Dreams made of Glass 37/52

Title: Inside
Genre: drama / supernatural / romance
Characters: Florian, Seth, Izzy, Clara
Prompt: 69
Rating: M+ / adult
Type: series
Summary: Seth learns a lot of secrets, and can only reach one conclusion.
Warnings: Language, adult situations, violence & drug abuse.
AN: You were waiting for this chapter weren’t you? *grins* Oh and the music recs, this is all stuff that I thought were awesome when I was in 9th grade. lol, I actually still listen to it when I am in the mood, Bathory and Slayer never grows old, man. But I was just thinking of what kind music Florian and Seth would have listened to. Suggest soundtrack: Mortician – Skin peeler // Bathory – Foreverdark woods // Slayer – Dead skin mask //

“Why are you looking so downtrodden?” Clara asked, looking her grandson look straight out into nothing for the last half an hour.

“I don’t know” Seth sighed. “Guess I’m just thinking about stuff”

“Stuff?” Clara asked.

Seth smiled secretly, “I used to have friends y’know. I used to go out with my friends on days like this, just to hang out, listening to metal music and drink beer on the cemetery. Now they all but two are all buried there”

“You’re young, you can make new friends, my dear” Clara said with a little smile.

Seth shook his head, “I don’t know how to, anymore”

“Of course you do, there is still the spring feast in town, I am sure that you will meet someone you know” Clara resisted the urge to touch her grandson, he looked like he would jump out of his seat by human contact.

“Izzy said we’d be leaving before that” Seth said, “Besides then I don’t belong here anymore, all they would see was that insane pothead who killed all his friends, and they would all agree that it was inevitable that it would go like that, Kane and the others should never have gotten involved with the likes of me”

“Oh Seth, you don’t give yourself any credit, do you?” Clara whispered, saddened.

Seth laughed bitterly. “What is there to credit?” He turned his head and looked at Clara, “That I survived Simon? Do you really think I did that so easy? I still flinch when people touch me, that bastard he ruined my life, and in return I apparently ruined everyone else’s.” Seth sighed, “Look Clara, I wish I could tell you something other than I heard trees speak to me, but I honestly don’t remember anything from that night, I could very well have thought it all up, a mental trick to block out what really happened”

“I don’t believe that you are able to do those things to that kid, no matter what” Clara stated.

“So you think I’m not able to cut my beloved into bacon?” Seth said, his voice had lost its anger, now he just sounded sad.

Clara took a deep breath, “I believe that even if it was you, then you weren’t you” She admitted, “Like the story of Mary herself, she killed all those children, but she was possessed, and when Mary was killed by the angry mob from the village, she had no recollection of ever doing so” Clara shrugged, “It’s pretty well documented”

Seth looked at her, “Seriously?”

Clara nodded, “After all she is your great grandmothers, mothers, sister”

“W-what?” Seth stammered, “I am related to that thing?”

Clara nodded, “A long line of daughters and sons of nature, I told you before”

“Witches” Seth whispered, Not really believing what he heard.

“No, children of the earth” Clara said and smiled, “Oh I think you have a guest, dear. We will talk later” She got up from the bench, and walked inside.

Seth looked out over the porch and front yard, seeing a man walk slowly up the stairs, and it was not until he was close that Seth recalled him. “Florian? Is that really you?”

“Hey Seth” Florian said, “Lola told me she had heard from Adrian’s wife that you were in town”

Seth nodded “I am, but not for long”

“You’ve been here for six months, and didn’t come to see me?” Florian said feigning hurt, as he sat down on Clara’s spot on the bench.

“Adrian told me not to” Seth stated flatly. “Told me that you had sold me out to the cops back then”

Florian took a deep breath, “That’s one way of putting it, but what was I supposed to do?”

Seth shrugged, “Oh I don’t know. How about you had shut the fuck up?”

“You left with a crowbar, man” Florian argued.

Seth sighed, “I remember having something in my hand, but I don’t remember what it was” He looked directly at Florian, “Are you sure it was a crowbar? And now don’t lie, man. I really need to know”

“Like, you were the one to fucking hold it, man.” Florian said, shaking his head. “But yeah, it was a crowbar”

“Not a knife?” Seth asked with a tiny voice.

“No a crowbar, I am sure of it” Florian said. “I remember that night like yesterday” Seth nodded, Kane had been slashed by something that looked like claws, he had not been beaten to death by a crowbar. So maybe he wasn’t all that crazy after all. “What happened, man? You went up that path in the dark, I waited for you for some time, And the next thing I know, is that there is police all over, and you were carried kicking and screaming down the path and pushed into a van”

“Honestly” Seth said, “I remember the car died, and I remember we fought cause I wanted to fetch Kane, and you wanted to leave him. I called you a fucking bastard or something like that and stormed out the car, I know you yelled something but I couldn’t hear it”

“I said I would wait for half an hour for you to fetch your little butt buddy” Florian said with a weak blush. “And then I yelled that you were a fuckwit for running up that path, and you left with the bottle of vodka”

Seth looked puzzled, “I didn’t have a bottle”

“Yes you did, you had a crowbar in one hand, and a bottle of vodka in the other” Florian said a-matter-of-factly.

“I don’t..” Seth said, but then a memory flash came. Seth paled, “Yes, I ‘did’ have the vodka. I remember I was lost, and I was so pissed off at myself, how I could get lost on a straight path, and I sat down and drank from that bottle in the dark, crying in frustration, telling myself that I would never tell you that I cried, cause you would just laugh at me and call me a faggot” Seth grinned mirthlessly. “I was so fucking scared, man”

“Hey I don’t blame you, I didn’t have anything against Kane, actually quite the opposite, but there was no way in hell I would go up that path” Florian admitted, “So you were braver than me”

“I didn’t recall drinking at all” Seth admitted with a tormented expression. He closed his eyes for a moment, “I just fucking wish my memory would return to me, I owe that to Kane, and coming to Murky Mile was my best shot at remembering, I have been to the opening where the cabin was, but nothing! I even walked the same path, and I didn’t remember more than I did before”

“Then you don’t remember why you were so pissed off at me?” Florian asked honestly.

Seth shook his head, “I just remember that you wanted to leave without Kane”

Florian took a deep breath, “I told you that I made out with Kane on the cemetery just the night before, and that your boyfriend was in fact as intelligent as a blond chick.”

“What the fuck?” Seth gasped, but then something fluttered in the corner of his mind, “Oh.. oh.. I think..” Seth fell silent, “I can’t believe you were the last one to kiss him”

Florian shrugged, “I haven’t kissed another guy since him actually”

Seth squirmed, “Then maybe Adrian was right, he said that I should have killed Kane out of jealousy, I mean.. oh my god” He looked at Florian his face twisted in disgust over himself. “Do you really think that.. I could..”

“I do” Florian said in all honesty.

“I remember finding the cabin” Seth whispered, “The lights were on, and someone moved around inside, but they moved too fast to be human, I mean they moved like they were on fast forward or something. I remember throwing up, wiping my hand in my sleeve. And then nothing until I was inside in the cabin” His voice fell to barely audible. “I was looking down on Kane, he was crawling on the floor, crying, mumbling, and he was bleeding badly, like fucking wolverine had sharpened his claws on him. I know I stood in the door, and I was too afraid to move. My heart beat so fast I was sure I would die from a heart attack. And I heard myself scream, like something from a movie” Seth shook his head, “All in all it was pretty surreal, like I had been on shrooms or something”

“Actually” Florian said with a low voice, “That vodka, don’t you remember we had prepared that for weeks? You wanted to share it with Kane, cause you said that making love was so more fantastic when you were under the influence of..”

“Mushrooms” Seth finished for him, and then he paled. “Oh Lord, I remember, you’re right! Oh God, oh God” Seth’s voice broke over. “Then.. then I understand the look in his eyes much better” he whispered.

“Is that what you have to say?” Florian said, frowning.

“What is there to say?” Seth asked calmly, “I just realised that I did in fact kill Kane” He wet his lips nervously. “I did those horrible things to the only person I loved” He shook his head amused, “Dr. Roth was right, maybe the Mary story was indeed just something I fabricated to make an excuse to kill all those kids in cold blood, topping it off with the prize, the one I despised the most, the one kid that thought he could save me, and to his own demise, trusted me” When Florian looked puzzled, Seth smiled sadly “Maybe I never offed you cause I don’t give a shit about you? I don’t know”

“Get real, Seth” Florian sneered. “Don’t you need to take your meds or something?”

Seth nodded, “I know what I came here to find out, I should go home now”

“Home? what the hell are you talking about, Murky Mile is your home, man” Florian sighed annoyed. Cause Seth started to talk in scary riddles.

“Crystal Towers” Seth said, “That is where I belong, if what I think its true, really is true, they should never had let me outside that gate”

“So that’s where you went huh?” Florian said with a  tiny smile.

“Yes” Seth answered, “When you had your senior ball, I was playing scrabble with a nurse, and when you got married, I was still playing scrabble with a nurse” Seth sighed deeply “How I wish that Simon had finished me off, if I was dead, then Kane and the others would be alive”

Izzy stepped out on the porch, “Hey Seth, wanna come with me to the grocery store and pick something up for Clara?”

Seth looked up at his dad, “Daddy?”

Izzy was puzzled since Seth never called him daddy. “Yes?”

“I wanna go home now, I have to see Dr. Roth” Seth stated calmly.

“Say what?” Izzy asked, not understanding what the hell went on here, and when he looked at the young man at Seth’s side he looked just as confused.

“I want to go home to Crystal towers, please” Seth said, finally his voice trailing off to nothing as he started to weep. “I WANT TO GO THE FUCK HOME” he then yelled, startling both Izzy and Florian.



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