Five 5/?

Author: azzy
rating: M+
Warnings: Hate speech.
AN: I don’t really need to warn anymore do i? we all know what this is about right? right? As i said on my journal, i had some issues with the Ramon sim, so it might be a little while till i get him redone, and so i ‘masterly’ wrote him out for a couple of chapters. Slight stretch of the prompt, so sue me. =P

I couldn’t feel her, and it was just a game, cause I was lonely and she was crazy

I hurt where I can’t feel, I feel where I can’t hurt
I know where I can’t know, I bleed for me and mine
Ka-boom, a rat-tat-tat, and some good ole bliss
Cause I’m a sister, and I’m a motherfuck
I am made of shamrocks, I am made of stern stuff
I am never enough, I am the forgotten child

– Smashing pumpkins.

“Oh you’re home.” Sal said as he walked down the stairs with heavy steps, “Nate, Can I talk to you about something?” He asked, stopping at the end of the steps, looking at his elder brother.

“Sure.” Nate said, not taking his eyes off the screen.

Sal sat down next to him and by habit more than anything else, picked up the other joypad. “I need a place to stay.” Sal said straight out, “The parole officer claims that I have to have an address, and..” He shot a short glance at his brother, “I was wondering if I could stay here.”

Instead of answering him, Nate just smiled and said, “Where’d Ramon go.”

“Why?” Sal asked, slightly alarmed that Nate wanted to know.

“I heard you and Ramon talk, and this morning he was gone.. so where did Ramon go?” Nate asked..

“To get his stuff I think.” Sal said, ignoring the accusing tone in his brothers voice.

“Sal..” Nate said in a tired tone.

“I’m telling the truth, man.” Sal huffed, raising a brow at his brothers paranoia. “His fag friend dumped him, and he wanted to get his stuff out of the apartment before that jerk changed the locks.” Shrugging he added, “Apparently he was fucking his landlord or something.”

“You sure you didn’t say something to.. to… you know..” Nate asked softly.

“No.” Sal just stated.

“I have three conditions.” Nate finally said, his tone hard.

“Why can’t you ever just say yes or no, man. Why does everything have to have terms and conditions?” Sal sighed, but stayed silent for Nate to speak.

“First you will not spread your hate in this house, you believe what you want, but you don’t practice it here. You will respect all of our choices.” Nate said.

“So I have to respect yours but you don’t respect mine? that’s fucked up! Why is it only me that..” Sal whined, but the sentence died mid sentence as he saw Tristan out of the corner of his eye. “Hey Tris! you’re up and about now?”

“Yeah.” Tristan mumbled, not stopping on his way up the stairs.

“You should take him to a professional, Nate.” Sal said.

“He will be fine.” Nate answered, “God never serves you more than you can handle. He is a strong kid.”

“Are you fucking crazy?” Sal gasped, shocked. “He is not okay, you gotta be blind to not see that!”

“Not your business, Sal.” Nate bit him off angrily. “Now, the second term is that you keep your appointments with your parole officer and get a job, I can’t afford to let you live here for free.”

Sal just sighed.

“And the third term is linked to the first. I don’t want your friends here. Not even to pick you up.. you got that?”

“Yeah.” Sal said in a saddened tone. “I think you’re being fucking ridiculous, but it’s your house.. so sure, I promise.”

“Ridiculous?” Nate said sharply, “Not nearly as ridiculous as the fear and hate you represent.”

Sal’s expression both saddened and hardened, “They are my friends, Nate, my friends.. and you are telling me that.. That.. You know what? Screw this, you never approved of anything I did in my entire life, and I don’t need your fucking blessing.” He growled, “If you want me to meet with my friends elsewhere, I have to accept that, don’t ask me to respect it.”

“That is not true!” Nate bursted out, “I always..”

“No you didn’t.” Sal said softly, “You and Ramon was busy in your own loss, you were fighting an uphill battle to keep the family together, there was you two who had to sacrifice everything. You worried about the twins growing up right.” He turned his head and looked at his brother, “And then there was me, I just had to be thankful of your sacrifice, always told that if it was not for you and Ramon’s hard work and determination, I would have been sent off to whatever..”Sal raked a hand through his hair, “You had no right to claim all the pain and pity.”

“Sal.. it was not..”

“He was my dad too!” Sal whispered. 

“I’m sorry you feel like that, Sal. We really tried to do everything we could for you, but we were just kids ourselves. We didn’t have the slightest clue how to raise a kid.”

“I lost my parents too, and you didn’t give a shit, that is the truth. You cared about my test scores, and if I wore the same jeans for a week. But never once have either of you asked if I was okay, because I wasn’t… I don’t know if you are just that ignorant, or if..” Sal mumbled.

“You could have said something.. I am..”

“I did try and tell you, but you were preoccupied with your own broken dreams, and Ramon too, he was too busy being afraid.” Sal whispered. “You denied me my loss, so how fucking dare you deny me, being me?”

“I am not denying you anything.” Nate said softly, “I am thinking of Angel and Tristan, what wont the neighbours say if your friends come by here all the time? Remember that nice elderly couple three houses down, they had to move last you lived here.”

“The Niggers?”

“Sal!” Nate scolded, “Language!”

Sal looked up at his brother, “I had nothing to do with that, so don’t fucking blame me.”

“How stupid do you think I am? Of course you had something to do with it, you were just not caught.” Nate huffed.

“See? No matter what the fuck I say, you never listen.” Sal yelled.

“Maybe it’s because 90% of the time, you only spew hate.” Nate argued.

“Like shit I am.” Sal yelled, “And if you don’t want to listen, I will fucking drag Tris to see a shrink myself! Pfft! who needs your fucking help anyway? You can’t even help yourself.”

Tristan decided he had heard enough, and with a grim expression plastered on his face, left the repose and slammed the door to his room. He could still hear Nate and Sal yell at each other, but under his covers he could at least not hear the words.


“Remember your appointment with your parole officer today.” Nate said, cleaning up after his own breakfast, making ready for Angels before he left for school.

“Sure.” Sal said, clearing the table. “When are you gonna be home? just need to know if you’re home for dinner.”

“I work double shift, and wont be home till early tomorrow.” Nate said, closing the fridge door.

“I’m gonna call Ramon and..” Sal started.

“No, I will call Ramon.” Nate turned around, “And good luck on the job hunting.”

“You’re still here, awesome.” Angel said as he came down into the kitchen. “I thought that Nate kicked you for sure.”

“Nah, it takes more than a little argument.” Sal said, scrubbing a particularly stubborn stain.

Angel stopped at the table. “Someone knocks on the back door..”

“Then what are you standing around like that? Go open up, moron.” Sal grinned.

“Sal?” Angel yelled from the laundry room. “It’s for you!”

“I don’t have time.” Sal yelled back, “Tell them to come back another day.”

Sal dropped the bowl on the floor, as he turned around and found his arms full of Cherry. “What is that? don’t have time for your girlfriend?” She giggled, holding on tight.

Sal couldn’t help but to laugh, but then gently lowered her down. “You are not my girlfriend any more, remember?”

Cherry pouted, and then smiled, “I changed my mind.”

“You changed your mind?” Sal couldn’t help but to laugh at the absurdity of it.

“I heard you were home, and realised that I missed you.” She said with a huge smile.

“Well..” Sal looked at Cherry, desperately wanting to tell her to fuck off, but truth be told he had sorta missed her too. If nothing else, then he had missed fucking her, missed that a lot. “I thought you had found Mister perfect.” he said, his tone sarcastic and slightly bitter. “Ready for marriage, kids and commitment..”

“I was wrong.” Cherry whispered.

“The bloke or the whole commitment rant?” Sal asked, knowing what he wanted to hear, and still a little place inside him, didn’t want to hear anything, Cherry was bad news, she always were. But a psycho bitch, was better than no bitch, or?

“The bloke.” Cherry admitted, “And.. maybe the other stuff too.” She smiled prettily, her smile widened as she noted the smile that Sal returned.

“Look Cherry..” Sal said softly, seriously. But was answered with a kiss before he finished his sentence. She had him exactly where she wanted him, and he knew it.

“Could you two perhaps act like animals in heat, somewhere else?” Nate said annoyed, seeing Sal and Cherry as he came back in for his jacket and keys.

Sal pushed Cherry back and nodded, “He’s right..” When Cherry just shot him a dirty look, he looked away from her, and over at Nate and Angel at the table. “I promised him I wouldn’t have friends over..” He smiled apologetic, “It’s his house after all.”

“Oh my gawd! I had forgotten what a pussy you are!” Cherry bellowed, stepping two steps away from the baffled Sal. “Your fucking eunuch brother says jump, and you say how high!”

“Cherry for fucks sake..” Sal whined, not wanting to have this argument with her here in front of Angel.

“I bet he has no problem with your other brothers little faggot friends coming over, does he?” Cherry yelled, “But your friends are not allowed, I can’t by the life of me understand that you accept and allow that!”

Sal took a deep breath. “It’s not like that…” He looked at Cherry’s angry face, and sighed deeply, “Okay so he don’t want trouble with the neighbours, and I understand that. Ramon’s friends didn’t cause any trouble with the other house owners here, mine did. That is a fact, like it or not. So.. let’s just leave, okay?” He reached for her hand, which she snatched away before he reached it.

Nate came over to Sal and Cherry. “Don’t forget your appointment.” He said. ignoring Cherry.

Sal turned his head and looked at Nate with a frustrated frown, “I won’t.” Sal grabbed Cherry’s wrist, “Come on, time to go.” He growled and pulled her two steps towards the door.

Cherry turned and looked at Nate. “You’re gonna loose if you ask him to choose between his friends, and you.” she said with a low threatening tone.

“Goodbye, Cherry.” Nate said coldly.

“Bye bye Cherry!” Angel yelled from the dining table.

“See you later bub.” Cherry smiled at Angel, and then stared back at Nate.

Sal pulled her hard so she had to follow, “Don’t start this shit now, Cherry.. let’s just leave..”



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