Dreams made of glass 52/52

Title: Hours
Genre: Drama
Characters: Seth, Ferris, Nadia, Olga, Rainer
Prompt: 74
Rating: T
Type: series
Summary: Rainer just wanted peace and quiet, while having a meal on a cafe, but life wanted it differently.
Warnings: language, adult situations.
AN: So this is the last chapter for now, the next chapter will jump two years out into the future. I’m not sure the series will still be called the same tho, I thought it would maybe work like the start was called Mary in the mirror, the middle was Dreams made of glass, and the end called something else, but nomatter what i chose to do; we’re just making a little time warp. If any of you have ANY idea to what you’d like to see let me know, either by PM, comment or mail. 🙂 any input is welcome.

Alle går vi rundt og leder som besatte,
Nogen finder noget og andre sig selv

Alle mister noget ingen kan erstatte,
Nogen går omkring og slår tiden ihjel

Vi er skind og ben,
Vi er drømme lagt på is
Vi er det tabte paradis,
Vi er skind og ben

Vi er krop og sjæl,
Vi er nerver vi er stål
Vi er støv i metermål,
Vi er krop og sjæl

-Sort Sol

Ferris walked past a restaurant, this restaurant he had passed so many times before, never giving it a second glance, but today something caught his eye. He saw Rainer sitting at one of the tables, eating alone, and in silence. Ferris stood for a moment undecided on the curb, should he go and say something, after all he had just left his uncle the other day at the club, maybe he was really pissed at him? He owed it to Rainer to face the music, and so with a sigh, he walked over to his uncle’s table. “Is the food any good here?” Ferris asked causally.

Rainer looked up at him and smiled, “Like my mama’s”

Ferris sat down on a chair next to Rainer, “Uhm, sorry I left you at the club, I didn’t mean to stand you up like that.. it was just, yeah”

“It’s okay Ferris, you don’t have to make excuses, cause you picked some guy up, it happens, right?” Rainer said chuckling softly.

“This was not ‘a’ guy” Ferris admitted with a blush, “This was ‘the’ guy”

“So you know that he’s the one, after 24 hours? don’t be an idiot Ferris, he maybe a good lay, but still, you don’t know him at all” Rainer said, looking slightly worried.

“No, no” Ferris said, “I knew him from before too” He nodded, “I used to lie and tell people he was my boyfriend” Ferris shrugged, “Maybe I thought it would come true if I said it enough or something”

“Was he one of your.. eh… your… you know” Rainer said, unable to get the word past his lips, while looking at his nephew.

“No” Ferris said again, “It was not for lack of trying from my side tho” He laughed softly, “I tried every trick in the book to get him to bed, but he ignored me”

Rainer rose an eyebrow and smiled, “So the guy has character, I like that”

“He said I was too young, and he didn’t care what other people were like, but he weren’t like that” Ferris scratched his hair. “Funny thing is that I know that he liked me, he just had some principal and stuck to it”

“A man of principles, they are a rare species indeed” Rainer admitted, “He sounds like an okay guy actually”

“He is the greatest guy ever” Ferris grinned a little nervous “He let me crash in his house when ever I needed it, feeding me, washing my clothes, and never asked for anything in return” Ferris admitted. “And I had like the hugest crush on him, and couldn’t understand why he of all guys ignored me”

“Well he didn’t ignore you at the club it seems” Rainer laughed merrily.

“No he didn’t” Ferris said, blushing again. “But I don’t know, man. It’s been so long since he and I actually knew each other, so I figured that it was better that I let him have a way out, you know. So I left, and left him my number, just in case” Ferris padded his pocket where his cellphone was, “I hope he calls me tho” he mumbled. “Anyway, what about you? What are you doing here?”

“I uhm” Rainer said, looking down into his plate. “I was having lunch, waiting for Nadia”

“Your wife?”

“Yes” Rainer mumbled, picking up another bite of food with his fork. “She called me and wanted to meet up, so I told her to come here”

Suddenly a high pitched female voice cut through their softly spoken discussion. “There you are Rainer” She said. “Why on earth did you want to meet up in a dump like this?”

“Nadia” Rainer just said, no other explanation needed.

“Rainer” Nadia said again with pity in her voice, “Who’s your date?”

“I’m..” Ferris started, but Rainer cut him off. “This is Malika’s son, Tally’s brother”

“Oh” Nadia said, sitting down at the table with the others. looking straight at Ferris, “I should perhaps welcome you home, now or something?”

Ferris shook his head, “I.. uh”

“Nadia, could you please behave, he’s just a big kid, for fucks sake” Rainer sneered.

“but of course, it’s your precious sisters kid” Nadia huffed, waving at the waiter, to get something to drink.

Rainer frowned, “Just because you and Malika don’t like each other, does not mean that you can take it out on her kids, Ferris has nothing to do with whatever fight you two have”

“It’s okay, uncle Rainer” Ferris said, trying to stop the argument.

“No it’s not bloody okay, kid.” Rainer sneered, talking to Ferris, looking at Nadia.

Nadia shrugged, “Well I didn’t come here to talk about your sister’s spawn, I actually wanted to ask you what the hell you were doing at a gay bar?” Nadia laughed softly, “I should have known, I always thought you spent a little too much time with that clown family anyway, and they are homos aren’t they?”

“W-what?” Rainer lost his voice for a moment.

“My brother Ivan saw you enter a gay bar, and called me” Nadia said calmly.

Ferris sighed deeply, looking down at the mosaic table. “It’s me, Rainer just followed cause I wanted to go there”

Nadia rose a brow, looking from Rainer to Ferris.

“Its true” Rainer said, “But anyway, so what if I was bedding other men, it’s not like you’d ever notice, or care. You were just worried about what the others would say”

“Why didn’t you just say that it could get you in trouble to go with me?” Ferris asked in all honesty.

“Because it’s no ones business where the fuck I have a pint, at a stipclub, a gaybar or a pub. That is my problem, not theirs, and certainly not Nadia’s” Rainer growled, annoyed. “You did nothing wrong, screw Nadia’s crap, don’t let her get to you”

“Hey!” Nadia kicked Rainer’s leg under the table.

And then Ferris felt his cellphone buzz in his pocket. “Wait” He mumbled, pulling out the phone, it was a caller id he didn’t know. “Hang on” He pushed the receiver, and answered the call. “Yeah?”

“Ferris?” The voice in the other end said a little worried.

Ferris jumped up from the chair, and while holding a hand over the microphone he whispered urgently to Rainer. “It’s him!” And then walked away from the table. “Hey Seth” Ferris said with a smile, feeling how his heart pound. “You found my note”

“I did” Seth said in the other end. “Ferris, why did you really leave?” the voice sounded slightly disappointed.

“As I said on the note, I had to fetch something. I planned on coming right back to you” He took a deep breath, “If you want me to, that is”

“What makes you think I would be home?” Seth said a little pointed in the other end.

“Oh.. but I just thought, oh.. I’m sorry.. it was just.. ” Ferris hung his head. “Then why did you call me?” Before Seth could answer Ferris answered for him, “I should have known that it  was all bullshit, all those nice things you said. Look, I’m sorry but I have to go  now, bye Seth” And then Ferris hung up. staring at his phone in disbelief, that had not been what he had expected at all! But maybe he was deluding himself, maybe he just told himself he knew Seth, when in reality he didn’t, not any more that is. The phone rang again, with the same caller ID, and Ferris pushed the receiver button, not really sure why he would do that.

“Ferris, shut the fuck up!” Seth growled in the other end, “Listen, admitted I don’t recall everything I said and did, but I am sure I didn’t lie to you. But you also have to understand that I have a really hard time with this, okay? You’d know that if you ever listened to what I said. But with that said, I would very much like to see you too” Seth got silent, and Ferris smiled widely.

“You could come down here at the cafe where I am” Ferris said, “I was just having a coffee with my uncle before I was coming back to your place” Ferris said.

“Sure” Seth grinned, “Where is it at?”

“Why did you really come here?” Rainer asked, “Did Ivan really call you?”

“He did” Nadia said, “And besides, is it too much to ask to have lunch with my husband?” The word husband sounded like a curse, spat out.

“No its not too much to ask” Rainer said, looking straight out in the air, his voice mellowed, “You could just have said that, instead of screaming down the phone, demanding to know where I was”

Nadia shrugged, “What if you were at your gay one night stand?”

“Gods, Nadia” Rainer sighed.

Ferris came back to the table, “He’s coming here!” He grinned goofy. “Seth’s on his way”

“That’s great!” Rainer said with a fake smile.

“What’s wrong?” Ferris asked, “Look we can just go somewhere else if its a problem”

Rainer shook his head, “It’s not a problem, son” He smiled nervously. “Right Nadia?”

“Right” Nadia said, sounding disengaged and bored.

“There he is!” Ferris whispered urgently, getting up from his chair, going to greet Seth.

Seth stopped as he saw Ferris walk towards him. He had told himself that he had been really drunk, that Ferris was not as gorgeous as he recalled him from last night. But as he came towards him, he could see that he had lied to himself. Ferris was every bit as handsome as he recalled him. “Hey” Seth said, smiling like an idiot.

“Hey” Ferris mirrored, smiling as well.

Ferris stopped, looking directly into Seth’s eyes. “So?”

“Uhm, not so much” Seth mumbled, trying to control his breathing. playing it cool.

“What were your plans for today?” Ferris asked, gently placing a hand on Seth’s shoulder, leaving it there, and when Seth didn’t object, he snaked a hand around Seth, and rested his hand on the small of Seth’s back.

“Nothing really” Seth breathed, “Having a coffee with you, kidnapping you afterwards” He smiled lopsided.

“Really?” Ferris lit up. “Kidnapping me where to?”

“Anywhere where there’s no one around” Seth said with a grin. Ferris seemed thrilled, and Seth was not about to tell him how many times he had gone over this conversation over and over again.

“Sounds good” Ferris purred, stepping closer to Seth wrapping his arms around him. “Is that like a real date?” He asked innocent.

“If you want it to be” Seth said, holding Ferris close.

Ferris took Seth’s hand and pulled him to the table where Rainer and Nadia sat. “So, this is Seth”

Rainer smiled, “I remember seeing you” He said, reaching out a hand to shake Seth’s. “I’m Rainer, Ferris’ uncle”

Nadia said nothing, she just nodded at Seth, and Ferris said, “This is Nadia, my uncle’s wife”

Seth sat down, not sure what to say, just holding on to Ferris’ hand under the table. Listening to Rainer slowly starting to talk about how good this place was at making redbeat soup, and Ferris squeezing his hands gently. Seth realised to his surprise, there was no where else he would rather be, for the first time he did not wish that he was laying in a field with Kane. So maybe Kane had been right after all, that he had to let go and start living in the real world, the world was there for him to take if he wanted it.

“Ferris” Rainer suddenly said, “Do you have somewhere to live these days? Or are you living with Marika?”

Ferris shook his head, “No I don’t live with mama”

Rainer nodded, “I have a cousin who owns a apartment complex on Eastend, I could call him if you want it” he said, ignoring Nadia’s angry glare.

Ferris looked at Nadia, but chose to ignore her as well, “You would do that for me?” he asked with a childish tone, “But I don’t have a job, and I’m not sure if I can pay rent”

“I’m sure I could make a deal with my cousin” Rainer said with a smile.

“Really?” Ferris cheered, “that would be awesome!”

Nadia sat and listened with her perfect fake smile in place. “Are you gonna pay his rent or something?”

“What do you care what I do with my own pay check? besides then its just until Ferris gets some money, right Ferris?” Rainer said, looking straight at Ferris.

Ferris nodded turning his head, smiling at Seth who seemed a little lost in his own thoughts.

“The caravan needs a new roof, and the stove don’t work” Nadia argued hushed.

“Then maybe you should start getting paid in cash instead of trinkets from your lovers” Rainer stated harshly.

“You fucking bastard” Nadia spat back.

Rainer looked at his wife with a sad gaze, “Correct me if I’m wrong then” He said calmly, “Who bought you that necklace? its not me, and its not you” Nadia didn’t say anything she just stared at Rainer in defiance. Rainer sighed. “There was a time where I would have bought you all the necklaces in the world, but you never wanted them, did you? So shut the fuck up, and let me spend my own money in any way I fucking well please, be it on gaybars, on prostitutes, or on my nephew’s rent”

“In case you forgot, then I am your wife, Mr Fazakas, which means that your money, is our money” Nadia fumed.

Rainer just shook his head. “You’re only my wife on paper, darling Nadia” he snarked.

“Rainer?” A girl’s voice said, “How was your meal?”

Rainer looked up at the red haired girl, smiling sweetly. “It was perfect”

The girl leaned in to take away the plate, and Rainer asked her gently “Could we get four cups of coffee, please?”

“Of course, Rainer” The girl said with a sweet smile, chuckling slightly. She looked at Ferris and Seth, “Milk? Sugar?”

“Milk” Seth said, and Ferris shook his head.

Nadia looked at the girl, and looked at Rainer. “Are you fucking my husband?” She asked.

“Nadia, please” Rainer whispered strained.

“Well are you, girlie?” Nadia repeated.

The girl blushed crimson, and Rainer shook her head, “Her name is Olga, and no I am not fucking her”

“Liar” Nadia growled.

Rainer looked at Olga and smiled sadly. “I’m sorry Olga, would you bring us the coffee anyway, please?”

“Sure” Olga said, literally fleeing the scene.




Translation of lyrics: (You can hear this tune here if you want to)

Everyone walks about, searching like mad
Somebody finds something, and others themselves

Everyone looses something that no one can replace
Somebody walks about and kills time

We are skin and bones
We are dreams on ice
We are the lost paradise
We are skin and bones

We are body and soul
We are nerves of steel
We are dust by the meter
We are body and soul

-Sort Sol (Black sun)


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