On a hot summers night 7/?; The Birds Return.

Author: Azzy
Email: az.ombie[at]gmail.com
Homepage: http://www.forgottenjuliet.net
AN: I had these strange fragments of a thing I wanted to write, and well. I decided to use them in my original stuff instead of in fanfiction. I know that I basically write this for my own amusement. So EJ here is some for you! *smiles* I am introducing 3 new characters actually.
WIP: 7/?
Rating: N17
Disclaimer: Bernhard & Nurreal are Cali’s creations. The rest is mine!
Summary: Harm and Tristan arrives in the Cities, and Godiva has a little chat with Ol.
Pairings: Ol/Godiva

AD AN: oh chapter 6 isnt missing, i accedently called chapter 6 chapter 5.


Blinking rapidly Tristan tried to fight off the nausea of travelling through the planes, smiling to himself as he felt Harm grab him to steady him. “It’s been a while,” he groaned before throwing up on the ground.

“I know” Harm said softly while running a hand soothingly up and down Tristan’s back. “You should lay down for a minute”

All Tristan was able to do was to nod weakly, as he let his brother guide him to where he could sit down. “Thanks,” he whispered weakly

“You are welcome” Harm whispered back as he moved about to make them both comfortable, resting Tristan’s head in his lap. Harm ran his fingers through the sweaty silver hair, and smiled to himself “Are you comfortable?”

“Mmm” Tristan mumbled, almost purring at the relaxing feeling of someone running their fingers through his hair.

“Your hair don’t shine like it used to” Harm stated, twirling the silver tresses around his wrist

“Lost my divinity” Tristan mumbled, “comes with the territory”

“Tris? I have been meaning to ask you something” Harm said softly, completely swallowed up by the intimate moment “your scars, do they still hurt?”

“Sometimes” Tristan whispered, “I miss them, my wings. And every time the scars hurt it is a reminder of my wrong doing” he waited for a second before whispering “..Horatio”

“Thanatairan” Harm answered with a smile, before falling silent for a moment “You can see the tall tower of the saints from here, out in the horizon”

Tristan opened his eyes slightly and looked, before smiling sadly “yea..” He turned around to His back looking directly up at the dark angel, Harm looked down at him, and in the second their eyes met, Tristan felt his heart beat with double pace, this reminded him of stolen moments aeons ago, and halfways expected that if he blinked, then instead of the dark angel, would be a handsome young angel with eyes the same colour a thundercloud, smiling down at him. “Your eyes” he whispered “they are no longer grey”

“Must be because you don’t look me into the eyes much” Harm said with a small voice, placing his hand gently on Tristan’s chest above the heart.

Tristan reached up and caressed Harms soft cheek gently “Seth” he whispered. Harm looked surprised, and Tristan continued “What if Godiva meets Seth and Vishnu?”

Harm looked away from Tristan’s turquoise eyes, and up upon the saints tower in the horizon “then.. “ he paused for a second “then he will learn of his tainted bloodline”

Suddenly Tristan whispered “look at me Harm” the dark angel looked away from the horizon and upon his brother laying in his lap “did you not love me?”

Harm looked completely mortified, but hung his head in defeat “I loved you brother, but my love was of the wrong kind, it is a sin to harbour such desire towards one’s own kin”

“So” Tristan said lifting Harms head with a finger under his chin “you no longer desire to kiss me?”

Harm looked at Tristan with a sad gaze “no” he said slowly.

That answer Tristan had not been expecting, but non the less he smiled a little sad smile, not saying a word, moving to rise from Harm’s lap, half way up, strong arms suddenly wrapped themselves around him as soft lips crushed his, in a desperate soul searching kiss. Tristan didn’t even know when he had begun to cry, but he could taste salty tears. Breaking from the kiss, he opened his eyes looking directly into Harms velvety black eyes, completely robbed of any expression, but his brothers trembling hands, and quivering lips gave away what his eyes could not. “You must be the embodiment of sin, raised from the deepest pits of hell” harm whispered.

Without an answer Tristan shrugged himself free of Harm and stood up “We should find Godiva” he finally whispered.

Harm also stood, and nodded. The moment was gone, and the magic broken,

They reached the border of the cities, and as they stood in the red wasteland, looking up at the large gates of the ring wall surrounding the cities, Tristan whispered “Harm?”

“Yes?” Harm whispered back,

“Adrian, where is he?” Tristan turned and looked at his older brother with large blue eyes. “Is he here?”

“No” Harm said

Tristan looked relieved, and smiled a little crooked smile at harm “Good”

“When will you tell Godiva of his brother”? Harm burst out.

“Never” Tristan snapped “and don’t you fucking dare do it!” the turquoise eyes shot daggers.

“Do you fear the same tainted blood runs in their veins?” Harm said slowly, not being able to hold eye contact.

Tristan tool a hold of Harms shoulder’s and shook him gently “I am their father, how could it not” as Harm didn’t look up, Tristan hissed “I loved you, not as a brother, not as a superior, but as a lover, this was my downfall Horatio. My love for you was my undoing, I will spare my own sons from ever discovering if they should share my ill fated blood”

“Liar” Horatio suddenly spat looking up at his brother “you did not fall from grace because of our sins, you did so because of your disobedience and ego”

“Do you really think that?” Tristan yelled “you were not there, were you brother?” to his annoyance Tristan felt tears beginning to run, not from sorrow but from anger “you must have slept well at nights, telling yourself such fucking nonsense!”

“Had they known, they would have come for me as well,” Harm cried

“No!” Tristan screamed and then he let go of Harm, turning towards the huge gates once more and started to walk through. “Harm..” he whispered turning towards his baffled brother, holding out his hand “let the past lie brother, and come with me to find my son and bring him back to earth”

Harm took his brothers hand, not knowing what to say,

As they stepped over the threshold from the wastelands to the cities, the tattoo charm that the watermuse had placed upon Tristan’s body failed, and Harm looked at his brothers scars wide eyed, it seemed like a million scars mingled, some would have been deadly other mere scratches, but the ones on Tristan’s back were revolting, big broad ugly scars where his wings had been ripped from his back, and Harm guessed that the strong muscles there must have been ripped right out from his brothers back. Knowing the method of the divine wheel, he was aware that it was not something that was done swiftly. But slow, tearing the massive wings off inch by inch over days. Pain he couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Tristan turned towards Harm, who tried to keep a straight face “take me to the concubines floor of Bernhard’s tower”

Instinctively harm nodded, but reached out to gently touch the brand that now showed on Tristan’s chest. “The anima sola” he whispered.

Tristan smiled a little venomously swatting his brother’s hand away from the brand over his heart. “Cheaper than a tattoo” he said. “And the chicks dig it”

Harm withdrew his hand, looking from the brand up unto his brothers eyes “Tris..”

“Don’t” Tristan said with a warning edge “I don’t need your pity, brother”

Harm took a deep breath, grabbing Tristan’s hand, much to the silver haired creatures surprise, and directed them to where he knew they would come upon Ol.

Godiva had been pacing the room, waiting for Ol to return, and it was almost dawn before the elf returned, looking exhausted covered in bruises. Flinching slightly as he saw Godiva looking at him as he entered the room. “Are you hurt?” Godiva asked.

“No” Ol said smiling gently “sitting down upon the bed with a soft hiss of pain. “I will be healed by morning,” sighing he tried to bend over to pull off his boots “I usually am”

“Let me” Godiva said, moving to kneel in front of Ol, pulling the elfs boots off

“Thanks” Ol whispered, looking down at the cat hybrid.

“Ol” Godiva said softly, blushing slightly “I once read a book my dad had on elves, you know George and all”

“Yea, and? I get the distinct idea you are asking me something,” Ol said closing his eyes in reverie as Godiva started to massage his tired feet.

“You are a pureblood elf, right?” Godiva asked

“Yes” Ol said slowly laying back on the bed, hiding his face under his arm.

“Then” Godiva said “shouldn’t you die from sorrow, being locked away from the vast forests against your will”

“In theory yes” Ol groaned as Godiva picked up his other foot, massaging it. “But I was a pawn in a greater chess game, and so the great creator of all, took away my only means of escape” as Godiva stopped massaging, Ol sighed “let it lie Godiva, you are not old enough, and believe me you don’t want to know”

“Old enough” Godiva spat “I am not a child”

Ol groaned again “alright” he said, getting up from the bed. “Be a dear and make me a drink and get me a towel I will tell you” seconds later, Ol had both a drink and a towel “have a drink with me Godiva” he said, looking at the youngster “well what I will tell you is that, I once loved someone that left me, when I found another to fill my heart whom I also learned to love dearly, I was suddenly torn from my reality, my lover either died or went home, I don’t know actually, and I, I was forced to stay here, as a part of a little flea bargain”

“Flea bargain?”

“Yes, someone’s freedom was bought with my slavery” Ol said trying to rid his voice of bitterness, but failed miserably. “Don’t worry about it, it could be worse” Ol stood up and made his way to the bath, shredding off his clothes he stepped in under the warm water letting it run down over his long slender body, well aware that Godiva was still watching. “You can join me if you wish” he said, running his hands down his body touching himself with a little playful smile on his lips “no one has to know” Ol turned his head looking at Godiva, licking his lips slowly “you wanted to touch me since the first time you met me”

Godiva couldn’t move he couldn’t speak. He could just stand there and watch this absolutely sinful creature writher in lust, water running down the pale skin as were he caressed by the liquid.

Ol turned off the water and strolled out to stand in front of Godiva, trailing his finger along Godiva’s lips, Ol smiled as a soft moan escaped the youth’s lips, “tomorrow” he whispered, “I will take you to see Seth”

“Wh…Who is Seth?” Godiva breathed

“Your fathers cousin” Ol whispered seductively “dark desire runs in the veins of your family” Ol’s other hand ran up the large shirt Godiva was wearing, teasing the youth’s nipples till they were painfully hard. “Fuck me” he whispered leaning in for a kiss, smiling as he felt the soft quivering lips meet his, feeling as raw desire pooled in his groin as he ran his tongue across Godiva’s little sharp fangs, encountering a timid velvet tongue, tasting the sweet innocence. But as he opened his eyes and looked directly into Godiva’s he saw them veiled with fear and lust. And then he suddenly let go of the young cat hybrid, “By the Goddess of all! What am I doing?” the elf whispered, paling, stepping back from Godiva, “forgive me,” he breathed

Godiva looked at Ol completely puzzled, for a second ago he was kissing him, and now he wanted absolution? To his own surprise Godiva felt his desire rise as Ol stood there covering his apparent erection with his hands, blushing from shame, keeping his gaze downcast. For a second Godiva was really confused, was it really the power struggle that turned him on? Was he attracted to Nurreal only because he knew he was far superior? And Ol for the reverse?

“Perhaps it would be best if I got you to Seth tonight” Ol whispered.

Godiva somehow got some courage and stepped up to Ol and whispered, “do you miss him that much?”

Ol slowly looked up, gazing into the turquoise eyes that were so alike to Tristan’s. “I loved him very much, yes”

“You can pretend I am him, if you want to” Godiva whispered. Feeling his own excitement rise with his own words.

Ol tried to speak but only a soft mew came out. Dropping to his knees he rubbed his cheek against Godiva’s thigh, placing a hand on Godiva’s chest he pushed him gently against the wall, getting down on all four he kissed the youth’s foot, kissing and licking his way up the firm calf and thigh, mumbling endearments in his native tongue.

Godiva closed his eyes, shivering from desire as Ol finally closed his lips around Godiva’s erection. Such sinful skills that elf had learned with his mouth alone. In the back of Godiva’s mind his conscience nagged him. Opening his eyes he saw the wet dark hair of the elf cling to his thighs, digging into it with a hand, he pulled the hair forcefully, being rewarded with a vibration surrounding his erection as the elf moaned. Unable to help himself Godiva thrust into the wet heat, feeling his climax close by, he tried to get free of Ol, but a strong arm wrapped itself around his ass, and held him in place.

Once Ol let go, Godiva slid to the floor. Panting, “oh my God!” he murmured

Ol smiled a strange smile leaning forward embracing the cat hybrid “I shouldn’t have done that” he whispered loosening the embrace.

“Are you kidding?” Godiva said softly “I asked you to”

Ol just shook his head, “Godiva” he whispered “I saw Nurreal today” the elf leaned his forehead against Godiva’s shoulder “I don’t think you should pursue this fantasy of love you harbour towards this incubi”

“You saw Nurreal?” Godiva pushed Ol back a little so he could see the elfs large slanted eyes, but Ol wouldn’t meet his gaze “where? Did you speak with him?”

“Let it lie Godiva” Ol whispered then he looked up at Godiva with fright chiselled in his face “you don’t want to be like me, go home Godiva” Godiva opened his mouth to speak but was silenced by two fingers from Ol across his lips “No Godiva, I am taking you to see Seth, and he will take you home”

“But” Godiva pouted

“He is an incubi! Do you even realise what that is? He is a demon Godiva, the pediment of lust and corruption” Ol caught Godiva’s face between his hands kissing the catboy in a crushing kiss, pulling from it just as suddenly as he had engaged it “you taste of innocence, don’t let him spoil that, give your heart to someone worthy of it”

Godiva felt rage well up inside him “like you should speak, elf!”

“You don’t know him, like I do” Ol suddenly spat, standing up with a annoyed jerk, stalking to the bathroom getting a towel to wipe himself off, tossing it to Godiva “do you really want to know Godiva, you little fool” Ol grabbed his kimono and wrapped it around him, “I saw Nurreal today alright, these bruises came from his hand! I didn’t put up a good enough show… and do you know why? Because I worried about you Godiva!” Godiva’s eyes widened, he would have called the elf a liar, had it not been for the tears of apparent despair that fell thick and heavy from Ol’s large eyes “please, please return home” he whispered, flopping down on the bed, hiding his face in his hands.

“Ol” Godiva whispered getting up and seated himself next to the elf on the bed, wrapping an arm around the distressed elf “I will see him non the less, if I don’t it will haunt me forever, surely you understand that”

Ol nodded “I understand better than you think” wrapping his long arms around the smaller cat hybrid, Ol wept bitter tears “be safe Godiva” he sobbed “I will pray for your safety”



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