Harvester of shadows 32/34

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Author: azzy
prompt: 117 – Gone.
warnings: sap.
rating: M
Characters: Maria (Marika), Rainer & Constantine.
authors note: Confession time.. Written for simfic50

//And if I only could, 
I’d make a deal with God, 
And I’d get him to swap our places, 
Be running up that road, 
Be running up that hill, 
Be running up that building. 
Say, If I only could, oh…

-Kate Bush.

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Constantine jumped as the door opened with a loud sound in the otherwise silent apartment. He heard the door slam shut and turned slightly seeing Mr. Fazakas stride over the kitchen floor with hasty steps.

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“My mum is not here.” Constantine said, wiping his hands in his jeans from the sandwich he had made.

“I am not here to see your mother,” Rainer said calmly, “I was here to see you.”

“Me?” Constantine turned and watched Rainer with concern, “Why?”

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“Okay..” Rainer sighed, “This might be a little much for you to process, but I am here to take you on a little road trip.” Rainer smiled nervously, “You just have to trust me Constantine.”

“Road trip? But what about my mum?” Constantine asked.

“She’s okay, she asked me to come get you.” Rainer said, his voice slightly panicky and high pitched. “Please, just trust me, I will explain it all a little later..” He placed a hand on Constantine’s shoulder, “Somewhere else.”


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Rainer poked the fire, feeling two sets of eyes on his back. “I probably should explain myself.” He mumbled, and cleared his throat. “Constantine, I promise you, that your mother is just fine, but you are not.. And that is why she called me to get you.” Closing his eyes shot Rainer rested slightly against the fireplace, This was the talk he had hoped he would never have to have with his own son. “You know your grandfather,” He asked. “Do you know what he is?”

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“Err.” Constantine slurred, honestly very confused about all this. “Besides my mum’s dad, and that he’s loaded? I think he owns some factories or something.”

“He is a high standing member of the Russian Mafia.” Rainer said in a near whisper. “He is a very, very dangerous man, kid.”

“Cool, but what does that has to do with me?” Constantine asked, smiling at Maria, Ferris’ mother, as she gave him a cup of warm tea.

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“Everything.” Rainer said softly, “Your grandfather was reluctant to include you, his only grandchild in his family because..” Rainer took a deep breath, “Do you know why your mother was cut from her fonds?”

“Yea, sorta..” Constantine said, turning the cup on the table nervously. “Because she wouldn’t tell who my dad is.”

“Exactly.” Rainer said his smile sad, “She told her father that it was some random Russian fella, knowing that if your pedigree was right, your grandfather would let it slide. He didn’t believe her, and wants proof. ” Raking a hand through his hair, Rainer drew a shuddering breath, “Proof she cannot provide.”

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“Wh-where is my mum?” Constantine asked, slowly getting freaked out by Rainer’s sombre tone.

“At your grandfathers.” Rainer said, “Don’t worry, she has lots of friends there, and she will be alright.” He raked the fire once more in lack of stuff to do with his nervously fidgeting hands. “I promised her I would keep you safe until she.. She tells me otherwise.”

Constantine rose a brow, “But if it’s dangerous for me, isn’t it even more dangerous for you?”

“Yes.” Constantine just said, before he turned around facing his sister and son with a smile.


2 – hours later.

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“Are you angry with me Marika?” Rainer asked softly, to his sisters back as she actively ignored him.

“Yes.” Maria growled. “How dare you come here with your problems?”

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“I’m sorry.” Rainer whined, “But I didn’t know where else to go, and I was in a hurry.” He smiled softly. “We will be gone from the city in an couple of hours, so don’t worry.” He placed a hand on his sisters back, affectionately rubbing circles. “Go live with Aleksander for a while, or Ferris, you will be fine, I promise.”

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“I look stupid.” Constantine whined as he exited the bathroom with his newly bleached hair.

“Rubbish, you just look different.” Rainer said with a smile.

“Mr. Fazakas?” Constantine asked. “I know my mum and you were close friends, but.. I have been dying to ask you, did she ever tell you who my dad was?”

Rainer shook his head sadly, “No kid, sorry.”

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“Rainer..” Maria said with a warning edge. “You owe him the truth.”

Rainer looked up at his sister with large frightened eyes, “Marika, please.” He just whispered.

“What?” Constantine asked, picking up on Maria. “You know?”

“I..” Rainer looked from his sister to his son, frustrated.

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“Hey I understand. You promised my mum you wouldn’t tell, and I think it’s cool that you are keeping to your word and all, but don’t you think I have a right to know too?” Constantine stared directly at Rainer, “I am not an idiot, I know she loved my dad, she would sometimes look at me all strange, and then smile sweetly. I know her story about some random dude is a lie, I know she has a locked box in her dresser, and I know that she has pictures in that, you wouldn’t believe how many times I tried to pry open that box, just because I have to know, I need to know who it is that made my mum so sad.”

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Rainer shrugged, “I promised her to never tell you, and besides I can’t see what good would come from it.”

“Rainer, think.” Maria warned from the sideline, “Remember what all this secrecy did to Ferris.”

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Rainer looked from Constantine’s questioning gaze, to Maria’s angry one. “Alright.” He whispered, “If you really want to know, but I am asking you to leave it alone, nothing good will come from it.”

Constantine just stared at Rainer.

“It’s me.” Rainer finally confessed, “I am your father.”

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“Y-you?” Constantine stuttered. “But..”

Rainer stood up from his seat, suddenly getting an urge to run and hide somewhere. “I don’t expect you to understand, I always loved your mother, but…” He looked down at the floor, “I also understand if you are angry.”

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“So Ferris is my cousin?” Constantine asked, not knowing what to say. “I always wondered why you and he would come by all the time, spending time with me.. Wow.. damn..”

“We have to leave.” Constantine stated, “We have a bus to catch.” He hoped that being practical would calm the raging feelings he felt at the pit of his stomach.

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“Yeah..” Constantine mumbled. “So.. can.. can I call you dad?”

Rainer stopped in his steps, staring at Constantine in confusion, he had expected the boy to yell and curse him, not to just accept it. “Sure you can.” He said, his voice trembling slightly. All he had ever wanted was to hear that from his son, instead of the Mr. title.

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Taken completely by surprise as Constantine wrapped his arms around him, holding him tight. “Dad.” the kid whispered.

“Why aren’t you mad at me?” Rainer whispered, honestly puzzled.

“I am sure you have a good reason for doing what you did, and that is all that matters.” Constantine whispered back.

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“Don’t worry, son.” Rainer mumbled with a emotional lump in his throat, “We will be fine, and so will your mother.”

“I’m sure we will too, dad.”



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