Harvester of Shadows 4/34

Title: Gluttony
Genre: drama
Characters: Early, Tay, Constantine, Olga.
Prompt: 90
Rating: M
Type: series
Summary: Tay is pissed off, and Early is in a tight spot.
Warnings: Adult situations, language.
AN: I used this prompt as in ‘more wants more’ just thought I wanted to say it. Thanks to goodbye_sun for all the help with my crazy plot ideas!

Don’t call me baby
You got some nerve, and baby that’ll never do
You know I don’t belong to you
It’s time you knew I’m not your baby
I belong to me, so
Don’t call me baby

Behind my smile is my IQ
I must admit, this does not sit, with the likes of you
You’re really sweet
Mmm, you’re really nice
But didn’t mama ever tell you not to play with fire?

-Madison Avenue.

Tay looked at his wristwatch, she was late. And with a slight smile he settled down, looking over at Constantine who was looking out the window at the other kids who played soccer. “I’m sure your mom is here soon” he said, getting the teens attention.

Constantine sighed and nodded, “Yeah, she’ll be here eventually” he looked out at the kids outside again, “It’s okay if you have to leave, Mr. McKinnon, I will just wait for her here.”

Tay shook his head, “It’s okay” Finally they heard high heels hammer into the stone floor out in the hall, and the door opened. Tay looked up, smiling at Constantine’s mother. “Hey Ms. Chazov, so good of you to come”

Olga walked straight to her son with a strict expression. “What the hell are you thinking boy?”

Constantine looked up at his mom with a half hearted smile, “I forgot, seriously”

“Forgot huh?” Olga sneered, “How the fuck do you forget to do your homework for months in a row? You do understand you could drop a class, right?”

Constantine looked from his mom to Tay and back to Olga. “Maybe if I worked less..” He mumbled, flinching.

Olga sighed and then nodded, “You’re right, maybe I should cut down on your hours at the cafe, and leave you to your homework”

Constantine blinked rapidly, confused that his mom didn’t throw a fit. He knew that she couldn’t make ends meet if he didn’t put in the hours he already did. Maybe it was because she didn’t want Mr. McKinnon to think she was a slave driver?

Constantine knew that it was not like that, he knew that his mom really needed his help, she paid him pretty okay too, after all she didn’t have to pay him anything. She would pay him half his pay check in cash and the other half she put on a bank account for him, so he could afford something once he finished school. All in all it was an okay gig. But maybe it sounded like child labour to some, and maybe she was worried that it would be misunderstood? He knew that she was really worried if he would get a decent education, she wanted him to be an architect or something, but with the grades he got he was afraid that would be impossible, and as long as he had to put as many hours in the cafe, he was drop dead tired when he was done, and his school performance suffered greatly under it.

“Remember your books” Olga said with a tiny smile, she nodded at Tay as she left the classroom.

“Constantine?” Tay said, “Maybe you can do both? and won’t fail your yearly book exams”

Constantine sighed and shook his head, “I don’t think so” He turned around and looked up at Tay, “I’m sorry Mr. McKinnon, I know you want me to pass and all, but..”

Tay looked down at his hands on the table and nodded, “What if I helped you? You could come here, or I could come to your place.. If you don’t think that’s too much”

Constantine lit up in a big boyish grin, “You’d do that?”

“I would” Tay said with a smile, “You can actually do maths and dishes at the same time, you know”

“S’pose” Constantine grinned. and then nodded, “I would like that Mr. McKinnon”

“Great” Tay said feeling accomplished. “So I will come by your mom’s cafe tomorrow after I leave here, shall we say seven?”

Constantine nodded, walking slowly over to Tay’s desk, leaning in over it, he held out his hand. “Thank you so much”

“You’re welcome” Tay said, shaking Constantine’s hand.


Early had promised Crystal to go talk with the principal of Ramon’s school, she had been called up and asked to come collect her son at the principals office. And so she had called Early, who with great effort managed to get someone to cover for him at the factory for an hour so he could go pick up Ramon and hear whatever it was the principal had to say.

He had been out of breath as he entered the principals secretary’s office, glaring angrily at Ramon who sat on a chair there waiting for his parents. The secretary had just told Early to go in. He had expected to have a song and a dance from the principal, but not a shitstorm. Apparently Ramon had broken Chris Islington’s arm, and that was not acceptable, and Ramon was expelled for a week. Early had not had an argument at all, he had just stood there and nodded, just like when he himself had attended this very same school years ago.

He was furious when he left, he could have been without the humiliation of being told off by the principal, Ramon had sprinted home when Early had come out. Walking down the stairs he was in a foul mood, and he could tell from the clock on the wall he was going to be late back at his work too.

“Mr. Cortez?”

Early looked up, and looked directly into a well known face. “Mr. McKinnon” He said with a little smile.

“What brings you here today?” Tay said with badly hidden sarcasm.

“Ramon, he got in trouble with another kid” Early said with a sigh.

“Oh” Tay said smiling strained.

“Don’t be like that, man” Early sighed.

“Like what? Mr. Cortez?” Tay growled in low key.

“Like that” Early stated, “Don’t call me Mr. Cortez, Tay for fucks sake..”

“Is your name not Early-Angel Cortez? or am I greatly mistaken?”  Tay said in a clipped tone.

“It is” Early said with a slight shake of his head. “But…”

“Nice to meet you, I am Taylor McKinnon, your sons science teacher”  Tay folded his arms over his chest with a frown.

“Tay” Early whispered, looking down at his feet. “I know you’re pissed off at me, and believe me I didn’t exactly expect to run into you like this, I wanted..”

“Cute, Early” Tay spat, “And you’re damn right I am pissed off at you”

“But..” Early started.

“Have a nice day Mr. Cortez, I am sure you have my number if something should occur that I need to learn of” Tay said, staring ice cold at Early’s frustrated expression. Before he turned on his heels and started to leave.

“Wait! WAIT!” Early grabbed Tay’s arm and pulled him back, looking over his shoulder to see if anyone heard them. it seemed like they were alone in the hall. “Tay, please. Something came up, okay? I didn’t mean to.. stand you up”

Tay took a deep breath and stared at Early, he wet his lips and then smiled acidly. “Standing me up is one thing, not calling me for a month is something completely different” He turned his back to Early and stared out the window at the house next door to the school.

“I told you I was sorry, didn’t I?” Early whined hushed, careful not to draw attention to them.

“You did” Tay whispered coldly.

“No, no you don’t understand” Early whispered, “It’s my wife okay? between her, work and the kids, I just didn’t have the time.” Early grabbed Tay’s shoulder to turn him around to face him, but Tay shrugged off his hand. “I really am terribly sorry, ba..”

“Shut up Early” Tay sighed.

“Will that make you look at me?” Early asked innocently with a careful smile.

“No” Tay stated flatly.

“Okay” Early mumbled, taking a step backwards, away from Tay. “Look, I really gotta run now, I’m late for work” Early cleared his throat, “Is it okay if I call you?”

“You do that” Tay replied annoyed

Early gingerly reached out and  touched Tay’s shoulder. “See you” he whispered.

Tay whipped around, “Do I strike you as an idiot?” he sneered.

Early looked guilt ridden, and shook his head. “No” Came the meek reply.

“Then why the fuck do you insist on treating me as one?” Tay spat.

“I didn’t know that I was” Early admitted.

Tay laughed drily, “See you around Early” And this time Early let Tay pass when he left with long strides down the hall.


AN II: Now don’t tell me you didn’t figure out who Connie (Constantine)  is. ūüėČ


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