Five 2/?

warnings: language, adult situations, poorly decorated house, and a sensitive theme.
rating: M
Prompt: Fault
Characters: Nate, Angel junior & Ramon.
AN: This is 12 years after the last chapter of Harvester of shadows, a stupid little spin off with Early’s sons. Written for simfic50

Built in my nightmares and using my name
You strove of my cortex when ya know I’m insane
I squeezed out and harmed a child and I drowned it in love
Then conquered some more to a position above
And say…spacelord mother mother

-Monster Magnet.

It was with a trembling hand he dialled Ramon’s number, it was late now, and Tristan had still not returned, he had wished that he could solve this on his own, he knew fully that Ramon would be furious, but he needed his brothers help and support.

“Myeah?” Ramon mumbled in the other end as he picked up.

“It’s Nate.” Nate said, “Did I interrupt something?”

“No, not really.” Ramon said, rustling with something that sounded like cutlery. “I’m still at work.”

“You have to come home.” Nate blurted out, “Tristan is gone.”

“Come again?” Ramon asked, the rustling stopped.

“I said, Tristan didn’t come home tonight.” Nate said, careful to keep his frustration out of his voice.

“Did you loose the baby?” Ramon asked angrily, lighting up a cigaret in the other end, inhaling deeply he added, “Did you call the cops?”

“Yeah.” Nate admitted, “They told me teens often do rash stuff, and that he would most likely be home tomorrow, but otherwise I can file a missing person file Thursday.”

“Hmm, they are prolly right, Nate.” Ramon sighed.

“It’s Tristan we are talking about, Ramon!” Nate stated, taking a deep breath he added, “Please Ramon, come home.”

“Okay.” Ramon exhaled, “Give me an hour or two.”

Nate hung up, the words that Ramon had said echoed inside his head, ‘maybe they are right’, no! something was wrong, he couldn’t tell Ramon how scared he was that something really horrible had happened, but it was absolutely not like Tristan to do something like this. Tristan was the one of them all with the most appetite for the future, why would he run off? Nate searched his memory for anything that would justify that Tristan had just gotten up and left, but he couldn’t find anything.

Nate made dinner, called Angel, and it was not until Angel commented it, he realised he had put out 3 bowls. “Ramon is on his way.” Nate said, staring at Angel in disbelief when the teen laughed.

“What is he gon’ do? Thow fairy dust around and make Tris come home?” Angel snorted.

“What?” Ramon looked up at his younger brother.

“You heard me.” Angel said, returning to his meal.

Nate waited a little while, but in the end he couldn’t take it anymore, “Why would you say something like that?” He asked.

Angel shrugged, “That is pretty fucking obvious innit?”

“He is your brother, that is all there is to it.” Nate shook his head, “It eludes me why you’d want to sprout the same ignorant biased hate speeches as Sailor, you know better.” He frowned, “Maybe after this trip to jail, he will think differently about it.”

“Or maybe he will hate them faggots even more? Ever thought of that?” Angel stated, gently placing his spoon in his bowl.

“Don’t say that!” Nate gasped.

“Jesus! You know better Angel.” Nate stared mortified at his brother. “I understand to some extend that Sailor had a hard time, and needed something and someone to blame for dad, but you?”

“Dad was a faggot too.” Angel growled.

“He was not! And don’t use that word!” Nate yelled louder than he wanted to.

“So what do you call it when he fucked other men? huh Preacher boy?” Angel spat.

Nate’s lips became a fine line of colourless frustration. “You talked to Sailor, didn’t you?”

“So what if I did?” Angel said, getting up from his seat.

“Nothing.” Nate mumbled, reminding himself to stay tolerant and remembering that Sailor too was their brother. “Just that everything he says, is not the absolute truth.”

“Are you calling him a liar?” Angel asked, squinting his eyes dangerously.

“No, I am just saying you shouldn’t listen to everything he says.” Nate said softly.

“Pfft!” Angel shook his head, “I’m gonna go to my room.”

“Angel?” Nate called after Angel as he walked out the kitchen, “Would you call his friends again?”

Angel’s voice was softer and gentler. “Sure.”

Ramon used his keys and walked straight in and hung his jacket. “Nate?” He called from the living room.

“Out here!” Nate called back, turning around as Ramon came out into the kitchen. It had been weeks since he had seen his brother last. “Ramon, thank you.”

“What the hell are you thanking me for? I didn’t do shit.” Ramon shrugged and laughed, “Seriously man, I just walked in the door.”

“I meant thank you for coming home, you dork.” Nate smiled.

Nate covered the distance to his brother and wrapped his arms around him, feeling the familiar body against him, inhaling the scent of Ramon, feeling safe and home. He hated being alone here, he missed his brother terribly every day. They might not agree on some lifestyle issues, but he knew that Ramon was a good man, the best there was. And he had always been there for them, no exception.

“So what is this crap with Tris?” Ramon asked softly.

“I’m not sure.” Nate whispered, “But I’m afraid something really bad happened. He is always on time.”

“Maybe he just met a girl, and didn’t feel like sharing it with you?” Ramon suggested softly.

“He would tell me something like that.” Nate argued, clinging to his elder brother for dear life.

“like hell he would.” Ramon chuckled.

“Whatever do you mean?” Nate pulled from the embrace.

“I mean what I said.” Ramon smiled at his confused brother, “You are totally overprotective, you’d invite the poor girl and her family 7 generations back, to dinner.” He tucked some of Nate’s hair behind his ear in a gentle gesture, “And embarrass the fuck out of him.”

“I just worry.” Nate admitted smiling embarrassed.

“I know.” Ramon said, “But.. He’s like 15. He’s supposed to do stupid shit. it’s called growing up.”

“It worked real well for you didn’t it?” Nate frowned. “What is mister perfect called this week?”

Ramon sighed and looked at Nate with a tired expression. “Antoine.”  He placed a hand on his hip and tapped his fingers on his belt. “We can’t all be as holy and righteous as you.”

“I am not passing judgement on your lifestyle.” Nate said, “I am just saying that doing stupid things gets you no where.”

“You can stop that shit right there Nate, it’s not a lifestyle I chose, it’s just like that, but how the hell would you know? you never in your life did anything just a little out of your comfort zone. I don’t understand it man, are you that hell-bent on being ‘nothing like dad’ that you forget to live?” Ramon stared at Nate intensely, “Damn! this is exactly why Tris is not telling you jack-shit, who would want to compare themselves to you?”

“It’s not like that, I am not telling anyone how they should live.” Nate spat.

“Yes you do, with your weird-ass passive aggressive crap.” 

“You are not around.” Nate finally whispered, “You don’t know how it’s been lately.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, “Angel is sucking up everything Sailor says like a sponge, and Tristan just gets more and more silent, spending all his time on his guitar.” He tossed out his arms, “I just don’t know what to do.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Ramon said softly. “I would come home, you know that.”

“But what about your job, and whats-his-face?” Nate asked.

“That can be replaced, you can’t.” Ramon said with a little smile.

Nate was floored, “How can you say that, man?”

“Because it’s the truth.” Ramon said, turning away from Nate.

“But aren’t you happy with your work? and with your uhm, Lover?” Nate asked, honestly confused.

Ramon shot his brother a sideways glare, “Unlike you I don’t care for soduku in my spare time.” A wicked smile crept over his lips. “Just leave it at that.”  He continued towards the fridge, “So we got any food or what? I’m fucking famished.”

“There’s dinner leftovers.”

“So.” Ramon said, poking his food more than actually eating it. “Tell me exactly what happened with Tris.”

“He just didn’t come home.” Nate said, his back to his brother. He didn’t want to tell him that he had told Tristan to come straight home, and that he couldn’t rehearse with his band. He knew exactly what Ramon would say to that, but that would hardly be reason enough for a sensible child like Tristan to run away from home. Biting his lip he HAD to say it, “Ramon, haven’t you lost a lot of weight lately? Been sick or something? You should have called if you were sick.”

Ramon frowned, poking his food. “I had a stomach flu, and I saw no reason to call, so you could see me crap myself to death.” Ramon said harshly. “You’re doing it again, and I asked you about Tristan, not about my BMI.”

“I just..” Nate started.

“Worry,” Ramon finished.. “yeah yeah we know.” He smiled at his brother, knowing that there was no malice behind his mothering, it was just who he was, but it didn’t change that it was fucking annoying to be met with that ‘holier than thou’ attitude.

Nate was taking a bath as the phone rang. Ramon turned down the sound of the telly and with a beating heart took the receiver. “Cortez.”

“Is this Nathaniel Cortez?” The voice asked.

“No I’m his older brother Ramon.” Ramon said, “Nate is not here right now, is there something I can help you with?”

“My name is Doctor Ulrichsberg, I am calling from Our Mercy..” The voice said. ”

“Oh lord!” Ramon gasped, “Tristan..”

“Exactly the reason I call you, you see we got your brother brought in by the police for some hours ago.”

“Is – Is, he okay?” Ramon stuttered, “Please tell me he’s okay.”

“He was unconscious, and without any identification we had to wait for him to wake, but..”

“Is he hurt? what happened? Was he run down by a car or something?” Ramon asked.

“He.. He was attacked.” the voice said. “But mostly he was just bruised, broke his leg, but all that will heal in time, I can assure you that he won’t suffer any permanent damage.”

“A-Attacked?” Ramon whispered broken, “Who would want to attack him? He never got in any trouble, straight A student, and a gifted musician.” He knew it was rubbish that leading a decent life kept you from harm, but it just seemed so damn random. He would have understood if it was Sailor that had a few bones mangled, that fucker asked for it.

A long silence in the other end. “We have reason to believe he was molested, but he won’t let us test him. That is why I am asking you to come down here and help us persuade him.” He voice paused. “It is really important that we take these tests soon. Mr Cortez.”

“Are you telling me, my baby brother was raped?” Ramon breathed barely audible. “But who would wanna…”

“I honestly don’t know. Please come down here, for your brothers sake.”

“I’m on my way.” Ramon said, all life sucked out of his voice. “Tell him we’re there in a moment, even if I have to hijack a fucking car.”

“I would recommend you to call a Taxi, Mr. Cortez.” The voice said, a little smile evident in the tone. Which was totally lost on Ramon. Who just hung up.

“NATE!” He screamed, half in panic, half in frustration. “COME DOWN HERE!” He grabbed the phone and dialled the taxi service. “NATE FOR FUCKS SAKE, WE’RE LEAVING RIGHT NOW!”

Nate ran down the stairs from the upper floor so fast he had to stop halfway or fall. “What? what? Ramon? What’s going on?”

“Hello?” Ramon said in the phone. “I’d like a taxi to this address, right now yes. Cortez, yes thank you.” He hung up and looked at Nate who just stood and stared at him. “We gotta go.”

“What’s going on?” Nate asked confused.

“They called from Our Mercy, and..” Ramon bit his lip. “Something bad happened to Tristan.”

“Bad, like what?” Nate asked with a slightly shaking tone. “Bad injured? Bad in jail, Bad as dead?”

“Bad as he converted to Islam and ran off with Khalid the 200 pound gay Arab.” Ramon spat acidly, and then sighed, realising that Nate didn’t deserve his venom. “Bad as in the hospital, they called us and told us to come straight away.”

“Oh my God.” Nate gasped, “Is he okay?”

“Of course he is not fucking okay if the call us, now is he?” Ramon growled.

“Don’t pick a fight man, not now. Just tell me what the hospital said.” Nate begged, grabbing his brother and forcing Ramon to look at him.

Ramon wanted to pull free of Nate’s hard grip, but figured that Nate was just as freaked out as he was. “I don’t know much,” He started, “The doctor said he was attacked, had bruises, a broken leg, nothing really major.”

“Sweet Jesus, who’d wanna..”

“There is one thing though.” Ramon said in a barely audible tone. “They suspect he was raped.”

“R-Raped?” Nate gasped, paling. “But he is a boy.. and..”

Ramon’s expression hardened, “And you think boys don’t get raped?”

“I.. I honestly never thought of it.” Nate answered a little embarrassed.

“They do.” Ramon said, “But rarely as random as when women are victimized, we will just have to wait and see what Tris says, if he even wants to tell us anything.”

“Maybe you should stay here with Angel.” Nate said softly.

“Like fuck I am, maybe you should! I don’t think he needs your blame games right now.” Ramon hissed, “If you ask him what he did to have that happen, I will drop you where you stand.”

“And maybe more homosexual men is not what he need.” Nate stated bluntly.

“And maybe you should shut the fuck up, right now, Nathaniel.” Ramon growled out through clenched teeth.

The taxi honked its horn outside, and they both grabbed their jackets and left.



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