Dreams made of glass 49/52

Title: Bedlam
Genre: romance
Characters: Seth, Nando, Ferris, Harmony, Gabi, Rainer.
Prompt: 96 (writers choice)
Rating: R
Type: series
Summary: Loooooooooove is in the air..
Warnings: adult situations, language.
AN: Bedlam is the name of the club, just so you know, I don’t think I mentioned it in the story actually. About the music I posted, the first two tunes are Danish electro dance, and the last is Swedish. Two of the tunes might be old, but I will never tire of them. Oh yeah, the Swedish tune with Maskinen, the tune is called ‘everyone who don’t dance are rapists’. And now I will leave you to the chapter I know some of you rooted for! ^_^ (Gabi belongs to the talented elecy)

Seriously, Jägermeister makes the world go ’round. 🙂

There is no life round here
Only tears and remembering
Cold bones embrace the mud
Disappearing in the summer sun
So bring forth all your dying daughters
So bring forth all your dying sons
Leave your children at the rotting garden
Hear them scream and hear them play
Leave your children at the rotting garden
A monument for all their latter days

Can you hear them screaming?
Can you hear them play?


suggested soundtrack: // MC Lucy Love – VIP // The Wong boys – Get your fuck on // Maskinen – Alla Som Inte Dansar //

Seth had showed up at the club where Nando worked even before they were really opened, he told them that Izzy took the night off. Nando had smiled, he had known why, and somehow he found it ridiculously romantic that Terrence would track Izzy down like that, even if he had felt a little sting of jealousy when Terrence had showed up here, asking for Izzy’s address. Nando had tried to ask Seth why on earth he hadn’t called, there was no need for him to walk all the way here to tell them that Izzy took the night off, but Seth wouldn’t answer. Instead he went out into the bar and poured himself a large drink and sat down, listening to Harmony’s sound tests of the system.

Nando stepped behind the bar, looking at Seth who would just stand in the corner, looking at the people who slowly started to fill the dancefloor, drinking one drink after another. “Are you sure you’re alright, Seth?” Nando leaned in over the bar and yelled to attract Seth’s attention.

Seth turned and looked at him with a distant smile, “Yes I’m fine, Nans”

“You don’t act like you’re fine” Nando said, gesturing for Seth to come in closer.

“Is it your dad and Terrence?” Nando asked, filling Seth a drink, handing it to him with  a sweet smile.

Seth sighed and then nodded, “I suppose it is in some way” He gave his empty glass to Nando, and sipped his fresh drink. “Its just that everyone else has someone, no matter where I look, then…” Seth laughed bitterly, “Listen to me, man! I am already whining to the bartender”

Nando smiled at Seth and poured himself a drink as well, toasting with his friend. “I’m not just the bartender, Seth, I am your friend as well. And I know what its like to watch everyone else finding someone special, but never yourself”

“You don’t understand” Seth said with a low tone, looking at Nando with a sad gaze, “Maybe I just played my part you know” He shrugged.

“Hey man, if you feel like you’re third wheel at home, you can always come live with me” Nando said with a smile, “I mean that”

“Thanks Nans” Seth said with a little smile. “I might do that for a while, till they are finished getting reacquainted” He turned his head and looked out at the dance floor again. “Look at them Nans, there was nothing in the world I wanted more than to feel like that, if I could find one reason to dance, I would”

“Don’t beat yourself like that, I’m sure that someone will place a smile on your face again” Nando said, feeling like he lied, but truly there was nothing he wanted more than for Seth to find somewhere he could call his.

“The only one who could do that, is dead” Seth said acidly, walking around the bar and sat down in a chair, looking out at the dance floor, Nando didn’t say more, he just placed a drink in front of Seth.




“Hey can I have a tequila?” Ferris yelled at the bar, receiving a nod and a sweet smile from the tranny behind the bar. “Oh and some water?”

“Sure darling” Nando grinned, placing both in front of Ferris, waiting for him to find some money.

Ferris sat down, and with a blissful sigh downed his tequila, and then he took a large sip of the water.


“What about you Seth, are you ready for another one?” Nando asked, pouring some drinks.

“Depends” Seth said dryly, “Are you buying?”

“I am” Nando laughed, “So what do you want?”

“Hit me with another Jägermeister then” Seth said with a smile “or two”

Ferris turned his head and looked at the guy next to him, his heart started beating like crazy, could it actually be? He signalled for the bartender, “I’ll have the same as him” Ferris said, receiving a shot glass which he downed right away. Without looking at Seth, Ferris took a deep breath, “Can I ask you something?” he said, addressed at Seth, but didn’t look at him.

“Sure” Seth said twirling his empty shot glass between his fingers, wondering if he should have one more, or if he should try a beer.

“If you lost trace of someone you were once madly in love with, and suddenly saw that person the last place you thought, would you say something, or ignore it?” Ferris asked innocently.

“One more please Nando” Seth waved at Nans. and then he raked a hand through his hair, “I’d tell the person, maybe they had lost track of you as well” He shrugged, “After all, what is the worst that can happen?”

“Oh I don’t know, the worst would properly be if this person didn’t remember me at all” Ferris admitted.

“That would suck” Seth agreed. “Especially if you were really in love with that person”

“Oh I was, and I think that I actually might still am” Ferris said with a little smile.

“Did this person dump you?” Seth asked, looking at Nans that came with a shot glass for both of them at the bar.

“No, not really” Ferris said, “He left, he said he would be back, but I think he kinda forgot about me, even if I never forgot about him”

“ouch, that bites” Seth agreed, “I’m sorry for you, man” Seth turned towards Ferris, “Can I ask why the hell you asked me that?”

Ferris smiled nervously. “Of course” He cleared his throat nervously, “Cause I am sitting right next to that person”

“What?” Seth turned further in his seat, “I’m sorry kid, but that was a real lame pickup trick”

Ferris bit his lip, “You really don’t remember me, huh?” He mumbled disappointed. “It’s me, Ferris, y’know the kid who gave you that cat”

“Ferris?” Seth gasped, “Oh my God, really? No I didn’t recognize you, but I remember you just fine”

“At least you remember me” Ferris said with a bleak tone.

“Are you crazy?” Seth laughed, “You made quite the impression, kid”

Ferris smiled, unable to keep his disappointment, that Seth didn’t seem happier to see him. “I didn’t mean to ruin your evening, but I just saw you sitting there, and yeah, just wanted to say hi for old times sake, so ‘hi Seth’.”

Ferris moved to stand, when Seth placed a hand on his arm to keep him seated. “Stay, Ferris” Seth slurred drunkenly. “You know what I remember the best? what a tease you were, that haven’t changed apparently” He smiled lazy, “Always touching me, kissing my cheek, walking naked out from the bathroom. I swear I learned how to master the Zen”

“Why didn’t you just tell me I was obnoxious?” Ferris asked.

“You weren’t” Seth admitted, “I couldn’t act on my instinct, cause you were nothing but a big kid, I know you didn’t understand, and maybe still don’t” Seth suddenly grinned, caressing Ferris’ arm as his fingers travelled down to Ferris’ hand, squeezing it gently. “But I swear you were in every single of my wet dreams, and actually you still frequent them, wearing nothing but a smile and a towel” Seth laughed, blushing.

Ferris had the decency to blush as well. with alcohol fuelled courage, Ferris flashed a brilliant smile, “I’m not a kid anymore”

“Are you flirting with me?” Seth asked, letting go of Ferris’ hand, standing from his barstool. Suddenly feeling flustered, hot and bothered.

Ferris turned in his seat and stood as well, looking straight at Seth. “I am” He admitted, “I can’t let you run off twice, Seth”

Nando who had been listening to their talk from behind the bar, suddenly yelled, “Quit it Seth, and just kiss him!” Seth looked from Ferris to Nando who stood grinning, and then back at Ferris’ beautiful face.

Grabbing Ferris, Seth placed a crushing kiss on the other man’s lips, smiling against Ferris’ lips as he felt him relax in his hold, giving in to the kiss. So this was how it felt, kissing Ferris. Not just a quick chaste kiss as he had given him before, this was deliciously, toe curling, liquid perfection. Horny perfection.

As the kiss ended both Ferris and Seth was just looking at each other, both men thinking about what the kiss had promised more of. “Come” Seth said softly, holding out his hand.

Ferris let Seth haul him out of the club, “Are you sure?” he asked, gasping as the morning air hit him in the face.

“Yes I’m sure” Seth said, wrapping an arm around Ferris’ shoulder.

Ferris leaned his head against Seth’s shoulder as they walked down the empty streets, it felt nice and perfect. But he wondered if Seth would have a different opinion once the buzz wore off.















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