Dreams made of glass 51/52

Title: Promise
Genre: romance
Characters: Early, Crystal & Ramon
Prompt: 97 (writers choice)
Rating: T
Type: series
Summary: Early is a little confused, but tries to do what he thinks is the right thing.
Warnings: language
AN: thanks for reading along for a year guys!

I’m terrified, of what I might find
If I loose control, of my very soul
Better understand, that I’m in command
When you feel the breaks
I scramble to cover my mistakes
Scramble to cover my mistakes

Superior, I just try to be superior
But I don’t need to be superior
All you need is me

The enemy, I treat you like my enemy
I keep my enemies close to me
All I want is you

-Tim Christensen

“You were supposed to be here an hour ago, Early” Crystal huffed as Early stepped through the front door. “It can’t go on like this, its unfair to Ramon that I have to keep him awake so he can see you”

Early smiled at his son who sat on the floor playing with Lego blocks. “Don’t tell him then” Early said, looking back up at Crystal.

Crystal’s shoulders slumped, “Is that really your solution?” Crystal mumbled, “What about just not being this late all the time?”

Early smiled, walking closer to Crystal and Ramon, “I know, but I had to work late, and before you skin me alive, then no there were no one else to do it”

Crystal turned her head and smiled at Early “You could have called, Early”

“You’re right” Early said, “But I didn’t think I would be this late, I thought I could finish up real quick and..”

Crystal sighed and walked over to where Ramon sat on the floor, “Maybe it would be better if we just agreed on weekends or something, there is no need for this. I am tired of stating the obvious” She looked at Early with a flat expression. “When are you gonna grow up?”

“Why are you on my case like that? I’m trying Crystal, I really am” Early argued. “You scold me for being late all the time, and tell me that its because of Ramon, yet you don’t seem to think its a problem that all we do when I visit him is argue, and I never get any time with the kid anyway. I came to see my son, not to be yelled at by you”

“point taken” Crystal said, much to Early’s surprise. 

Early grabbed Crystal shoulders and turned her around, looking straight into her eyes, “I was promoted” He said with a smile.

“Congratulations” Crystal mumbled, freeing herself from Early’s arms. “So you can actually pay rent now?”

Early looked hurt and confused. “But.. I thought you’d be happy for me?”

“I am” Crystal stated, picking up Ramon’s bottle from the table, and turned to pick up her son. “I said congratulations, didn’t I?”

Early looked down into the floorboards, disappointed. “You could just as well had told me to do the dishes, man”

Crystal sighed as she bended down to pick up Ramon, “Time for bed kiddo” She said softly with a smile, Ramon smiled back as an answer.

As Crystal carried Ramon past Early. towards the stairs, Ramon reached out for Early, “Dada” He cheered. “Hey squirt” Early said with a smile, ruffling Ramon’s hair gently. “sleep tight”

Crystal looked directly at Early, “Are you gonna stay a little?”

Early nodded with a smile “Sure, if you want me to”

When Crystal came back down Early was actually doing the dishes, “Is he sleeping?” Early asked over his shoulder. “I made you a sandwich, figured you would want something to eat, with the baby and all”

“Thanks” Crystal just said, Early couldn’t see her smile as she sat down. “Do you think you can call in sick Monday?”

“I could, sure” Early answered, wiping his hands in his pants, while the sink made a slurping noise when the water rushed out. “Why?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to the hospital” Crystal said, “I have a doctors appointment”

“Really? Of course I will” Early said with a smile. “Is everything alright with the baby and all?”

“Yes you idiot, its just a routine appointment” Crystal laughed.

“Oh good” Early said with a smile. “Uhm, Crystal? I was wondering something, eh.. you see the apartment is all done now, and so I thought, eh, I wondered if you might, you know, want to come stay there, with me”

“Are you asking me to come home?” Crystal said with an amused grin.

“I suppose I am” Early admitted, feeling stupid and useless as he stood there in the middle of his parents kitchen, looking at the mother of his children. “Please?”

“What about Ferris?” Crystal asked, testing grounds. “I was under the impression he lived there too”

“He left” Early said, sadly. “But you know Ferris, he’s always in and out of peoples lives” Early shrugged.

“Unlike someone I know, huh?” Crystal snarked.

Taking a deep breath Early walked over to Crystal, and slowly got down to his knees, looking up at the woman he had cared for, for so long. “Crystal, please look at me” He said, his voice shaking nervously. “I have been meaning to ask you this for a while, but since all we ever do is fighting, the moment was just never there”

Crystal stood up, looking down at Early kneeling at the floor.

“Would you marry me?” Early said with a barely audible voice, while he opened a small box that contained a ring. “Please say you will be my Mrs Cortez”

Crystal stood and stared at the ring for a long while, Early sinking a lump of nervousness, beginning to think she would just laugh him off. “Yes” she finally croaked.

Crystal knew better, she knew it was a cheap trick, and that she should be offended. The second Ferris was out the door, Early wanted to marry her, deadly afraid of being alone. But never the less there was nothing she rather wanted than to marry Early, get out of Consuela and Jarod’s  apartment and get on living the life she wanted. After all if she had hated Early as much as she pretended she did, then why would she even have slept with him after Ramon was born, and why had she not been more alarmed when she found she was pregnant again? And it was a pretty ring too.

Early got to his feet and found his arms full of crying pregnant woman. “Don’t cry baby” Early whispered with a smile.

“I never thought this day would come” Crystal hiccuped, “When I met you that day when I was pregnant with Ramon, and you were so high you could hardly focus on me, covered in infected soars, I never thought this would happen, I thought you’d be dead before Ramon was even born”

“I know baby” Early mumbled, “Don’t worry, I am right here, and I am going nowhere ever again”

“Could we wait with the wedding till after I had the baby, I don’t want to get married looking like a fat cow” Crystal said, wiping tears from her eyes.

Early laughed, “Of course” Kissing Crystal’s lips softly he whispered, “I love you, and I can’t believe you forgive me for all I put you though”

“Me neither” Crystal said with a smile, “Just promise me you’ll stay, and have seven kids”

Early laughed, “We need a bigger apartment, man”

“We’ll just crack that nut when we get to it” Crystal said smiling happily.



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