Harvester of Shadows 25/34

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Title: Void
Genre: drama
Characters: Constantine, Olga & Rainer
Prompt: 118 – void
Rating: M+
Type: Series
Summary: Rainer visits Olga.
Warnings: language, adult situations
AN: Finally!!! Sorry for the ultra long wait, but I have the next two chapters done, so they should fall pretty close, I plan on doing my entry for 50_shouts first tho.

And if you ask me to
Daddy’s gonna buy you a mockingbird
Ima give you the world
Ima buy a diamond ring for you
Ima sing for you
I’ll do anything for you to see you smile
And if that mockingbird don’t sing and that ring don’t shine
Ima break that birdies neck
I’ll go back to the jeweller who sold it to ya
and he’d gimme every carat
– don’t fuck with dad.


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“It’s a ipod.” Rainer said listless, staring at his bagel on the plate in front of him. “Just so you know.” Rainer stuck a hand down in his jeans pocket, pulling a receipt up, placing it on the table on the vacant spot between him and Olga, “In case he hate the color, or wants something completely different.”

“Thanks.” Olga said softly taking the receipt, unfurling it looking at the digits, “Oh lord Rainer!” She blurted out when she saw the prize. “You really don’t have to gi-”

“I know” Rainer barked, biting her off. His voice softened as he added “But I want to.”

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Olga just nodded, and the silence that followed was deafening.

Rainer finally turned his head and looked at Olga, “Is there anything you need?”

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“We’re fine, how many times do I have to tell you that?” Olga said, staring at Rainer defiantly.

“I could write you a second check.. if..” Rainer said with a little smile.

“NO!” Olga growled, “Gods Rainer, I am not in the mood for this discussion.” Standing from her chair with a huff she turned around and walked over to the sink, randomly tossing dirty plates down in the soap water.

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“I’m sorry.” Rainer said, his shoulder slumped as he sighed deeply. “I just want to help.”

“I know, I know” Olga mumbled in a half apology, “It’s just your tone, it comes off as patronizing instead of helpful.”

“That was never my intention.. Olga.” Rainer turned in his chair and looked at his sons mother. “I just want to give you all I can, to make it easier for you both.”

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“You should leave.” Olga said softly. “He’s going to be home soon. And I don’t feel like making up excuses for your presence here.”

“You’re right.” Rainer said with a slow nod, standing from his chair. “Thank you for the..” As the front door to the small apartment opened, Constantine stared at Rainer who just smiled disarming. “Hey there Constantine.” he said merrily.

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Olga wiped her hands in a cloth and sat down opposite her son. “Mr. Fazakas came by to fix the sink, I’ve been having trouble with the pipes.”

Constantine just nodded, and grabbed his bagel, “Actually, Mr Fazakas, I wanted to ask you something.”

“Yes?” Rainer said with a smile, resisting the urge to place a hand on Olga’s shoulder.

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“Have you talked to Ferris?” Constantine asked, looking directly up at Rainer. “See I know that Ramon’s dad and Ferris was old friends, he told me they had picked up on their old friendship recently, so.. err.. Have Ferris said anything isn’t as its supposed to be at Ramon’s place? He haven’t been to school for five days.”

“No, I haven’t heard anything.” Rainer lied, and how scarily easy that lie fell. It was just not his job to tell him what Ferris had called and wept in the phone.

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“Oh, okay, suppose I should go see if he is okay.” Constantine mumbled, picking up his bagel again. “It’s great that you’re fixing the sink Mr. Fazakas, it has been backing up for days.”

“It’s nothing, kid.” Rainer said, smiling.

Constantine put down the bagel again, looking up at Rainer once more. “What do I owe you for the theatre tickets?”

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“Nothing.” Rainer said, “It was my treat.”

Constantine shook his head. “No, no.. I don’t want to owe you, and really then…”

“I said; you don’t owe me anything.” Rainer said more insisting.

“You could take an extra shift at the restaurant, and I will pay Mr. Fazakas for you.” Olga said with a smile.

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“Why would you say something like that mum?” Constantine frowned. “You can’t even afford a waiter any more. Not since Grandfather cut you off.” Constantine ignored his mothers pleading stare, and shook his head. “I’d rather take the job they have down in the video store, and quit the football team, to pay Mr. Fazakas back.”

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“Look sweetie, its not that bad.” Olga said quickly, “We still have the chef, you and me, we will be fine. And of course I can pay you, so don’t worry about it.”

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“Really?” Constantine said. “Then I’d like my pay for the last six months, please.”

“Constantine Adam Chazov! You’re embarrassing me in front of Mr. Fazakas.” Olga hissed. 

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“There is no reason to lie to Mr. Fazakas.” Constantine argued in a high pitched tone. “Maybe he can talk some sense into you. I am telling you mum, you need to start serving alcohol and put up at tv to watch footie and such, then people would be more inclined to stay and eat too.” Constantine slammed his fist down in the table so his plate jumped before he got up from his seat, “I will have your money soon Mr. Fazakas” He said as he spun around on his heels slamming the front door.

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“I’m sorry you had to see that.” Olga sighed. “He’s your son alright, damn defiant little brat, I just wish he wasn’t that clever sometimes.”

Rainer finally placed a hand on Olga’s shoulder and squeezed it gently. “Why didn’t you tell me your father had cut you off? Dammit Olga..”

“Because I didn’t want you to know.” Olga stated, “But actually then he cut me off for the most part when Constantine was about three. I guess he thought I would give him what he wants if I got a taste of ‘real life’ without daddy’s money.”

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“What does that old idiot want?” Rainer asked, halfway knowing, halfway dreading the answer.

“The name of Constantine’s father.” Olga admitted. “I can’t do that, Rainer. He would have you shot, and it would make a lot of trouble for your family too.. I just can’t do that to you.”

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Rainer walked around the chair and pulled Olga to her feet. “Are you telling me that your dad is still punishing you for not telling him who I am.”

Olga nodded.

“You should have told me! For fucks sake woman! I could have helped you.” Rainer growled.

“With what?  a bigger check?” Olga hissed, pulling her arm away, forcing Rainer to let go of her. “I don’t need your pity checks.”

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Rainer paled, grinding his teeth, fisting his hands not to slap her across her stupid self-righteous face. “That was low.” He just whispered strained.

“I wish I never told you I was pregnant!” Olga yelled, stomping the floor.

Rainer raised his hand to slap her, but in the last second he let it fall lifeless to his side. Rainer opened and closed his mouth, not able to answer, instead he turned around, kicking the kitchen cabinet in front of him, splintering the cabinet doors.

“Money doesn’t make it up for love.” Olga said acidly, “We don’t need neither yours, or my father’s money.” And then she too turned on her heels and left the room, slamming the door to the little corridor where her bedroom and the bathroom was.

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An hour later, Rainer gently pushed the door to Olga’s bedroom up. “I eh.. I fixed the sink and the cabinet, and Constantine came home about twenty minutes ago. He went straight to bed.” Rainer bit his lip, idly pulling a loose thread on his sweater sleeve. “Olga?I’m gonna call you on the 24’th okay? And hear how his birthday went.”

“Rainer?” Olga said, closing her closet doors, turning to face Rainer. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said all those things.”

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“Come here.” Rainer pulled her in for a hug, lingering longer than they needed.

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“I wish I didn’t have to pretend, I wish that he could know that I have always been here, I wish I could hand him a present, I wish I could attend his birthday for the first time.. I wish that he for once, just once called me dad and not Mr. Fazakas, it hurts to the very core of my being that he won’t even call me by first name. Had I admitted being his father back then, I would never have seen him grow up, so even if I have to watch him from a distance, its the lesser of two evils.” Rainer smiled a little guarded smile, “I know that writing checks out under the name Victor Pavlov doesn’t make me his dad, but its the only thing I can do, please don’t take that away too.”  

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Rainer took Olga’s hand between his, rubbing it tenderly. “I told Ferris.” He admitted, “He knows Constantine is his cousin. I can’t lie to him Olga, he is my son too in a roundabout way”. He smiled gently, “Ever since Constantine was born, I have been bursting with love and pride, I want to stand on a rooftop and scream it out, but instead I am reduced to writing checks, and ruffling his hair when I have an excuse to walk into your restaurant.” raising their hands, he pressed her palm against his cheek, closing his eyes.

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Olga had just been listening, suddenly pulled Rainer in for another hug. “I wish we didn’t have to lie either, I wish I could tell him the truth.” She whispered. “He thinks his dad is some random careless Russian bloke, I was stupid enough to have an affair with, rebelling against my dad. I wish I could tell him his dad is his hero, Mr. Fazakas, he thinks the world of you, did you know that? Both you and Ferris. So in some strange way he found his family without knowing he did it.” 

Rainer smiled against Olga’s neck. Pulling slowly back out of the hug he mumbled. “I should leave.” 

“You don’t have to.” Olga whispered with a little smile.

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“Do you want me to stay the night?” Rainer whispered, running his fingers through Olga’s hair.

Olga smirked, “Yes, I’d like that.”

“You got it.” Rainer grinned with a dazed expression.

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“Wow you were a tough one to persuade, huh?” Olga chuckled, wrapping her arms around Rainer.

Rainer rose a brow, and laughed softly. “Yup.” He kissed her nose. “So wanna make a baby more?”

“Don’t you dare!” Olga’s eyes widened in mock fear.

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TBC.Creature Of Masquerade (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)


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