Dreams made of glass 45/52

Title: Lust
Genre: drama / romance
Characters: Aleksander, Maria, Rainer, Ferris, Early.
Prompt: 94
Rating: M+
Type: series
Summary: the 3’rd and  final part of the Ferris flashback.
Warnings: adult situations, language.
AN: Seriously then Kapela ze wsi Warszawa is fucking kick ass, they are called Warsaw village band in English, and if you like folk music, you’d love them! they are really awesome, and hereby I suggested my favourite Balkan music artists in these three chapters.  I halfway wished I wasn’t don’t with these chapters, cause this flash was so much fun to do, you can tell by how fast I did them, right? I think that some of these characters might show up again, gods.. all these damn characters in this story *the headache*, You can download Rainer at my lj btw, just in case you’d want him for yourself.
Suggest soundtrack: // Kapela ze wsi Warszawa – Cóżeś ty kasiu robiła // Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa – Biski //

so I lost my head a while ago
but you seem to have done no better
we set fire in the snow

some do magic
and some do harm
I’m holding on
holding on
I’m holding on to a straw

who is the Alpha?
how do you say you’re sorry
and there’s nothing to be afraid of

pretty sure
it ain’t over
I’m not done

do you laugh while screaming?

-Fever Ray

Ferris had left his uncle drunk at the table, and gone back to bed, it was all just too much. He had known there was some secret, but he had not known what it was, and right now he cursed his mother for never telling him. He had been listening to his uncle Rainer, softly humming to himself while drinking himself into a stupor at the kitchen table. Rainer’s voice was normally soft and deep, but now it seemed sketchy and nervous. The second the door opened, he stopped singing. And Ferris kneeled in front of the keyhole, to see who came home. It was Maria with another man, a man that Ferris had never seen before, but he instantly knew who was, even before Rainer with a tiny voice said “Hé Aleksander” And he heard a soft melodic voice answer “Hé Rainer”

Ferris had never seen his mother with a man, and it seemed odd to see her smiling, when Aleksander kissed her cheek before he joined Rainer at the table. Opening a beer.

“Where are the children, Rainer?” Maria asked softly staring into the fire that Rainer had built when Ferris had gone to bed.

“In their bed” Rainer said with a slightly annoyed tone, “What do you take me for?”

“I am not accusing you of anything brother” Maria said sadly before she turned to watch her brothers at the table. “But it does seem a little suspicious that you know that they are all in town, and you sit here alone in the dark, getting drunk”

Rainer inhaled deeply though his nose and nodded. “If you must know, then your son asked me to come” Rainer shrugged, “Guess he needed a little man to man talk, that’s all”

Maria placed her hands on her hips, “So you got him drunk too?”

Rainer blushed weakly, “I might be guilty of that, yes”

Aleksander laughed merrily, “At least he will sleep like the dead tonight”

“The prince had made all the travel arrangements, when he went to fetch his suitcase, he heard a voice so lovely he was sure that if he had heard it before, he would have remembered, it sounded like.. like home. The prince would hide in the shadows and watch the crown prince talk with the most beautiful man that the prince had ever seen, he did not know any introduction to know this was his father, the king. Why had he come here? The prince was both thrilled and frightened. But as he heard the fear in the crown prince’s voice, he knew that the King was up to no good. ‘You can’t have him’ the crown prince cried. but the king just laughed mocking, ‘He is mine to take, and there is nothing you can do to stop me, you are nothing but a pawn in my game, doing my will if you want it or not, I am the King you imbecile, I will have you beheaded for your indolence’

The man that the prince had always seen as a rock of calm, dropped to his knees weeping, his body shook in terror. ‘I will do whatever you wish of me, my king, just do not harm me, or the children’. The king seemed to like this, see he had become king for no other reason than he loved to bark out orders and threaten people. Getting away with it.”

“Why are you doing this Aleksander?” Rainer asked softly, trying not to give away how fast his heart was beating.

Aleksander looked calmly from Maria to Rainer, “Because they belong to me, Rainer. Not you. I know that you’ve come to think of the children as yours over the years, but they are mine, and I have come to take them home the only way I know how”

“So that is why you’re marrying that woman? So you can bring your new found bastard children home?” Rainer spat.

For a moment Aleksander looked like he was about to punch Rainer, but instead he turned to his brother, “Don’t judge me until you walked a mile in my shoes, brother.”

Rainer nodded, opening another beer, offering one to Maria, but she declined. “Likewise brother dear, likewise” he mumbled.

Aleksander took a deep breath and leaned forward to look straight into Rainer’s eyes. “Mama is dying, and papa is old, Rainer. They are looking to me to ensure the family, tell me what the hell I am supposed to do?”

“Have some children” Rainer said softly. Knowing exactly what Aleksander was getting at.

“Exactly” Aleksander said with a affirmative nod.

“What about this woman you’re marrying? can’t you have any children by her?” Rainer asked.

“Elena is..” Aleksander started.

“You’re marrying Elena?” Rainer spurted out, beer dripped from his lips. “But..”

“I know what you’re thinking, but she’s not a little kid any more” Aleksander said, “She’s 19”

“And you’re 33” Rainer stated disgusted.

“Maybe it had all been different if you had stayed” Aleksander said, the hurt was shining through his voice.

Rainer looked down at the table surface with a slight nod, “I was never cut out for circus, you know that” he whispered, “Always clumsy, always doing every trick wrong, papa was right when he pulled me off the group, I would have killed someone eventually, not catching them correctly, or..”

“You could have asked Besim if you could have been in their act instead, you seemed to like him if I am not mistaken” Aleksander said tenderly.

Rainer nodded with a little bitter smile, “Since when have a Fazakas been a French clown? Seriously Aleksander, can you imagine papa’s reaction?”

“I am sure that papa would rather have had you as a clown, than not have you at all” Aleksander said reaching out, squeezing his brother’s shoulder. “Do you have any idea what it did to him that you four was suddenly gone?”  He removed his hand from Rainer’s shoulder, and reached for his beer. “Not to mention what it did to me” he added in a hushed tone.

“I’m sorry” Rainer whispered.

“Papa will be thrilled to see you” Aleksander said, “I know that he worries about you often, if you got a decent job, a wife and maybe even children that does not know their grandfather”

“Tell him that I am fine” Rainer sneered, “I finally found something I am good at”

“What is that Rainer? Getting drunk?” Maria cut in.

Aleksander held up his hand to silence her. “Look Rainer, I appreciate everything you did for Marika and the children, but it is time for you all to return home”

“You’ll have to drag me there kicking and screaming” Rainer stated desperately.

“Then that is what I’ll do” Aleksander said calmly.

“Don’t, please don’t. If you ever loved me brother, you will let me leave town tonight, and you tell papa I was gone” Rainer whispered brokenly. “Please”

“I can’t do that, Rainer” Aleksander said softly. “What about mama? Do you want her to die without seeing her baby boy once more?”

“No.. but..” Rainer whispered, “Is she really sick? it’s not just something you’re saying?”

Aleksander feigned hurt. “Would I lie to you about mama?”

“Yes” Rainer stated.

“Well, I’m not.” Aleksander said. “She is really ill, and I promised her I would bring you and Marika, don’t worry Rainer, I am sure she will be proud of what you did for your sister and the twins”

“Why didn’t you just come and tell me that yourself? Why did you have Yorges come by with those invitations?” Rainer asked, his voice little and unsure.

“Because I wanted to speak with Marika before I spoke to you” Aleksander admitted. “Besides he wanted a new tattoo, and I wanted you to have an invitation”

Rainer nodded, “I understand”

Marika reached in over the table and took a beer. “Just tell him you’ll go with us”

Rainer looked up at his sister, “Us?”

Marika smiled as she opened her beer, “I already spoke with Aleksander, and promised him we’d come home” When Rainer opened his mouth to speak, Maria cut him off “Me and the twins”

“No, Marika” Rainer gasped, “Dear God, woman. Aren’t you thinking of their future at all?”

“I am, and they need their family” Marika said.

Rainer turned to Aleksander, “Please don’t let her do this. You know that your daughter has no future there, she is nothing like the other girls at the circus, she wants to learn and read, she is a very bright girl, and you should leave her to attend school and get a decent education.”

“It’s too late for that Rainer” Marika sighed, walking back to the fire place. “I already signed the papers that they brought me”

Rainer looked from Maria to Aleksander to Maria again, “What?”

“The children are rightfully mine” Aleksander said, “Now they are legally mine as well”

Rainer’s eyes widened, and then he fell silent, listless. “oh”

“You know the law as well as I do” Aleksander said, trying to persuade his brother that it was alright. “You know that the children belong to their father”

Rainer stared out into the empty air, drinking from the bottle with a mechanical move. “But you can’t.. ”

“You’re right, I can’t claim they are mine, but none but you, me, Marika and mama knows the truth, they all think that Marika’s twins father was the popcorn seller that disappeared that fall. But I can adopt my sisters children”

Rainer closed his eyes in defeat, “Why did you agree to this Marika? Are you mad? I did everything for you, and this is how you repay my effort?”

“They showed up five men” Marika finally admitted, not looking at Aleksander, who ignored his sisters comment.

“I see” Rainer whispered, “So you adopted your own children, so they can return to the family, and none are disgraced”  Rainer sighed, “Except me”

“I’m sorry Rainer” Aleksander said. “Desperate times acquire desperate measures. But it really ‘is’ true that mama is ill, and she was asking to see you.”

“Don’t worry brother” Rainer whispered, “If Marika and the twins are going home, so am I”

“But the king didn’t know that the princess had already eloped, and that the prince was eavesdropping, making up his mind to follow his sister. He didn’t know this foreign kingdom where the king would take him, but he could hear on the fear in his uncles voice that it was not a place of joy, and thus he slipped out the window as well, not leaving as much as a message for the queen. He often thought about his uncle, the crown prince Rainer, whatever had become of him once the King and the Queen had called him out on his treachery, was he even alive any more? The prince had promised the crown prince to never seek out his fathers kingdom, and therefore he never dared to turn around to look for the crown prince either.

And so the prince Tökös was left in no man’s land, never knowing where he should settle down and create his own kingdom, or if the crown prince’s words had been true, that he had lost the right to do so, at birth. The end”

“Damn, that was a sad story” Early said, having a million questions but deciding that if Ferris had to tell him about himself in fairytale form, it might not be a good idea to call him out on it.

“I know” Ferris yawned and closed his eyes tiredly. scooting closer to Early, wrapping an arm around his waist. “I’m glad I went with you and saw your son today” he whispered.

“I’m sorry they were such assholes about it” Early whispered.

“Don’t worry about it” Ferris slurred half asleep.

“Did Crystal give you a hard time?” Early whispered.

“No” Ferris lied, “We talked about the apartment and your job and such”

“Oh, okay” Early mumbled.

“If you’re a good boy, I might even make you breakfast in bed” Ferris whispered, kissing Early’s neck tenderly. He was glad that Early was with his back to him, so he couldn’t see the treacherous tears that formed in his eyes, knowing he would be gone when Early woke. Oddly enough he understood uncle Rainer’s words back then much better now. Of course his hands had been tied as well, just as Ferris’ was now. He was kind of glad that Ramon would never know what sacrifice he did for him, so the kid would not have to carry the guilt of that for his entire life.

“sounds good” Early slurred, then yawned. “Does it come topless?”

Ferris snickered, “You betcha”

There were silent for a little while, until Early finally asked, “What does Tökös mean?”

Half asleep Ferris wasn’t really aware that he even answered, “Pumpkin, he always called me his little pumpkin”

Early closed his eyes, it just seemed too cruel somehow. It was really odd how everything between them had changed when they no longer spent all their time chasing money to get high, forgetting what they had to do to get the money in the first place. He had tried to determine what Ferris meant to him, and the decision to straighten up for Ramon’s sake had been easy when Ferris had been gone. But now he had been tossed straight back into the equation, and now Early wondered if he had made the right decision to begin with. Would he feel like a cheater if it were Crystal spooning up against him?

Time would just have to tell, cause Early was too tired to make a decision right now.



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