I really, really love to watch.

Title: I really, really love to watch.
Author: Az
Fandom: devil x devil
Word count: 754
Characters/pairings: Suzaku/Hotei
Rating: R
Tab: September 3.
Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine; they belong to the talented Sachiyo Sawauchi
Warnings: masturbation, language.
Notes: Well there ain’t no keyholes in a park, so I went with peaking. – This is the same slight AU as ‘run with me’ – this is written for monday_smut

Ooo-whee, do it one more time for me!
Can’t stop stop that girl
There she goes again
I really really love to watch her

Ramones – Suzy is a headbanger

Suzaku had been out all day, and lost himself in having fun that he had forgotten the time, and now the moon was out. The playground was dark and all the children left for home, Sitting on a swing Suzaku closed his eyes and let the world swoosh by back and forth, he wondered what Hotei might be doing. Properly sitting somewhere glooming and brooding as always, honest to God sometimes he didn’t know what he saw in that fucking emo kid.

Grounding his feet in the sand Suzaku stopped the swing and lightly jumped off it, maybe he should bring home something for Hotei to feast on, then he would maybe get a smile from those pale lips. Sighing heavily Suzaku realised that finding someone to bring to Hotei would be rather hard at this time of day, even in a park. So Suzaku just stuck his hands in his pockets and walked slowly back to where he had left Hotei earlier that day.

Whistling to himself he walked down a dark path in the park, maybe he should hand Hotei some candy and they would have a day out in the funfair by the beach, but Hotei would most properly just be appalled by the suggestion alone. Raving and ranting about that Suzaku was a pervert and that he would have no participation in his kinks. What a bore! It was not like there was something wrong with it, children just tasted better, and what if he liked them young and pretty? It could hardly make Hotei jealous, after all he ‘did’ return each night with energy enough to let Hotei feed of him too.

Suzaku caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of his eye by the fountain; at first he thought it would just be some scared old lady with her dog and a damn pepper spray. But as he strained his eyesight to see what it was, he saw it was Hotei, he would recognize that body anywhere, not to mention his terrible singing voice. Smiling as he realised that Hotei had not seen him, he leaned up against a tree and watched Hotei splash in the water of the fountain.

The demon rested his head against the granite and closed his eyes, a slight smile graced his lips, and now Suzaku’s interest was definitely peaked, his eyes widened slowly and a grin settled on his lips as he saw Hotei’s arm move in the water, he was masturbating! The little demon was a kinky little shit after all! Suzaku couldn’t help but to be amused that a couple stopped in front of the fountain and kissed before the girl threw in a coin for good luck. The joys of being invisible! Hotei opened his eyes on squint and saw the couple before he closed them again, slowly stroking himself under the water.

Suzaku felt his own jeans tighten as he watched his lover pleasuring himself. In the end he could stand it no more and slowly walked over to the fountain, leaning in he whispered in Hotei’s ear “what is on your mind?”

Hotei gasped blushing as he was caught in the act.. “I..I..” he stuttered and made an attempt to move out of the water, but Suzaku grabbed his shoulders and held him in position.

“Don’t stop”

Blushing even more, Hotei reached for his erection again, “I was thinking about you” he whispered “how beautiful you are with your lips wrapped around my cock”

“Mmmm” Suzaku just breathed.

“I was thinking that you would pleasure me first, and then you would pin me against the fountain and fuck me” Hotei whispered hoarsly.

“Enough!” Suzaku growled and with a swift move hauled Hotei out of the water. In this minute he knew exactly why he came home every night, that reason was right here in front of him, cold, wet and naked, and ever so irresistible fuckable.



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