On a hot summers night 5/?; All for one love

its original smut, i havent written anything in this universe for a long while! but it happens to be the winged-bishie muse that stirred. i must warn for incest and other disturbing issues in this story, but not in this chapter, its quite worksafe, besides the harsh language ofcourse, my angels seem to swear a lot *laughs*

thanks to morcalivan for letting me abuse some of her creations together with my own

All for love of one.

/Thus I am banished from my bliss
by craft and false pretence
as one from joy were fledde
as from my leaf day by day I flee
and all for love of one/

Harm sat down on the kitchen counter with a slightly guilt ridden expression. “He left me no choice” he muttered

“I’m sure he didn’t” Tristan growled “I don’t care about the why’s and how’s.. What I am interested in” the silver haired man turned to watch his elder brother “..is the where’s” and when Harm just twitched his hands slightly and didn’t answer, Tristan continued “where the fuck is my son?”

Harm looked up at Tristan “the cities” he stated, but failed to meet his brother’s gaze. “Before you throw a damn fit” he murmured “let me tell you that I really tried to talk him from this ludicrous plan of his” Now Harm looked up and smiled a very strained smile “his fathers son I guess”

“Harm” Tristan sighed and shook his head slightly before he suddenly pushed Harm up against the head cupboard, “what the fuck were you thinking?!” he yelled

The angel of death just looked back at his brother “apparently I weren’t” he said softly “it runs in the family”

“Oh my fucking God, Harm” Tristan hissed and let go of his brother “you just don’t get it do you?” he turned and walked over to the other side of the kitchen opening a cupboard and taking out a bottle of gin, opening it with a quick move before he set the bottle to his lips and took a big swag of the liquor. Wiping his mouth on the back of his hand he turned to watch Harm once more, this time looking somewhat more calm “you sent my son to his death” he said with a small voice.

“I did no such thing Tristan” Harm said as he looked from the bottle in Tristan’s hand to the face of the angel “he has someone to take care of him there, I am sure he will be fine” he lied “and do you really think that is necessary?”

“What?” Tristan said with an innocent smile

“Your bottle” Harm said as he wrinkled his nose in disgust “next you will pick up smoking as well”

Tristan grinned “don’t you worry about my health, if I was you I would worry more about your own, should you fail to retrieve my son, really fast”

Harm’s eyes widened “are you threatening me?”

“What does it sound like mister smarty pants?”

“Don’t start this crap Tris” Harm sighed “you know as well as I, that there is nothing I can do, I have no way of even make a qualified guess where he might be in the tower”

“Still” Tristan sneered “you brought him there, you bring him back” glaring angrily at his brother “that sounds only fair to me”

“Perhaps” Harm said “but Godiva is not a kid anymore, and he did this on his own free will”

Tristan took another swag of the bottle “he is a kid, Harm” the angel smiled a little melancholy smile at his brother “we were his age too once, and it is not like we did the most responsible acts”

Harm frowned, knowing exactly what Tristan was talking about “that is a long time ago, brother. And it is just a completely different matter all together”

The angel raised a brow and smiled sadly “would you call yourself a liar then?”

Harm looked as he had been trapped in a deadly bear trap, just ready to snap on him “its just different Tristan”

“That is where you are wrong, my oh so wise big brother” Tristan mocked, taking yet another gulp of his bottle “Godiva is a kid, and kids do stupid and dangerous acts in the name of love” Tristan closed his eyes for a second and sighed “and you let him”

“Point taken” Harm said as he slid down from the kitchen counter “but what was I supposed to do? He is a very persuasive young man”

Tristan opened his eyes and looked at Harm “I don’t know” he said in a sad tone

Harm covered the distance between them in the kitchen, and with a gentle move, laid his hand on his brother’s shoulder and squeezed softly “don’t worry so much, I recon he found your elf by now, and he will guide him”

The silver haired man frowned “Ol?” a slight smile emerged in the left side of the angels mouth “Ol wouldn’t know his ass from his head. He cant save anyone, he couldn’t even save himself for fucks sake” Tristan looked his brother directly into his eyes “and you try and tell me my son is safe? you really are a liar Horatio” he shrugged his brothers hand off him and quickly walked out of the kitchen before Harm could reply

Harm rushed after his brother, standing still in the doorsill of the living room, looking at Tristan roaming through his bookshelf “and just what do you think you are doing?”

“Trying to find fathers book” Tristan replied without stopping or looking up

“The evocation and spell book?” harm said visibly shocked “you have that?”

“Indeed” Tristan mumbled “and if you refuse to do something, I must” now he turned around, still squatting on the floor, looking up at Harm “why are you still here? You can just go the fuck home to wherever it is you guys hang out, I don’t need your help”

“Thanatairan” Harm said softly ”don’t”

“Don’t what?” Tristan growled, “Was that a ‘don’t save your son from certain death and eternal torment’ I heard coming from you?” the silver haired man ran his fingers through his hair with a slightly shaking hand “or was it a ‘of course my beloved little brother, I will go an undo the wrong I did you and your family’?”

“He wont suffer or die, Tristan” Harm said as he walked over and sat next to his brother on the floor “I promise”

“And just what divine power will let you promise me that?” Tristan sneered

“Tristan, I love Godiva, I wont let anything happen to him. But he has to do this himself, he needs to get his fingers burned once to know better, it wont help that you or I jump to his rescue every time he is in trouble”

“Trouble? Trouble? Do you call this trouble? Are you insane? He is at the cities Harm! And he is most likely going straight to the towers top to find that goddamned incubi! That is not trouble! That is deadly!” Tristan tossed a book over to the other end of the room in anger “you make it sound like he came home 15 minutes past curfew”

“Relax brother” Harm said with a slightly annoyed expression “I am not trying to patronize you”

“Why is it so hard to understand, that I don’t want Godiva to be on his own, surrounded by demons?” Tristan stopped and looked directly at Harm once more “And once the demons knows he is there, do you have any idea what the evil entities will whisper in his ears at night?”

Harm looked away from his brother’s gaze “yes” he just whispered “secrets, deep dark secrets”

“Exactly” Tristan whispered back “and when they are done, I am sure that Bernhard would love to fill in the blanks”

“You are right” Harm whispered still “I never saw it that way, I didn’t even consider it”

Tristan turned to search for the book again “my son don’t have to learn of my heartache” he muttered under his breath “no matter what you say, I am going there to get him out. Now!”

“You don’t have to look for fathers book, I will take you there” Harm said softly and smiled as his brother nodded.



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