Harvester of shadows 18/34

Title: Three imaginary boys
Genre: drama
Characters: Ferris, Seth, Constantine, Ramon.
Prompt: 100 (writers choice)
Rating: M
Type: series
Summary: The world is a small place.
Warnings: adult situations, language.
AN: TADA! Finished prompt table two! and hit the 100’th chapter! Oh and about this chapter, I know its short and strange, but it will make perfect sense real soon.
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Close my eyes
And hold so tightly
Scared of what the morning brings
Waiting for tomorrow
Never comes
Deep inside
The empty feeling
All the night time leaves me
Three imaginary boys sing in my sleep
Sweet child; the moon will change your mind

-The Cure

Ferris couldn’t help but smile as he and Seth walked through the door to his old school. He had promised Rainer that he keep his promise to Constantine, taking him to a movie, allowing Rainer a legit reason to be with his son without the awkwardness of being stuck in a restaurant. Ferris had went by Olga’s place but had been told that Constantine had been at school. Ferris had been a little puzzled that Constantine would be there on a Saturday, but still went. And sure enough, the first thing he saw was Constantine and another boy, mowing the grass on the football field, and reckoned that Constantine might not have been telling the truth to his mum as to why he was at school on a Saturday. Ferris opened the door and led the way, walking straight to Constantine.

Constantine looked up as he saw a figure next to him, and suddenly he was in a terrible hurry to shut down the lawnmower. “Mr. Fazakas!” He said with a sweet smile. “What are you doing here?”

Ferris smiled, “Seth and I actually came to pick you up and take you to a movie, I promised, remember?”

“Yeah!” Constantine cheered. “I just thought that… you know, Dharma and all..”

Ferris nodded.

Seth took a step forward, “Ferris promised ‘you’, regardless of Dharma.” he said

Constantine rose a brow, “So you’re Seth?”

“I am,” Seth said with a little snicker.

Constantine sucked in his breath, obviously killing whatever he wanted to say.  “Good to finally meet you.” he mumbled holding out his hand in a formal greet.

“Relax, kiddo.” Seth grinned, shaking Constantine’s outstretched hand.

“He’s right you know,” Ferris said, “This has nothing to do with who you date, or used to date. I met you before I ever heard of Dharma, and it was you I asked out to the movies, not her.”

Ramon cleared his throat. “Excuse me sir? Is your name really Ferris?”

Ferris turned around, studying Ramon puzzled. “It is. Why?”

“It’s just something my dad told me some time ago.” Ramon smiled embarrassed. “He used to know a kid named Ferris. That’s all, its not like its a common name, so I just wondered..” His voice trailed off, knowing that he was rambling.

Ferris wet his lips nervously, “Eh, I knew a lot of people, wh-what’s your dad’s name? I might know him.”


“Ramon?” Ferris gasped.

Ramon’s eyes widened, “Yeah that’s my name. How did you know that?”

Ferris smiled a little too wide. “I know your mama too, and I knew you as well when you were a baby.”

“My dad never told me that.” Ramon whispered. “He just told me, eh.. other stuff.” Ramon lit up in a smile, “He told me you saved his life.”

Ferris sighed and quickly looked over his shoulder at Seth before he answered. “He saved mine too. Several times.”  Wetting his lips again, Ferris’ voice dropped, “Is he okay?”

“I don’t know.” Ramon asked honestly.

“Give them both my best.” Ferris said. “And tell your dad to behave.” he snickered, but Seth’s hand on the small of his back silenced him.

“I will.” Ramon said, sensing the awkward vibe, like Ferris wanted to say something he didn’t, couldn’t.

Ferris turned to Constantine, “The Empire at seven, can you make it for that show?”

“Sure, we’re done here at six.” Constantine said.

“Super.” Ferris cheered oddly fake, like his mind was elsewhere. “See you there then, and don’t worry about money, its my treat.”

“Awesome!” Constantine said with a huge grin.

“So.” Ferris said with a smile, “see you later,” He turned to Ramon and smiled again, “Take care Ramon.”


Finally done with the janitorial work, Constantine slumped down on a bench. “Man, that was hard.” he whined.

“You could just have ‘not’ beat up that guy. You knew you’d be punished when it was on school grounds.” Ramon chimed in.

“And you could just ‘not’ have helped me, then you wouldn’t be here now.” Constantine said, looking up at Ramon with a odd smile.

“He called you a homo.” Ramon stated.

Constantine sat up, never taking his gaze off Ramon, “You hardly know me, man.”

“Still..” Ramon mumbled, fiddling with his wrist watch.

Constantine stood up, only to sit down on the tribune, and Ramon sat down next to him in silence.

After some time, Ramon finally said something. “I just always hated that guy, that’s all.”

“Sure it is.” Constantine said with a tiny laugh.

Ramon sighed and rose to his feet. “I should be going, it was nice getting to know you better, Connie.” He smiled warmly.

Constantine turned his head and looked up at Ramon. “Hey! You wanna come with me to the movies?”


Constantine shrugged, “I just figured you helped me out. I mean, with that guy, and today, its the least I can do.”

Ramon blushed weakly, and was glad that the afternoon suns red glow would hide it somewhat. “Thanks.” he mumbled.



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