Somewhere along the lonely road.

Title: Somewhere along the lonely road.
Author: azzy
Email: az.ombie[at]
AN: this story is a strange, strange thing. And well I never ventured out in writing in forgotten realms, for various reasons. But for some reason this muse bit me while playing NWN. – So shoot me! And just for good measure I will say, that I am a big fan of Salvatore, but I AM a slash writer, my muse just works that way, and honestly am I the only one who gets enough of Cattie-Brie? The canon Mary-Sue over them all! So here goes nothing. It is not necessary that you read any books in this universe to understand this little ficlet, nor that you played any RP’s. But it would definitely help! – At last I might add that I am taking HUGE liberties with characters, and timelines are one big mess. – And a special thanks to LadyofLegolas, thank you for my books woman, at least we can agree on that one *grins* – Oh more explanation! I forgot to say that Elithrar and his companion are not exactly oc’s, they are the characters I used to play NWN a couple of times. The character of Adan is a figment of my imagination completely, the name it self is taken from Torment – Planescape, but otherwise it has nothing at all to do with that universe, I just happen to like the name, and maybe I used it because I miss an old friend of mine, Heinerich Zimmermann… where are you at man?
WIP: I don’t think so!
Fandom: Forgotten realms.
Betaed by; I’m not even sure anyone wants to beta this crazy shit. so its not! live with it!
Rating: Pg13
Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine, sad but true, all belong to R.A Salvatore & Bioware.
Summary: Elithrar searches for a meaning with his life, he finds a lover only to discover that things are wee bit more complicated than that!
Spoilers: Neverwinter Nights. Shadows of Amn & legacy of the drow
Warnings: slash, smut… man sex.. What more do you want? 😛
Pairings: Elithrar/?

ADD note anno 2008: this is a old fic (2006) that i never posted on LJ, but i actually like it, and since my HP’s server is having trouble, mainly it ate my homepage, then until i get something restore to the server.. i post this story here.. i was flamed to HELL for this, not for any other reason than you do not, and i repeat, DO NOT slash anything Salvatore wrote hahaha angry fans are angry.

//Somewhere along the lonely road
I have tried to find you
. Day after day on that windy road
I have walked behind you //

Uriah Heep – Easy livin’

Part 1 – The trade of blades.

Elithrar downed another drink, grinning as his henchman Daelan got up to get them another round, waiting at the table the half-elf stared his friends huge battle axe, it was still bloody, though now it was dried and brown, and not red and warm as it had been but hours ago. “Here” the half-orc said as he placed another mug in front of Elithrar.

“Thanks” Elithrar said and sipped the potent mead. “You know what Daelan?” the half-orc shook his head, and Elithrar smiled “I am really glad I hired you, I know were not friends or anything, but for what its worth, I am proud to have you fighting by my side. I would never have caught that Watherdavian brain devourer on my own”

If an orc could blush, Daelan would have done just that. “Thank you” he said, squirming a little uncomfortably in his seat.

“What? You are not used to praise?” Elithrar said raising an inquisitive brow.

“Not really” Daelan said.

“Most odd, you are a gifted warrior. No doubt you must have been praised by who ever taught you to fight like that, you must have been a good student,” the half-elf offered a smile and a wink.

“I was” Daelan said, “a good student I mean”

“So…” Elithrar said taking a gulp of his drink “congratulations on today, and with this speed, your wife to be shall have you home swiftly” the half-elf raised his mug and toasted with his companion.

“Ah yes, home” Daelan said with a melancholy grimace. “May I ask where you are from? You never told me anything about yourself, are you born here in Neverwinter?”

Elithrar winched, and shook his head “no, I am not from Neverwinter” when Daelan didn’t say anything, Elithrar continued with a sigh “I travelled far to get here” clenching his mug tightly with both hands, the half-elf whispered, “I am from Amn”

“Really?” Daelan said, looking absolutely surprised.

“Really” Elithrar said with a slow nod

“Then… why Neverwinter, of all places” the half-orc said watching as Elithrar downed his drink.

“Buy me one more of these,” the half-elf said sombrely “and I might tell you”

Daelan got up and walked off to the bar again, Elithrar turned the empty mug in his hands, watching it mesmerised. Why Neverwinter indeed, he was not sure he even had an answer to that question; he had just travelled north, and at some point stumbled upon Neverwinter, a far cry from anything he had known. And now he had learned to like it here, the sole reason he had taken upon himself the quest of finding a cure for the wailing death.

Looking up he saw the strange tick on Daelan’s face that made up for a smile, guess orcs didn’t smile much. Elithrar took the full mug and sipped it “Because Neverwinter was as good as any place” the half-elf said softly.

“But what about your family and friends?” Daelan said before tasting his own drink.

“Dead, gone, disappeared… left” Elithrar said with a mere whisper “there are none left to worry about me, and so I saw no reason not to start over again here”

“I am sorry to hear that, I would die if I lost my tribe, my family and hearts desire” the half-orc looked worriedly at his companion, who seemed to sink deeper into a foul mood.

“No you wouldn’t, you just think you would… that my friend, Is the harsh reality” Elithrar said.

“No, I don’t believe that” Daelan said, “everybody needs somebody, you just fooled yourself long enough to think you didn’t” the half-orc shook his head in disapproval “did you not even try to make friends here in Neverwinter?”

Elithrar laughed hollowed “you know the answer to that” the half-elf looked directly up at the half-orc and the slanted grey eyes met the yellow ones in silent understanding. Nodding off to a distance Daelan turned his head to see what it was that Elithrar saw, a group of men sat at a table together with two women who could have looked like nobles, had this not been in the wrong side of the Blacklake quarantine, and the fact they wore way less clothes than any nobility would. “See the elf?” Elithrar said, and Daelan nodded turning in his chair to face the half-elf again “He trained at the academy with me, I think his name is Adan.”

“Why are you telling me that?” Daelan said

“I don’t know” Elithrar said, “maybe it’s the beer, but… I…I think he fancies me” the half-elf blushed weakly, offering Daelan a halfhearted smile.

“But…” Daelan looked all confused.

Taking a gulp of his beer, Elithrar moved his gaze from the elf to the half-orc. “I shouldn’t have said that”

Daelan still looked confused, but as he saw Elithrar look over his shoulder and flash a brilliant smile at the elf behind him, he finally understood. “Oh” he just breathed, feeling stupid for not catching on to what the half-elf meant earlier.

“Oh?” Elithrar asked looking back at the half-orc again.

“I was told that elves… you know… sometimes…” the half-orc squirmed in his seat “but I never believed it, one thing is what passes between warriors at war, but…”

Now it was Elithrar’s turn to laugh softly, a strange tingling merry sound that Daelan couldn’t remember to ever have heard before. “Debauched by my elven blood, huh?”

“I didn’t say that” Daelan stated “I was just.. Uhm… surprised” eyeing the half-elf Daelan leaned in over the table and whispered “don’t you think that now would be a bad time to engage in such matters as romance?”

Elithrar looked absolutely dumbstruck “why?”

“Because we should leave the first thing in the morning, as you said yourself, we should investigate the Harbour, or Blacklake” Daelan said, leaning back in his chair again.

“And now I cannot so whatever I please this night?” Elithrar shook his head slightly confused and amused.

“But what if he really fancies you? Wont he be hurt that you leave this fast?” Daelan said, downing his drink.

Elithrar didn’t know if he should cry or laugh, “Are you really that naïve? Gods Daelan” a little chuckle escaped the half-elfs lips.

But before Daelan had a chance to answer, the waitress came to a standstill next to their table. “I was told to bring you this drink” when Elithrar’s smile widened the woman’s did too “it seems you have yourself an admirer there, this is an expensive drink. Made of fire seeds it is”

“Give my generous benefactor a warm thank you” Elithrar said, taking the drink of the tray, downing it in one go, winching as the heat burned the cave of this mouth and throat, bringing tars to his eyes “lovely” he gasped, putting out the fire in his mouth with a gulp of beer.

“Could you bring us two more of those?” Daelan said, pointing at the empty mugs, the waitress nodded and left.

“Listen Daelan, meet me at noon by the temple of Tyr” Elithrar whispered.

Daelan was about to answer as the party from the other table joined them, and he found himself flanked by a human warrior with a very bad odour, and one of the snobbish women. The raven-haired elf sat next to Elithrar. And now Daelan could only watch as the elf leaned in and whispered something to his companion, whatever it was Elithrar seemed to find it funny, and a wide smile spread on his face, turning his face he whispered something back in the elfs ear, what Daelan could only believe to be a rather indecent proposal, since the pale elf blushed ferociously.

Moments later the elf stood up and Daelan watched Elithrar take his hand, downing the last beer the half-elf leaned in over the table and whispered to Daelan “the room is yours, tomorrow at noon” the half-orc didn’t even get a chance to answer before his companion had left the ‘Trade of blades’ in high spirit.


Part 2 – Adan

Elithrar followed the elf through the warm dark night, the hand that held his felt warm and soft. But it didn’t feel ‘right’. Perhaps it felt like it was supposed to feel, unlike Daelan, Elithrar knew the hearts of most elves, the ones that would even consider him desirable, they would be attracted to the man in him, not the elf. “It wont be long now” he heard Adan say as he was led though alleys and streets, to finally end in the harbour district, Adan pushed him gently against a green worn wooden door, kissing his neck, sending sweet shivers down Elithrar’s spine. Purring the half-elf tilted his head, feeling Goosebumps form all over his body as Adan’s lips travelled across his skin. “Are you sure?” the elf whispered, licking seductively along Elithrar’s ear.

“Y-yes” Elithrar whispered, feeling his body cry out of attention, it had been so long since he had known of a lover’s touch, and right now Adan’s hands and mouth felt absolutely amazing.

Pushing the door up, Adan lifted up Elithrar whom wrapped his strong legs around the elf, and let himself be carried to a sparse bedroom. Suddenly finding himself on his back of Adan’s small wooden bed, he looked up into the elfs green eyes that shone with desire. Sitting up in the bed Elithrar bit his lip as he unclasped his leather jerkin and pulled his hooded tunic over his head. Looking up at the elf in the moonlight, he raised himself to his knees gently running his hands over the pale naked flesh, leaning in kissing a pink nipple.

“You’re trembling” Adan whispered as he closed his eyes.

But Elithrar didn’t answer right away; as he let the elf to push him down on his back, looking up at the beautiful creature that he hovered over him, “am I?” I finally whispered.

Adan smiled “let me take the worries off your mind”, and as Elithrar smiled back the elf captured the half-elfs lips in a crushing kiss.


Elithrar woke as the first rays of sun hit his face, blinking stretching lazily, he slowly became more aware of his surroundings, he was still in Adan’s bedroom, oh no! He had fallen asleep! Slowly sitting he wrapped the blanket around his body, feeling like a complete idiot, what had he been thinking? But as last nights actions came back to him, he also remembered the time spent in this room, and a big goofy smile graced his face. He felt better this morning than had he consumed a million healing portions. Standing he stretched again with a cats grace and the blanket fell to the ground, pooling around his feet.

Adan stood in the door and smiled at the sight “good morning my pretty” he purred.

Elithrar’s first reaction was to cover himself up with his hands. Which just made the elf in the doorframe laugh softly. “sorry, I…” Elithrar quickly bend over to pick up his pants, as pain shot through his abdomen. Grinding his teeth he sat down on the bed and pulled on the pants.

“Did I leave you sore?” the elf asked

“A little” Elithrar lied, feeling like his whole damn lower body was on fire.

“Let me find you some ointment for that” Adan said softly, swiftly leaving the doorframe, Elithrar sighed. Besides that his abdomen hurt, his body still hummed with a pleasant sensation, he had been wrong about Adan all along, when something like this had occurred in the past, it had been rough drunken romps in alleys, fair elven warriors whom secretly dreamed of having some rugged human adventurer riding them like a wild colt. It had been fulfilling, but every single of these elves had only been interested in his human side.

But Adan… he had been a tentative lover, it made no sense in Elithrar’s mind. Something was off, or else it was because he had not met a lover like that since.. Since… a long time ago.

“Already dressed?” Adan suddenly said, looking up and down Elithrar whom was fastening his belt with his weapons.

Looking up at the beautiful elf, Elithrar smiled a little embarrassed. “Oh don’t worry, I will be gone in a second” but seeing the hurt expression in the beautiful green eyes, Elithrar felt a pang of guilt. This was the part of this game he was not very good at.

The hurt expression quickly gave way to deadly coldness; “Oh” Adan crossed his arms over his chest.

Elithrar bit his lip, “B-but I thought you wanted…” unclasping the belt where his weapons hung, hearing his smitars hit the ground with a loud clang. “I thought..” he repeated, wringing his hands. “You’re an elf, and I thought.. Being drunk and all..”

“Whatever are you talking about?” Adan said taking a step towards Elithrar, the cold gone from his eyes, and his voice soft again.

Elithrar wet his lips and looked up at the elf, which was standing in front of him, waiting. “What do you want to hear?” Elithrar whined.

“The truth” Adan said sitting down on the bed, waiting for Elithrar to join him.

Taking a deep breath “I never tried this before” Elithrar finally admitted. Arching a brow Adan temporarily looked confused. “No, I don’t mean that I never bedded another male, I mean… this”

“This, being?” Adan enquired.

“That you…” Elithrar’s voice became a whisper, but as he looked up at Adan, his voice failed.

“I really like you Elithrar” Adan said with a little smile “I am not holding you here against your will, and I know you have your mission, and that you will leave soon anyways. But I would really like that you stayed a little longer”

Elithrar blushed and smiled a little embarrassed “sure” he said, “I have until noon”


Part 3 – Temple of Tyr.

-A week later-

Walking through no mans land Elithrar clenched his smitars “am I the only one who think that this whole deal with the missing soldier, whatever his name is, not is as simple as it appears, I am sure that there is something someone ain’t telling us”

“Samuel” Daelan said “and yes, I have the same strange feeling about it”

“No matter what, then we need a good nights rest, and get some provisions, we should go back to Aribeth” Elithrar said.

“We should” Daelan said and snickered, something Elithrar had never heard before “your love bite is almost faded too”

With a swift move the half-elf clasped a hand over the right side of his neck, and blushed. “Are you trying to be funny?”

Daelan said nothing, he just laughed.

Seeing the gate to the city core, Daelan broke the silence. “Are you gonna go see him tonight?”

“Don’t know” Elithrar said, scratching a little uncomfortably in his fire red hair. “Depends”

“On what?” the half-orc said with a motherly tone. When the Elithrar didn’t answer Daelan shook his head and grabbed the half-elfs arm, forcing them to stand still. “I have been listening to you all week, and I don’t know much, but I do know a person in love when I see one”

“I am not in love with him!” Elithrar spat

“I don’t believe you” Daelan said “I have heard you whisper his name in your sleep”

“Liar!” Elithrar cried, “let go of me, I have heard enough of this nonsense!” the half-elf forcefully pulled his arm and freed himself from Daelan’s grasp.

“By the gods Elithrar, control yourself.” The half-orc said with a frown.

Breathing heavily, Elithrar slumped down on a small crate on the curve. “I am not in love, I can’t be,” he mumbled to himself.

“You know” Daelan said sitting down on the curve. “For someone who is supposed to save all of Neverwinter from the wailing death, you sure have your fair share of emotional issues”

“Bah” Elithrar sneered, but took a deep breath before he spoke in a soft tone “When I was younger and Kahlid, my foster brother had just left for his grand adventure, I met someone that I fell in love with, and… he.. Didn’t return my feelings, and well perhaps my ego never really recovered from that blow, but I do tend to over react some when it comes to the matter of, uhm, romance”

“That is a very long time ago” Daelan said, placing a comforting hand on Elithrar’s shoulder. “I know my opinion do not count for much, since we are not really friends, then I think you should seek out Adan”

Elithrar smiled sadly “you know, I took this quest.. Not for honour, not for money or even out of the good of my heart. But hoping my ending would make some sense and that I would at least die a warriors death” pulling down his hood, the half-elf sighed “I had nothing left, thought I needed nothing. And here I am being reluctant to let anyone into my life, knowing there is a big chance this quest will claim my life. I suddenly have a lover and a friend, and I want neither” tears of frustration poured out of the Elithrar’s slanted eyes.

“Then just try and stay alive,” the half-orc reasoned. “And wipe your eyes my friend, heroes don’t cry.. Very often”

Looking at Daelan in complete disbelief, Elithrar blinked confused “I sit here and weep like a common maid, and you don’t think me incapable of performing this heavy duty lain upon me?”

“Absolutely not” Daelan said with a smile that would have looked scary, if Elithrar had not known him.

Wiping his face in his sleeve, “we should go to the temple of Tyr” the Elithrar mumbled, standing up with a sigh.

Daelan nodded and followed his companion through the gates of no mans land, and into the city core.


Butterflies were at war in the half-elfs stomach, what if Adan was as the academy? What if he met him at the temple? What was he supposed to do? or say? All kinds of scenarios kept playing in his mind, and finally giving in to his repressed feelings he secretly hoped that Adan would stride through the other soldiers and throw himself around his neck.

But as they reached the temple, Daelan and Elithrar went about with their business, the half-elf standing in the supply room, trying to stock as many healing portions into his knapsack as possible. “Eli” he heard a melodic voice said behind him.

Spinning around he looked right into the large merry green eyes of Adan. “Adan” he said, unable to suppress the wide smile that spread on his face, giving in to the nervous butterflies in his stomach “H-how are you?”

“I’m fine,” the elf said with a little naughty smirk “Come down to the barracks, we are dying to hear some gossip”

This was not at all like Elithrar had imagined it to be” looking away from the strikingly beautiful elf in the door, he nodded “I will be there right after I finished with this” even with his back to the elf, Elithrar could feel the inner struggle of the other, something that strangely enough made him smile to himself. “How did you know where to find me?”

“I met your companion, the half-orc in the corridor by the hall of justice” Adan said “He is quite the chatterbox when you get to know him, aren’t he?”

Elithrar sighed and nodded “yes indeed”

“Would you look at me?” Adan asked, stepping inside the storeroom, closing the door softly behind him. And as Elithrar turned to look at him, he wrapped his arms around the half-elfs neck and stole a kiss.

Not trusting his voice, Elithrar just returned the gesture, wrapping his arms around the elfs narrow waist and placed a little playful kiss on Adan’s lips, the elf answering immediately. Deepening the kiss, pressing closer to Elithrar’s frame. Breaking form the kiss Elithrar panted “No time”

Adan let go of the half-elf, and smiled looking at Elithrar’s flustered face, knowing his own must be identical because he could feel his pulse hammering away in his temples. “You are right, we are expected in the barracks” Adan reached out and caressed Elithrar’s cheek “later?”

Rubbing his cheek against the elf’s hand, Elithrar grinned “I would like that” suddenly going with an impulse he kissed the elfs palm “I would like that a lot” he whispered.

Running a inquisitive fingertip along Elithrar’s lips, Adan seemed mesmerised “such wicked lips” he whispered

A loud knock on the door made them both jump, and Elithrar called out “what?”

“I have a message for Elithrar, Aribeth asks for you m’lord” a voice called from the corridor.

“Tell her I shall be right there” Elithrar answered trying to control his blush. Waiting until the steps outside were gone, he turned to Adan “you should go back to the barracks now”

Adan smiled cocky “or else?”

“Or else I will hold you down and claim you right here on top of this crate” Elithrar said huskily, seeing Adan blush ferociously he was a little surprised at his own outspokenness, but he knew it to be true, his entire body was screaming to touch that soft skin again, to smell that mystical scent that elves had, something like a mix between summer rain and ferns. “Or perhaps you should just go before I make a complete fool out of myself” he offered weakly.

Grinning Adan leaned in and kissed Elithrar’s cheek “pin me down later” he whispered and left the storeroom.


Walking outside in the night, Elithrar couldn’t help but to smile as he saw Adan standing by the fountain, taking to some other soldiers from the academy. Walking straight to them, the half-elf couldn’t help but to wonder why Dulgar stayed behind in the temple of Tyr. One young solder saw Elithrar approach and elbowed the other young soldier next to him, before Adan turned around and looked directly at him with an inviting little smile. “Good evening m’lord” the elf said, bowling slightly.

“Good evening chief commander Adan” Elithrar said with an equally polite bow. Those words seemed so alien on his lips, but he knew that was what the elf was, and to say something else would be to ridicule Adan in front of the other soldiers.

“Since you never came to the barracks, maybe you would be so good as to tell us about your adventures now?” A young soldier with impossibly blue eyes and freckles said, while he smiled nervously.

“But of course young sir” and so Elithrar told the listening group of soldiers about the prison break, and about the eerie chess game under ground, about the madness of Aelfin the prison warden, and the brave guards that had stayed behind to fight the last of the rebellion down. And the moon was high when the half-elf stopped. One smiled and to Elithrar’s surprise took his hand and shook it, and as he let go winked to Adan before he left. When they were all gone Elithrar turned to Adan with a confused expression “what was that about?”

Adan laughed softly “he wanted to feel your hands”

“My hands? What on earth for?” Elithrar said even more confused.

“To see if you were a worthy lover of his commander,” Adan said with a sly grin.

“And?” Elithrar chuckled “what was the verdict?”

Adan grinned “they left me alone with you, didn’t they?”

Elithrar shook his head in amusement, how on earth his world could have gone from lone ranger to this, and he had no idea. But he decided he liked this change, it felt good to have something to fight for again, something other than a clean death. As Adan grabbed his hand an entwined their fingers, wrapping the other arm around Elithrar’s waist pulling him close as were they about to dance, the half-elf couldn’t help but to laugh happily, he knew all too well that the young soldiers was still around, he could almost feel their eyes on him, measuring his every move. “You told them?” he whispered

Adan nodded and rested his head on the half-elfs shoulder. “Three of them was on the ‘Trade of blades’ that night as well” the elf chuckled

“Really?” Elithrar whispered back, feeling extremely embarrassed, “and what did you tell them?”

“The truth, they are my patrol” Adan said looking faintly hurt.


“That I made the legendary foster brother of the great hero Khalid scream and beg for mercy at the receiving end of my loins” Adan laughed.

“Oh my” Elithrar blushed “I did that, didn’t I?”

“Indeed” Adan said with a sly grin.

Elithrar shook his head, not quite sure how he felt with every solder in the city core knowing of his preferences in bed. Until something struck him, he had never told Adan who he was, how did he know? But he fell silent just following as Adan led them away from the temple and towards the harbour gate.


Part 4 – Drizzt.

Lying spent and sweaty besides Adan, Elithrar struggled to regain a normal breathing. “Adan?” he whispered, turning slightly, wrapping an arm around the similarly sweaty body besides him “I have to ask you something”

“What?” Adan whispered

Elithrar couldn’t quite make out the undertow of his voice, but he sounded worried, or sad. “How did you know about Khalid? I never told you”

“The truth? I knew who you were all along, I have had my eye on you since you came to Neverwinter” Adan admitted, turning his face looking at the half-elf. “You should be flattered, not annoyed” he said and smiled weakly.

“I am” Elithrar said, kissing the elf on his nose.

“I have something I have to tell you” Adan said darkly, popping up on his elbow. “Someone is coming to your aid, Aribeth decided that this warrior who was spotted in Luskan was a better addition to your mission, and so I was told today that I was denied my request to follow you, and was assigned a task outside the city gates” the elfs eyes were heavy with unshed tears, “I wanted to go with you, I’m sorry”

“What? Why was I not informed of this?” Elithrar gasped.

“Because it was my job to tell you earlier, but I just couldn’t, this was why I sought you out in the storage room, but you just looked so happy to see me, and so I… I just couldn’t ” Adan whispered shedding the first tears, that ran over his pale cheeks and down unto the rumpled sheets.

Elithrar reached out and wiped some tears from Adan’s cheeks “Don’t cry, I will return. I promise”

“No you wont” Adan whispered, “I wished you were though, I wish that… I..” the elf leaned in and kissed Elithrar gently.

“Don’t be so gloomy, I will return” Elithrar smiled gently “I think I.. I fell in love with you, and I will return to your side, I will fight with my last breath if it be so, to come back here to you” Adan smiled sadly as he snuggled up to his lovers warm body, relishing this moment.

“You know I told you I knew who you were” Adan said in the darkness “I know of your foster brother, but I also know why you fight like you do, I know who was your tutor” Elithrar stayed silent, and the elf continued with a hushed voice “I have seen you fight once, I was on duty by the Blacklake gate when first you came there, you are a natural gifted killer, my beautiful Eli”

“Please stop” Elithrar suddenly whispered “not tonight. Tell me in the morning, tell me when we part. But not now” the half-elf kissed Adan and pulled the elf in over him. “Stay here with me tonight, both in body and mind, please Adan”

“See? I made you beg again,” Adan whispered in what was attempted as a joke, but Elithrar could see on the green eyes they were filled with sadness and not mirth.


The next morning Elithrar didn’t know what to do with himself, they had shared a night full of lovemaking and promises, lies so sweet they melted on his tongue as a snowflake. And now Adan was bended over his cooker, trying to make a fire so they could get some coffee, none of them had gotten any sleep, the air in the little kitchen was so tense, that you could almost carve in it. Elithrar bit his nails, and Adan put the kettle on with a strange clamped expression. None of them spoke, silence was complete..

“Eli?” Adan said with a strained tone as he placed a cup of black coffee in front of the half-elf. “It is time that I tell you what you wouldn’t let me last night” the elf sat down at the table, and looked directly at Elithrar.

“Do I really have to know?” Elithrar whined

“I am afraid so” Adan said, looking down at a hole in the table as he reached for the half-elfs hand, almost crushing it in a death grip. “When we walk out this door, we are not lovers, not even friends any more. You are my superior, but my loyalty lies with the city of Neverwinter”

“What are you saying?” Elithrar whispered, knowing the answer already.

“I am being sent outside the gates,” Adan said

“But that is a quarantine breech!” shaking his head, Elithrar slammed his fist down into the small wooden table ”that is an outrage! Who ordered this?”

“The quarantine was never complete, you know that Eli, don’t be so naïve, how should your aid from Luskan come here otherwise?” Adan knitted his eyebrows looking at the half-elfs confused expression “someone is trying to kill off all of Neverwinter if you ask me, all but some, all but the chosen”

“That is wrong, that is just WRONG!” Elithrar raged “I will go with you then, we will run from this damned city and all its infested inhabitants”

“And leave all these people to die from the wailing death?” Adan said, “You give these people hope”

“But.. “ Elithrar whispered “what about my own hope?”

“It will all make sense somehow, believe me, Lady Aribeth surely knows what she is doing” Adan said with a little smile “today when you leave here, you must go to the halls of justice and meet with the lady there, your friend Daelan will be there too”

“And you?” Elithrar asked, feeling his heart hammering away and both his hands and voice tremble.

“I shall come later with this promised aid of yours” Adan said with a sigh “we are to pick him up at an outpost, and bring him safely through the labyrinth of sewers to the temple of Tyr, and you” the elf let go of Elithrar’s hand and reached up with both hands, holding his beloveds face “for what it is worth, you have become very dear to me in just these days gone by, I never thought you would, but you did”

Blinking tears out of his lashes, Elithrar spoke with a thick voice “I thought I had finally found something to fight for, only to have it taken from me again, tell me we shall meet again Adan, I need to know if we will”

“We will, someday,” Adan whispered.


Leaving Adan’s house was one of the hardest things he had ever done. They had been about to kiss as he left, but Adan had turned his cheek, and Elithrar had sighed in understanding, it was over. Someone had made sure that Adan was sent on this mad mission to retrieve someone from Luskan, clenching and unclenching his fists all the way from the harbour to the temple of Tyr willed his tears away, he was not going to cry now, though he felt like doing nothing else but huddle up in the shadows and weep.


It was good to spend some time with Daelan again though; Elithrar had not even stopped to think about that he had actually missed the strange half-orc. They had been told to stay at the academy until Adan returned with the addition to the mission party. But both Daelan and Elithrar was anxious to get a move on spending the time waiting sharpening their blades, amusing themselves with sparring with the youngsters at the academy.

Elithrar was fooling about with a young soldier who tried his best to even get a hit through with the wooden sword, but the half-elf easily blocked his every blow. Suddenly a voice behind him laughed, and had him loose concentration so the young man delivered what would be a critical hit. “Ouch!” Elithrar whined and rubbed his kidney area where an angry red welt was beginning to show.

“Good to see you still remembered what I taught you, if you could stay alive that is” the voice said.

“Drizzt!” Elithrar exclaimed and without thinking twice flung himself around his former tutors neck.

The drow laughed and patted the young half-elfs back “its good to know I was missed”

“A-Are you the.. Where have Y-you… I mean..” Elithrar rambled trying to see the answer in the lavender coloured eyes.

“Easy little one” Drizzt laughed, holding Elithrar out in stretched arms, looking over the half-elf “you carry yourself well” he stated.

Elithrar just smiled embarrassed.

Drizzt let go of his former student and sat down on a bench “So.. Fill me in”

Elithrar didn’t have to ask to know that Drizzt was the aid that was seen in Luskan, otherwise it would make no sense at all that he had come to Neverwinter. He had waited and searched for his old tutor for years, and now that he was here he was not sure he wanted him to be, his arrival meant the dismissal of Adan. “The patrol who brought you here… where are they?” he asked.

“The patrol?” Drizzt said slightly confused, they left me at the entrance and went about with their business. “So will you tell me what we are up against?”

The half-elf nodded and with a steady voice began to tell the drow what he knew, once finished he looked at Drizzt who looked deep in thought. “Wizards, I hate wizards, I say we solve that problem in Blacklake first, then that is at least dealt with”

“If you say so,” Elithrar said with a weak smile.

“Eli?” Drizzt said as he stood up “I heard about Khalid, I am sorry, I grieved his death”

Elithrar smiled sadly “thank you” he said with a hushed voice. Looking about he noticed that something was off, where was Cattie-Brie? She would always be around. “Where is Cattie-Brie? Is she not with you?”

“No” Drizzt said, “She is home with her foster family, betrothed to Wulfgar”

“I am happy for her” Elithrar said with a smile, seeing Drizzt light up every time he spoke her name hurt a little, but he knew how dear the girl was to his former tutor.

“Come now, we should move. We lost a lot of precious time already”

Elithrar followed Drizzt out of the training halls, wondering just when his life had gotten this insane, maybe it had always been like this, he had just never noticed.


Part 6 – Blacklake

Daelan and Drizzt seemed to bond just fine, this was at least a good sign, Elithrar kicked a stone feeling frustrated, they had found the Neverwinter zoo just fine, and freed the animals, sending them back to the druid by the big tree. And now he was tired to the core, but Drizzt had pressed forth, claiming he had spoken with a girl in the east part of the Blacklake district, and she needed help. Elithrar wanted to scream in his face, but he didn’t, he bit down every eventually smart replies he had and followed Drizzt, Daelan seemed happy with the fact that Drizzt had taken a leader role, Elithrar was both annoyed and relieved, the responsibility was not his now, but he had wanted to do this himself, maybe he was destined to end his days just like Khalid, completely obscure, the half-elven follower of a greater hero, that you lost your life on the road didn’t matter much. Maybe Adan had been wrong, he was no hero he was a follower.

The woman in the house where the girl lived had to persuaded to tell them about the strange room behind the book case, gabbing his smitars he descended the stairs to a dark basement ready for battle, right behind Drizzt and Daelan. The skeletons was easily disposed of, they could hear a growling unnerving sound from behind a old rusty door, but no matter how hard they tried, none of them could open it. A chest! He had seen a chest further back; maybe the key to the room was there! Rubbing his eyes he grinded his teeth and ran off in the semi darkness, leaving his two companions fumbling with the rusty door.

Smiling as he saw the chest, feeling like he had sand in his eyes, he rubbed them again. He felt like he could sleep for years, and no matter how little he liked to admit it, they had accomplished more within days with Drizzt, than 6 months of just he and Daelan. Not thinking he just stepped up to the chest and grabbed the lit, when suddenly a white light engulfed him, sending rays of pain through his body, Elithrar felt as his body was sent flying backwards from the pressure of the explosion. Hitting the cold stone floor knocked him out.

A loud explosion echoed in the sewer basement, and Drizzt paled “Eli!” he gasped, running to where the sound had come from all kinds of scenarios ran through his head, he should have watched the half-elf closer, he had actually looked drained already, he should have known better! He should have known to let his party rest! You were more likely to not be cautious when you were tired.

“By the Red Tiger!” Daelan exclaimed,

“Oh no!” Drizzt gasped, seeing the half-elf laying on the cold stone floor, his precious lifeblood flowing freely unto the ground from large wounds, most likely done by metal splinters, or bolts. “You fool!” the drow cried, “why did you wander off?” Drizzt threw himself on his knees next to his former student “Daelan! Find his backpack, and bring me the stone of recall” he barked.

Daelan searched the corridor and found it, hurrying back to Elithrar and Drizzt, handing the backpack to the drow who was not drenched in blood. Allowing them to return to the temple of Tyr by magic.


Waking Elithrar felt sore to the core. Recognizing the sound of chanting, he realised he had to be back in the temple of Tyr, trying to remember what had happened, he remembered the explosion, the chest had been rigged, just has he had cursed Drizzt for claiming leadership, he had walked right into a damn trap!

“You’re awake,” a soft voice said

Elithrar tried to focus, seeing the raven-haired elf coming to his side from the other end of the room. “A-Ada…” he groaned. And forced a smile.

“I am here” the elf said sitting by his side on the bed, taking his hand rubbing the knuckles “you scared me, we were sure you would not survive such massive blood loss”

Elithrar smiled weakly “I was stupid, nothing more, don’t worry”

“You had pushed yourself too far for too long” Adan said with a guilty expression that Elithrar couldn’t understand. “I almost lost you,” the elf whispered.

“You are speaking in riddles,” Elithrar mumbled.

Adan bit his lip “I have a confession to make, Eli” when the half-elf just looked at him, Adan took a deep breath “I have been lying to you, all that you think I am is a lie, ‘we’ are a lie.. I hope that you will someday forgive me for deceiving you like this”


“My name is not Adan, I am not chief commander of Neverwinter, and… I never checked up on your background. I feel so terribly for lying to you, but I had my reasons” The elf’s voice dropped to a whisper, and he looked as he was slapped as Elithrar pulled his hand from his with as much force as the half-elf could muster.

“So, that you said you were fond of me, was that a lie too?” Elithrar whispered in disbelief, he couldn’t believe he had been played like this, he who had been so cautious with his heart, had once more lost the battle. “When you bedded me, when you asked me to stay?” when Adan didn’t answer, Elithrar closed his eyes trying to will his disappointed and hurt tears from not falling “get out of my sight” he croaked, turning his head from the elf, trying to hide his tears.

“I hurt you again,” Adan said, slowly standing from the bed “you know, I knew of your tutor and your brother because…”

“I don’t care for your reasons, or explanations” Elithrar whispered “please just go”

Adan moved to the other side of the bed and squatted down, looking Elithrar directly into his eyes “I did you wrong, and I admit to that. I should never have deceived you, but I knew of no other way. I just wanted to feel what it would be like to be your lover, and it was everything I had thought and hoped it would be. But I was caught in my own web of lies, and in the end it had to end” Adan grabbed his own cheeks and slowly pulled, magic sparks flew, and a strange sweet smelling smoke filled the room. When it settled, before Elithrar stood Drizzt, looking heartbroken. “Now you know the truth” he said softly “if you ask me to leave, I will leave”

“Dri-Drizzt?” Elithrar whispered, trying to make sense of all this information “you were Adan, or Adan was you.. or?.. Oh I don’t understand anything anymore”

“This magic mask, it allowed me to try out life on the surface as an surface inhabitant, I just wanted to feel what it was like not to be me… I thought it would make me happy, but.. It felt like a lie” Drizzt laid his head on his arm on the edge of the bed, looking up at Elithrar “I arrived here in Neverwinter before you, and then you arrived, driven by the same urge as me. And I… I took it too far”

“So there is no quarantine breech? No spies in Luskan?” Elithrar said, knowing he has stating the obvious.

“No” Drizzt said I was inside the lockdown all along. “But there are no doubt spies in Luskan never the less” the drow smiled.

“Why did you… bed me?” Elithrar asked, looking every bit as fragile as he felt.

“What I couldn’t taste as Drizzt, I could drown myself in as Adan” the drow said, hoping that Elithrar would understand. “I was your tutor, Eli. It would have been wrong of me to have gone along with your, uhm.. Invitations” he sighed softly “I would have saved us both a lot of heartbreak if I had just not been so proud back then”

“You are right, I don’t understand” Elithrar said closing his eyes, suddenly feeling very tired and overwhelmed. “You are the fool after all, Drizzt” he whispered with a weak smile.

The drow laughed and shook his head “I suppose you are right” Elithrar smiled weakly and closed his eyes.

“You should rest more” Drizzt said with worry written all over his face. “I will stay right here” watching as Elithrar drifted off to sleep again, the drow put on the mask once more, and looked down at his hands, now pale as snow. “In one way or another I will stay right here at your side, Eli. I wont ever lie or run again, even should our paths be divided, I will find you, look over your shoulder and I will be there”

Elithrar slept heavily, but non the less a wide smile spread on his face as strong arms wrapped themselves around his sleeping form, the half-elf stirred as he felt the weight of a body settling in the bed, but he did not wake. He dreamt of far away places, silent groves where he would lay down in the moss with his beloved without bystanders or missions to be completed, and of leaving Neverwinter, never to return.

-The End-


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