer from diseases in the appendix. Seeing Ecthelion flinch and hearing him suck in breath, he started to explore the area, only to find that the actual sore spot was lower.

Seeing Elrond’s worried look as he squirmed under the pressure on his abdomen, “Don’t” was all he could say. It didn’t exactly hurt, it was just very unpleasant. Ecthelion could have panicked, and as Elrond left to pick out a book from his bookshelf, that was exactly what he did. Sitting up he raked a sweaty hand through his hair. “El-Elrond?” he whispered.

“Hold on, my friend” Elrond murmured, reading with dawning amazement until he slammed the book shut. Walking back to Ecthelion, he gently pushed the frightened elf down on the cot again. “When I push down here, what happens?” he asked. “Exactly.”

“Wh-what happens?” Ecthelion croaked.


“I get nauseous, and it is really unpleasant… I wish you would stop,” Ecthelion whispered, not knowing why the look Elrond gave him made him want to cry. “What is wrong with me?”

Elrond smiled and shook his head. “For low long have you had a fever?”

“I told you… I don’t remember,” Ecthelion whined.

“For a month? Longer?” Elrond asked with a strange smug expression that gave Ecthelion the idea that the other elf was playing with him.

Ecthelion just nodded. “A month sounds about right.”

“Been tired? Maybe you had nose bleeding occasionally?” Elrond asked.

“Now that you mention it, yes I have slept a lot, but I just thought I was still tired from… I don’t know… Oh Elrond, tell me what is wrong!” Ecthelion begged.

“You, my friend, are pregnant,” Elrond said with a huge smile.

“I am WHAT?” Ecthelion cried, sitting up with so much force he made himself nauseous.

“Pregnant,” Elrond repeated. “You carry a tiny life inside.”

“How, when, who? I mean… by Eru!” Ecthelion couldn’t handle more information and fainted.

Elrond stood and looked at him, brushed a strand of hair from Ecthelion’s face. “Destined for greatness, indeed,” he whispered.


Slowly waking, he could feel someone holding his hand. A cold breeze came into the room, and Ecthelion reckoned it was morning. He tried to remember what he had dreamt, a terrible nightmare. “Erestor,” he purred as he opened his eyes, expecting to look directly into his beloved’s chocolate eyes, but what he saw was a light blue tunic with golden hair flowing down, and looking up he met two troubled azure eyes. “Glorfindel,” Ecthelion breathed, feeling his pulse rise, why was this elf here?

“Shh,” Glorfindel hushed as he smiled. “You fainted, and Elrond asked me to sit at your side until he could find Erestor.”

“I fainted?” Ecthelion asked. So it was all true? It had not just been a terrible nightmare? “Oh no,” the dark-haired elf groaned, covering his face with the arm that Glorfindel did not have a hold of.

“Ecthelion,” Glorfindel said softly, “is there anything you need?”

Paling, Ecthelion realised the truth was out, and he slowly removed his arm. Looking up at Glorfindel, those eyes were exactly as he remembered them, and the full lips still looked exactly as soft as he knew they were. This was indeed the Glorfindel he had known. “Are…are you here to gloat?” he whispered.

“Gloat?” Glorfindel’s expression changed from troubled to shameful. “No,” he whispered, raising Ecthelion’s hand to his lips. He kissed the palm of the other elf’s sweaty hand. “You are, and have always been a magnificent elf, Ecthelion. I should have felt privileged to have some of your love, but…” Glorfindel closed his eyes looking as he were in pain for a second. “I wanted it all.” Smiling down at Ecthelion, he shook his head. “I should have known better, my friend.” He kissed Ecthelion’s hand again before releasing it. “You have a wonderful gift in Erestor’s love. Promise me to cherish it.”

Ecthelion wanted to say something but all that came out of his mouth was, “I really tried.”

Glorfindel smiled and caressed Ecthelion’s forehead. “I don’t exactly know how to tell you this, but before you hear gossip I should tell you. Erestor and I have shared a bed in the past. He is not my lover; he is my friend. But he just looked so lonely and so Haldir told me that he would understand if… if… you understand don’t you?”

“Haldir? Friends? No, I don’t… what about the fight in the stables I saw?” Ecthelion said with confusion.

“That was…” Glorfindel blushed slightly. “About you.” He smiled a little smug smile. “I didn’t know you saw that.”

“Me?” Ecthelion blinked, confused.

“You see, Erestor was vacant, and I didn’t understand why, and when I found out who it was he was pining for, I…I am sorry to say that I yelled at him. Once I too had fallen in love with the same traits, and I… I don’t know… I am sorry Ecthelion. I should not have meddled, and I should just have backed off.”

“You were in love with me?” Ecthelion whispered. “But you hated me.” He tried to understand the information just given to him, but his mind flat out refused.

“I was very much in love with you,” Glorfindel said with a sad smile. “Only love can make someone act as idiotic as I did.”


“I would never have hurt you for real Ecthelion. It was all just empty threats to hide my wounded heart and its fractured beat,” Glorfindel sighed. “I hope you will forgive me some day.”

Ecthelion was about to say something, but just at that moment the door opened and Erestor peeked inside. The raven-haired elf looked as if he had run through the realm to be here, which made Ecthelion smile. Glorfindel got up and handed the chair over to Erestor.



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