Harvester of shadows 13/34

Title: Star
Genre: drama
Characters: Early, Ramon, Memphis.
Prompt: 052
Rating: M
Type: series
Summary: Early fesses up to his son.
Warnings: teen drug abuse, adult situations & language.
AN: The second chapter of the promised Early-Angel flash. 🙂

Suggested soundtrack:  Cypress Hill – I Wanna Get High // The Prodigy – Breathe // Aphex twin – Come to daddy //

Hey Bobby Marley
Sing something good to me
This world go crazy
It’s an emergency

Tonight I dream about fraternity
Tonight I say: one day!
One day my dreams will be reality
Like Bobby said to me

-Manu Chao.

“So he set us up pretty sweet if you are an idiot” Early said, “I have yet to meet someone who has a abuse to maintain, who can handle that. And we were
 just kids.” Early shrugged, “We just dug a deeper hole, that’s all.”

“Didn’t you have fun at all? I mean there must have been something that was appealing.” Roman asked softly.

“Yeah man, it was the times of my life, I had everything going for me, and I was so damn high I felt like I was about to conquer the world or something, I was invincible.” Early laughed softly. “Sadly that was far from the truth, very far.”

“Just when the 8th grade was about to end, Memphis and I discovered that we came up short, very short. We had used all that we were supposed to sell on a massive week long binge.” Early frowned, “I had ruined my crotch so much that I had large infested wounds in it and my mum had started to ask why I had lost my appetite, Consuela being her, she thought I was worried cause Nina was pregnant. Truth was I hadn’t seen Nina for about two months at that point, guess she had enough of me.”  Early smiled sadly to himself, “In the end I had to shoot up somewhere else, still somewhere hidden under my clothes.” He turned and looked at Ramon, “I still carry massive scars from that. While my mother worried why I dropped out of soccer practice, why I sometimes slept an entire weekend, or why I never seemed to join them for dinner any more, growing thinner and thinner, I worried about how the hell I would produce five kilo for the guy I was supposed to be selling for.”

“What did you do?” Ramon asked, and for the first time since Early started his story, seemed genuinely interested.

“I sat down with Memphis at school, I remember it was a really freezing December afternoon for some reason, but I felt no cold.” Early said.

“So if we split it, its about five kilos each,” Memphis said slightly frustrated, writing something down on a napkin with a bad ballpen, “You have any left?”

I shook my head, “No.” I wouldn’t admit that I felt like crap, like I had the flu only worse, like my bones were itching and I couldn’t scratch. I think I was about ready to shoot up the janitors cleaning cabinet. I’m sure that Memphis noticed tho.

“I still have a little bit, just enough for a hit for me.” Memphis said, “But that does not change the maths Angel!” He looked at me, and for the first time I noticed that he looked scared. “How are we gonna get that kind of money?”

“You have some?” I asked, completely ignoring the issue at hand, all I was thinking about was how the hell I was gonna produce the next round.

“Are you even listening?” Memphis sneered.

“I am.. its just.. ” I mumbled, not wanting to sound weak, or junkie like. “I could really do with some. I don’t feel so well.”

“You look like shit” Memphis admitted, “You have to focus tho, we need to solve this first.”

“I know” I nodded. “Sorry.”

“So get with the program, we need to come up with five each, do you have anything we can sell? like a stereo or a moped?” Memphis asked.

“I have a stereo” I said, “But my parents just bought that” I looked down in the table and slumped my shoulders in defeat. “I think it might cover the two or something”

Memphis smiled, “Two out of ten ain’t that bad”

“My parents have a tv.” I said, “We could feign a break in or something?”

Memphis nodded. “My old man has some knives and stuff I am sure that’s worth something, and I don’t think he’ll notice if I nick the coffeemaker.”

“Memphis.. what does this make us?” I asked softly, on the verge of crying, I felt like shit in body and soul.

“Survivors” Memphis said with a slight smile. But I could tell from the look in his eyes he knew exactly what I was talking about.

“We did as we agreed, we sold all the stuff we could think off, and even broke in to my parents house, I’m not sure they even know that was me, I guess my dad suspects it tho.” Early sighed. “We still only managed to get five out of ten.”

“What did you do then?” Ramon asked.

“We took the five to the dealer, and told him like it was, and needless to say he had a fucking mental haemorrhage. And told us to produce eight kilo within 48 hours, the five we owed and three as a amateur wanker fee.” Early laughed mirthlessly, “I swear I could have pissed myself when he told me that at gunpoint. That fucker was aiming a fucking desert eagle in my face, whispering that I had two alternatives, I could either do drop off’s till I produced his money, or I could work them off for him, his way, with interest.” Ramon looked a little confused and Early smiled fatherly, “Drop off’s are when you are dropped off from a car in front of a postoffice, supermarket or any store really, with nothing but a plastic bag and an dummy gun, and they drive off, leaving you to rob the store and get away on your own, and the other.. I was about to find out wasn’t I?”

“They dropped us off in front of the school, and this one guy, called Biscuit, he pressed a bag down into Memphis hand, I guess he felt a little sorry for us.” And there we were on the curb in front of the school about to make a pretty fucking big decision.” Early sighed.

“Sweet Jesus and Mary” I whispered when they had driven off. I could smell the sour sweat on myself, the stench of fear. “He aimed a fucking gun at me Memphis.. a fucking gun!”

“I think I pissed myself” Memphis whispered, blushing in the dark, I looked down at his crotch, and sure enough. I remember it made me feel completely superior, since I had been the one with a gun in my face, and I hadn’t even cried.

On sudden impulse I pushed Memphis backwards so he almost stumbled. “What the fuck are we gonna do, huh?”

Memphis frowned but just stared at me, “I d-don’t know” He admitted with a tiny whisper.

“I am supposed to take my finals for 8th in two weeks, I can’t have everything ruined by an armed robbery charge!” I growled, knowing that my angry tone and my shaking hands didn’t really go hand in hand.

“It’s not for sure we’d be caught” Memphis argued in a whisper, since he didn’t really believe it himself.

“I’m supposed to…. I didn’t want… I was..” My voice broke as my tears finally surfaced, I hated myself for being a baby like that. “Jesus fucking Christ, I’m ‘that’ guy, aren’t I?”

Memphis stood in silence for long and then he just nodded, “we are”

“When this is over, we quit, it has to end Memphis. for the love of God someone just aimed a fucking gun at me, that is just not alright at all!” I heard my own voice grow more and more hysterical.

“You’re right” He just said softly. “But we have to deal with this first. so please, please, please… if you’re my friend, you stay focused.”

“Focused on WHAT?” I screeched hysterically, “I will ruin my finals, I can’t ruin my finals! it was what it was all for! Don’t you understand?”

“Shut the fuck UP Angel!” Memphis suddenly yelled. “This is important shit! much more important than your finals, you can do them again, you don’t get a second chance on this tho, we have to get it right straight away. So what will it be?” He poked my chest, it was not until then I realised that he was was scared shitless still.

“I… ” I whispered, “What do you propose we do?”

“I think we should take him up on his second alternative.” He said, “I don’t think either of us are able to pull off a hoist, so the safest way is just to do whatever it is he need from us.”

I nodded much more relaxed. “You’re right, and I might be able to do the finals too.”

Memphis nodded.

“What do you think that is to be precise?” I asked wearily.

Memphis shrugged. “Whatever it is, we do it, pay what we owe, ask no questions and get with no beef.”  

I nodded. “Should we go tell him then?”

“I suppose so” Memphis said, “But it’s not like he gave us a timespan, so we could..” He opened his hand and dangled the small bag between his fingers.

“Awesome!” I smiled, suddenly feeling a lot better, maybe everything would be alright.

“Half is yours, and that is one proper hit my friend.” Memphis said with a smirk. “But it will cost you”

My smile faded, “What?”

“I want something from you first, are you willing to give me what I want for half this bag, and the chemical joy it brings?” He asked still with a sneaky smile.

“Why?” I asked slightly annoyed.

“Its not a debate forum Angel, do you want it?” Memphis asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I do” I said meekly, hating to admit that. But there was no point in lying to Memphis to begin with.

“So give me what I want first, its as simple as that.” Memphis said still smiling, mirth apparent in his voice.

“So.. what do you want?” I asked still alert.

“Hey man, I will tell you that after you told me if you’ll do it” Memphis grinned, apparently loving seeing me squirm.

“Yes..” I whispered barely audible.

“I can’t hear you.” Memphis’ smile grew like the Cheshire cat.

“YES!” I repeated annoyed.

“Yes, what?” Memphis said with an obnoxious calm.

“Yes goddammit, yes I will give you want you want!” I yelled angrily.

“See that is what friendship is all about Angel.” Memphis said grabbing my shirt pulling me close. “I have something you want, and you have something I want, so we swap, and everyone comes out happy.”

“What is it I have that you want?” I asked, almost afraid to hear the answer. but not as afraid as I was looking forward to the weightlessness that would follow.

“A kiss” Memphis said.

I must have stared at him like he was mental, “You want a kiss from me? Me? I hate to burst your bubble, but we’re both guys and.. yeah..wouldn’t that be..uhm..”

“Gay?” Memphis whispered huskily, “I don’t give a shit what its called, but you agreed and now you owe me if you want what I have for you.”

For a long moment I just stood and stared at him, and then I leaned in and gave him a peck on the cheek. Memphis just shook his head and grabbed my neck pulling me in for the craziest sensation I had ever had at this point of my life. I had never thought it would feel so soft and silky, sending tendrils of lust out through my entire body. That was a kiss to be remembered, and he sure as shit knew what he was doing.

Early finally met his sons questioning gaze, “And that was my first real kiss, I had not even kissed my girlfriend like that. A first kiss is special you know, you will carry it with you always, like it defines something about you, and my first real kiss was with a skinny boy in front of the school for half a bag of Aimies.”

“A boy huh? I never would have thought.” Ramon said with a genuine smile.

Early smiled, “I think I knew like five women intimate, your mother included. but I uhm..bedded.. some guys too.” Early said unable to look straight at his son, and returned his gaze to his hands in his lap. ”

Ramon was silent, in total shock, after all its not a tale that you’d expect from your dad. “So? what about now? Are you still into guys?” Ramon scowled lightly.

“We were talking about when I was a kid, and I would not have told you that unless it was relevant to the story.” Early said softly, bordering to a whisper. “But it has everything to do with the story.”

Ramon stared at his dad, “Did you screw this Memphis dude too?”

“Does it matter?” Early asked gently.

“You fucking bet it matters.” Ramon said with an strange tone.

“Fine, yes I did.” Annoyed Early looked at his son’s pale face. “More than once, but this is not about my sexual début, but about why you need to stay the fuck away from those people at the bus station.”

Ramon reluctantly nodded. “I need air.” He mumbled.

“Sure, lets go for a walk then.” Early said, only happy to get out of the house.



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