On a hot summers night 1-6/?

Author: Az
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Title; on a hot summers night.
AN: This is of course Original writing, it belongs to no fandom, this is my own warped imagination, and I love wingsmut, what can I say? This started out as fun, but turned into quite the ambitious project. Oh well for once I can say I write this for purely my own entertainment, because I know of ONE person other than me who is even bothered with this, but I love this story, and if there are any contradictions to previous stories, don’t shoot me, I would like to think I have gotten WAY better at writing and telling a story in English, which is absolutely not my native language. Some of these chapters are betaed by EJ, thank you honey I hope you enjoy this story!
WIP: 1-6/?
Rating: N17
Disclaimer: Bernhard & Nurreal are Cali’s creations. The rest is mine!
Summary: Godiva meets what he believes is the love of his life, but things proving to be a little bit more complicated than that!
Warnings: sacrilege Angel Pr0n. Incest.
Pairings: Harm/Tristan Nurreal/Godiva Godiva/Ol Seth/Vishnu (Bernhard/Ol Nurreal/Ol – Implied)


Chapter 1 – Circle in the sand

Godiva ripped off the red bandana that had been hiding his hair, and struck it in his pocket, he couldn’t believe his uncle Harm had asked him to leave the house, he had wanted to journey with him, but Harm had told him that its a dangerous business to visit the cities, especially if you were a little boy. Godiva had been ready to rip out his throat; he was not a kid! He was an adult! And.. and..

“Crap!” he yelled at the sea and kicked a small stone

“Oh how mature!” he heard a voice say, and when he looked up he saw a tall elf standing in the sand before him

“Ol, what are you doing here, I thought you belonged at your masters side!” Godiva said venomously

“I am taking a stroll down the beach, what does it look like kitten boy” Ol snapped back

“Ok, lets quit the pleasantries and what about you just answer me” Godiva hissed and crossed his arms over his chest, looking up at the fair elf

“Every inch your fathers son, aren’t you?” Ol laughed “but since you ask so politely, I will tell you” Ol slowly sat down on a sand dune “I am here for the same reason as you, I am not allowed inside the house”

Godiva tilted his head and blinked confused “what?” he whispered and sat down next to the tall elf

“Are you daft boy?” Ol snickered “or did your precious uncle Harm not tell you the truth perhaps?”

“But Harm said he was leaving for the cities” Godiva said

“But he is not, fluffy ears… he is in the house, and so is Bernard, and other important members of the counsel of both heaven and the cities” Ol turned his head and looked at the dumbstruck human cat “Harm is there to make sure all will play fair while here on earth”

“Oh I see” Godiva said with a little voice

Ol was about to say something when something shadowed the sun; Godiva looked up and saw just a silhouette, but could easily make out the large wings and the turned horns.

“Well, well, well Elfie, what are *you* doing here?” A voice said

“Nurreal” Ol whispered “well for your information you father brought me along”

“Did he?” the horned man said, “I don’t see why. He has better and prettier pets than you”

Ol clenched his fists and forced himself to stay silent

“And more loyal” Nurreal continued

Ol blushed and Godiva just glared at the scene unfolding in front of him “point taken” Ol mumbled

Nurreal laughed and squatted down in the sand and now that the sun was not so sharp over his head Godiva saw the face of the unexpected guest, long purple hair was neatly braided to fall down his back undoubtedly it continued between the powerful muscles that moved the wings. The creature moved his gaze from Ol to Godiva. And for a second the yellow eyes, which Godiva thought resembled a snakes widened and a smug smile settled “And who are you?” Nurreal said

“My name is…” Godiva couldn’t help but twitch inwardly at his own name “Godiva”

Nurreal chuckled and settled himself looking more careful at Godiva “prissy name” he stated

“I know” Godiva said with a irritated voice

Ol suddenly cut in “he is Harm’s nephew”

Godiva felt himself blush under Nurreal’s gaze “yes I am” he said not sure what to say

“Oh my, then you are certainly ‘somebody’ aren’t you?” Nurreal said with a grin

Godiva suddenly just stood up and brushed off his pants from sand “I will rather face my father and uncle’s anger, than listen to *this*” he hissed and stomped off angrily, when he suddenly felt a hand grab him

“Wait” Nurreal said calmly “I was only teasing you”

“Sure” Godiva answered flatly “and might I ask then” he turned to look a the winged creature once more “who are you?”

Nurreal laughed and smiled “I am Nurreal, and I am just as bored as you m’kay?”

Godiva relaxed some and risked a light smile back, but frowned as he heard Nurreal chuckle again “what?”

“Nothing” Nurreal said and smiled innocently “come let us take swim,” he suddenly said

“B-but, but” Godiva stammered

“Aw come on, do you have any better idea to spend you time at a beach?” Nurreal said

“No” Godiva admitted “ok, a swim it is” he answered suddenly feeling brave and smiled once more, looking over at Ol as he followed Nurreal down the dune “are you not coming Ol?”

The elf shook his head “no, I better not.” he said with a odd grin “I will stay here as your chaperone”

“Chaperone? Why? I am just going for a swim, honestly Ol, I am hardly in an age where I need a chaperone for a swim, what do you think would happen? I walked deeper in the water than to my navel?”

Ol laughed and smiled “oh my sweet child, but your father would kill me if I did not stay, you know he gets overprotective”

“Yea” Godiva sighed and then turned to walk after Nurreal to the water line


When he got there he saw the purple being strip his clothes and arch his back, stretching before he moved into the water, he walked out some paces and turned to wave at Godiva “aren’t you coming in?”

“Yes, wait a second” Godiva yelled back and blushed´, what was wrong with him? He would never think a second time about skinny dipping normally, but here he was feeling insecure and nervous, not sure how he would ever get rid of his clothes, but in the end he started to lift off his t-shirt over his head, to finally strip down hurrying out in the water. But only receiving a splash of water from Nurreal, Godiva stood up and laughed before he noticed the purple wings in wind disarrangement “oh wont you ruin your wings?”

“They will get back to normal in no time,” Nurreal said with a carefree hand gesture “they tried worse than this”

“I see” Godiva said and shook his head as water was seeping down in his ears “So Nurreal, why are you *really* here?” he suddenly asked

“Honestly?” Nurreal said and tried to fold his wet wings on his back “I snuck after my father”

“Oh, won’t he be mad?” Godiva said and mentally slapped himself for saying something this idiotic, he sounded like he was a child, no wonder they all thought he was.

“Of course he will, if he ever finds out that is” Nurreal laughed “but you wont tell him, and Ol certainly wont either”

“I wont tell” Godiva assured and nodded before he had to take a dive down in the water, he had to do something, before he did something really stupid. Why did this creature have this effect on him? He emerged once more and spurted out water

“You have a hairy spine,” Nurreal stated

Godiva spun around and looked right into those snake eyes “I know”

“Charming” Nurreal said and splashed water on Godiva “every bit as becoming as your father” he said and winked

Godiva blushed at this sudden come-on, “r-really?” he just stammered

“Indeed” Nurreal said and reached out for Godiva who flinched at his touch “what’s wrong?”

“N-nothing” Godiva said and blushed to impossible red

Nurreal chuckled softly and took his hand away from Godiva’s shoulder “don’t be so nervous”

Godiva felt like he was ready to die there on the spot, and he looked away, on the verge to confess that he wanted him to touch him, but failed the courage “I’m just cold” he lied

Nurreal took Godiva’s hand and started to walk back to the shore, feeling as the cat boy squeezed so hard as was he about to break every bone in his hand.

Godiva looked up and saw that Ol was gone, this puzzled him but also made him glad, he wanted to be alone with Nurreal, why he didn’t really know, all he knew was that it was all he wanted “where did he go?” he said and pointed up to the sand dune

“Ol?” Nurreal said and laughed “I guess my father called for his services, but I really don’t know” he looked down at the silver haired cat creature “because he thought that dune was ours? Because he was eaten by mad seagulls?” he laughed at his own joke and continued, “That elf never needed much reason to come and go, believe me”

Godiva chuckled and picked up his clothes, reluctantly letting go of the purple winged boys hand “our dune you say?” he said gingerly

“Yes, if you want it to be” Nurreal said and fluttered his wet feathers spraying water all over them both

“Any dune is better than this” Godiva laughed and started to run towards the sand dune.

Nurreal just chuckled and walked after the cat.


Chapter 2 – Venus in fur

Godiva slumped down on the bank next to Nurreal ”I wonder what they are talking about in there” he said and pointed towards the house

“Who knows, and who cares” Nurreal said and popped up on a elbow watching Godiva

“I do” he cat boy said and was so lost in thoughts about being the one sitting on a chair in there, looking important, feeling important – just like his father was right now, that he did not even notice that the incubus had raised his other hand reaching for him, not until he felt fingers run over the fluffy fur on his ears “wha’…” he gasped and turned around looking at Nurreal

“They are just as soft as thy look” Nurreal just said and ran his fingers over the white fur once more

Godiva instinctively turned and lay on his stomach not to give himself away, he didn’t really understand why he liked this, but the fact was he liked it a bit too much, when he had begun to blush he didn’t know, but the victorious smirk on Nurreal’s face told him he had given himself away. And he just managed a small smile

“Why do you blush so?” Nurreal smirked and ran his fingers down to Godiva’s neck

“I.. I… don’t know” Godiva finally managed to stammer… /you idiot!/ he chided himself and mentally slapped himself for not being able to keep cool

“Then let me guess” Nurreal said and leaned in so his lips almost touched the skin on Godiva’s cheek “you like it when I touch you”

Godiva let out a staggered gasp, but was not able to answer, never in his life had he met anyone like this, but to tell that to a incubus just seemed so pointless, he was sure Nurreal could feel it, see it like heat radiating from his body

Nurreal kissed Godiva’s cheek softly, and when the young cat boy did not protest he continued his trail to his lips. He could have laughed at the change in the cat when he kissed them, nothing felt like this, nothing compared to the taste of a virgin. This boy was a rare catch indeed. And when he pulled away from the awkward kiss, he looked at Godiva who’s cat pupils had gotten impossible thin, almost as had he no pupils in those blue eyes, and when he bit his lip so innocently, Nurreal didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. “Have you never been kissed before?” he asked softly

“No” Godiva whispered and blushed once more

“A shame” Nurreal said and touched Godiva’s lips with his fingers, before he grabbed the cat boy’s shoulders and turned him around so he was flat on his back.

Godiva was ready to die of shame right there and then “don’t” he managed to breathe before Nurreal leaned over and silenced him with another kiss, bit this time the kiss was different, and more craving, but at the same time he felt something he had not felt before, as the incubus lay against him, the obvious arousal of the other. He was not even ashamed or tried to hide it, instead he seemed to like it when their skin met. This was all strange and new to him, but when he felt a hand gently run over his own erection he could have screamed but all he managed was a purr in Nurreal’s mouth

“You ‘do’ like it” Nurreal chuckled and bit Godiva’s lip, it was not a question, but a statement, and he experimentally wrapped his hand around Godiva’s erection and moved his hand slowly, the reaction was mediate as Godiva closed his eyes shut and bit his lip, trying not to feel this odd sensation “it is so much better than doing it yourself” Nurreal whispered “just relax”

Godiva felt the butterflies flutter madly in his stomach as Nurreal whispered to him, but when he felt his hand being guided to the strange slick flesh that had to be the incubus own arousal, it felt soft and strangely familiar, but yet alien.

“You can touch me” Nurreal whispered hoarsely and as Godiva finally wrapped his fingers around his arousal he couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh “you’re doing good” he purred and kissed Godiva once more.

Godiva felt the familiar sensation in his limbs, but never had anyone else seen him like this, never had anyone else done this to him, and he was even surprised when he heard his own voice break out in a croaked moan

The energy that flowed from the cat boy was so intense that Nurreal had to control himself not to do something rash like begin to hump his leg in pure frustration, the energies might be divine, but the sex left something behind. So he grabbed Godiva’s hand and made the inexperienced fingers move in a faster pace, he could almost taste Godiva closing in on his climax, and bit his lip, getting a kiss in return, feeling as Godiva finally gave in and just felt the lust building inside him. The little whines and moans that spilled from the cat just urged Nurreal to move his hands faster. And even though he thought he had been ready for the release of energies from Godiva, but when it finally hit him, he got dizzy from the blast, and he released himself at the same time.

Godiva slowly opened his eyes and looked at the sky, suddenly feeling idiotic. Oh no! What if Nurreal thought him a child? What if he would never see him again? What if he just left? What if…

Nurreal folded out his wings and shielded them both from the sun, as he started to chuckle “you are most defiantly the sweetest cat boy I ever kissed on a sand dune”

Godiva shook his head, how could he laugh? This was a serious matter they had done.

“Thank you” Nurreal whispered and smiled a honest smile before he kissed Godiva’s lips

“S-sure… a-anytime” Godiva stuttered back

But before Nurreal had a chance to answer a voice suddenly broke the little whispers they shared ”Nurreal, Godiva?!”

Nurreal buried his head in the nape of Godiva’s neck “Ol” he whispered, “go away you idiot elf”

“Nurreal, Godiva, please answer me” Ol whispered sounding concerned

Nurreal sighed before he yelled back “what do you want?” they heard steps stop right next to where they lay, and Ol squatted down “Tristan is looking for you Godiva”

“”What?!?!?” Godiva gasped and Nurreal rolled off the cat in a lazy move. “Why is he searching for me? Isn’t he at the meeting?”

Ol chuckled and then became serious again “The meeting is over”

“Oh” Nurreal said to himself and started to pull up his pants “I better disappear before Bernard sees me”

“He already did, he knows you are not home in the cities” Ol stated

“Damn!” Nurreal sighed and shook his head

But all their conversation was killed as they heard Tristan “well, well, well…” he mumbled and crossed his arms over his chest “what do you know? Quite the alternative meeting going on here ”


Chapter – 3 it ain’t over, till its over

(6 months later)

Godiva was sitting and watching the raindrops that fell on the large mosaic window of his fathers study. Feeling ever so empty and depressed, the weather matched his mood too well he mused.

Tristan opened the door slowly carrying two cups of coffee; he tilted his head and looked at his son. And the image stabbed like an icicle in his very soul, he knew that vacant look, he had seen it way too often in his own mirror. He bit his lip and walked through the room and gently cleared his throat before he handed one of the mugs to Godiva “here”

The cat boy looked up and smiled a false smile “thanks dad” he mumbled and took the hot coffee, why did his dad of all the beings on this earth have to interrupt his self chosen misery, properly because you are in his office you moron, a little voice told him.

“Godiva?” Tristan said and ran a hand over his sons silver hair, “I know I said some harsh things.” he started but Godiva cut him off

“Like calling me a slut, huh?”

Tristan averted Godiva’s eyes and nodded, looking most of all like a guilt ridden schoolboy “yes like that” he mumbled. He sighed and looked up “please Godiva, I didn’t mean that. It was just t-that.. I-I” he stopped and just looked at his son who looked even more miserable than when he came in here. /oh great! You idiot, you know he’s miserable, and here you are making it worse, I never was the one who won a medal for parenting/

“Its forgotten” Godiva mumbled and turned his head to look out on the raindrops again; they made the mosaic angel look like his wings were melting down to the bottom of the frame.

“I was wrong” Tristan suddenly whispered, “I should not have said those things”

“No” Godiva whispered “and you should not have dragged me away in my arm, like I was 5 years old”

“No I shouldn’t” Tristan answered his words echoed in the large room, and then an uncomfortable silence took them both. “But I was only trying to…” he finally said

Godiva’s head snapped around and he almost screamed at his father “ trying what? You better tell me, for I cant see you tried anything but embarrass me!”

Tristan shifted uncomfortably on his feet, “to protect you” he finally admitted “but it looks like I failed”

“Protect me from what?” Godiva yelled

“Your self” Tristan said

“My self? – Don’t make me laugh Tristan” Godiva spat and turned around once more crossing his arms over his chest, grabbing a hold of the mug sp hard his knuckles turned white.

“Godiva, please….” Tristan said and finally moved over to the other end of the large windowsill “he’s not worth it”

“What would you know about that?” Godiva mumbled, and to his irritation he felt the burning sensation in the corners of his eyes, and he irritates whipped away the first tears

“More than you think,” Tristan said “believe me, he is not worth your tears”

“Don’t patronize me dad,” Godiva hissed

“I’m not,” Tristan said more harshly than he had intended, and instead of saying more he just took a sip of his coffee

“Why am I sitting here sharing my love life with my father?” Godiva said to himself and closed his eyes with a faint sigh.

Tristan sighed, why was this parenting shit so hard? He just never seemed to say or do the right things, “I know you don’t need to hear this right now, but its not worth it to waste your love on a incubi” he mumbled “he don’t want it, nor care for it”

Godiva opened his eyes and looked at Tristan, but said nothing

“He was feeding Godiva” Tristan said and frowned at his own words, why did he have to sound so harsh?

“You don’t know Nurreal” Godiva sneered

“No” Tristan sighed “but I know his father, and his kin”

“Well, Nurreal is NOT his father, and I care not what his kin is like” Godiva said

“Goddammit!” Tristan suddenly yelled, “are you not listening?” he stood up from the windowsill and pushed over the rest of the cold coffee in the process “he wants your lust not your love, and I don’t care what he promised, or said in order to get it, I don’t care how, where or why he did… but he did. And now you sit here and cry over a being that sees you as a meal!”

“There is a word for this thing dad” Godiva yelled and stood up too, “it’s called projection”

“What the fuck are you talking about boy?” Tristan roared and threw his hands up in the air

Godiva took a step closer to his father and pointed him in the chest “I am talking about, that just because your own love life is shite, don’t necessarily mean that mine is” he took a deep breath “so stay out of my business… understood?”

Tristan let out an annoyed growl, but then he sighed and nodded slowly

“Good” Godiva yelled and sat down in the window sill once more

Tristan shook his head and walked over to his son again “Godiva?”

“Yea” the cat boy hissed

“Harm can help you, get a message though to Ol, and further on to Nurreal,” he finally said, hating himself to the core this very moment. Was he not just making this harder on Godiva?

But the boy turned around and smiled at his father “you would do that?”

Tristan nodded “yes” he whispered weakly

Godiva looked suspicious but accepted “why dad? Why are you doing this for me?”

Tristan smiled oddly “I needed a lame excuse to have coffee with Harm anyways”

“Liar” Godiva chuckled

“Look Godiva, don’t worry about the why’s, concentrate on the when’s” Tristan said and leaned down and gave his son a hug “you write that letter, and I will go get a hold of Harm”

Godiva nodded “thank you”

“You’re welcome” Tristan smiled and kissed his son on the forehead “but if this incubi breaks your heart, I will goddamn well see him annihilated”

“Da -ad..” Godiva chuckled and rolled his eyes

“Just you wait” Tristan chuckled “but I suppose you are right, even a incubi deserves a chance”

“Keep this up, and one morning your wings will have grown back” Godiva laughed

Tristan just snorted and pushed his son playfully, “whatever” he mumbled and turned to walk out the room. He had to summon his brother, but was this really the wise thing to do? Was he indeed just helping this little demon hurt his son more? – He shrugged, this only time could tell.


Chapter 4 – Break and enter

/ If God had a name, what would it be?
And would you call it to his face?
If you were faced with him in all his glory
What would you ask if you had just one question? /

Weeks, and months had gone by, and Godiva had watched his phone trying to will it into calling, he felt his heart sink as after weeks nothing had happened, and when it did it was either his father or mother calling. No letters, no phone calls, no nothing! Had Nurreal really just played with him? Had he just been a meal ticket? He just couldn’t believe that. Tristan had tried to take his mind off matters, had tried taking him out to parties, and had tried making him join all kinds of after school activities. But nothing helped, even seeing the most divine creatures, he had declined offers, he had know would have perhaps taken his mind off matters, but none of these was Nurreal.

No he knew what he had to do, if Muhammad wouldn’t come to the mountain, the mountain would come to Muhammad – he had to find a way to go to the cities, he would not find rest before he had spoken with Nurreal. But how could he possibly go there? Uncle Harm! He could get him there.. but how to get a hold of Harm? An idea formed in his head, and he slowly walked out into the kitchen, his tail swushed back and forth giving away how nervous he felt as he opened the drawer and pulled out a knife. He looked up at the kitchen clock. It would be good 3 hours before Tristan would be back, that was time enough to… to.. he looked down at his hand and the rather over-dimensioned kitchen knife “overdoing it a bit aren’t you?” he whispered to himself.

Dashing off into the bathroom, he placed the knife on the cabinet and turned on the water, not bothering to rid himself of his clothes he picked up the knife with a hand that was not trembling. What in the world was he doing? What if Harm couldn’t reverse the action? No.. he had to do this, it was the only way. He stepped in under the water and let it soak his clothes before he slid down and with a slow move place the kitchen knife to his arm, “not across, from the wrist to the elbow” he murmured to himself, this way it would go faster. And he really didn’t want to sit here forever waiting, he wanted to see Nurreal. He place the knife feeling his heartbeat sped up, and in the last second he had to look away as he made the cut, looking at his arm afterwards, it didn’t really hurt that much, but the blood was flowing rapidly. Mixing with the water…

It felt like house until his arm finally started to get numb, and when the phone rang he was not even bothered to get startled, the answering machine made a beep and started, and when he heard Tristan talk to the machine he felt a pang of guilt.

/hey its just me, I will be home late, but I will bring some take-away, I take it you’re hungry. Take care/ a long silence followed and then his father added /I love you/ before he hung up and the message ended.

Was Godiva beginning to imagine stuff or could he hear the loneliness in his father’s voice, and for a second he felt like he understood what drove his father never to take upon himself another lover since the elf.

And as if called on queue, Harm appeared when Godiva started to loose faith and nod off. “Godiva, what on earth are you doing?”

“The cities uncle, take me there” Godiva murmured

“The cities?? Do you know what you are asking of me?” Harm kneeled down next to the catboy and pulled him out of the shower “why did you go and do something like this, my child?” Harm whispered

“you must help me” Godiva whispered closing his eyes. “I want to see Nurreal”

“Nurreal? As in the crown prince of the cities?? My God Godiva what have you gotten yourself into?”

“Harm.. Nurreal” Godiva sighed

Harm shook his head with a deep worried frown “you are your fathers son, no doubt about it” as Godiva passed out Harm ran a hand over the boys arm, closing the wound “let us go then” he said with a annoyed voice “no good will come from this, I just know it!” he shook his head and gathered the catboy in his arms. Before they slowly disappeared from the room


Harm slowly landed in the shadows of Bernhard’s tall tower in the middle of the cities. He looked down on his brothers son and smiled sadly as he ran his hand over the kids face “wakie wakie” he whispered as the young catboy’s eyes fluttered open

“Harm?” Godiva whispered

“Yes, I got you here child” he looked up the tower “but I cannot go with you. Now you are on your own”

“The cities..” Godiva whispered and as if he suddenly remembered and looked at his arm seeing a fine line going from his wrist to his elbow “oh man… its gonna scar” he sighed

“Serves you good” Harm said with a stern expression.

Godiva just blushed slightly “so what now? How am I supposed to find him here?” he looked up the impossible high tower “this place is fucking huge”

“Start with the servants entry there” Harm said and pointed to a little door. “But so try and stay out of sight, you don’t want anybody to see you”

Godiva nodded and listened to Harm

“Nurreal, the one you seek is the crown prince of hell, he son of Bernhard” Harm said

“And he is?… the dude that runs this place?” Godiva asked

“Yes, he is the highest, most powerful being here” Harm said, “This is most dangerous”

“I laugh in the face of danger” Godiva said quoting some move with a cocky grin

“You wont laugh when he gives you to his creatures in the pits of agony, or perhaps of despair.. He got so many of them, I lost track” Harm said crossing his arms over his chest

“Oh” Godiva said paling

“The good news is that you got yourself a ally in there” Harm smiled “you need to make your way to the very top” he pointed upwards into the sky “but the calamites chambers are not all the way up there, they are only half way”

“What the fuck does that have to do with Nurreal? And besides what the fuck is a calamite?” Godiva said, his tail once more swished from side to side in impatience

“A harem whore” Harm said smiling as he saw Godiva’s weak blush “you can find Ol there”

“Ol? He is there?” the catboy gasped

Harm nodded “yes, find him and he will take you to Nurreal” the angel of death just looked at his brothers son, “but don’t get caught, I don’t want to explain this to your father”

“Oh Tristan” he had forgotten all about his father “he will be quite pissed, don’t you think?” he lowered his gaze to his feet and smiled a little apologizing smile

“Oh yes, he will be rather angry with you, if not even furious”

Godiva nodded “I will just have to do this quickly” and suddenly he felt his uncle embrace him tightly

“Take care child” he whispered, “I don’t want to come for you a second time”

“I will” Godiva said as his uncle let him go. And he turned to go into the tower he turned and wanted to say something to harm, but found him gone. Godiva turned to the little servants door “only one way now” he whispered and snuck inside

Chapter 5 – passion choked the flower
Godiva seemed like he had been climbing these stairs for days, hiding in the shadows, only catching glimpses of creatures and what resembled more human forms, going about with their daily duties. Right now he had sat down on a repose waiting for night to fall, he could see from the shadows that fell from the small windows that it had to be late afternoon. And night would soon fall. He closed his eyes and thought of his father, trying to think of what he might be doing, maybe he was making rice and fish? Ooo rice and fish, he could really, really eat that right now. Actually he could eat just about anything right now, having gone without food what seemed to Godiva as a week was taking its toll, and if he didn’t not reach the middle of the tower soon, he would be in trouble, his stomach had stopped growling by now, and he felt slightly dizzy from the lack of food.

He watched as a woman carried a tray with wine past him. Woman? That was no woman! When he caught a second glance he saw the waist long braid and the pointy ears, and as he turned, Godiva noticed the grey slanted eyes. Ol! He had reached the middle of the tower! Finally! The catboy could have cried from joy, but his enthusiasm quickly died as he realised that he couldn’t possibly get the attention of the elf right now.

Ol put down the tray and a humanoid woman stopped and handed him a plate of something that Godiva couldn’t see, Ol wrinkled his nose “is that really necessary?” he whined, and the woman nodded “you wouldn’t want to upset the lord”

“No” Ol said with a little voice and smiled awkwardly at the woman “I am in enough trouble as it is” The woman just nodded and pinched his cheek in a haughty manner. The elf winched and for a second he miraculously looked over at the stairs, but Godiva couldn’t make him aware of his presence.

Ol took the tray and corrected the black robe he was wearing, and sighed to himself before he with swift steps hurried up the stairs, Godiva pressed against the wall as the elf passed him with less than a meter.

Night had fallen, but his plan for moving on was dropped, if this was the middle of the tower, then Ol would come back, right? If he waited long enough, he would come back. A horrible thought struck the young catboy, what if this was not the middle of the tower, what if Ol had just been here to pick something up? /oh, dad what did I do? / Godiva felt like bursting out in tears, he was depressed hungry and tired. When he finally heard steps on the stone stairs, those swift swooshy kinds of steps that could only belong to an elf

He risked a little peak out from his shadow on the stairs and he couldn’t believe his luck, it was actually Ol that came back, alone. “Elf? Ol?” he whispered

Ol spun around and looked in the direction of the noise, and then his eyes widened to impossible big “what the fuck?!” he gasped

Godiva smiled a little disarming smile, and Ol grabbed his arm forcefully and just when Godiva though he w0eould strike him, he pulled off with him instead, he walked quickly down corridors and Godiva had to half run to keep up. When the elf suddenly opened a door and almost threw him inside before he closed and locked the door behind him.

“Godiva! What are you doing here? Do you have any idea where you are?” he whispered with a repressed anger, the elf was silent waiting for the catboy to say something, and walked over to his dressing cover, and tossed the black robe over the thin white fabric that was hold out between wooden sticks. “Well? Spill it child”

Godiva sighed and sat down on the bed “I.. uhm.. Came to see Nurreal” he said blushing under his own folly. If he for one second had thought he would have to go through this much for this, he was not really sure he would have done it, or had he?

“Nurreal?” Ol sighed as he stepped out from behind the screen wearing black pyjama pants and nothing else. “And how did you think you would do that? Did you think you could just fucking waltz in here and demand an audience?”

“Yea.. Well, no.. I” Godiva felt incredible little and stupid “I suppose so” he whispered at last

Ol looked at the catboy, as were he trying to figure out some exotic bug, “you must be famished” he said at last “stay put, and let me find you something to eat” he offered with a smile.

Godiva nodded and Ol pulled another black robe over him, and hurried out the door. When he came back he put the tray down on a little side table, and watched Godiva who had fallen asleep on the bed. He shook his head and pulled off the robe and pulled a blanket over the boy, before he too laid down in the bed, with his back to the catboy, he should worry but he was just too tired, and figured that they were safe until the morning.

Morning came and Godiva woke first, at first he was a bit confused by being in this bed, and who what that person next to him, but as he regained some composure he remembered yesterday and figured it had to be Ol. Godiva popped up on an elbow and watched the elf, he knew how much his father still pined for this particular being, and as he looked at the elf sleeping he could understand why. This strange androgynous creature had his own special charm, his eyes travelled from his neck down over his shoulders and to the waist band of the pyjama pants, and to his horror he saw large angry welts that was neatly arranged almost as it was a pattern across his back.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Ol suddenly whispered

“Sorry” Godiva whispered back.

Ol rolled over on his back as he winched slightly “don’t worry, elfs heal fast,” he said with a little smile. “Now young Godiva, what was your master plan upon coming here?”

“Uhm, uncle Harm got me here, and that was it, he told me to climb these stairs halfway and find you, and that you would help me with the rest, so… uhm, would you?” Godiva smiled a little nervous smile, as Ol’s mouth became a thin line

“The rest? The rest? Your uncle should know better, this is insane” he sat up and shook his head “do you have any idea how dangerous this is for the both of us, if I should try this stupid plan of Harm’s?” the elf sighed “I must find a way to get you back to your dad before you get us both killed, or what is worse”

“No, you cant!” Godiva gasped, “you see.. He, he don’t even know I am here”

“WHAT??!” Ol hid his face in his hands and mumbled to himself “insane, you are insane” he looked up from his hands and his grey eyes shot daggers “if I don’t get killed by Bernhard I will get killed by your father, marvellous”

“No, it’s not like that, if I only get a hold of Nurreal, then I am sure that..” Godiva searched for the words but didn’t find them.

“Alright, listen my friend. Nurreal is a demon, a nasty one of them actually. He fucked you, so what? That does not make you his fiancée; he fucks a pretty boy as you every day. Godiva, please you just have to get out of here, I can take you to the stairs, and then you run down to where you came from”

“But, no I cant do that!” Godiva whispered, feeling a bile taste come to his mouth as desperation overcame him “I don’t know how I should get back to earth, or anything”

“Nice fucking plan you got there catboy!” Ol hissed and rolled his eyes “alright, the only way is up it seems, we cant have you roaming the cities” he stood from the bed with a laboured move “so.. Ok Godiva, you stay here and hide, and I shall see if I can locate Nurreal, alright?”

Godiva nodded and smiled “yes, thank you” then he looked thoughtful, and pulled the blanked tighter around his frame “and do you think he’d believe you?”

“No” Ol said with a hollow laughter “he would never believe me, if I told him I knew someone as INSANE as you”

“You just get him here then” Godiva said

“I just get him here… nice one” he tossed his arms in the air and shook his head “insanity runs in the family it seems” but in the end the elf nodded “I will get him here, I owe your dad a favour, and if I can get you out of here alive, I should say that was paid back tenfold”


Tristan had tried to get a hold of harm for days, all he knew was that his son was gone and there had been a shit load of blood in the bathroom. But Harm did not answer his message.

At first he had just told himself that nothing was wrong, and had tried to go on as normal. But now he found it impossible, he had to find out what happened. Peaches had even called wanting to speak with her son on the phone, and Tristan wouldn’t admit that he was not there, and had said he was out with a study group, he could hear on the displeased tone of the shapshifter that she did not believe him one bit. But he had at least bought silence for a little while.

“Alright Harm” Tristan said to himself as he stood in the kitchen making coffee in the early morning. “If you don’t come here and tell me where he went, I will hunt you don myself, and goddamn beat it out of you”

Tristan smiled to himself as he felt a presence behind him “I take 2 sugar” his brother sighed.


Chapter 6. – All for love of one.

Harm sat down on the kitchen counter with a slightly guilt ridden expression. “He left me no choice” he muttered

“I’m sure he didn’t” Tristan growled “I don’t care about the why’s and how’s.. What I am interested in” the silver haired man turned to watch his elder brother “..is the where’s” and when Harm just twitched his hands slightly and didn’t answer, Tristan continued “where the fuck is my son?”

Harm looked up at Tristan “the cities” he stated, but failed to meet his brother’s gaze. “Before you throw a damn fit” he murmured “let me tell you that I really tried to talk him from this ludicrous plan of his” Now Harm looked up and smiled a very strained smile “his fathers son I guess”

“Harm” Tristan sighed and shook his head slightly before he suddenly pushed Harm up against the head cupboard, “what the fuck were you thinking?!” he yelled

The angel of death just looked back at his brother “apparently I weren’t” he said softly “it runs in the family”

“Oh my fucking God, Harm” Tristan hissed and let go of his brother “you just don’t get it do you?” he turned and walked over to the other side of the kitchen opening a cupboard and taking out a bottle of gin, opening it with a quick move before he set the bottle to his lips and took a big swag of the liquor. Wiping his mouth on the back of his hand he turned to watch Harm once more, this time looking somewhat more calm “you sent my son to his death” he said with a small voice.

“I did no such thing Tristan” Harm said as he looked from the bottle in Tristan’s hand to the face of the angel “he has someone to take care of him there, I am sure he will be fine” he lied “and do you really think that is necessary?”

“What?” Tristan said with an innocent smile

“Your bottle” Harm said as he wrinkled his nose in disgust “next you will pick up smoking as well”

Tristan grinned “don’t you worry about my health, if I was you I would worry more about your own, should you fail to retrieve my son, really fast”

Harm’s eyes widened “are you threatening me?”

“What does it sound like mister smarty pants?”

“Don’t start this crap Tris” Harm sighed “you know as well as I, that there is nothing I can do, I have no way of even make a qualified guess where he might be in the tower”

“Still” Tristan sneered “you brought him there, you bring him back” glaring angrily at his brother “that sounds only fair to me”

“Perhaps” Harm said “but Godiva is not a kid anymore, and he did this on his own free will”

Tristan took another swag of the bottle “he is a kid, Harm” the angel smiled a little melancholy smile at his brother “we were his age too once, and it is not like we did the most responsible acts”

Harm frowned, knowing exactly what Tristan was talking about “that is a long time ago, brother. And it is just a completely different matter all together”

The angel raised a brow and smiled sadly “would you call yourself a liar then?”

Harm looked as he had been trapped in a deadly bear trap, just ready to snap on him “its just different Tristan”

“That is where you are wrong, my oh so wise big brother” Tristan mocked, taking yet another gulp of his bottle “Godiva is a kid, and kids do stupid and dangerous acts in the name of love” Tristan closed his eyes for a second and sighed “and you let him”

“Point taken” Harm said as he slid down from the kitchen counter “but what was I supposed to do? He is a very persuasive young man”

Tristan opened his eyes and looked at Harm “I don’t know” he said in a sad tone

Harm covered the distance between them in the kitchen, and with a gentle move, laid his hand on his brother’s shoulder and squeezed softly “don’t worry so much, I recon he found your elf by now, and he will guide him”

The silver haired man frowned “Ol?” a slight smile emerged in the left side of the angels mouth “Ol wouldn’t know his ass from his head. He cant save anyone, he couldn’t even save himself for fucks sake” Tristan looked his brother directly into his eyes “and you try and tell me my son is safe? you really are a liar Horatio” he shrugged his brothers hand off him and quickly walked out of the kitchen before Harm could reply

Harm rushed after his brother, standing still in the doorsill of the living room, looking at Tristan roaming through his bookshelf “and just what do you think you are doing?”

“Trying to find fathers book” Tristan replied without stopping or looking up

“The evocation and spell book?” harm said visibly shocked “you have that?”

“Indeed” Tristan mumbled “and if you refuse to do something, I must” now he turned around, still squatting on the floor, looking up at Harm “why are you still here? You can just go the fuck home to wherever it is you guys hang out, I don’t need your help”

“Thanatairan” Harm said softly ”don’t”

“Don’t what?” Tristan growled, “Was that a ‘don’t save your son from certain death and eternal torment’ I heard coming from you?” the silver haired man ran his fingers through his hair with a slightly shaking hand “or was it a ‘of course my beloved little brother, I will go an undo the wrong I did you and your family’?”

“He wont suffer or die, Tristan” Harm said as he walked over and sat next to his brother on the floor “I promise”

“And just what divine power will let you promise me that?” Tristan sneered

“Tristan, I love Godiva, I wont let anything happen to him. But he has to do this himself, he needs to get his fingers burned once to know better, it wont help that you or I jump to his rescue every time he is in trouble”

“Trouble? Trouble? Do you call this trouble? Are you insane? He is at the cities Harm! And he is most likely going straight to the towers top to find that goddamned incubi! That is not trouble! That is deadly!” Tristan tossed a book over to the other end of the room in anger “you make it sound like he came home 15 minutes past curfew”

“Relax brother” Harm said with a slightly annoyed expression “I am not trying to patronize you”

“Why is it so hard to understand, that I don’t want Godiva to be on his own, surrounded by demons?” Tristan stopped and looked directly at Harm once more “And once the demons knows he is there, do you have any idea what the evil entities will whisper in his ears at night?”

Harm looked away from his brother’s gaze “yes” he just whispered “secrets, deep dark secrets”

“Exactly” Tristan whispered back “and when they are done, I am sure that Bernhard would love to fill in the blanks”

“You are right” Harm whispered still “I never saw it that way, I didn’t even consider it”

Tristan turned to search for the book again “my son don’t have to learn of my heartache” he muttered under his breath “no matter what you say, I am going there to get him out. Now!”

“You don’t have to look for fathers book, I will take you there” Harm said softly and smiled as his brother nodded.

-tbc in ‘The Cities’-


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