Dreams made of glass 38/52

Title: Storm
Genre: Drama / romance
Characters: Lis, Dharma, Terrence & Izzy
Prompt: 68
Rating: R
Type: series
Summary: Terry gets a phone call that he both dreaded and wished for.
Warnings: language, adult situations.
AN: Been readying a lot of chapters, so buckle up guys xD my muse is a fickle bitch, and these days she wants to do Sims. lol – And YES Terrence is a terrible indecisive idiot. – This is made for simfic50;- Written for goodbye_sun & elecy, whom i know had been rooting for this.

Dharma was slowly getting used to the sound of her father being around. At first it had been really strange to hear his voice through the wall, but now she had gotten used to the sound of his laughter, and their almost silent arguments. She knew that her parents had split because of the terrible tradigy that had taken her elder siblings from them. What and why no one had ever told her, some kids at school said that the witch in the wood had gotten them, but Dharma didn’t believe that. There was no such thing as witches.

“Terry, pick up the damn phone!” Lis’ voice sounded through the wall, clearly from the kitchen. Dharma heard steps across the floor, and heard her dad clear his throat and say “M’yeah”

“Hey Terry” Izzy said in the other end, “Am I disturbing anything?”

“No, no.. We just finished eating” Terrence said with a smile. He was just glad to hear Izzy’s voice after the other day, he had been afraid that Izzy had been so upset with him, that he wouldn’t speak to him any time soon.

“Uhm, Terry, listen.” Izzy said, a long pause followed, and the static of the phone crackled. “I don’t really know how to put this, but Seth and I left Murky Mile”

Terry’s smile faded, “You left? but..I thought that.. Oh fuck Izzy”

“I’m sorry, really I am” Izzy said, the faint sound of coins being pushed into a slot. “An emergency occurred, and we had to leave, there was no time to swing by your place” Izzy took a deep breath, “Besides you sounded like you had already made up your mind”

“Fuck that Izzy!” Terry spat down the receiver.

“If you’re just gonna yell at me, we might as well hang up” Izzy sighed. “Have you any idea how hard it is to find a payphone that works in Fowles?”

“You’re almost home?” Terry asked surprised.

“I drove through as far as I could, and now we stopped for rest. I had promised my mama to call you” Izzy laughed softly “She told me that she was sure she would bump into you at the market, and so she didn’t want any bad vibes” Izzy was silent again for a moment, “We’re okay, aren’t we?”

“Jesus fucking Christ, did you drive straight out for 48 hours, man? you’re crazy” Terry said, not answering Izzy’s question.

“Uhm, yeah. Seth fell ill, and I have to get him to a hospital” Izzy admitted sounding tired to the bone.

“Why didn’t you just use the doctor in Crooked Creek?” Terrence asked.

“He needs to go back to Crystal Towers” Izzy stated.

“Oh God” Terrence whispered. looking over his shoulder he saw Lis look at him, he just shook his head at her. “Is he okay?” he asked Izzy in the phone.

“I doped him out on Valium” Izzy said, “He is sleeping now, but no he isn’t okay, Terry”

“He seemed fine when I was there” Terry argued, knowing it was a stupid argument.

“Apparently this buddy of his, Florian, managed to persuade him that he did in fact kill your son, and…” Izzy’s voice fade out into nothing.

“That can’t be” Terrence whispered, “Kane was.. Kane he… it was a machete or something, and the only thing they ever found Seth’s fingerprints on was a bottle neck and a crowbar”

“What’s going on?” Lis asked in the background. “What is it about Kane?”

Terrence turned his head briefly and looked at Lis’ sad expression, “Nothing, Lis. Please, its a private conversation”

Terrence stepped away from Lis, and whispered down the receiver, “You could have asked me, you know”

Izzy sighed in the other end, “I know, but would you have said yes?” A loud sound from a truck driving by drowned out what he said, “Do you really believe it is in the cards for us, to ride off into the sunset?”

Terrence closed his eyes, feeling like his heart was breaking apart. “This time its different” He whispered. He wanted to stay for Dharma, but was it really the best? He had stayed for Kane and Cyan, and that had only driven him to the point where he had aimed a shotgun at his childhood friend. Maybe this time around he should fight for what he really wanted, but was it his even if he wanted it to be?

“How so?” Izzy asked, genuinely interested.  

“Point one I know what it is I am letting slide” Terrence stated, throwing his free arm up in the air. “Look Izzy, I know what we promised each other, but I am not sure I can keep that promise.”

“Terrence” Izzy sighed in the other end, “Don’t, man..”

“Don’t what?” Terry yelled down the phone, attracting the attention from Lis again.

“Don’t tell me what I want to hear. Really Terry, I am happy that you found your family, you deserve another try” Izzy said softly, you could almost see the smile in his voice.

“I am not fucking telling you what you want to hear” Terry hissed down the receiver. “We promised each other that our fling would end the moment we returned to SimCity, right? I wanted you so badly that I would have agreed to anything, had you told me that I had to run around the house seven times in a chicken costume I would have”

Izzy laughed in the other end, “That would have been a sight for gods I am sure”

“Don’t patronize me” Terrence said, his voice strict and carried a warning edge. “What I tried to tell you the other day is that I can’t just leave Dharma like that, but I am not ready to let you slip away either.”

Izzy was silent for a moment, and another coin was pushed in the slot. “Then come and get me” Izzy whispered down the phone. smiling as he heard Terrence suck in his breath by his dare.

“Really?” Terrence mumbled.

“Really” Izzy stated.

“Look Terry, I am not going back to Bastian’s house, I haven’t really made any plans besides getting Seth to the hospital” Izzy rustled with the phone, properly changing hands. “If you really want me, you come and find me”

“B-but, how will I find you?” Terrence asked with a tiny voice.

“Dunno” Izzy said with a smirk, “Just stick to your guns Terry, I wont be waiting for ever”

“Terrence?” Lis asked behind him.

“Izzy, I.. eh” Terry said hurriedly down the phone, as he heard a faint beep.

“I’m out of coins” Izzy said, “Take care Terrence Williams”

“You too, Israel” Terry said as the phone disconnected.

“What the hell was that all about?” Lis said, grabbing Terrence’s arm to make him look at her.

“Seth didn’t feel well, so Izzy went back to SimCity to submit him to a mental hospital” Terrence answered flatly.

“I gathered that much, thank you” Lis said, crossing her arms over her chest. “I meant the other part of the conversation”

Terrence shook his head and walked towards the kitchen to escape the argument he could feel was coming on, but Lis just followed. “Terrence, you better answer me”

Terry turned and looked at his ex wife. “What the hell is it you want to hear, woman?”

“What I want to hear?” Lis yelled, “What I want to fucking hear?”

Terry sighed, “Alright, you’re right, I haven’t been completely honest with you.. its just that..”

“That’s a first” Lis snorted, “Have you ever been able to tell the truth? Gods, now I know why I told myself I would never let you though my front door again”

“Lis.. its just..” Terrence tried, but Listen cut him off.

“You’ve been fucking him all along haven’t you?” She yelled, pushing Terry’s shoulder angrily.

Terrence nodded slowly, “Yeah”

“Yeah?” Lis growled, “You’re un-fucking-believable, for how long have you guys been going at it then?”

“Before we came here to Murky Mile, honestly Lis. I can’t see why it bothers you so much, its not like we’re married or nothing” Terrence spat.

“When you said you wanted to try again, I didn’t expect your little kinks to follow, Terrence. I thought that time of your life was over if you could even have that conversation with me” Lis cried.

“I wanted to try for Dharma’s sake, when I said it, I really believed that I..eh” Terrence said, his voice calm.

“Get your shit Terry, get your shit and get the hell out of here, and never ever fucking show your face here again, and if you do, I will give you the same treatment as you gave Simon” Lis screamed, stomping the floor in frustration.

“But..” was all Terrence had time to say.

“I am warning you Terry” She hissed, “Gods, I should never have showed you Dharma, I just should have known better. You always were a crap father Terry, and this is no exception”

“Are you seriously telling me that because I was seeing someone else, that I can’t see my own daughter?” Terrence gasped, “I didn’t think that you were such a bitch Lis”

“I am” Lis stated flatly, “And legally she ain’t your daughter, so good luck Mr. Williams” Lis smiled coldly “Technically her dad is named Weldon and lives in Plesantville”

“You fucking bitch” Terrence yelled, he poked her chest hard, “You haven’t won the war just yet missy”

“See that’s where you’re wrong again. And now please get the fuck out of my house before I call the cops” Lis spat, pushing Terry hard as she brushed past him in the narrow kitchen.




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