Harvester of shadows 28/34

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Genre: drama, romance.
Characters: Constantine, Ramon, Rainer & Olga
Prompt: 136 – First
Rating: M+
Type: Series
Summary: Something just got a hella lot more complicated.
Warnings: language, adult situations

outside there’s a box car waiting
outside the family stew
out by the fire breathing
outside we wait ’til face turns blue
I know the nervous walking
I know the dirty beard hangs
out by the box car waiting
take me away to nowhere plains
there is a wait so long
here comes your man

there is a wait so long
you’ll never wait so long
here comes your man

-The Pixies.

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Wiping her hands in a cloth, Olga sat down next to her son at the dining table with a sigh. “Okay, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing.” Constantine answered softly, still in his own thoughts.

“You have been acting strange all day.” Olga said, smiling. “You didn’t even finish your dinner.”

“I’m not hungry, mum.” He sighed.

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“Do you want me to call the doctor?” Olga asked, gingerly touching her sons shoulder.

“No mum, I’m fine.” Constantine said softly, wringing his hands nervously. “Really.”

“Going out?” She asked with a little secretive smile.

“Yeah,” Constantine answered, “Why?”

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“Who is she?” Olga snickered.

“Who?” Constantine asked puzzled, finally turning to face his mother.

“The girl you are taking out tonight?” Olga said, inclining her head, still smiling sweetly. “You took a bath in the middle of the day, and one more after dinner, and you are wearing your best sweater, so don’t even get me started on you wearing wearing enough deo to kill off a bus load of people.”

Constantine stared at his mother for a long time, wondering if he should tell her or not. “I’m just going to the cinema, it’s not a date, mum.” 

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“Really?” Olga asked a little surprised. “You sure act like it is.”

“Jeesh Mum,” Constantine sneered, he didn’t want to sneer, he just wasn’t ready to tell her the truth, not before he was sure it was the truth he told her. How do you explain something you don’t understand? “It’s just me and Ramon catching a late show.” He stood up and stomped off to his room, leaving his mother in the living room, staring at his closed door.


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Ramon let himself in, smiling at Olga’s back as she was baking something he couldn’t tell what was, but it smelled divine. “Hey Mrs. Chazov, is Stanley in?” He cleared his throat, “I mean, Constantine, is he in?”

Olga turned around and smiled at Ramon, who stood there at the front door, with his hair combed, and a sweater that Olga had never seen before. “Hey Ramon.” She smiled, “He’s in his room. Just sit down, he’ll be out in a second.”

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“Sure.” Ramon said and smiled. Seating himself silently at the table.

“So you guys are catching a late show?” Olga asked, “What are you going to see?”

“Dunno.” Ramon shrugged. “My bloody valentine, I suppose, the remake I mean, not that lame old one.”

Olga laughed softly, “Constantine, your guest is here.” She yelled in Russian, hoping Constantine would react.

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Constantine opened the door, smiling as he saw Ramon. “Hey.” He said softly.

“Hey.” Ramon said, getting to his feet, staring at Constantine. Strange how formal this felt, he had been here more times than he recalled, but this was different, he was no longer just Constantine’s buddy, he was here to pick him up for a date, a real date.

“Excuse me.” Olga mumbled and slipped from the room, out in the hall to the bathroom and her bedroom. she opened and closed the door to the bathroom, just to make them believe she went there, even if she was standing in the hall, listening in. She felt slightly bad about it, but she was just so curious that she couldn’t help it.

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“Are.. Are you okay with this? I mean.. eh.. we can just go rent a movie and stay in with my mum” Constantine mumbled, stepping closer.

Ramon looked over his shoulder over at the corridor. Making sure that they were completely alone, before he gently placed his hands on Constantine’s shoulders. “This is really weird.” He admitted with a whisper, “But the good kind of weird.. uhm, the right kind of weird.” Ramon smiled.

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After hesitating for a little while, Constantine wrapped his arms around Ramon’s waist. “I know what you mean.” He answered before he quickly squirmed out of the embrace, feeling terribly self concious.

“Where do you want to go?” Ramon asked with a little sweet blush.

“Eh.. I haven’t thought of it.” Constantine lied, he had not thought of anything but that since he woke. well that and how it would feel to actually kiss Ramon, like for real, like because they both wanted to.

“Since I asked you out, then you get to decide.” Ramon said, smiling.

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Olga made sure to slam the door open to announce her coming back into the room. “Do you guys need some money for popcorn or something?” Olga asked casually, unable to wipe her smirk.

“No, we’re fine.” Constantine said, biting his mother off.

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“So Ramon, are you sleeping over?” Olga asked.

Ramon stood with his back to Olga and bit his lip, blushing to beet red. “Uhm.” Was all he managed to say,

“Well I just need to know what kind of arrangement you made with Crystal.” Olga said with a slight shrug. She looked up at the clock on the wall. “I am sleeping once you two get back here anyway.”

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“We have to go, mum.” Constantine spurted out, “Or we will be late for the show.”

“Oh okay.” Olga said, trying to act like she had never heard what the boys had talked about. “Have fun.”

“We will Miss Chazov.” Ramon said, flashing Olga a wide grin before he followed Constantine who literally fled the apartment.


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Olga had been staring at the walls for an hour before she had decided to text Rainer. She didn’t know if he was with his wife or not, so she didn’t call. Chances were that he was with Aleksander or some of the circus employees since it was Friday, they were properly getting loaded on moonshine somewhere.

But to Olga’s surprise, Rainer showed up at her door thirty minutes later, cheeks blazing from the cold, and his eyes slightly unfocused, so she had at least been right about one thing. “Olga? Is everything alright?” He asked worried, as he took off his thick coat, stomping off the snow from his boots.

“Rainer!” Olga cheered, she couldn’t remember she had been this glad to see his face in a long time.

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She threw herself around his neck, “We’re fine.” She whispered. “Where were you? I hope I didn’t drag you away from something important.”

“I was having a drink with my cousins, and Aleksander.” Rainer laughed gently, rubbing Olga’s back. “We just finished doing the taxes, and my first cousin Bobek is getting married next Sunday.”

“I wouldn’t call in case you were with Nadia.” Olga said, slowly letting go of Rainer.

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But Rainer tightened his grip, holding her tight, “Are you kidding me? I haven’t seen her in over a week.” He smiled down at Olga, “I have no clue where the hell that woman is.”

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Olga struggled weakly for a moment, before Rainer let her go. “Rainer, I called you for a reason..” She started, completely spoiling the mood.

Rainer sighed deeply, and his smile faltered. “What’s wrong? Is it Constantine?”

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“Yeah, sorta.” Olga mumbled, suddenly regretting she freaked so much she had called Rainer, she could tell how worried he was, maybe she was making a big deal out of nothing? Maybe she had misunderstood what they had said?

“Is he hurt?” Rainer asked.

“No, no, not at all..” Olga said, “Come lets eat, and I’ll tell you about it.”

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Poking his dessert with his spoon, Rainer finally turned towards Olga, breaking the silence. “So.. What is the emergency?”

“Uhm.. This might sound really, really silly. But Constantine went on a date tonight.” Olga said listlessly, “His fist date.”

“Why is that bad?” Rainer asked, his smile widened “He’s growing up Olga, it’s only natural.”

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“I know, and I have been waiting for it.” Olga answered truthfully, “I had expected him to ask out Adisa.” She shrugged, “They have spent a lot of time together lately, and I thought it was perhaps an budding romance. Guess I was wrong.” Olga pinched the bridge of her nose, “I should have seen it, I should have seen the signs, they were all there Rainer, if I had only looked.”

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“You lost me.” Rainer said confused, “What signs?” His grip on his spoon tightened as his subconscious knew what it was Olga was trying to say.

“Constantine went on a date with a boy.” Olga finally said. The words sounded alien in her mouth, like she was telling a lie, when she knew she didn’t.

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“Wait! What?” Rainer stared at his sons mother with large eyes. “With a boy? I mean, are you sure.. Are you sure that it was a uhm, romantic date?”

“I’m sure, Rainer.” Olga sighed. “I think he’s Hom.. Into boys.” She risked a small smile, “Or at least also into boys.”

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“Sweet Jesus..” Rainer mumbled, “That is, is.. a disaster.. poor boy..” his voice trailed off to a whisper.

“How can you say that?” Olga fumed, “He is your son, Rainer!”

“I know.” Rainer whispered, reaching over and taking a hold of Olga’s hand, squeezing it lightly. “I love my son, you know that, and I don’t care who makes him happy, as long as he is happy. But I don’t think your family thinks the same. Olga for fucks sake, you can’t ask me to be thrilled about it.” Rainer closed his eyes for a moment, “I can tell from your tone that you’re thinking what I’m thinking.”

“My family would never..” Olga started and then stopped, pulling her hand out from under Rainers. “But we don’t really talk to my family, so..”

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“You know what?” Rainer barked, “He will be forced to lie about it his entire life, to save your face to your family. I can see how hard that was for Ferris, until he chose to stand up to it, and in the process, loosing his family, and those who do see him, we are forced to do so secretly. Olga.. You and I know all about living a life of lies upon lies, can you honestly say you want the same for your son?”

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“No.. but..” Olga smiled softly. “He just sounded so cute.. You should have heard them Rainer.” She looked down at the table. “I think he really likes this boy.”

“I didn’t mean it like that..” Rainer said softly, “You know what I mean.”

“I do.” Olga said, “Want to watch a show and have a drink with me?”

Rainer nodded. “There’s nothing I rather would.”



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