Five 6/?

Author: azzy
rating: T
Warnings: Fluff, teen angst.
AN: I think i freaked myself out, writing such a cuddly chapter. lol! And if you recognize the graveyard, it’s the Nobottle cemetery i re-used here, i just happen to think it’s pretty.

I know you said
it’s like a heel to the head,
or a girl in your bed and in your arms.
For the butter on your bread,
for the dying and the dead,
for your cheeks turning red, let’s go.
Let’s go tonight,
let the beast run a mile
with the dogs and the cattle, let’s go.

-Agnes Obel.

Tristan had been sitting alone trying to make his head make sense, if he talked to any of the ‘concerned’ adults, Ramon and Nate would get in trouble, and if he let Sal do what he wanted, he was quite sure he would end up living in the shadow of what happened, with a weekly reminder in someone’s office, and if he did nothing.. then, then.. He just wanted it all to go away, the only question was how. He couldn’t stay, and he didn’t know how to run, maybe he should just call it quits. But somehow the harsh words his brothers had for their dad who had chosen to stop it all, rang in his head. Did he really want them to think of him like that? and what if they blamed themselves, like Nate did over their dad?

“Hi.” He heard the sweetest, softest voice said. He looked up, blinking in the light. There was a girl standing some feet from him, he had seen her before he was sure. He just wasn’t sure where, or who she was.

“Hi.” He answered lamely, offering the girl a little stiff smile.

To his surprise she started waking in his direction and without a word sat down next to him.

“I’m Jade.” She said, “So you come here to think? I come here all the time, and I have never seen you before..You’re from Mrs Hurst’s class right? You’re that orphan kid.” She nodded at the gravestone, “Someone you know, or did you just pick a sunny spot?”

“Anyone ever told you, you ask too much? Tristan said, but couldn’t help but to smile widely.

“Yeah I’ve heard that before..” Jade admitted, “I didn’t mean to intrude, I just never see anyone else here, other than those old folks, or people who just buried someone, but you can’t really talk to them, right? that would be sorta tacky after all.”

Tristan chuckled, “Yeah maybe it wouldn’t go over too well.” He clined his head and looked at her, “And yeah that orphan kid from Mrs Hurst’s class is me. I have a name though, it’s Tristan.”

Jade looked a little dreamy for a moment, “Oh like the story.. how romantic.”

“Story?” Tristan asked, confused.

“Tristan and Isolde.. durr.” Jade rolled her eyes.

Tristan shrugged, “Never heard of it.”

Jade was rendered speechless, which was about as rare as birds of prey flying in flock.

Tristan just smiled obliviously, “I don’t read chicks books, man.”

“It’s not a chicks book, you moron. It’s a fairytale about the warrior Tristan who falls in love with princess Isolde, whom happens to be promised to Prince Marc of Cornwell. It’s like a opera and what not.. how can you not have heard of that story, I even think some piss poor movie was made at some point.” She laughed softly, a nice warm laughter.

“Figures.” Tristan grinned. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but none of my parents are, or were the most literate people, I’m not even sure my dad could read, man.”

“I thought both your parents were dead, at least that was what Marie from school said.” Jade said, puzzled.

“No, my mum still lives, she just left to realise her dreams or whatever.. I have no idea where she is, and I don’t care either.” He pointed discretely at the gravestone next to him, “And that is my dad.”

“Oh.” Jade said blushing slightly, “I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay, it’s not like I remember any of this, my dad died, and my mum left while Angel and I were toddlers, so I don’t remember them.” He scratched his knee idly. “Still sorta a funny feeling, that your own mum doesn’t give a shit, from one day to the next yanno?”

“Yeah.” Jade said, “My mum is not exactly stellar either,” her shoulders slumped. “She’s there, but she is not there.”

Tristan wet his lips, “Can, ehm can I ask you why?”

Jade smiled weakly, “I don’t see why not.” She said and took a deep breath, “My mother likes to drink a little too much, I mean she has a job and everything, and I am not really sure how secret she is. My dad left ages ago, sometime around when I was born I think, and now she keeps finding these loser boyfriends, half the time I don’t even catch their name before she is done with them, or them with her.”

Tristan looked down in the grass, silent for a while, “That bites.” He offered in a near whisper.

“So if you are Angel’s brother, you’re Sal’s brother too, amirite?” Jade asked.

“Yeah.” Tristan admitted a little reluctantly, “You know him?”

“Who doesn’t?”

Tristan blushed slightly embarrassed, “Suppose he is more notorious than popular, huh?”

Jade giggled, “He is the only person I ever heard of that was kicked out of school because of his art class project.”

“I remember that our big brother was absolutely livid.” Tristan laughed too. “if nothing else, it was controversial.” the laughter died down, and after a short moment “We’re not all like that you know.” He said softly, “I’m not anything like Sal, or Angel either.”

Jade flashed a genuine smile, “I can tell.” She tucked a some purple hair behind her ear. “Sal is a racist moron, and Angel is just a twat, you seem to be.. different than them.” She looked away and blushed demurely.

Tristan mirrored her move with his own hair, “You do this a lot? toss compliment strange boys on graveyards”

“Of course, can’t you tell?” Jade said, raising an amused brow. “It’s a favourite pastime of mine.”

Tristan couldn’t help but to laugh. He had laughed more together with Jade in the time they had talked, than he had in months. “My band have a gig next Saturday, you should totally come.” He said, deciding that he really wanted to know this strange green-eyed girl better. She was his kind of strange, and he couldn’t say he met a lot of that type people in a regular basis. “If your skinned I can..”

“I’ll be there!” She exclaimed before he finished his sentence.

“Really? that would be cool!” Tristan smiled sweetly. “It’s down on the old brewery, the band is called Kraken.”

“Oh that weekend of metal?” Jade said, “That is fucking awesome!”

“It’s not like we’re any good, we were really lucky to get that gig.” He grinned self-consciously “I think someone actually cancelled, so they called us.”

“Does it matter why? all that matters is that you’re gonna fucking rock that stage, man.” Jade said with a optimistic smile. She leaned closer to Tristan and suddenly grew serious once more. “I come here every day, and I never saw you sitting here before today..”

She didn’t get to finish her sentence before Tristan sighed, “I came to talk to my dad.” He shrugged, “I just had to clear my head I suppose.”

“I come here for the silence.” Jade said dreamily, “I guess I never thought about how neat it was to have someone to talk to before I saw you sitting there.”

“I don’t really hang with people from school, besides the guys in the band. My brothers made sure of that.” Tristan said with so much more venom than he had intended. “Suppose I am just gonna live my life being someone’s brother, no matter what the hell I do.” He bit his lip “It doesn’t exactly get you a date at the prom, being neither Ramon or Sal’s brother.”

“I don’t care who your family is.” Jade said gently.

Tristan ignored her comment and just continued his rant. “Angel he always just beat up those who teased him with his family.” He looked up at Jade, “I prefer to play angry music, not to actually hit on people, maybe that is what I am doing wrong?”

“Sometimes you just wish they would shut the fuck up and leave you alone?” Jade asked, “Or maybe that you woke one day, and there were only you in the entire world? everyone else was just gone.”

“Exactly.” Tristan nodded slowly. “I wish people would stop assuming to know what I am thinking, but never asking, and when they do, not sticking around for the answer.”

“Sometimes I just get enough of my mothers shit, and my friends eternal chatter bout who’s hot and who’s not, and what to wear for a date with this and that guy, should they go to second base or not.. make-up and boy bands.. I mean, there just has to be more to it than that, life I mean.” Jade said, thoughtfully.

Tristan nodded. “There is, I’m sure of it.” He almost added, ‘and monsters are real, hiding in dark alleys waiting for you, when you are alone’, but he didn’t.

Jade wet her lips, “Can I ask if it’s true you were at the hospital for a while?”

Tristan nodded weakly, “Yeah, I was.” He said in a near whisper.

“Marie and Ginger said it was a mental hospital, is that true?” Jade asked cautiously.

Tristan bit a nail and frowned, “No, it was just a regular hospital. Broke some bones, had to stay for x rays and stuff.” He smiled a fake stiff smile, “That’s all.. No gossip to be had there.”

“Oh okay.” Jade said “I have you know, been at a mental hospital once.” She gingerly rolled her sleeve up, and showed the baffled Tristan some old scars on her wrists. “Just for a month till I wasn’t as sad any more.”

Tristan rose a brow, and resisted the urge to touch the scars. “Why?” he just asked trance like.

Jade shrugged and pulled her sleeve down again. “Suppose I was just fed up with being pitied, and…” She smiled embarrassed, “And because Lionel dumped me.” She shook her head, “Suppose it was just one of them cry for help things.”

Tristan smiled, he liked Jade, he liked the fact that she came without filter. But he did, and there was no way he would tell her about what went on in his own head. “You’re still here, so no harm done.” He said.

“True.” Jade said, “Except now half the school believes I am a neurotic slut.” She sighed, “Thanks to Lionel.”

Tristan got to his feet, and so did Jade. “You shouldn’t let him do that to you!” He stared at her with a scowl on his face. “Take control of the situation Jade, make a counter move, that is all people like him understand. Tell them all he gave you crabs or something, and see how many girls want to go on a date with that fuckwit.”

“But he will know that it comes from me, and what if he gets real angry?” Jade said, slightly shocked over Tristan’s outburst on her behalf.

“Let him piss and moan, it doesn’t change a rumour started, just because he whines, it does not go away, you know that.” Tristan said reaching out to place a friendly hand on Jade’s shoulder, but in the last second decided against it.

“I am just… I can’t believe that I thought I loved him..” Jade huffed. “And all along he was just with me on a dare.”

“Wow.. that is.. That is just not okay.” Tristan said softly, finally gathering up the courage to place his hand on her arm, making some sort of bodily link to calm her. Funny how things work out, he had come here feeling sorry for himself, and now he stood here with a pretty girl, feeling how anger boiled inside him for the injustice done to her instead. Life indeed is a strange bird.

“All along his girlfriend and her preppy little friends was laughing behind my back, and I like a sucker thought that I had landed the most popular guy in school.” Jade looked up at Tristan for a splitsecond, and then looked away again, “I couldn’t believe my luck, pffft! Just goes to show what a idiot I am.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself.” Tristan said softly. He could smell her perfume, trying his hardest to ignore he had never been this close to a girl in his life. “He is not worth it,” He squeezed her arm gently, “He’s the one missing out.”

Jade looked up at Tristan with large wet eyes, “You really think so?” She sniffled.

“Absolutely.” Tristan stated with a little smile.

Tristan let go of Jade’s arm and took a deep breath, “Well I should get home before Nate worries too much.”

He had only walked a few meters, before Jade called out behind him. “Wait!”

Tristan turned around, looking at Jade.

“You have a number I can.. I mean, I could call you or something.” Jade asked, blushing slightly, which both amused and thrilled Tristan.

He shuffled his feet, and shook his head, but contrary to his body language he said “Yeah.”

Jade took out her phone and typed in something, “What’s your number?”

Tristan told her, and smiled a little inwardly, getting the distinct feeling of his dad smiling too, but he could of course just be a melancholic fool who wanted to believe that his dad was watching over him still. His phone in his pocket beeped as a text message came in.

“There, I sent you a message, and you have my number too.” Jade said.

“Cool” Tristan just said, “I really should get home now,” He muttered, and then looked up at Jade, “Thanks for the talk, I’m really glad I ran into you today.”

“Me too,” Jade said smiling. “See you tomorrow in school?”

“Yeah.” Tristan said with a nod and a smile, before he walked towards the gates and to the bus home. It was not until he got to the bus stop he checked the message on his phone, which made him smile like an idiot. Maybe he should postpone this whole death-wish thing? Maybe he should wait and see what Jade wanted from him, and what he wanted from her? “Thanks dad.” He mumbled, sitting down at the bench waiting for the bus, writing an answer for Jade on his phone.


they are just so damn cute, xD And if you recognize Jade, she is the same sim as Constantine hung out with. I just changed some stuff on her and gave her a different name. 😉 I like recycling sims.


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