Harvester of Shadows 27/34

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Genre: drama, romance.
Characters: Constantine, Ramon & Adisa.
Prompt: 121 – Girl
Rating: M+
Type: Series
Summary: Sometimes it helps hearing it from the horses mouth.
Warnings: language, adult situations

I want to show you the picture I drew
When I was on the phone talking to you
I made a heart and I coloured it red
‘Cause I want you here
On my side of the bed.

I know you hurt, I feel the pain
Take my hand and come out of the rain
We all need to be comforted
You can get yours
On my side of the bed.

On my side of the bed.

-Susanna Hoffs.

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“And then you left?” Adisa asked, staring at Constantine as he finished the story about the funeral.

“Guess I did.” Constantine shrugged.

“Man you’re more stupid than I gave you credit for.” Adisa chuckled and shook her head.

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“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Constantine huffed.

“Look,” Adisa said sitting up straight, “What makes you think he didn’t mean it?”

Constantine sighed, “He was just making up shit so he didn’t have to feel like we parted on the wrong terms.” walking over to the other side of his bed he stood face to face with Adisa, “He’s leaving.. and..”

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“All the more reason for him not to bullshit you.” Adisa said snapping her fingers in Constantine’s face. “He kissed you didn’t he?”

“Yeah..” Constantine mumbled uncomfortably.

Adisa smiled knowingly, hands on her hips. “And?”

“And nothing!” Constantine huffed annoyed, “You’re my friend! You’re supposed to agree with me, dammit!”

Adisa laughed merrily, “Well, I don’t.”

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Adisa shook her head, and pushed past Constantine. “Let’s hear it from the horses mouth, shall we?” she said with a nonchalant grin.

“Wait! What?” Constantine spun around, but too late, she was already punching in Ramon’s number on the phone.

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“It’s obvious you and I won’t agree, so what better way than to hear what Ramon has to say?” She said with a sweet smile.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” Constantine growled, but made no effort to stop her.

“Or else?” Adisa chuckled, lifting the receiver to her ear waiting for someone to pick up.

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“Yeah?” a voice said in the other end.

“Hey this is Adisa, I am in Ramon’s class, we have a school project, and he forgot his papers in class.” Adisa said, the lie fell effortless.

“Hang on.” The voice said, “I’ll check if he’s home, I think I heard him before tho.”

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“Great. thanks.” Adisa said, looking over at Constantine, winking. Waiting in the phone as whoever it was of Ramon’s younger brothers went to look for him. And in the second she heard Ramon’s voice in the background she tossed the phone to Constantine who just stood and stared at the offending object for a while, and then glared daggers at Adisa, before he slowly lifted the receiver to his ear.

The phone rustled in the other end, and Ramon mumbled, “Yeah?”

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“H-hey.” Constantine said, hating his own voice sounded so nervous.

“Constantine?” Ramon asked puzzled, “But Nate said..”

“It was Adisa before I mean.. eh.. she just made up a story to get you to the phone.” Constantine said with a little smile.

“Sounds like her alright.” Ramon chuckled.

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“So.. eh.. I’m sorry I ran off like that.” Constantine almost whispered. turning his back to Adisa, feeling terribly self concious. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I should have listened to what you said. And not just assuming that.. you wanted me… to.. eh.. you know.” Ramon mumbled, his voice dropped to a whisper, trying to keep his siblings from listening in on his conversation.

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“I did.” Constantine admitted, deciding that this just had to fly or sink, he wouldn’t get another chance to hear the truth. “But not like that.”

“T-then how?” Ramon asked in the other end, his insecurities seeping through the phone.

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“I don’t know..” Constantine said with a tiny voice. “Maybe we could kinda.. uhm.. meet up one of these days?” Quickly he added, “Don’t misunderstand me, It’s not like .. uhm.. I just figured we could hang out.”

“I thought you said you couldn’t be my friend anymore.” Ramon said in the other end.

“Yeah, guess I did.” Constantine sighed, wishing desperately he could eat those words.

“Then, what do you say I ask you out instead?” Ramon said, a grin visible in his tone.

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Constantine blushed much to Adisa’s amusement behind him. “”Like, like a date?”

“Like a date.” Ramon repeated.

“I don’t know..” Constantine said, but his smug smile said more than any words. “Ow!” He howled as Adisa tossed a book, hitting him in his back. “Yes.. yes I would love to.”

“Awesome.” Ramon said, sounding relieved. “How does Friday at seven sound to you?”

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“Eh.. fine.” Constantine said a little too merry, and his voice rose an octave, making him cough.

“Great, I will pick you up.” Ramon said, and after a little moments silence added, “I promise I won’t just assume I hear what you’re saying this time.. okay?”

“I eh.. sure.. see you then.” Constantine mumbled, squirming under Adisa’s grin.

“Absolutely.” Ramon said, ending the conversation.



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