Harvester of Shadows 31/34

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Author: azzy
prompt: 125 – Child.
warnings: adult situations.
rating: M
Characters: Ramon, Nate, Sailor, Angel Junior & Tristan.
authors note: I completely forgot to say that the child that Crystal wanted that Early didn’t was in fact twins. Written for simfic50

// Before our innocence was lost,
You were always one of those ,
Blessed with lucky sevens ,
And the voice that made me cry .
My Oh My. //


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“Ah there you are.” Ramon said with a smile, “I was just getting this bottle ready for Tristan, and then I would start dinner.”

Nate placed a hand on Sailor’s shoulder, “He scored two goals today.”

“Really? That’s super awesome, man!” Ramon cheered, “Bet you’re hungry after all that running around, huh?”

“Famished.” Sailor said, flopping down on the sofa, turning on the telly.

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“Aren’t you supposed to go out?” Nate asked as he walked into the kitchen. “Didn’t you have a date with that Gypsy kid with more mascara than mum?”

“No.” Ramon sighed, just staring at Tristan who was drinking his bottle happily.

Nate turned around and looked at his brother worried, “What happened?”

“Does it matter? Since when did you take an interest in my private life?” Ramon huffed.

Nate frowned, “So I might not understand your choices, but I am your brother Ramon! Of course I care.”

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“Yeah..” Ramon’s voice trailed off, “We just.. I.. He..” He bit his lip, “I broke it off, okay?!” He hissed a little more annoyed than he intended to.

“You dumped him?” Nate ignored the toddler at his feet begging to be picked up. “Hey I was just teasing you, you know that right? Like you were on my case about that chick that stuffed her bra.”

“I know that, you idiot.” Ramon chuckled a little, “She did look ridiculous though.”

“Tell me about it.” Nate snickered. “So what happened? I thought you liked him.”

“I just couldn’t okay? it didn’t seem fair that you had to cover for me, and with mum out all the time.. ” Ramon sighed once more before he just turned and looked through a cupboard to see what edible stuff was there.

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“You were embarrassed?” Nate asked, stating the obvious, finally picking the toddler up.

“Not exactly.. I am just more needed here.” Ramon mumbled, not wanting to voice it all, knowing his brother would take it upon him that Ramon had made the choice he had.

“I’ve been looking at that other job I told you about.” Nate said, changing the subject, both of them dancing around the real issue like were it a rotten egg. “I applied, and I am going to talk to them the day after tomorrow.”

“But what about your school?” Ramon gasped, “I thought we agreed on us both finishing school.”

“I’m just not a book loving kinda guy.. Besides half time jobs are hard to come by, you know that Ramon.” Nate tickled Angel Junior on the stomach, “Hey there Champion.” he cooed at the toddler.

“Nat! Nat!” The toddler replied in merriment.

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“You’re not that bad.” Ramon stated, hoping the gas was still on as he put in the frozen pancakes, which was the only thing he had been able to find that was edible.

“Look Ramon, mum does not bring home enough money, she can hardly pay rent, and I figured that.. eh..” Nate mumbled, “Besides it’s not really that much of a sacrifice to me to quit school.”

Ramon sighed again, but didn’t argue, knowing that Nate was right. He had quit school shortly after their dad had been buried, and their mum stopped being at home, not being able to afford daycare, he stayed home to look after Tristan and Angel junior, making sure that Nate and Sailor could stay in school. That was really why he had broken up with Constantine, not that they were lovers, but as friends too, he didn’t want Constantine to pity him, or try and help him, and he was sure that Constantine being Constantine would do just that.

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“Nate! check this out!” Sailor yelled from the living room. “It’s those new collectible monster cards!” He looked up at his elder brother, “Can I have one?”

“Sure.” Nate said, “Don’t worry about it.”

“When?” Sailor asked innocently.

“Soon.” Nate smiled.

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“When’s mum gonna be home?” Sailor asked softly, poking his pancake around on his plate.

“Later.” Nate answered, taking a bite of his food, winching at the taste.

“She’s working late again?” Sailor asked, narrowing his eyes, watching Nate intensely.

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“Err..” Nate looked at his brother. “Yeah.”

“Do you both take me for an idiot?” Sailor suddenly asked. “I hear her when she comes in in the morning. She’s not working, is she?”

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“Well.. sorta..” Nate almost whispered, not knowing what to say. He himself wasn’t quite sure what their mum was actually doing when she wasn’t here, which was never. Neither he or Ramon had questioned her absence, they had just pulled together and made it work without her, for Sailor, Angel and Tristan’s sake.

“You have no clue do you?” Sailor snapped. “I do..”

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“You do?” Nate frowned.

“Sure, she’s looking for a new dad for us, right?” Sailor said with a little timid smile.

“RAMON! A little help here?” Nate yelled.

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Ramon put his food down, looking serious. “We don’t need a new dad, Sailor.”

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“You have us, right?” Nate said softly. “You don’t need a new daddy.” He smiled a little sadly, “You have a daddy, even if he has to watch over you from heaven, right?”

“I know..” Sailor said almost inaudible, “But if we had a new daddy, then mum might be home again like she used to be.”

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“Maybe.” Nate said, not sure how he should answer that. Odds were that if Crystal found a man, he wouldn’t be awfully interested in five children.

“Wouldn’t it be great?” Sailor laughed, “Maybe I would even get a new bike!”

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“Don’t get your hopes up kiddo.” Ramon mumbled, washing the dishes from himself and the twins. “You just concentrate on your school work, and less on silly fantasies.”

“Are you gonna tuck in the twins?” Nate asked.

“Sure.” Ramon said, wiping his hands in his jeans. “Then you’re gonna help Sailor with his home work.” He turned and smiled at Tristan who was tugging his jeans. “Whomever finishes first gets the laundry, okay?”

“Deal.” Nate said with a sigh.

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“That remind me that mister McKinnon asked for you.” Sailor cut in. “He was wondering why you were never in school.”

“What?” Nate’s eyes widened. “Tell him I’m fine, man.”

“I don’t think..” Ramon’s voice trailed off to a whisper, knowing that Mr. Mckinnon would never believe him if he just said they were fine.

“Listen Sailor.” Nate said in deadly seriousness, “I love you, you’re my baby brother.” He ruffled his brothers hair. “Don’t worry about it, I will work it out with your teacher.”

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“You have a job interweiv tomorrow, so let me do it. I can talk to Mr. Mckinnon.” Ramon said, making both his brothers turn their heads to look at him. Both smiling, know that Ramon always sorted everything out.



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