Dreams made of glass 32/52

Title: Outside
Genre: drama
Characters: Harmony, Nando, Sebastian & Izzy
Prompt: 70
Rating: M
Type: Series
Summary: Nando tells Harmony a little something about himself (1/3)
Warnings: Language, adult situations, insinuated sexual encounter.
AN: Outside refers to a persons outside/looks. Yay for flashbacks, Oh yeah and for the music, that’s just if you want something to set you in that 80ies mood, I tried to pick some stuff that I heard myself, and not the cool stuff, but the crap I actually had on my lame mixed tapes. It was a horrible decade to be a kid, and that music, man! it still suck! hahaha – These three chapters of Nando flashbacks are made for elecy, and I actually thought about doing some more Nando stuff, but I am not sure.

Mixed tape: Tiffany – I think we’re alone now // Modern Talking – Cherry cherry lady // Wham – Young guns //

every now and then you have to see
that the wall we’ve built has landed on me
every now and then why don’t we pretend
that things will come together in the end
every now and then just open your eyes
does every part of everything have to be right
every now and then- so that after a while
I might get through and make you smile

– Cruxshadows

Harmony let himself in, Nando had given him a key, and Harmony had accepted it, even if he had been reluctant at first, but he figured it was Nando’s way of asking him to stick around, and Nando was a lot of things, but a master of sweet talk he was not, he would rather do quirky stuff like that. And so Harmony had decided to use his key today, he was worn and tired, he had just finished at the club, he had a crap night, and there was nothing he would rather do than to go take a bath and sleep in Nando’s bed. “Are you home?” He called as he walked up the stairs from the main door to the hall on the first floor.

Nando had been surprised hearing Harmony’s voice, so he still had the key, that made him smile.”Yeah I’m here” He said, walking over to the stairs from the sofa where he had been sitting, just finished a phone call to the artist who was April’s exhibition.

“Hey babe” Harmony chuckled, wrapping his arms around the other man. “I’m sorry of its a bad time, but I just got off work, and I have been dreaming night about your bathtub, your bed and you” he smirked.

Nando laughed, “Silly, its never a bad time”

“Good” Harmony said, “I brought some cakes from the bakery, are you hungry?”

“Starving, all I had was coffee” Nando said with a guilty smile.

“What is it with you chicks and your diets” Harmony grinned, waving the plastic bag from the bakery in front of Nando’s face. “C’mon Nans darling, you make some more coffee, and I will arrange these”

Nando kissed Harmony’s cheek and went to the kitchen to put over over coffee. “Did something happen tonight? I mean, the whole cake and kisses thing” he called from the kitchen “Don’t misunderstand me, I think its wonderful, its just not.. eh..”

Harmony leaned against the door frame to the kitchen with a smug smile, “Something you’re used to?”

“Something like that” Nando said with a shrug.

“Actually” Harmony said, looking slightly guilty, “Something did happen, something that reminded me of how much I really just wanted to wake up in your bed besides you later” When Nando just raised a brow, Harmony looked up at the ceiling with a deep sigh. “This guy he.. it was not like I was interested, so” Harmony smiled, “It actually felt nice to have a reason not to be interested”

“Who was it?” Nando asked, squinting his eyes.

“Just some guy” Harmony said with a shrug, “Offered me drinks, and asked me if I wanted him to wait for me to finish at the booth”

“Oh” Nando huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Look babe, he just asked, nothing happened, I wasn’t even tempted the least” Harmony rested his hands on Nando’s hips. “I just wanted to go home to you”

Nando nodded, but didn’t say anything, turning on his heels he went to the dining room to have his cake, Harmony followed looking slightly bummed out. “That remind me, why weren’t you at work last night?”

“I needed sleep” Nando said with a tiny voice, he knew he was being silly, but it bugged him that someone would even dare to give his lover a indecent proposal, and he realised that Harmony would have to get loads of those, and just how long would he keep ignoring them?

Harmony sighed, “You can’t work two jobs Nans, you have to quit one. You will end up driving yourself into the ground” He crooked his head and smiled tenderly, “And we can’t have that”

“You don’t understand, I can’t quit on Bastian now, besides he never ever listens to what I say, so even if I tried to quit he would properly ignore my resignation” Nando sighed.

“I told you that our mom died when I was quite young right? Bastian was left as my legal guardian, and curator of the family trust fond. He sent me off to boarding school, I always figured that he did it to get me out of the way”. Nando laughed bitterly, “Yeah he was 21 when she died, and I was 14, suppose he wanted to live his life and not babysit me, can’t really blame him that one, I just didn’t understand that as a kid, besides he was never one to toss around affection”

“Like someone I know” Harmony laughed.

Nando nodded, “I learned from the master, what can I say?” He reached for his coffee, “So when I was home on weekends and holidays, Bastian would hardly hear me when I spoke to him, I think I could have blown a bomb next to him those days, and he wouldn’t have noticed. I know he missed mom, but he was not the only one.”

“I came home for the Christmas holidays the year I turned 15, and back then Bastian had just met Izzy. Did you ever meet him actually? I don’t think you have” Nando said, looking straight at Harmony.

“No I haven’t” Harmony said, sipping his coffee, wanting to stay awake for Nando’s story.

“So Izzy must have been 18” Nando snickered, “I remember I never understood what the hell he saw in my brother, if you ask me, he could have had the pick of them all, and he wanted my stuffy, grumpy, asshole of a brother”

“If I tried to talk to my brother he would just scold me for bad marks or whatever, he seemed terrified that I would get kicked from that damn posh boarding school. Personally I would rather have been anywhere than there, but I had tried to talk to him about how miserable that place made me, but he just bit me off saying I was an ungrateful brat, and that this school was the finest there was” Nando sighed, “When I was 14 I didn’t understand that he just wanted me to use that nerdy brain of mine, and do something with my life, and not end up flipping burgers, maybe he really got the rough end of the deal? I just wish.. oh fuck it, he should have talked to me back then, have made me understand, like a real dad does”

“Now Izzy, he was a whole other deal, he was just a big kid acting like a man, he would goof around with me, like seriously, he would take me to play football, play video games with me, watch movies with me, and sometimes he would even just sit on the porch outside talking to me about anything, while smoking a cigarette”  Nando smiled at the memory, “Seth missed out man, Izzy would have made a smashing dad, but that is another story”

“So, sometimes Izzy would spend so much time with me that Bastian would ask him which brother he actually came to visit, Izzy would just laugh him off and tell him that he was being a jerk, somehow Izzy was just able to ignore that my brother was a egocentric bastard, what they said to each other when I was not around, I don’t know about of course, but I know they didn’t always agree on things, suppose no one ever does” Nando took a cake more from the plate, and offered the part he had on his fork to Harmony who just leaned in over the table and opened his mouth as the most natural thing in the world, letting Nando feed him the bite.

Nando blushed suddenly feeling a little silly, but it was just something he had always wanted to do, they did this all the times in the movies, right? “I spent most my holiday that Christmas playing video games, maybe my brother was is insensitive bastard, but he is not stingy. He would buy me anything in the world, all I had to do was ask. Anyway, it was about this time I noticed something was off, this one evening I was in my room, trying to play this absolutely stupid game with a monkey on the top of a mountain, when I heard Izzy and my brother in the kitchen, they had been out all day and I almost stopped my game to go ask them what we were having for dinner, when I realised what they were talking about”

“I think we should take that house Izzy, we won’t get a better deal in that end of the city” Sebastian sing song.

“I wouldn’t know” Izzy said, clearly annoyed, “But I can’t afford that place, however lovely it is”

“Don’t start on that again, please, its just fucking stupid, of course we can afford it” Sebastian said, with a smile “Besides there is nothing to discuss, I already placed a bid on it”

“You did what?” Izzy gasped, “That is not exactly what I thought we meant when we told the real estate woman we would think about it, the key word being we Bastian, you can’t just make decisions like that on my behalf!  And what about this place? you haven’t even put it up for sale yet”

Sebastian leaned against the kitchen counter, it creaked under his weight. “Would you just leave me to deal with that? And instead be happy that we have a house”

“You have a house Bastian, You” Izzy snapped, “I am just tagging along as always”

“No don’t say that” Sebastian said softly, “It’s supposed to be our home, I can’t stay here, man. You know why, Fernando, you and I deserve a new place”

“I had my ear plastered to the door, trying to hear what they said, so Bastian bought a new house? I remember I kinda knew what he meant, I thought it was kinda creepy staying in mom’s house without her. For the longest time none of them said anything, and I was just about to return to the monkey on the mountain when I head Izzy mumble ‘not here, Nando is home’ but apparently he was ignored, or gave in to whatever my brother used to persuade him, cause I had to turn up the volume of my computer game to not feel like I was listening in” Nando laughed softly.

“Freakish, man” Harmony said, “But well, at my place when I was a kid, neither my parents or my older sister was really silent about their private life, that’s what you get for having ‘free minded’ parents like that”

Nando laughed harder, “But it was that Christmas it all happened you know. Back then I had no idea what I was, I just knew that when I looked at a girl I looked at her differently than all my friends, they would look at her tits, and I would note if her shoes and purse matched, I remember I thought I might be like Bastian, I mean it was not like I wasn’t aware that he was gay, but on the other hand I was confused, did I think so cause in my house it was normal?” Nando laughed more, “Well you think really stupid thoughts when you are 15”



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