Five 7/?

Author: azzy
rating: T
Warnings: racial & homophobic slurrs.
AN: You know the drill.. And i had to redo Ramon, i like him in this version tho =) (the haircut remind me of Kane tho) Thanks to goodbye_sun for the ‘Mei’ sim, you’re a life saviour!

And I never was smart with love
I let the bad ones in and the good ones go
But I’m gonna love you like I’ve never been hurt before
I’m gonna love you like I’m indestructible
Your love is ultra-magnetic
And it’s taking over
This is hardcore
And I’m indestructible

– Robyn

He hated Nate with everything he got as he got off the bus in front of the supermarket. It was fucking ridiculous to make him pick up the others, Ramon here at his new job, Angel at the football club, and Tris at his bands rehearsal room. He had told him, asked Nate what the odds were that something like what happened to Tris would strike twice within a small family. But Nate didn’t budge, he swore that it was no coincidence, and that he just had to shut up and get with the program. And so he did, even if he felt he had the right to whine about it.

He opened the door to where he had been pointed in the direction of, as the employee lounge. Opening the door he saw a woman who were apparently making herself something to eat. No surprise there, it looked like a chicks place, Ramon had to feel right in there. “Excuse me.” He said, closing the door behind him, “Excuse me, miss?”

No answer. Sal cleared his throat. “Eh, I’m not sure I’m in the right place at all. I’m here to pick up Ramon. Is he around?”

This time the woman turned around. “He is getting some stuff out behind in the stock room, he’ll be here any moment.” She looked up and down Sal. “Funny, I didn’t pick you for his type.” She said, clearly amused.

She smiled a little shy smile, “Sorry I’m being rude. I’m Mei, the store manager.”

Sal just stood and stared at her, realising she expected an answer. “My name is Sal. Look can you call Ramon or something, tell him to hurry the fuck up?” He finally barked out. He stuck his hands in his pockets in a annoyed manner, he hated waiting, and here he was, stuck with a nosey Asian chick. “And I’m his brother, not his fuckbuddy.” He added mostly for good measure, he didn’t like the way she looked at him.

Mei laughed nervously, hiding it behind her hand. “Forgive me, I just assumed.”

“Do I look like a fucking faggot to you?” Sal asked harshly.

“I didn’t mean to offend you.” Mei said, finally coming closer to Sal. “What a nice brother you are, I wish everyone had a attentive brother like that. Helping his family.”

Sal couldn’t help but laugh a little. “Yeah, Ramon is fairy-smurf, Nate is grumpy-smurf and I’m nice-smurf.. you totally got me there.”

Mei laughed, and Sal wasn’t sure what the fuck she was laughing at. “Do you want anything while you wait?” She asked politely.

“Besides a Thai massage with a happy end?” Sal said with a cruel smile. watching as Mei’s smile vanished. Gotcha bitch!

“I’m not that kind of girl, you mus have made a wrong turn somewhere.” Mei Argued.

“Really?  I thought all you chinks made money on the side like that.” Sal said amused by her angry blush.

The back-door opened and Ramon came in carrying a grocery bag. “Sal? What the fuck are you doing here?” When no answer came from either Sal or Mei who just seemed to have a starring contest. Ramon rose his voice. “What the hell is going on here? Sal? Mei?”

“It seems like your brother is a little confused.” Mei said, her jaw clenched in anger.

“I’m not confused.” Sal said with a chuckle. “And anyway Nate sent me to pick you up, he’s afraid that the big bad bogey man will lust for your ass on your way home.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Ramon mumbled to himself.

“Yeah, I told him you were more likely to run off with whomever was bothered sticking their cock in you, but he hung up.” Sal winked at Mei with an malicious smile on his lips, “How rude.”

“Sal.. Let’s go.” Ramon said, hating how his own voice sounded insecure.

“Yeah lets.” Sal said, but didn’t move.

Ramon stepped closer, grabbing Sal’s arm to pull him away, but Sal didn’t budge. “You’re gonna cost me my job, you fucking idiot.” He hissed.

“Who cares if this cunt-eyed chick fires you? Girls like her are only good for one thing, and..”

“Get out!” Mei suddenly screamed in Sal’s face. “Get the fuck out of my store!”

Ramon smiled in one desperate last attempt to save the situation. “Come on Sal, I can make you spaghetti and meatballs when we get home. Aren’t you hungry? I know I am, like a wolf.”

“Sounds good.” Sal admitted and for a split second looked over at Ramon, who in turn looked at him with pleading eyes.

“Lets go then,” Ramon urged on, he looked at Mei who didn’t even meet his eyes. “Shit Sal!” He whined,”If your bullshit got me fired, I’m gonna kick your ass.” He grabbed Sal’s shoulder pulling it hard, “It took me forever to find work, and you just waltz in here and fuck it up in five minutes, it’s just not fucking fair, Sal! Not fair!” He pulled Sal’s shoulder again, his voice tired and animated, “Come on, you did your thing, it’s time for us to leave.” 

Sal Huffed, “I just did you a favour, sorry your little cock-riddled mind can’t see that.”

Ramon sighed and started to walk for the door.

Sal smiled at Mei, who was so furious now she looked like she was going to cry. “Sorry sweetcheeks, looks like you’re gonna owe me that lap dance.” He said blowing her a kiss before he turned around and followed Ramon.

Only then did Mei let out the breath she had been holding. shaken to her core.


“Ramon?” Tristan asked softly, noting his brother had seemed listless since they picked him up, and the heavy silence was unbearable. “Is something wrong?”

Ramon shook his head. “It’s nothing.” He said, his voice giving away his lie.

Tristan came and sat down at the dinner table too, smiling at his elder brother. “I like that haircut.” He said.

“What do you want Tris?” Ramon barked annoyed. “Is it money?”

“No.” Tristan frowned, “I was just..” He shook his head, “Never mind.” He pushed the chair backwards to get up, when Ramon grabbed his hand.

“I’m sorry, I just had a very shitty day.” He said with a little smile. “Thank you, for the compliment.” He pushed some hair out of his face with a idle move, “I told her to make me straight, did it work?” He smiled at his own semi-serious joke.

“It did.” Tristan said, “You look like any mother in laws dream.”

Ramon laughed, finally letting go of Tristan’s hand.

Tristan flashed Ramon a little insecure smile, “I was gonna ask you a favour, but not if you’re having a bad day.”

Ramon sighed, “What is it, spill it kiddo.”

“Okay, so.” He blushed crimson much to his own mortification. “I have a gig tomorrow night, and I was wondering if you’d come with me, unless you have plans of course.”

“With your band?” Ramon asked politely.

Tristan nodded, “Yeah it’s a really good gig too.”

“So what’s with the blush?” Ramon asked, sporting a amused smile.

“This girl, Jade.. She said she’d be there too, and, you see… She…” Tristan stumbled over the words, not sure how to tell Ramon about Jade without telling him he had been going to their dad’s grave.

“You met a girl?” Ramon asked surprised, and then laughed softly, “That is the best news I have gotten this whole year.” He caressed his brother’s cheek. “So what is she like?”

Tristan looked down at his hands on the table, not sure what to say. “She is beautiful, and she seems smart too.” His smile widened, “And she wanted to come see me play with the band,” Biting his lip he looked up at Ramon, “Wanna see her?”

Ramon nodded.

Tristan showed her a picture she had sent him on the cellphone.

“You’re right.” Ramon said, “She is beautiful.”

“She’s from Angel’s class.” Tristan said, as if it was a blue stamp of her personality.

“Did you meet her at school then?” Ramon asked, handing the phone back to Tristan.

“Yeah.” Tristan lied.

Ramon squinted his eyes, “What are you not telling me?” He asked sharply, knowing that guilty look on Tristan’s face too well.

Tristan did consider saving it with another lie, but decided to just confess. “I met her at the cemetery.” He said with a tiny voice. “I went to see dad.”

“Why didn’t you just say that?” Ramon said, his suspicious expression gone, replaced with pity.

“Because he is a touchy subject, and I wasn’t sure that it was okay, you know.. since I don’t remember him and all.” Tristan said, realising how stupid it sounded as he said it.

“Tris.” Ramon said softly. “He was your dad none the less. Even if he was not there as you grew up, he’s the only one you have. Nate and I were poor substitutes I’m afraid. No one is going to be on your case for going to see him, reality is that the rest of us should do it more often than we do.”

Tristan just nodded.

“I haven’t been there for two years, shit, almost three.” Ramon admitted.

“I understand. Nate said you had some serious hangs on him.” Tristan said.

“Yeah, maybe I did. Do.” Ramon sighed, “But he was the only dad I ever had too.” A little smile crept over his lips, “He was just a little confused, that’s all.”

Tristan said nothing, he could feel the discomfort and emotional pain roll off Ramon in waves, he didn’t like to talk about their dad, and Tristan didn’t blame him. some of the stuff that Nate had told him was pretty hardcore stuff, and what Sal remembered was just as heartbreaking. Like had their dad been a beacon of light, hell-bent on putting itself out.

“Let me ask you this though. Do you think you are ready for a girlfriend?” Ramon asked choosing his words carefully. “I totally understand if this weirds you out and all, but I was just thinking, you know, with everything you went through, maybe intimacy would be a little scary.”

“It’s okay.” Tristan said with a little smile, “I thought of it myself. But that is just it, she made me completely forget it, like she makes me focus on only her when she’s there. Like she is the only one in the room.”

“So have you kissed her yet?” Ramon teased.

“No man, she’s not my girlfriend, like not really, err yet anyway.” Tristan blushed.

“First kisses are important you know.” Ramon said, just assuming that his brother had never kissed a girl in his life, since he had never talked anything about romance before.

“Yeah?” Tristan asked a little nervous, wondering if there was something complicated to it, he had reckoned it was sorta cut and dry.

“Absolutely.” Ramon said, patting Tristan’s cheek brotherly, “I still remember my first kiss.” Ramon chuckled, “His name was Constantine, a friend from school. I actually kissed him at dad’s funeral.” He laughed amused. “Fucked up, man.”


“So?” Ramon smiled mischievously, “Eh, he ran off, and I stood there like an idiot, wondering what I did wrong. See I was under the clear impression that he wanted me to kiss him.”

“He ran off?” Tristan laughed softly.

“Yeah man, like sprinted off as if the devil himself was on his ass.” Ramon laughed too, “we did manage to go on a date after that, though. So it can’t have been that bad.”

“Was he your.. eh.. your.. you know.” Tristan didn’t know how to ask, “First?”

“Lord no!” Ramon said, his eyes were sad even if his lips were smiling. “Constantine and I just kissed, that’s all.. Maybe I would have liked him to be the first, but he wasn’t. I don’t think either of us was ready for that.” Ramon looked at Tristan and clined his head, “My first was just some guy, in someone’s bedroom at a party. I wish I could say something cooler, about saving yourself and all that crap, but I can’t, I’m not Nate.”

Tristan was silent, just listening. Ramon was not really the one to talk about his love life, since Nate, Angel or Sal would be around. Tristan didn’t mind, he liked it when Ramon would spend time with him, telling him stuff about himself, or from their childhood.

“I’m not saying that you should just jump in bed with that girl, all I’m saying is that you should do what feels right, not what everyone else tells you is right.” Ramon said in a very serious tone.

“You really can’t remember the name of the guy who took your virginity?” Tristan asked, slightly surprised.

“Uhm.. it was something like Caspar, or Chris.. nah I’m afraid I don’t, I think I was a little drunk.” Ramon smiled with a weak blush, “I had to gather some serious courage to do it.” He squirmed a little uncomfortably on the chair, “I was scared shitless that it would hurt, that he would laugh at me, or that I couldn’t preform, and all of the above.”

Tristan opened his mouth, but Ramon beat him to it, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“It’s alright.” Tristan said, and meant it. He could tell the difference between love and what was done to him.

“My first time was probably like everyone else’s first time, fumbling, awkward and really confusing.” Ramon looked a little pained, not really sure if he was pushing all the wrong buttons. “I wanted to be there, just like you will when you find yourself in a dark room with some cute girl someday.”

“I know.” Tristan said, not about to repeat everything the school shrink had said about rape not being about sex, but about dominance and so forth. He really tried to come to terms with it, he did. And even if he was one big mess in his head, he could see on Ramon that he meant it, that he talked about love, not.. not.. that other thing.

“So you’ll come?” Tristan said, changing the subject. “Nate isn’t home all weekend, he won’t have to know that we went.”

“Hmm I sorta see your point, can’t leave Jade at the party without you.” Ramon said, tapping his lip thoughtful. “Yeah, yeah, I’ll come, be your chaperone.” He winked.

“Don’t you dare.” Tristan said, swatting his brother over the shoulder playfully.





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