Dreams made of glass 39/52

Title: Disappointed
Genre: drama / romance
Characters: Izzy, Nando & Gabi
Prompt: 84
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: The lost returns, and the trannies is ready with a makeover.
Warnings: language, adult situations. Transvestites.
AN: Oh man, I totally forgot my little song lyric clips in the last couple of chapters, shoot! that’s one of my favourite things to do. Anywho, Gabriel the pretty is created by elecy, I just snagged him and abused him.

If you were a king up there on your throne
would you be wise enough to let me go
for this queen you think you own
Wants to be a hunter again
wants to see the world alone again
to take a chance on life again
so let me go
let me leave


When Izzy finally arrived at Crystal towers, Seth was barely aware of where he was. Izzy thought it was really odd that a nurse came and gave Seth a shot while he was given a stack of papers to sign, everything from when, where and why he had his relapse, to payment for his allowance to buy candy when the patients on the ward he was hopefully going to could buy something in the transportable kiosk every Friday. Izzy wrote up all the paperwork, and Seth’s doctor, Dr. Roth just seemed relieved that he finally had some sort of relative to contact. Izzy wanted to ask a million questions, but knew that now was not really the time. Seth’s shot seemed to work and he didn’t have all that nervous energy anymore, he just sat silently with his face hidden in his palm.

Izzy waited while the doctor tried to find a bed for Seth on a secure ward. He squatted down next to his son, resting his head on Seth’s knee. “I know this was not what you had in mind when we first left for Murky Mile, I am really sorry it ended like this” When Seth didn’t answer, Izzy sighed. “I will come see you within the next days, I need to find a place to stay too, okay? Are you okay with that?”

“You can leave now, its okay Izzy” Seth slurred.

The nurse came back for Seth as they had found a bed for him. It was the strangest feeling ever to watch his son be half carried down the hall towards the locked doors by two huge male nurses. Seth mumbling something that Izzy couldn’t hear, and one of the nurses laughed, ‘its good to see you too Seth’. Izzy he just focused on Seth’s feet that kept stumbling due to the tranquillizer they had given him upon arriving. 

This all led up to him ringing Nando’s doorbell. He had actually been really pleased when the secretary had told him Nando’s address. She had asked if he wanted to talk with Sebastian since he was in at the gallery to day, but Izzy had just said that it was not necessary.

He had been in luck and Nando had been home. He smiled seeing Nando who literally beamed. “Hey there stranger” Izzy laughed as Nando opened the door.

“Omigod! Izzy!” Nando exclaimed, “Are you really.. I mean.. oh my god! I’m so glad to see you!”

Izzy laughed, “I’m glad to see you too Nans”

Nando suddenly looked worried, “You look like something the cat dragged in”

“It’s been some rough weeks, and..” Izzy took a deep breath, “I just took Seth to the Crystal towers, maybe this whole idea of his was just really bad”

Nando shrugged, “Oh I’m sorry to hear that, I like Seth a lot, I hope he will be okay”

“You can just go visit, I’m sure he would be happy to have guests” Izzy said, licking his lips nervously. “Look Nando, I know its not really in my place to ask, but I kinda need somewhere to crash, I understand if you say no, you know, Bastian and all”

“This is my flat” Nando said with a smile, “He can’t tell me what to do here, of course you can crash here”

Izzy nodded, relieved to hear that. “There is something else I should tell you, but I don’t really know how.. eh, Nando.. see.. I have been, eh” He mumbled.

Nando frowned and pointed at Izzy “You fucked him, didn’t you? you bitch!”

Izzy took a deep breath and nodded, “Yeah..” He held out his hand to Nando, who swatted it away angrily. “Look Nando, its not like I planned it that way, it just kinda happened”

Nando huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I had every intention of just being gone with Seth for like 14 days, go see my mom and return to Sebastian, and hoping he wasn’t too pissed off at me, something just wanted it differently” Izzy argued with a childish whine.

“So now you are here on my doorstep asking me to just ignore the fact that I waited around for Terry, while you were humping him gods know where in the outbacks” Nando stomped his foot in anger, “You were like a father to me, how could you do that to both me and Bastian?”


“So what? What is it you want now Izzy? Do you want me to call Bastian for you, huh?” Nando spat coldly.

“I am actually quite happy” Izzy growled, “I haven’t felt this alive for years, thank you. I might look like something the cat barfed up, and I might not have somewhere to stay, or a job, but I am single and there is absolutely fucking no one who can tell me how to run my life” He pointed at Nando “You don’t remember, but it is not like its the first time around for me, okay?”

Nando sighed, “So this is not just because you want to get back together with Bastian?”

“No, man” Izzy yelled, “I came to see you cause you are my friend, not because you are his brother, actually I was really close to not coming by because of that fact”

“Why are you still wearing the ring then?” Nando asked, not wanting to tell Izzy hadn’t worn his for three months.

“I honestly don’t know” Izzy said, relaxing enough for a smile. he looked down at his hand, and carefully pried off Bastian’s ring. “I’m gonna give it back to him at some point” He said with a little shrug, and tucked the ring away in his pocket.

“Look Izzy” Nando confessed, “I have no right to be pissed off actually” He blushed slightly. “I guess its like you said, old habits die hard”

“It’s okay, you’re his brother, its only natural that you question my intentions” Izzy said with a fatherly smile.

“So you’re single huh?” Nando grinned, “Should take you to the club where my boyfriend work” Nando squirmed as Izzy’s grin grew, “Gabi works there too”

“Oh I know that place” Izzy said with a slight amused shake of his head. “So what is this mister wonderful’s name?”

“Harmony” Nando said, blushing even more when he said the name.

Izzy laughed even harder, “He’s all that, huh?”

“He’s perfect” Nando admitted. “We have been going out for five months, and he is still a perfect gentleman”

“I am so very happy to hear that” Izzy said, “You deserved someone to love you, for being you”

Nando nodded and smiled sadly, “That’s easy for you to say, I know of several guys who will stalk you like crazy when the word gets out that you’re single”

“Really?” Izzy grinned a dirty grin, “I have a hard time imagining that”

Now it was Nando’s turn to laugh “If you only knew the half of it” He suddenly turned serious, “Now get going and take a bath, and I will call Gabriel to come do something about those clothes of yours”

Izzy laughed, “What’s he gonna do? dress me in rhinestones and pvc? didn’t you know I look like an idiot in a dress”

Nando feigned hurt, “He has pants too, you know”

Izzy shook his head amused and walked up the stairs towards the bathroom. “Trannies man, you’re all crazy bitches” He chuckled, which only earned him a shoe tossed in the back.

Izzy had taken the longest bath known to man, and finally he was able to fix his hair, he had missed doing this while in Murky Mile, but he also knew that the reactions he would get would not be worth it. When he came back down Nando had made coffee and sat in the sofa with a smile. “Finally, I can recognize you again”

“Yeah, yeah” Izzy sing song, sitting down in the sofa next to Nando. “So” He asked, pouring himself some coffee.

“Gabi will be over in ten” Nando answered pushing the milk over towards Izzy.

“That’s not what I meant” Izzy said, “How are everyone?”

“Everyone? You mean Sebastian?” Nando asked, his voice dropped to a near whisper.

Izzy nodded. Nando cleared his throat, “He is fine”

The door opened, and Gabriel stepped through the door with a huge bag, and a stupid grin. “Izzy darling!”

Izzy laughed, “Enchanté” He got up from the sofa and walked over to his old friend. “So what do you have in that bag? If I find as much as one ostrich feather, I will kick your old, saggy, ass”

Gabriel pouted, pretending to be hurt. “Take that back Israel Singer!” He placed his hands on his hips, “My ass is neither saggy or otherwise tainted by time, thank you very much!”

Izzy laughed whole heartedly. “Your bitch act don’t intimidate me, Missy”

Gabriel broke out in a huge grin. “I missed you, man”

“I missed you too” Izzy said, pulling Gabriel in a tight hug. “How’s the husband?”

“He’s fine, boring, working, as always” Gabi whispered.

“Good, give Julie a smack on the lips from me, and tell him he’s a looser” Izzy whispered back.

“Will do” Gabi grinned.

“So seriously, Izzy” Gabi said, sobering up as they let go of the embrace, “Have you talked with Bastian?”

“No” Izzy said, looking slightly uncomfortable. “I came straight here to see Nans”

“Oh” Gabi mouthed.

“Okay what is it you people aren’t telling me?” Izzy asked wetting his lips nervously.

“I wanted to tell you” Nando said behind them on the couch, but Gabi cut him off by a flick of his wrist.

“You see” Gabi said, searching for the right words. “Sebastian he.. eh, he was really heartbroken when you left, and then we. With that I mean Julie, Nando, and myself, decided to play cupid to snap him out of that dark mood and start living again”

Izzy nodded, “You set him up with someone?”

“We did” Gabi admitted.

“Okay” Izzy mumbled.

Gabi took a deep breath, “His name is Travis and he’s twenty years old” Gabi scratched his nose idly, “They’ve been dating for two months now”

“Oh” Izzy’s fake smile faded, “Twenty… wow”

“I know, sweetie” Gabi admitted, “But they seem to work out really well”

“That’s good” Izzy nodded, biting his lip, forcing himself not to let his voice break over. it was odd how he had told himself that it was fine that he himself moved on, but it felt wrong that Bastian had done so as well. “I should properly stay clear then”

“I don’t know” Gabi admitted, “On one hand then I think you should let him know you’re back, he will know eventually anyway from gossip”

“But what about that kid, Travis? I don’t want to butt into something” Izzy leaned in and whispered to Gabi “How the hell can I tell him that Bastian is a great guy, and on the other hand tell him I would rather saw off my own legs than to be with him myself?”

“Is that the truth Izzy? Really? twenty years gotta count for something” Gabi whispered back.

“From the moment I met Bastian my life has been so fucking predictable, everything planned and organized, he’s the kind of guy who starts a pension fond when he was nineteen. Seth showed me that, he had me remember myself, and how much I cherished my freedom, and that nothing was ever certain”

“I see what you mean” Gabi said, grabbing Izzy’s shoulder, holding the other man out in a stretched arm, looking him up and down.

“What?” Izzy  grinned.

Gabi gestured with the other hand down Izzy’s torso, “How very rural of you, Israel”

“Come again?” Izzy asked puzzled and amused.

“Your sweater, its atrocious my dear” Gabi stated, “It has to go”

“Eh, it used to be my dad’s” Izzy shrugged.

Gabi smiled overbearing, “Now if you are going start dating again, not to mention looking for a job and a apartment, you need some improvements” Gabi nodded to himself.

“Yeah, you’re right” Izzy said with a slow nod.

“Don’t look like that Izzy, I’m sure I can fix you a job at the club for now, and you can always stay with me and Julian until you saved up enough money to get something to live in” Gabi said, ruffling Izzy’s hair brotherly.

“Thank you Gabriel” Izzy said with a little sad smile, “That would be brilliant”

“Fabulous” Gabi grinned clapping his hands, “Now lets take a look on what’s in the sports bag, shall we?”



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