Harvester of Shadows 33/34

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Author: azzy
prompt: 134 – Broken.
Wip: Third series in an arch
warnings: oh my.. badly photoshopped blood, character death, insanity.
rating: M+
Characters: Seth, Izzy, Ferris
authors note: So we are at the end.. whoa! one more chapter to go. Otherwise, we are about to get the truth about Seth. Written for simfic50.

//Angel, angel, what have I done?
I’ve faced the quakes, the wind, the fire
I’ve conquered country, crown, and throne
Why can’t I cross this river?

Pay no mind to the battles you’ve won
It’ll take a lot more than rage and muscle
Open your heart and hands, my son
Or you’ll never make it over the river//

– Puscifier.

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“Seth?” Izzy called, stepping inside the dark apartment. “Seth are you here?” He looked around in the dark, trying to strain his hearing to hear if he could hear Seth somewhere. He stepped inside in the dark, when he heard a sharp intake of breath. “Seth!” He sighed happily, he was still here!

He walked further into his living room, to find Seth huddled between the furniture, pressed against the window. “Seth?” He asked once more, this time more soft. “I’m here.”

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“Leave me alone.” Seth said with a tiny voice. “I was wrong to call you.”

Izzy sighed, stepping closer slowly. “No, you were right to call me. You sounded so terrified, and I am here now.”

“Please, Izzy, just leave.” Seth whispered.

Izzy leaned against the sofa, staring at his son huddled in the  cramped space, “Absolutely not.” Izzy stated, “You asked for my help, and I am going to help you.”

“You don’t understand..” Seth whined, “I can’t..” He groaned pitifully, “Daddy? I love you.. please run.” Izzy opened his mouth to argue. “RUN DAMMIT!” Seth cried.

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Izzy kneeled. “Seth please, I realise you have no reason to believe I want what is best for you, but I do. What do you say that I make you something to eat, and find those pills you left behind, and we can talk when you are less agitated?”

“Agitated?” Seth clucked, “You have no fucking idea.”

“No I don’t.” Izzy agreed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way.” He bit his lip. “You could talk to me, tell me what you are so afraid of.”

“I ain’t afraid anymore.” Seth whispered, a smile evident in his tone.

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“Good.” Izzy said with a smile, “Come out of your corner then.”

“No.” Seth mumbled.

Izzy sighed heavily. “Want me to call the doctor? maybe they can help you better at the hospital? if you are so sure there is nothing I can do that would help. You can’t just sit in your corner.”

“You’re not listening.” Seth breathed.

Izzy dropped his head in defeat, “Okay so I will call Ferris and tell him you are fine, and he shouldn’t worry.” Izzy wasn’t sure if Seth would buy his deceit, especially since he would have to come up with some excuse to use the bedroom phone.

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Izzy got to his feet, and made his way towards the bedroom.  He had not heard Seth getting to his feet.

“Yo Izzy.” Seth called.

Izzy turned around paling to deadly white at what he saw. “What.. wha.. ”

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Seth grabbed Izzy and swung him so forceful around in an arch before he crashed into the television that his shoulder popped out of it’s socket. As soon as Izzy made impact with the television cabinet, Seth was pinning him down from behind.

“He told you to run.” Seth whispered seductively.

“Se-Seth.. Let me..” Izzy groaned in pain, “go.”

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“Seth..” Seth repeated amused, “That little weak, sniffling, broken, kid is not here.” He pressed down on Izzy’s dislocated shoulder, pulling a soundless scream from the man.

Izzy’s eyes widened as he felt something cold against his skin under his shirt.

“MMmm you know what that is?” Seth whispered, licking Izzy’s ear in a mockery of a lovers gesture. “It is the end.”

“No..” Izzy whimpered. “Please, God…”

“Have some dignity.” Seth whispered, feeling Izzy tremble under him, as he wet himself. “You are going to die now my friend, just like Seth’s little boyfriend did, and you know what? He was just a kid, and even he didn’t piss himself.”

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“Crawling away won’t do you any good.” Seth stated as Izzy made a futile attempt of escape. Seth cocked his head as Izzy looked at his hand covered in blood from the long gash in his stomach, and vomited. He didn’t comment, nor did he listen to Izzy’s semi coherent ramblings as he crawled bleeding over the hideous carpet.

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Meeting the wall Izzy just slumped down against it. And Seth kneeled down, looking at the dying man. “it’s actually quite the funny paradox when you look at it.” Seth said with a little laugh, “Seth spent his entire life hoping you’d come, he died many times over, but you never cared.”

Izzy just spat out some blood and wheezed.

Seth moved his foot back a little to not get blood on it. “I’m sure you weren’t even sure if he killed his boyfriend or not.. maybe you even believed he killed all those kids too.” Seth smiled, “I will let you in on a little secret, he didn’t. I did.”

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“Don’t worry about him though, he will pull through, he always does.” Seth nodded. Seth looked up and listened to the room. “Well time for the show, too bad you aren’t here to see it, because that kid is good for a fucking oscar.” Seth kicked Izzy’s foot as he stood and got no response. “Rest in whatever way you can, you pathetic old man.” He spat, picking up the knife on the floor and walked into the bathroom.

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Ferris had hurried all he could to Izzy’s, he had been at work as Izzy had called him. He looked up at Izzy’s windows but saw no light. Maybe Izzy had not made it home yet, or maybe he had taken Seth to the hospital? With heavy steps he started to make it up the stairs to the fourth floor.

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He got up to the platform outside Izzy’s door, seeing a figure sitting against the wall. “Izzy?” He stepped closer, his eyes widened as he saw it was Seth sitting in his underwear. He narrowed his eyes “Seth? What the fuck? Where’s Izzy?” He asked with a slightly panicky tone.

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Seth didn’t even turn and look at Ferris. “Inside.” He stated. His breathing quick and hysterical.

Ferris kneeled “Why are you out here baby?” He asked sweetly, He studied Seth for a little while, “What is that?” He pointed at Seth’s blood soaked hands. “Is that..”

“I think it’s blood.” Seth said with a strange pained tone.

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“Oh my God! Are you hurt?” Ferris asked, scanning Seth’s blood smeared body swiftly, but couldn’t see any reason for the blood.

“I don’t know.” Seth sucked in his breath. He finally turned his head and looked at Ferris with large frightened eyes. “Why are you here?” He asked with a barely audible voice.

“Izzy called me.” Ferris said knitting his eyebrows. “Seth.. I..”

“The shadows whispered.” Seth whispered, his voice trembling, “I know I ran here because.. Because I wanted Izzy to.. to.. keep me safe I suppose.” He smiled a little.

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Ferris groaned. He really had dreaded this, but also known it was coming for a very long time. Seth had grown more estranged, his temper nothing like Ferris had ever seen, and he could honestly say that the last time he had let his fury and frustration out on him, he had been scared. In a few months Seth had reduced him to what he was, an unwilling participant in a game he was too stupid or frightened to break free of. He had to send Seth back to Crystal Towers, hopefully he would come back as himself, the man that Ferris loved, and missed. “What happened?” Ferris asked tired.

Seth grabbed Ferris’ wrist, hard, smearing blood on his jacket and gloves. “It happened again, didn’t it?” He asked , his face contracting in pain as he blinked tears out his lashes.

“It?” Ferris asked, not wanting the answer.

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Ferris gingerly got up and pushed the front door to Izzy’s apartment open. “Izzy?” He called in the dark. Ferris squinted in eyes, seeing something against the wall. He hurried over to the figure leaning against the television, and with a shaking hand he pulled the person back, a sickly sweet smell covered the room. Dry heaving he stared at Izzy’s bloodied face. “Izzy?” He asked, dry heaving again. He grabbed Izzy’s wrist to check for a pulse, but found none. “Oh God, oh God… Seth what did you do?” He cried.



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